Obama’s Cousin & Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga Orders Arrest of Gays

In 2006 Barack Obama took a trip to Kenya at US taxpayer’s expense.

While visiting Kenya as a guest of the government Obama campaigned with opposition leader socialist Raila Odinga, who claims he is Obama’s cousin.

The opposition said Odinga was using Obama “as his stooge.”
Here’s the video:

This week Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga ordered a nationwide crackdown on gays this week. The radical Kenyan leader said police should arrest anyone found engaging in such behaviors.
Capital News reported:

Prime Minister Raila Odinga has ordered a nationwide crackdown on homosexuals in Kenya.

Mr Odinga on Sunday said that police should arrest anyone found engaging in such behaviours and take appropriate legal action against them.

“We will not tolerate such behaviours in the country. The constitution is very clear on this issue and men or women found engaging in homosexuality will not be spared,” Mr Odinga said.

“Any man found engaging in sexual activities with another man should be arrested. Even women found engaging in sexual activities will be arrested,” the premier warned.

Speaking at a public rally at the Kamukunji grounds in his Nairobi’s Kibera constituency on Sunday afternoon, the Prime Minister cited the recent population census results which put the ratio of men to women equal and wondered why people should engage in homosexuality.

“This [homosexual] kind of behaviours will not be tolerated in this country. Men or women found engaging in those acts deserve to be arrested and will be arrested,” he told a hilarious crowd.

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  • Paul Revere

    Too bad he’s not arresting cousins that, according to Hebrews 6, delude themselves (and others) when they think they are something, and are (in reality) nothing.

  • Missy8s

    Do as I say, not as my communist mentors associates and relatives do!

    Just say no to Chairman O!

    Mao is murder!

  • Mildred Smith

    Thanks to Obama, Odinga’s learned that there’s nothing better for your political career than siding with rabid bigots.

  • Dave in dallas

    Do you think this will finally wake up the left to question obama and his associations?

    Me neither.

  • befuddled

    yikes, for a country that needs a program to teach them to “wash their junk”, they still make time to persecute gays. this is islam in a nutshell. can’t wait until the “master religion” takes over. I will be at the head of line pointing out the gays, loose women,drug users,alcoholics,rich people,criminals,liberals, etc… islam doesn’t spare too many people. after i bus all these undesirables to the death camp, i can pull a Soros and get rich off their possessions.

  • newrouter

    he told a hilarious crowd.


  • Guess barry boy better not go back there anytime soon, just sayin 😉

  • apodoca

    Odinga is a Muslim. Did anybody seriously expect him to embrace homosexuality? It doesn’t matter that in Islam homosexual sex is for love and heterosexual sex is for marriage and babies. None of that matters to them. They’re hypocrites who do the thing they desire to stamp out. Is all.

  • IlliniGuy

    What??? No DADT in Kenya. …the indignity

  • Rock

    Wonder how the Frisco crowd views this turn of events, maybe Pelosi will lose some of her different stroke votes.

  • Radegunda

    The O-bots know absolutely nothing about the Odinga connection. In 2008, e.g., I mentioned it to someone campaigning for Obummer and she just looked completely blank stare.

    OTOH, I overheard a couple of Muslims talking excitedly about wanting to travel to Kenya. I suspected they wanted to see how the jihad was going over there.

  • Jim

    Actually Apodioca #8, Raila Odinga is not a Muslim. At times he’s professed to being as an Anglican, at other times some type of evangelical Christian, but the reality is that he was raised as a hard-core socialist by his father Odinga Odinga, educated in Communist East Germany, and has spent his political career as a typically corrupt African leftist agitator inciting violence(e.g. Al Sharpton on steroids). Just another example of the bizarre and unholy alliance of hatred between the Left and Muslims. One of Odinga’s more recent scheme saw Raila Odinga enter into a unholy alliance with Kenya’s Muslims to adopt and enforce Sharia law in return for Muslim support.

    Here’s a link to the unholy alliance …er…’Memorandum of Understanding’ between Raila Odinga and Kenya’s Muslims: http://www.eakenya.org/AAEAKUpdate/RAILA_MUSLIM_MOU.pdf

    Here’s the video clips of Obambi with his Best Friend of Friends Raila Odinga as they wander around Kenya; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c6eVVVKFHu0&feature=player_embedded

    Anyone want to put any money on whether Rachel Maddow brings up this issue? Ever?

