Grasping. At. Straws.
The UN junk scientists meeting this week in Cancun released a study that claims that illegal immigration is caused by global warming.

(News One)

It all makes sense now.
The National Journal reported, via Committee For Constructive Tomorrow:

Just when you think you’ve heard everything, we’re told that impoverished Mexicans are fleeing north to escape global warming.

Despite the Mexican Revolution (1910-1920), vast natural resources and bright, hard-working people, the host country for the Cancun climate summit remains impoverished. Wealth and power are still concentrated in relatively few powerful Mexican families. Employment and economic opportunities are few. The government is plagued with corruption. The state-owned oil company Pemex cannot keep even its best fields operating efficiently. Remittances from the US remain a major part of Mexico’s economy. Impoverished millions are deprived of access to energy and forced to eke out a bare living through backbreaking subsistence farming.

Far worse, the drug cartels are kidnapping, torturing and murdering with impunity. Sheriffs, soldiers and entire families are being gunned down. Drug-related violence has claimed more than 30,000 lives over the past four years. Entire downs are being vacated. And the slaughter has become more gruesome and appalling with every passing month – capped off by last week’s news that a FOURTEEN-YEAR-OLD BOY has admitted to a series of murders and beheadings for the Beltran Leyva Cartel.

Is there any wonder why people are still trying to get to the United States, despite the US economic downturn and persistent high unemployment? But no. Now we learn the real reason.

According to a new study in the “prestigious” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, they are leaving because of climate change! And the problem will only get worse, as more farms and water supplies dry up. By 2080, up to 6.7 million Mexican campesinos could be heading north, to escape droughts worse than anything since the Nature-driven Dust Bowl or Anasazi and Mayan desiccations.




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  1. I think Illegal Immigration is causing global warming.

  2. Then why are WE not invading CANADA??

  3. I beginning to believe that global warming believers brains are deteriorating at an alarming rate.

  4. But if the enviro-nutjobs got their way and implemented all the regulations they want in order to “save the planet”, it would destroy our economy… then the illegal immigration would stop because there’d be less reason to come here… and the global-warmists would take that as proof that “fixing” global warming also fixes illegal immigration.

  5. Screeching, whining, crying, demanding, yammering, sniveling – we want, We Want, WE WANT!!!

    I don’t care what they say.

  6. I am so sick of these LIARS. Release the temperature data to the skeptics immediately! No more excuses, it was accidentally deleted, the dog ate it, NO MORE EXCUSES! WE ARE SICK AND TIRED OF THIS FRAUD BEING LEGITIMIZED BY GOVERNMENT TO RIP US OFF!

  7. dwd. Those who foist this childish make believe nonsense on US/U.S.,are abject losers. They have concocted a make believe cause. For the most part….LIBTARDS are morally bankrupt. Their causes are CREATED like their own RELIGION, to give them some sort of SALVE for their ROTTING and RANCID existance.
    Libs have NO MORALS. None.

  8. Timmy!! Well put. Those who PROVIDE NOTHING. Find fault and SIN in THOSE….PROVIDING EVERYTHING. And they squeal for more of something, of which they have produced NOTHING.

    LIBERALISM, is MENTAL ILLNESS. Most LIBTARDS are unbalanced, imbalanced clowns.

  9. the earth hasn’t been warming for ten years. someone needs to tell the colonizers its time
    to go back home. if global warming means liberals giving rights to people that someone else has to pay for then i can see it causing illegal colonization. stop the vote buying dole by liberal america and there will be a stampede for the borders. the dole is causing global warming.

  10. They’re reduced to stringing together a patchwork quilt of shopworn left wing grievances at this point. It’s like a hilarious comedy sketch that only we get.

  11. Well, if I ever start shooting random people in the street I can also say “climate change made me do it.”

  12. The climate is not getting hotter, it’s actually getting colder.

  13. Does it matter anymore what LIBTARDS SAY??? They are crazy. They are dishonest. They are COMMUNISTS. Whether they know it or not.

  14. Mmmm kay-ay

  15. I hear the is a lot of sand in the desert too. And it snows in the mountains.

    We are all doomed! Thanks Al Gore. I now see the light.

  16. i don’t think it’s the climate as much as it’s current situations in mexico. i think mexico has their own racial problems and along with income illegals make up north and send back to their families …..i think a point was made by someone that encouraging certain mexicans to head north is viewed as a means to avoid their own problems….

  17. and then you have hugo who blames capitalism for the rain venezuela is experiencing. the mental midgets are running the show.

  18. OT – andrew breibart vs pigford….a lot of posts

  19. How many people died in Mexico because more police and soldiers were needed to keep these pathogens secure?

    The only solace from this absurdity is that more people will come to the conclussion that INSANITY is a hallmark trait among this” committee for constuctive tomorrow.”

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