Everyone Must Sacrifice… Michelle Obama’s Special Hawaii Trip Will Cost Taxpayers $63,000

In January 2009, before the president signed his failed $787 billion stimulus bill into law, Barack Obama lectured America saying,

“Everyone must sacrifice for the greater good… Everyone must have some skin in the game.”

Everyone but Barack and Michelle Obama.

Not only are the Obamas taking another vacation this year, this time to Hawaii, but Michelle Obama’s special trip will cost taxpayers an additional $63,000.
The White House Dossier reported:

The decision by First Lady Michelle Obama to leave on schedule for her two-week Hawaii vacation and not wait a few days for her delayed husband will probably cost taxpayers more than $63,000 in additional expenses, according to a White House Dossier analysis.

President Obama was supposed to depart for Hawaii Saturday, but decided to stay in Washington until Congress finishes its work for the year. He’s now expected to depart today or tomorrow. But Mrs. Obama chose to leave without him Saturday, taking their two children and the dog along with her.

Mrs. Obama’s decision to go without the president forced her to take a separate plane, meaning two flights instead of one were needed to ferry the First Family to their vacation destination. Unless for some reason her plane was headed to Hawaii anyway, her trip involves substantial additional costs.

Sacrifice is for the little people.

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  • bg


    open wide, swallow, there ya go now, have a piece of cake..

    unfortunately for US, that is more reality then sarcasm.. 🙁


  • TiminPhx

    I will chip in a few bucks myself, if she will take her fat butt futher on, perhaps to Barry’s old home in Indonesia.

  • Chisum

    From http://www.michellesmirror.com/2010/12/family-splits-up.html

    Lady M’s sacrifice involved flying off on our Winter Holiday in Hawaii in a “modest” military jet, a C40B, “one of the smaller and most efficient planes available in the White House fleet for this trip”

    This “modest plane” is actually a Boeing 737, ample berth for Lady M en familia.

    Picture of the “modest plane” here:




  • daryl

    Biggest reason for the two planes is that when the lovely Moosechell hauls a$$ somewhere there’s more than one planeload of it.

  • Dave in Alaska

    Moochelle does not concern herself with what things cost…those are talking points, not reality…do as we say, not as we do…..should be the motto of the Dimocrat Party…and Moochelle lives up to that all the time…

    … remember the $600 sneakers….and I should brought more money to the market in India..egads…..what a hippo this woman is…

  • GLM In Ohio

    The insults to the American people continue … on, and on, and on …

  • Badger

    Hawaii has volcanoes. Let’s sacrifice Michelle by throwing her into one. The gods demand a sacrifice!

  • GP Loves Obama 100 percent

    Obama lies and Cal professors fall into the ditch.
    Cal unions mis reported to Feds about Stimulus job creation, reporting erroneously 63,000 jobs creatred, and when audited was found false and misleading. But the history books already recorded these numbers as positive. Does that make Cal professors the idiots of the world, where they are just liars , criminals and frauds? Look like is it so.

    without Cal the world would be in peace. 😉

  • MrGoodWench

    Hey Moochelle is sacrificing plenty. She is taking the dog IN THE SAME PLANE with her.
    Do you know how much money it saves the taxpayers ?

  • dwd

    Back in school I was taught that originally the President was supposed to use the salary drawn as President to fulfill his duties as President. If the President needed to mail a letter, he bought his own stamp with the money he was paid to be President.

    Now it’s just spend as much of other people’s money as you can while berating them for complaining about how they don’t agree with the way their money is being spent.

  • bigkahuna

    I mentioned this the day I first hear Seabiscuit took her own flight… Now I have my suspicions confirmed.

    Not to worry Seabiscuit will have some minion plant some Arugula in her garden to offset her fat carbon footprint.

    and She is only using Obama’s stash to fly there.

    The new Dont ask dont tell act is for the liberals

    Dont ask whats in the bill we wont tell you till it bends you over and screws you like Bwarney Fwank.