  • And the leftist dupes, many of whom themselves are gay, continue their idiotic embrace and appeasement of the islamic supremacists who would kill them if they could.

  • CV1

    “…Even women found engaging in sexual activities will be arrested, the premier warned.”

    “Even women”!
    …as if women engaging in homosexual activity MIGHT be excusable.

    Of course, he neglected to say that the women will be arrested only AFTER the police enjoy watching the crime being committed.

  • ar05075

    Oh Great…A sudden influx of queer mooselimb Kenyans seeking asylum in 3…2…1

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  • StrangernFiction

    Socialists don’t care much for freedom. Who knew?

  • RedBeard

    Given the boatload of foul associations and relatives in Obama’s life, it seems almost comical that anyone was worried about Billy Beer Carter.

  • Fionnagh

    They won’t merely be arrested. Chances are they will be arrested, then tortured, then executed. Recall this is the same Odinga whose soldiers burned Christians inside a church, or hacked them to death with machetes. We are known by the company we keep. When I saw Obama campaigning for Odinga, that told me all I needed to know about Obama’s “qualifications” as a presidential candidate. To any gays or Christians who voted for Obama, or who didn’t vote at all because McCain was not “conservative enough,” the shame is yours to bear.

  • bg


    keep telling ya..


    we did not listen, we’re not listening still..


  • Ginger

    I saw the video where Barry was in the back of a pick up truck with his cousin and he said: “Democracy can’t work without freedom of the press and freedom of information.”
    He sure is a evil two facked corrupted Kenyan fraud!

  • Chippy

    It is illegal for a United States citizen to campagn for a foreign leader. This is exactly what Obama did for Odinga. This was a violation of the Logan Act.


  • bg


    Jim #12

    Kenya: 1965

    [Like many other leaders of new African nations, President Jomo Kenyatta has not found it easy to steer a middle course between East and West. His job has not been made easier by the activities of his own Vice President, Oginga Odinga, who admits that “Communism is like food to me” and has been trav eling through the countryside heaping Red-tinged scorn on Kenyatta’s ties with the West.]

    Dreams From Barry’s Father, Mother, Family, Friends,
    Mentors, Co-Workers, Acquaintances & Associates..


  • bg


    Fionnagh #19

    “We are Taliban”

    most of what has been posted was kniown before Obama
    weas SELECTED.. how could anyone doubt the MSM is not


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  • Em

    The Religion of Hypocrites might want to have a come to Al-Huh? moment and admit that HamHoMad gave away young males and females to his fellow caravan raiders as reward for their successful raids. Their religion was founded on hypocrisy, the very ‘immoral acts’ they put others to death for, and discrimination and oppression of truth, justice and freedom.

    Any religion which practices institutional discrimination and oppression is not a system of moral teaching, but a human rights violation.

  • bg


    Em #26

    re: [Any religion which practices institutional discrimination and oppression is not a system of moral teaching, but a human rights violation.]

    just a sample:

    Muslim Black slavery – Islam slave history of Black Africa

    Truth Of Slavery

    Black Slave Owners

    The Truth May Inconvenience Our Perceptions

    the rest of the story


  • Me

    Massive distribution of American taxpayers’ money via a Climate Change Ponzi scheme will do ZERO to civilize these people. The influx of wealth will only fuel the corruption, power, insanity and hypocritical, religious zealotry of the Moslems. Dear Leader wants to end global poverty in places like Kenya (and for his half-brother, George, whom he can’t seem to wire money to), but propping up throwbacks like his cousin O, whom he got elected, is precisely the antithesis of progress. And, while we’re on the subject of sex, can’t these people learn to use condoms? Why should the entire world be responsible for their emissions problems? Their standard of living is directly tied into their rejection of reason, irresponsible procreation fueled by the desire to populate a world-wide caliphate, and their blood-thirsty, quasi-dictators like Obie’s favorite cousin. It seems to me that Obie and his cousin want the world to just bend over and take their shtick and pay up sucka!

  • bg


    #27 re: Em #26

    Iran, North Korea, Cuba teach U.S. human rights

    ok.. go back to sleep, or post to your hearts content about things that
    amount to zilch in the larger scheme of things.. me, i’ve had enough of
    playing the “dumbing down game”.. ‘we ain’t seen nothin’ yet’ is not a
    cliche, it’s a truism..


