Pelosi Wants to Push DREAM Act Amnesty Bill Possibly Next Week

Not content with helping her party destroy the economy and nationalizing everything they could get their hands on…
Speaker Pelosi wants to push the DREAM Act Amnesty plan next week in the House.

The Politico

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wants to push for a vote during the lame-duck session on a bill that would legalize young, undocumented immigrants if they attend college or serve in the military, according to Democratic sources familiar with a leadership conference call Wednesday.

A vote on the bill, known as the DREAM Act, could come as early as next week, the sources said. Pelosi asked Rep. George Miller (D-Calif.) and Rep. Xavier Becerra (D-Calif.) to assess the mood of the caucus, according to one source.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) had previously announced that he plans to bring up the DREAM Act during the lame duck session. His spokesman said Wednesday that Reid still hopes to call a vote.

The move by Democratic leaders to put immigration back on the legislative calendar will win support from Latinos, whose strong turnout numbers in the West last week were credited with helping the party hold on to control of the Senate. Immigration advocates have pressed Democrats to move on the DREAM Act as a “down-payment” on their promise to push for a comprehensive immigration reform bill in the future.

But Democrats also risk appearing out of sync with voters, who sent a message during the midterm election that they want lawmakers to focus on job creation.

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  • wanumba

    Are they goign to vote on the UNiversal Draft, too? It was reintroduced in July. Just sitting there waiting for an apportune moment.

  • AuntieMadder

    But Democrats also risk appearing out of sync with voters, who sent a message during the midterm election that they want lawmakers to focus on job creation.

    The Politico writer who penned that must be out of touch, too. Otherwise, s/he would know that a good number of those who will be signing this amnesty bill won’t be coming back in Jan 2011, and some of the others won’t be in congress when Jan 2013 rolls around.

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  • bg
  • Chessy T Cat

    Nancy is only interested in destruction of the American dream. She needs to go, NOW!

  • mark

    This is California mind you. Nothing makes sense here. The land of make believe. Free handouts=votes for the gift givers.

    But hey, I’m just a stupid conservative. I can barely read and I sure can’t do any math. I need help. Here’s an example:

    California reported that it’s borrowing $40M per day to pay unemployment benefits. I’m pretty sure $40M=$40 Million Dollars per day right?

    Well….the population of California is reported at 36,961,664 – Jul 2009 US Census.

    So that’s a little more than $1 Million dollars per DAY/per PERSON in the State of CA right?

    Besides my own $1M per day benefit check, I’m missing something here. Maybe Pelosi can help.

  • bigL

    “Makin’ a list,
    and checkin’ it twice…
    Gonna find out who’s
    unemployed in 2 yrs, nice!”

    Hey congressional wives,and husbands,
    sharpen up those job skills. Know Excell?
    CSS Dreamweaver? Got some good shoes and
    yr resume at the ready?
    Pass that Dream Act and Your Worse Nightmare
    is on its way….
    .”..Unemployment is coning to YOU”

  • Follow the law

    nancy pelosi must be investigated and tried

  • Maurice

    Pelosi=traitor to the Constitution and the United States.

  • Anyone ever see a civil war actually start ?

    I’m just sayin’……

  • david

    Anyone who puts their life on the line in the military deserves amnesty….just sayin

    college, not so deserving.

  • Andreas K.

    DREAM act?

    More like NIGHTMARE act.

    Hey Nancy, this crap isn’t working in Europe. No, it’s not. It’s totally NOT working. Don’t believe it? Get over here. Leave the tourist and upper class areas and go into the working class Europe, the tax payer Europe.

    It’s a powder keg waiting for a spark.

  • Andreas K.

    November 11th, 2010 | 2:11 am | #11

    Anyone who puts their life on the line in the military deserves amnesty….just sayin

    college, not so deserving.
    How many would that even be? None?

    Last I checked you need a green card if you’re a foreigner and want to serve in the US armed forces. And the green card has certain requirements. You won’t get one as illegal immigrant.

  • Bill Mitchell

    This is all bluster. Considering the remaining Dem Reps are up for re-election in 2 years, passing anything far left right now would be political suicide…and for who?…Pelosi?

    P.S., I am starting to think that the whole thing of Pelosi running for Minority Leader is a fakeout. She has no intention of taking the post. It is just a chance for the Dems to stand up and say “No!” to Pelosi to “appear” to be moderating. I smell BS.