    Dont ask what Seabiscuit and Obama spend money on and they wont tell you.

    Dont ask why something Obama comands you to do…Dont tell them to FO

    Dont ask to see his school transcripts or Birth Certificate and He wont tell you he isnt going to.

  • daryl

    Throw her in there if you want to see Kilauea make the Mt. St. Helens eruption look like a cheap fireworks display.

  • kevin m

    And this is a big deal? This is SOP for any presidents wife.

  • xqqme

    “And the politicians say more taxes will solve everything…

    And the band played on…”

    not one more dime!

  • bigL

    they have kids. they prob should not fly together. Otherwise, what I think about is:

  • squeaky
  • daryl

    kevin m commented:
    “This is SOP for any presidents wife.”

    Maybe so, but there are those who resent just how much “sop” she gets when she drags that bisquit of hers through the gravy bowl.

  • GP And SOros are lovers

    George Soros $1.25 million grant to U C Berkeley, private funds for propoganda: These persons below are destroying your world. HAHAHAHAHAHQA

    UC Berkeley’s economics faculty roster further reflects the commitment to the study of economic history. In addition to Eichengreen, others noted for work in the field include:

    Brad DeLong, author of a popular blog about economics and of the forthcoming book, “Slouching Toward Utopia: An Economic History of the 20th Century”
    Christina Romer
    Jan deVries, professor of economics and history and past president of the Economic History Association
    Ronald Lee, professor of economics and demography and an authority on the history of economic growth and demographic history
    Martha Olney, adjunct professor of economics and an expert on the Great Depression, history of consumer credit and history of economic growth
    Noam Yutchman, assistant professor of business at the Haas School of Business and an authority on business history and historical perspectives on China’s economic growth

  • bg


    don’t know what is going to go down
    here, but they’ll be safe in Hawaii.. 😐


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  • RedBeard

    Kevin, the point here is the incredible hypocrisy of the Obamas. That was fairly clear in Jim’s originating post.

    I recall shortly after The One got elected that he was telling us all to turn down our thermostats. Then immediately after that a White House visitor reported that Obama was lounging around the White House in his shirt sleeves with the thermostat set to Sweaty Tropical.

    Maybe Jimmah Cahtah could loan Obama one of those cute sweaters.

  • daryl

    If you say so #18, but I find it difficult to follow your logic. Could you give that to us in layman’s terms maybe, huh,why doncha?

  • They the THEY -are laughing at the citizenry-
    The regime in Wash. DC really does beleive they are ‘royal’ and we are peons…serfs-
    Guess I’m wondering when we are going to say-enough?!!!!!

  • We might not mind this excess expense if she would just STAY AWAY FOREVER this time.
    I’ll be SO GLAD to be rid of these two peasants in 2012. They love taking taxpayers for a ride, the ghetto mentality at work.

  • MrGoodWench

    And this is a big deal? This is SOP for any presidents wife.

    Its a big deal because this is the first time that there is a president’s wife who is ashamed of her downright mean country and wants us to eat carrots while she scarfs down lobsters
    ( which taxpayers pay for )

  • INC

    From two years ago:

    For Christmas, the Bushes will make the traditional trek to Camp David, Md., where she and her husband have spent a record 12 Christmases—eight as the first couple and four as relatives of former President George H. W. Bush. “I’m sure we’ve got the record,” she crowed.

    I’m trying to remember that I had read they did this so more staff could be home with their families at Christmas. Can anyone confirm this?

  • INC

    Also–I doubt very much that Mrs. Bush crowed–that a carefully chosen verb by the MSM.

  • Granny Jan

    Today Michelle and the girls were caught in a power outage in an Hawaiian mall. Everyone had to leave except the Obamas. They continued shopping.

    As they said on MOTUS, MO looks like she dresses in the dark anyways.

  • RedBeard

    Laura Bush was a first lady with class. By comparison in the class and grace category, she makes Michelle Obama seem like Margaret Hamilton in green face paint.

