John Podesta from the Center for American Progress released a report this week that, among other things, suggested that Obama can use the US Military to push the president’s radical totalitarian agenda.
The Blaze reported:

The liberal Center for American Progress doesn’t believe significant GOP gains in the House and Senate should stop the President from implementing more of his polices. The group released a report Tuesday suggesting ways Obama can bypass Congress to accomplish a progressive agenda, and it cites the president’s power as commander-in-chief to make its point.

“I think most of the conversation since the election has been about how President Obama adjusts to the new situation on Capitol Hill,” Center for American Progress head and former Bill Clinton Chief of Staff John Podesta told the Daily Caller. “While that’s an important conversation, it simply ignores the president’s ability to use all levels of his power and authority to move the country forward.”

How does one “move the country forward”? In the center’s report, Podesta explains that Obama can use executive orders, rulemaking, and even the armed forces “to accomplish important change” and that such means “should not be underestimated.”

What exactly does Podesta think the president should use such powers to “accomplish”? Among others, the report suggests “job creation,“ ”quality affordable health care,“ ”sustainable security,“ and ”a clean energy future.”

The report cites specific goals such as mitigating the effects of the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy, supporting a Palestinian state, and reducing greenhouse gasses by 17 percent by 2020.

The Center for American Progress was given a 3-year $3,000,000 grant by George Soros’ Open Society Institute in 2006.

Media Matters, the communication wing of the Center for American Progress, was given a $1,000,000 grant by George Soros in October.




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  1. Good thing we’re an armed society.

  2. Podesta thinks Obama’s playing with a straight flush, when in reality, he only has a pair of threes.

  3. Yep, forgot to get the guns first didn’t they.

    Guns and ammo, the first thing to stock up on.

  4. That could backfire if said armed forces decide to perform a coup. Just a point to note.

  5. It’s time the Republicans bring Soros in front of congress and call a FULL SCALE INVESTIGATION on his Anti-US SUBVERSIVE activities!!!

    Jan 1st-# agenda.

    Nipping around the edges in an attempt to stop the onslaught WILL NOT WORK.

  6. Never fails. Scratch a “progressive” and you’ll find a totalitarian.

  7. Aren’t these the same people who screamed that all the comparisons between Obama & Hitler were ludicrous, over the top, downright hysterical? Seems pretty clear to me. Reichstag Fire Redux in 3. . . . 2. . . . 1. . .

  8. Look at every thread on this blog. The first eight or nine have a common link. They are all assaults
    against the rights and dignity of the common citizen. This administration has decided to punish us for failing to go along with its policies. The TSA, the Justice department, a senators blatant disregard of the first amendment with regard to Fox News it’s all part of a larger pattern. Now Podesta recommends bringing in the military to enforce “sustainable security”. “Sustainable security is indeed the primary function of the armed forces, but look at the context in which this term is used. Fellow citizens, war has been declared upon US!

  9. First, the military has no duty to follow illegal orders, and is in fact required by law and honor not to.
    Second, if you couple this with the Democrats call to take Fox off the air, by government force, and clearly there is truely a reason to worry.
    These are very likely trial balloons to see what the response might be. At the least, this reveals what Liberals/progressives are really thinking in private, and just how insecure they are with the political direction the country is now taking.

  10. Locked, loaded, safeties off.

    Molon Labe you leftist bastards.

  11. Soros and Ovomit are two turds from the same pile of feces.

    Keep your powder dry.

  12. Brilliant!!! The left has come up with the perfect plan for getting rid of this thug… go for it Obama. Use the military to push your agenda…please do it now!

    Perfect plan to impeach and jail this punk. Thanks Podesta!

  13. Brings to mind that boy from Austria. What was his name? Oh yes, Adolph.

  14. Unlike the Vermacht, who took an oath of loyalty to Hitler personally, the US Armed Forces pledge their allegiance to the Constitution and not to any one person. I think Flannery#4 has a point.

  15. THAT is a threat of violence against the American people!

  16. Better start showing some guts, both you newly-elected GOPers. Change yr stripes you squish repubs.Figure out how to scuttle that Obama health plan. That is their holy grail and there are ways to disble it even if you have to block highway funds, or federal funds to states first. Lay waste. that is the key–killing that program. forget the commies, the financial for now. Kill that Health disaster.

  17. If that happens, “Walks on Water” will definitely be impeached — the American people will see to that — and quite possibly lined up against a wall and shot if convicted of Treason by a jury. No matter that he is President, he has to follow the same laws Joe Sixpack does.

    George Soros should have his green card revoked and told to leave the United States immediately if not sooner. As a convicted Felon, Soros should not have been let in this country in the first place. Leon Panetta should also have his American Citizenship taken away and should be sitting in jail now.

  18. You can always count on the leftards to begin the violence when they see that they are loosing. Imam Obama will soon be organizing a eichstag fire to begin the crush of opposition.

    Unfortunately for Imam Obama, the military will never follow his orders to turn on the American people and we have a 2nd amendment for just such a tryant.

    It is coming, everyone can feel the tension in the air.

  19. By any means necessary, huh?

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