  • czekmark

    The Dems will stick knives in us until we take control out of their hands. Amazing that some Republicans want to compromise with those traitors.

  • Oh, this is no fakeout. This is a desperate party that just got their clocks cleaned, despite cheating their asses off, determined to import some new voters for 2012.

    Look for them to use as many dirty tricks to pass this as they can think of.

    Republicans in the Senate should filibuster it on the grounds that the American people have just overwhelmingly voted “no confidence” in this congress, and they have no business pushing anything but basic housekeeping in their remaining time.

  • Granny

    davidNo Gravatar
    November 11th, 2010 | 2:11 am | #11

    Anyone who puts their life on the line in the military deserves amnesty….just sayin

    college, not so deserving.

    All well and good except that this then legalizes the entire family. And one other thing: when I was a good Army wife, privates made $89 a MONTH. These days being in the military is the best paying job around for a high school graduate with no training at anything and not a single day of college. $1447.20 a month in basic training – plus room, board, clothing, fully paid medical, fully paid life insurance & deep discounts at the PX.

    Now, if they actually serve in a combat zone, then maybe so . . .

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  • Joe College

    Military personnel already have an easy path to citizenship…

    “Recent changes in the relevant sections of the INA (Sections 328 and 329) make it easier for qualified military personnel and veterans to become U.S. citizens if they choose to file a naturalization application.

    U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has created a streamlined process specifically for military personnel serving in active-duty status or have recently been discharged.”

    …So this bit about helping soldiers is just put in there to make it harder for anybody to vote against the act. All you really have to to do is sign up for a community college and your whole family becomes Americans.

    This is blanket amnesty straight up, pure and simple.

  • listingstarboard

    Did anyone not see this coming with the refusal to seat Mark Kirk immediately?

  • MAJ Mike

    Just how is going to college in any way comparable to military service?

    Having done both, I don’t see a connection.

    If the DemCong want to use illegals for military service, why not create an American Foreign Legion? Twenty years in the Legion and you get citizenship. Worked several hundred years fo the Romans.

  • Cnation

    If our future depends on that lying sack of you-know-what Mark Kirk, we’re in worse shape than we thought.


  • bertogem

    DREAM = TREASON. Pelosi and Reid are traitors.

  • Chisum
  • Mark1957

    Mark #6

    That only works out to a little over $1 per day/per person.

  • Andreas K.

    MAJ Mike

    Also works for the French. Certain amount of service in the Legion and you get French citizenship. I think it’s 5 years. Those who manage to get into the Legion then receive military training and language skills (French language is drilled into them like soldiering.

  • Michael

    Can anyone explain how you would get to serve in the military, if you are an undocumented alien?

    With regards the education, I have personal knowledge that the schools when reporting the SSN of the students for undocumented student report 000-00-0000. Perhaps if the educational establishment would investigate there would be some progress, but than the amount of the dole to the public schools would be reduced with the reduced head count.
    Again, from personal experience, a stated reason for the migration north is free education for their children.

    When the eltes chose which laws they wil support and which they will oppose, we have built a fragile structire which will crumble.

  • Wonder how many of her lemmings are going to follow her off the cliff. This woman is an infected boil on America.

  • Mark1957

    They need to still pass a budget, extend the Bush tax rates, fix the AMT, along with several other obligations that they have put off. They will only be in session for about 3 weeks time. Congress comes back on Nov.15, then leaves for Thanksgiving on Nov. 23. When they return on Dec. 6th they only work until the session ends on Dec. 17th.

    In other words they need to get their butts in gear and do what they are required to do and forget about trying to cram more bad bills down our throats.

  • Militant Conservative

    Listen up my BLACK Americans, the democrat party is throwing YOU under the bus. The Latino population is a larger constituencey than the black population. Once this happens BLACKS are irrelivant to the democrat party. How is that going to sit with you being minority of a minority. LOL powder is dry.

  • Ed

    well, take names of those in Congress that will support/vote for this bill. how many Senators are up for re-election in 2012? how many democrats in the house barely survived a their re-election bid last Nov 2nd?

    take names and let the countdown for another election reckoning begin!

    in the meantime, we all should be calling our congressional reps and tell them that if they even come within a mile to this bill then their campaign fundraisers and their re-election bid will dry up in 2012!

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  • Militant Conservative

    November 11th, 2010 | 2:11 am | #11

    No, If its not worked for and earned then it is not special nor cherished. BAAAAAD IDEA.