  • Nailbiter

    This is just plain silly and stupid. So are you suggesting that the first wife be shackled to her husband and cut time with her kids on holiday because her husband needs/ wants to work a few more days? Laura Bush left to go to Texas numerous times during W’s 8 years and the Left Steam media as far as I can recall never even blinked about the cost of this. The First Lady is a civilain who is allowed to go where she wants and when she wants, and the secret service is obliged to protect her and work aroun her schedule. Are you all suggesting she fly commercial and pay for it herself? I mean come on be realistic she is the first lady of the most powerful country in the world, you are being ridiculous when you complain about this…

  • Mrs. Obama’s decision to go without the president forced her to take a separate plane, meaning two flights instead of one were needed to ferry the First Family to their vacation destination.
    – – – – – – – – – – – –
    And this isn’t the first time.

    No mention of their dog. He left behind this time? Or, are they going to send him on another plane all by his lonesome?

  • squeaky

    #26 December 22, 2010 at 2:31 pm
    INC commented
    according to this they spent Thanksgiving and Christmas at camp david to give the residential staff time off. camp david is staffed 24/7…

  • RedBeard

    Nailbiter, again I have to point out that the issue is the hypocrisy of the Obamas, not necessarily the separate flights.

    Did George and Laura Bush lecture us like small children about how we need to sacrifice and give things up, and then do the opposite themselves? Read Squeaky’s link above.

  • Mannie

    Shut up and eat your cake.

  • bigL

    Why not buy a group of first class tickets. Plus a few for Sec Service, Just fly a reg sched plane.
    Just don’t discuss it. No one will bother her.Or the kids. The dog can have a seat too in a carrier.
    He’d rather be at home with staff.

  • jomojava the infidel

    Perhaps we should organize a national bake sale to fund The 1st Moocher’s travel for the next two years?

  • Nailbiter

    Hey Redbeard, the thing is I haven’t seen Hypocrisy here please tell me where it is, Michelle say’s we don’t give our kids dessert every night.. And that get’s blown out of proportion… Michelle plants a garden exercises and promotes taking care of herself, I don’t see the issue.. They might talk about saving money and living with less especially if you don’t have a lot of money… But the Obama’s are wealthy even if not on the taxpayers paid flight and she wants to take a vacation with her kids… Hardly a travesty. And if something happened on that First class flight then it would be a national travesty that we let something happen to the first lady.

    As far as the link goes… Okay the Bushes went to Camp David for Christmas… and then went to Crawford… I don’t see the point to it unless you look at the travel schedule for W and you will see the Bush took the most vacation days of any president by far and spent the most amount of time away from the White House.

  • Chisum

    Don’t worry Nailbiter. I’m certain BO will catch up to GW’s 8 year record in four years. Especially since he will have to deal with a House in Republican hands and a Senate that no longer has a super majority.

    Judging by the level of boohoo-ing he did in today’s press conference he’s going to need to take frequent vacations to regain his composure.

    And, unlike GW, his won’t be working vacations.

  • Nailbiter

    BTW, I finally watched the video so have a better understanding of what Hypocrisy you are referring to… I would submit same as I did before, the we need to tighten the belts in a lot of areas, but I don’t think the security detail of our first family should be an area where we make cuts.

  • bg
  • Nailbiter

    Not even close, Obama if you by the amount by how much time he has taken in his first 1.5 years it is far less than W. I know facts are hard to absorb

  • Nailbiter
  • drjohn

    “Everyone must sacrifice for the greater good… Everyone must have some skin in the game.”

    Yeah, Jim, that’s what right through my mind as well. We all must sacrifice so that Michelle can get lei’d early.

  • bg




  • Chisum



  • Chisum

    Our Whiner-In-Chief.

    “Everybody is against me! Wahhhh! I need a vacation. Waaaahhhh!

    Can’t I just eat my waffle? Waaaaahhhh!”