  • Me2

    It’s time for a Don’t Ask, Don’t Kill policy in Kenya. Don’t ask what those two guys are doing in their hut and don’t kill them if you know they are gay. Murdering gay people, discriminating against gay people does not make men (and I use the term loosely) like Cousin O more moral; it makes him less moral. Moham-mad, at best, was a plagiarist, and worse a pedophile, con man, thief and murderer. The voice inside his head was a symptom of a mental disease, not divine inspiration. When Barry’s family ‘preys’ together they stay together in their cult of religious bigotry.

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  • CrankyOldLady

    The “constitution” of Kenya is sharia based thanks to Obama agitating massacres for Odinga.

  • bg


    re: who claims he is Obama’s cousin

    yes that’s exactly what he’s” claimed”..

    however, are you implying Obama has denied this fact??

    if so, than i & millions of others must have missed it..

    just a sampling:

    July 9, 2008:

    Barack Obama’s Cousin, Raila Odinga, Is A Communist Muslim Who Planned To Implement Sharia Law In Kenya If He Was Elected

    [Barack Obama supported his cousin Odinga in the Kenyan election held last December. Additionally, wealthy Arabs backed him with certain conditions attached. Odinga had agreed that if he was elected, he would institute Sharia law within six months. When Odinga lost, he cried election fraud, and civil war broke out. Muslims committed atrocities against Christians, locking some Christians in churches and burning them to the ground.]

    January 9, 2008:

    Obama Is My Cousin, Odinga Says

    [Mr. Odinga, 63, said the U.S. senator’s father, from
    western Kenya’s Luo tribe, was his maternal uncle.]

    Obama in 1980’s & 2006 & 2008 in Kenya in pictures..


  • bg


    Chippy #22

    lucky to have found this, evidently a lot of deleteing going on re: Barack
    Obama and Raila Odinga — Did the Illinois senator violate the Logan Act
    in campaigning for his “ethnic cleansing” cousin’s bid for the Kenyan presidency?

    Obama, what’s a little genocide, oh wait..


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  • bg


    re: #34

    don’t think for one iota of a second that isn’t coming to America..

    as a matter of fact, it’s already here, we just haven’t been officially informed as yet, not to mention we won’t notice the CHANGE occuring as a fast as it has in Kenya, but eventually, there will be blood in the streets..

    to be continued due to additional linkage..


  • bg


    re: #36 continued..

    why do the powers that be allow this to go on you may ask, well, the
    Elites in power consider their $ & intellect to be superior to that of their
    cohort in the creation of the NWO, namely Islam.. to them i say, good
    luck with that (fitb) theory..


  • apodoca

    Jim, here’s this: “Raila Odinga, the current frontrunner in the upcoming presidential election in Kenya, has promised to implement strict Islamic Sharia law if he receives the Muslim vote in the predominantly Christian country and is elected president.” From here: http://www.christianpost.com/article/20071218/concerns-raised-over-alleged-vow-to-enforce-islamic-law-in-kenya/.

    It is beyond belief that a communist atheist would consent to such. That Odinga would ram sharia down the throats of Kenyans says he’s not a Christian. That he would promote “religious” law says he’s not an atheist. Ergo, he is a Muslim.

  • Em

    To #29, BG: Racist, misogynistic, hateful little men with inferiority complexes and dreams of a caliphate use religion to extinguish inquiring minds, the arts, freedom of expression, enslave and oppress women, conquer or murder their enemies. How is your tone in reference to my comment above any different?

  • bg


    Em #39

    my apologies, that wasn’t directed at you, it was meant in
    general.. in reference to the issue referenced in the link..

    actually, i was agreeing with you & adding to
    your comment, as well as my own @ #27..

    however, if aimed at anyone, i’d have to say GP, as not much seems to be taken seriously lately, well, not stuff that counts, like what went on at the UN in that video for instance (albeit the issue has more or less presented itself previously, that new video is quite revealing)..


  • Larkin

    I have it on good authority that odinga himself is gay. He’s also Jewish.


    I’m not kidding.

    Honest to Pete.

  • Jim

    Apodoca said, “It is beyond belief that a communist atheist would consent to such. That Odinga would ram sharia down the throats of Kenyans says he’s not a Christian. That he would promote “religious” law says he’s not an atheist. Ergo, he is a Muslim.”