  • Karen

    The catfood commission wants to slash Social Security benefits, take away tax deductions and raise the retirement age…in other words, it wants to take more from the middle class (which we do not have) to give to the illegals and other various takers in society.


  • patman

    Final grasp…

  • jim m

    They want to screw American with this one last act. Too bad for hem they have already screwed themselves. By refusing to seat Mark Kirk of Illinois the dems have put the GOP in the position of guaranteeing that every bill will be filibustered in the Senate.

    Nothing will pass in this lame duck. Nothing will be voted on in the senate.

  • avery

    Immigrant in service have a fast road to citizenship they are legal.This is back door amnesty for illegal plus paying for them to get a college ED.

  • listingstarboard

    The Paycheck Fairness Act is supposedly also on the agenda. It too has already passed the house. Also I am growing concerned about the disconnect from reality that Hillary Clinton supporters have–they refuse to beleive she is just as leftist, corrupt and manipulative as Obama. Clinton is also owned by Soros. She is going to definitely run for POTUS-and alot of voters will flock to her. Time to expose her for what she is.

  • Valerie

    Let me get this straight — illegal aliens who are free-riding on our education system are to be rewarded for their cheating with citizenship????

    Cheaters are to be treated as the equivalent of people who risk their lives for us?


  • Ripped

    I wish someone would push her off the golden gate bridge.

  • Rock

    Nothing new here Pelosi loves the light to shine on her. Honestly if it would serve her purpose the women would eat babies for a headline. Effective Socialist yes, American Patriot no way, she lives to trample on our rights, and mock Conservatives at every chance. As long as her pot smoking, drug addled base in Frisco see’s her as the harbinger of Socialism for the Nation she will continue with her destructive agenda. While she is a old vindictive witch who’s days are numbered by her age, her grandchildren will be forced to live in the aftermath of her callous self gratification.

  • mark

    Mark1957: Thanks. It was late. Minus coffee.

    Like I sed, I kant do math bekuz I’m knot a liberal.

  • Manuel Labor

    What about mee?

  • Joanne

    Damn, set that witch on a broom and send her to outer space.

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  • rightytighty

    In all honesty, I cannot find a single thing I don’t like about the Dream Act. I absolutely hate to agree with Reid and Pelosi, it makes my skin crawl. But if you have actually read the proposed Act, can you point out to me the ‘bad’ in it? For kids who have been brought illegally to the US by their parents, who had no choice in breaking the law, and have lived all or most of their lives as Americans… what do you want to do? Deport them to a country they have never known?

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  • listingstarboard

    Cry me a river rightytighty–why should lawbreakers be rewarded when so many immigrants who have waited years and years because they applied for citizenship LEGALLY ? As a tuition paying taxpayer I am ENRAGED at the prospect of illegals getting tuition breaks, ESPECIALLY when they get enormous breaks in admissions via substandard levels for ACT and SAT testing. BOO FRICKEN HOO–go back to your OWN country illegals and fight the same fight MY ancestors did to win their freedom.

  • Militant Conservative

    November 11th, 2010 | 11:59 am | #46

    Yes them and their parents. GO HOME!
    powder is dry.

  • rightytighty

    My point, listingstarboard, is that the Dream Act is exclusively for young people who were brought here illegally by their parents without CHOOSING to break the law. That’s all I’m saying. The whole system is f’d up… but what do you do with a person who was brought here as a toddler, lived his whole life here and knows nothing of his ‘homeland’?
    I agree with you that Mexicans need to stay and fight for their country like our ancestors did for ours. But these kids know no other country than the USA.
    Have you read the Dream Act or did you just jump on the bandwagon?

  • listingstarboard

    Again, CRY ME A RIVER, so sorry for those innocent toddlers but their parents knowingly, willingly and brazenly BROKE THE LAW. What do you propose is fair for the parents? Give them green cards so they won’t have to miss the tailgates? Why not send a clear message to Illegal immigrants that if you come here with your toddlers you will not get any special treatment. If this passes (and yes I read it) do you think it will be a dterrent or and incentive to continue breaking THE LAW? Isn’t the fact that HARRY REID AND NANCY PELOSI desperately want this passed enough of a red flag for you?

  • Jerry C

    #50 rightytighty

    Let me enlighted you about children of illegal immigrants. Most identify with their ethnicity over their country of birth. But now they have the power to vote. In time, demographics will decide more about the future of America. Guess who have the #s on their side? BTW-there’s a saying, “Life’s not fair. Get over it.”