  • Joanne

    She does, because she can.

  • Don

    Has anybody considered that Hawaii has a QUARANTINE on dogs coming into the state?

    Are the Obama’s EXEMPT from the rules that everybody else is subject to? OR did the doggie get dumped at the Honolulu quarantine station for the duration?

  • daryl

    They fly separately because she’s become an embarrassment to him.

    “Michelle Obama named to Vogue’s best dressed list? No, seriously.”
    second photo down:


  • Lizzie

    Wonder how many homeless people
    and American’s in need that $63,000
    would have fed? Oh well as long as
    the Obama’s have what they want
    after all it’s all about them. Nice
    example for the kids. Shameful.

  • Paul

    This is the whole “do as I say, not as I do”. They’ve used their new found fame to their advantage. Maybe what they should do is have a bill for the tax payers for use of 1 plane for a round trip. If the Obamas change plans for that 1 plane (in this case, using 2 planes instead), then they should pay for the 2nd plane themselves. I mean it only makes sense. What harm would it be for Michelle Obama, the 2 girls, and the dog to wait a few more days? I mean, let’s get real here!

    Also, I wonder why this article is NOT mentioned on Huffingtonpost??? LOL!!!

  • MrGoodWench
  • Hedgehog

    They could have gone to Moscow to celebrate the “Winter Holiday” with Obama’s boss, Putin. They could have had a good laugh over the repeal of DADT and the ratification of the big treaty. I’m sure Obama’s boss is having a good laugh over both.

  • bg


    OT, well, sort of..

    Top shrink says leftists are mentally ill

    [Just when liberal-leftists thought it was finally “their time” to lead
    center-right America, kicking and screaming, into a stifling socialist
    “utopia,” a veteran psychiatrist is making a powerful case that the
    “hope-and-change” ideology motivating them is actually a mental


    Rossiter explains with great clarity why the kind of liberalism being displayed
    by Barack Obama can only be understood as a psychological disorder.


    Dr. Rossiter says the liberal agenda preys on weakness
    and feelings of inferiority in the population by:

    * creating and reinforcing perceptions of victimization;

    * satisfying infantile claims to entitlement, indulgence and compensation;

    * augmenting primitive feelings of envy;

    * rejecting the sovereignty of the individual,
    subordinating him to the will of the government.]

    more @ link..


  • bigL

    a lot of these trip announcement are Erickson psychology. it is like psyops. All the posturing and tv appearances is designed to depress the populace and run them over emotionally. Kind of like Fahrenheit 451, wiuth the Leader droning on and on from a huge wall-tv. Then the screen zooms in and fixes and the speaker says “What do you think, Montag?”(that’s the name of the actor).
    Anyway, Obama is doing the same thing imo:confusion, bamboozling, tearing down middle-class values, real Alinsky tenets applied before our eyes.
    As far as the flights, it used to be that the families paid the first-class air fare for flying on
    It was not considered a govt expense. MO is not elected, not in a govt job, no matter what she thinks.
    The GAO should collect from the Obamas for the kids airfare, MOs and her staff,imo. If it changed, when?

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  • ant

    Hey, nailbiter, if Michelle just “said don’t give your kids desserts everynight”. Why did it cost us so much friggin’ money! She makes awfully expensive statements, doncha think?

  • ant

    In case you doubt me;

    That’s 4.5 billion dollars, and if you live in a big city like I do, you’ll notice that a disproportionate number of obese people are those that live off of taxpayers money, like Michelle.

  • kd

    Record unemployment, record numbers on foodstamps, historic number of foreclosures, an economy in collapse with unpayable record deficits and Michelle “we must sacrifice” Obama decides she can’t wait a few days to travel with her husband. I hope they plan to reimburse the taxpayers for this outrageous additional expense.

  • Howard

    Stop Michelle Obama from using hard working American’s money to buy the Hope Diamond, so she can wear it on her next luxury trip, to 5 star hotels, with her massive entourage.