    No, it isn’t beyond belief for a Communist like Raila Odinga to ally with Islamicists. Forget Odinga’s claim that he’s a Anglican/Evangelical, his core belief system makes him a power-lusting Leftist, not a Christian. Both the Left and Islam needn’t share the same likes to form an alliance, but they do need to share the same hatred. In this case, it is the shared common hatred of Judeo-Christian capitalist Western Civilization that drives Raila Odinga, into making an alliance with Islamicists who hate the same thing. The Left believes that they can use Islam as a stick to beat Judeo-Christian Westerners and gain power, especially since the fall of the Soviet Union they’ve lost support and been repudiated.

    However, the Left’s hatred of Judeo-Christian civilization blinds them to one fact. That Islam holds them in as much contempt as Jews and Christians, if not more. The best example of this flaw in the Left’s worldview is the events that unfolded in Iran in 1979 where a collaboration of Left-wing trade unionists, university students, intellectuals, and socialists worked with the Ayatollah Khomeni’s Islamic revolutionaries to overthrow the Shah. Once Khomeni’s Islamic supporters were in power, they immediately threw their former allies into prison, if not infront of a firing squad.

    In esssence, the Left believes the maxim, ‘the enemy(Islam) of my enemy(Judeo-Christianity) is my friend’ without considering the alternative that, ‘the enemy of my enemy might be my enemy too…’.

  • bg


    just a sample:

    Obama and Dualism

    [Islam is based upon the principles of dualism and submission. However, you don’t have to be a Muslim to invoke them. Obama has closely aligned himself with Rev. Wright’s “Black Liberation Theology”, BLT.


    One of the big ideas of Islam and the Left is that we need to pass “hate-speech” laws in this country as they have done in the EU. The dualism of hate speech laws is that they only apply to the majority, not the minority. Who gets to determine what is hate speech? The minority. Under EU hate speech laws, the Reverend of Racism, the Bishop of Bigotry, the Vicar of Victimology, the Mullah of Madness is the one who gets to judge what is and what is not hate speech. Then the government will take their case to court and prosecute the majority member offender, who must defend themselves using their own money. What a Brave New World it is.]

    Islam and Black Liberation Theology

    [Barack Obama has closely aligned himself with Reverend Jeremiah Wright and Black Liberation Theology (BLT). When viewed from the Christian point-of-view, BLT is a strange creed, but when seen from the standpoint of Islam, there is a very strong parallel.

    Islam and BLT are theologies that have a political goal of making all politics submit to their demands. Submission is the political goal.


    The reason for so many parallels between Islam and BLT is that they are both based upon the same principles—submission and duality. Since Islam views white America as an enemy, BLT see Islam as the “enemy of my enemy” and therefore is a friend. Witness the award that Rev. Wright gave Louis Farrakhan as an outstanding person. This comradeship is temporary. When the time comes and Islam is fully ascendant, BLT will find out that Islam has been using them, just as Islam uses the Left. In the end, Islam will annihilate BLT for the simple reason that Islam demands political submission from ALL, not the just the whites.]

    The Near Enemy

    [We have two sets of enemies. The far enemy is the politics of Islam. The near enemies are the dhimmi apologists, fueled by ignorance and multiculturalism and political correctness.


    The elites have a solution for Islam. War is evil and causes suffering. If you treat people well, they will treat you well. This is a logical fallacy that if we treat others well they will treat us well. That is true, if and only if, they follow the Golden Rule.]


  • bg


    just a sample:

    Hitler’s Islamists


    Obama’s Islamists

    Warlord Obama

    [Obama has nationalized entire industries with taxpayer bailouts, passed the Economic Stimulus Bill, pushed the Health Care Bill, and the Cap and Trade Bill, converting a once free-market into a government-run socialist state. All of these actions rely on heavily increased taxes from the American taxpayer with more control over their lives for generations to come.

    Obama’s leniency toward Islam provokes the question of whose and what interests he is really standing for. The man with the name Barack Hussein Obama apologizes for America to Muslim nations while he endorses Islam in America. However shocking it may seem, and whatever the intentions, with Islam’s nose in American government, the socialist plans are paving the way to generations of dhimmitude. The inflicting control over American lives the plans will cause and the taxes Americans will have to pay to put them into action is analogous to a jizya tax in accordance to Islamic doctrine–taxes imposed on non-Muslims to control them until they embrace Islam completely.]

    Marxism and Islamism


  • FeFe

    What did Kenya expect by allowing sharia courts in it’s recent Constitution ratification.

  • WH

    Odinga gave the commencement speech at the SUNY at Buffalo Law School last year
    and then was given the key to the city of Niagara Falls. His son’s name is Fidel Castro Odinga.

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