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  • Oldpuppymax

    Turning illegals–that is, MEXICANS–into democrat voters (legal voters, for a change) is the KEY to Hussein’s re-election and to the future, endless reign of the democrat party. For 60 years, blacks have been given free housing, free food and free money. They have been told to do NOTHING but reproduce and vote democrat. Unfortunately for the left, even perpetually unemployed blacks were unable to breed rapidly enough to guarantee democrat victory at the polls. So Mexicans must become the NEW black race, subsisting on welfare and voting democrat. Of course mentioning these facts is highly un-PC, but that does not make them any less true.

  • listingstarboard

    The number of illegals in this country is far greater than publicised–we all know that. I saw a figure cited today of 50-60 Million not the standard 12 million that is always touted. Enough to ensure a permanent Democrat majority when amnesty is railroaded through.

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  • SandyfromChesterfield

    Will these students that attend college have to pay for the tuition? I guess that is a stupid question.

  • Tanya

    Have you ever stop to wonder how much this would help a person out. They are not asking for a hand out they are asking to be American like you. How could you say no to some one that is willing to make a difference that is willing to work hard for their dream? Do you really thing saying no to these people is the right thing. Knowing that they were brought here and raise here as Americans to later find out that they can’t live there dream.

    also, “opening up more jobs”. does this mean YOU’D be willing to do the dirty work that the immigrants have to do in order to get by?
    after all, they ARE the ones who keep this country running, since ignorant, delusional individuals such as yourself like to talk ALL this prejudice AND racist(yes, racist) BS, and open your mouth to think EVERYTHING you say is DIVINE, i would like to know, from YOU, what WOULD happen to our country if ALL the immigrants get sent back? you REALLY choose to believe the country will bloom into some sort of ultra- superior wealth land and drop all the debt in one day? and interesting “factoid” you raised: “remove traffic from our streets”- i REALLY REALLY thought that illegals weren’t allowed to drive and obtain a driver’s license, nonetheless BUY a CAR! so how would deporting illegal immigrants going to benefit “the drop of traffic”? i usually see “Mexicans” either walk, ride a bicycle, or carpool- all three choices are much better for the environment than most Americans hopping in their car to drive half a block.

  • Michell

    WOW! I can not believe that there are so many ignorant arrogant selfish people in this world!!! I was born and raised in Mexico. I LOVED it there but my mom siblings and I were victims of domestic violence by my dad.. We have family who live here legally and is coming here illegally was the only way we could survive. My fam and I risked our life to come here 12 yrs ago. I was only 14 and my youngest brother 4.. You guys think I wanted to come here?? NO!! but I know I wanted to survive. We got here with NOTHING but the clothes we had on.. I went to high school. I learned english. Got my AA in fashion design and met my future husband.. BUT I happen to be an “illegal alien” in this country.. Los Angeles is all I know.. I pay my taxes I follow the laws I don’t drive and it kills me that there are people like most of you that think I don’t deserve to be here.. Even when I get married to a USA citizen i will be an illegal immigrant.. The dream act is really my dream.. To get my BA and my drivers license and a real job.. To apply for a credit card! It os really sad that you think the dream act is a nightmare.. Because it is really my dream.

  • Jules

    My best friend was German and a straight A student who could fluently speak 3 languages and couldn’t immigrate here….so puhlease stfu about your “dream”. Your parents should have immigrated here legally. It’s hard to immigrate here, but there are a lot of worthy people who deserve legal immigration and citizenship before the children of uneducated criminals.

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  • tom

    Letting illegal aliens into our services to protect our country. Yeah that is a great idea. Let all the illegals from the Taliban come over and join too. Put some of them in charge of our nuclear weapons as well. IDIOTS!

  • bobby

    I am an American teenager trying to get into college and it is tough to get a spot at a good school. Are they really going to vote to let illegals in before me and give them a discount as well? This is really terrible and very wrong. these representatives (Democrats) are really lost and are traitors to our own citizens. Why did’nt New York, Mass., and California vote these idiots out of office? why do American citizens in these states approve of this?

  • bobby

    Hey michell,

    Please send me your address so I can have an agent come and kick your butt back to Mexico. You came here and are stealing our jobs. it is becoming a war so get ready. You are not wanted here Mexican. We beat your butts before and will do it again when we get angry enough.