Dick Morris: Wikileaks Revelations Make Hillary Clinton Look Like a Communist (Video)

Dick Morris compared Hillary’s tactics at the United Nations tonight on Hannity to what the communists do to their opponents. The Wikileaks documents disclosed that Hillary was requesting personal information, including credit card information, on UN officials.

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  • John Stanford

    But isn’t getting intelligence (or, as Morris said, blackmailing people with personal information) a benefit to American national security? Even taking Morris’s view that Clinton wanted to blackmail people, that would help get them on our side, because they wouldn’t want that information getting out.

    America faces lots of great threats, and we shouldn’t back down like wimps just because liberals don’t want us to use working tactics to protect ourselves.

  • Kazooskibum

    She pulled the same crap on Republicans when Bill was president by pulling their FBI records.

  • Paula-Okc

    I swear Lindsay Graham is the most inept Senator speaking since they returned afer the holiday. And I know Jim it is hard to argue over McCaskill. But I just watched him try and grow a spine talking about wikileaks. And this clown lost me the moment he said we have the best judicial system in place and that the private that leaked the info will get a fair trial and that Holder being a ‘good man’ should fix the problems with 9/11 terrorist so they get a military trial. Does Holder have naked pics of Graham? This guy has no clue how to act on the major issues except to say that Kagan and Sotomayor is the greatest thing to come down the pike.

  • John Stanford

    Re: #3 November 29, 2010 at 9:17 pm Paula-Okc

    I see you criticizing Graham for saying that the private who leaked the documents should be tried in the criminal justice system and that we have a good criminal justice system. You know, I can’t deny that. It does a good job of imprisoning criminals while affording suspects rights. Certain criminal systems–North Korea, Cuba, for example–will throw innocents in prison on purpose, granting them no rights, just because the government doesn’t like them.

    That being said, I guess you can learn one thing from such countries as China: 250,000 classified documents don’t get released in China, because if they did, the private would be underground somewhere right about now.

  • Lindsey Lohan

    Does anyone agree with me that virtually everything I’ve seen from this big documents revelation so far is… well, we knew a lot of this already. Big deal.
    I am delighted to hear that Hillary is ordering spies to get info on UN scum. Because you know damned well they’re doing it to us.

  • http://madebyzombies.wordpress.com/ Anthony

    Obama did promise transparency. Wikileaks has delivered. Poetic justice.

  • Paula-Okc

    I’m not criticizing the system, only the people who run it. And as for Graham, he believes that Holder is the right man to do the job? My assessment so far with this group is that they have done quite a piss poor job of letting things ‘leak’ out of their seemingly ‘we are told’ capable hands. It was my understanding that we had the smartest group leading our country. Judging from their grasp (or lack there of) of securing classified documents, well that is to be desired. Please refer back to the CIA documents!!! Their track record so far with keeping things under wraps is pretty pathetic at the moment.

  • donh

    Hillary has always looked and acted like a Communist.

  • Laura

    Hillary according to Morris and Fox news was supposed to sell the US to the world as Obama, but it only shows that she doesn’t trust anyone if it is about protecting the interest of the US, we all should be greatful that she’s there protecting us, but these people wouls better like to see the ignorant Palin on charge; for them Hillary is the worse ever and the empty brain palin is the only one, what a trash people!

  • Estragon

    Oh, please – like every country isn’t after the inside dope on every other country’s diplomats? We want to know all about them, first of all to figure out who are the intelligence agents, but also to target others as potential sources of intelligence and/or as defectors by any and all means, including blackmail. If that offends you, pull up your panties and hie thee back to the nunnery.

  • jorgen

    Her ideas also makes her look like a communist – no wonder Obama hired her.

  • Old Fan

    Morris states it well. Good to see some are focused on this bizarre Clinton “order” to seek biometric – DNA from Diplomats, including eour Allies, like those from Great Britain.

    Democrats once cared about the alienating of Allies and undermining US Standing in the World – Hillary Clinton has taken just two years and is now ‘signed’ onto breaking International Law, along with numerous treaties involving the UN.

    Yes, the UN is a disaster, but Hillary Clinton just gave aid to the enemies of the USA, as they will exploit this endlessly. And no Ally of the USA will ever trust the Clinton State Department ever again (even if they never did – it is far worse now).

    This is a nightmare for the Obama Administration, the Clinton State Department, and the Democratic Party. The leak was awful, a terrible act against the USA, but it ironically revealed yet again, the ugly nature of the creator of “FILEGATE”, “TRAVELGATE”, “CHINAGATE” from the 90’s – Hillary Rodham.

    Hillary Clinton should never have been given the keys to the State Department. Her record is a disaster, and today we see the predictable failure. North Korea grows with WAR, after they sank a South Korean Ship, Hillary did nothing. As Iran grows to become a Nuke Power, Hillary Clinton was obsessed with Israel building on their own land. Now it is revealed Hillary Clinton was after the “frequent miles” accounts of British Diplomats?


    Even if everyone is supposedly in the spy game, you simply do not put that type of thing on paper, through the wires, in digital format Nor is this what was advertised with ‘smart power’.

    Already the questions are flying at the UN:
    “United Nations official says US order to diplomats to glean intelligence on UN leadership may breach international law”

  • Old Fan


    “that she’s there protecting us…”


    Hillary Clinton actually advocated for re-appeasing North Korea in an infamous WAPO Editorial, after it was revealed North Korea had been cheating the entire time with the Clinton Administration’s appeasement deal during the 90’s.

    Everything she has done as a Secretary of State has been a disaster, and made the USA and it’s Allies for more vulnerable and less credible in the World.

    The WIKI LEAK dumping, only confirmed the reality that Hillary and the Obama Administration abandoned Poland, the Czech Republic, etc., to appease the Russian interests, without any gain in stopping Iran in developing Nukes. The attempt to “reset” relations with Russia has only emboldened the Putin power schemes, and made the USA led by Obama a laughing stock.

    This is the same Hillary Clinton, who foolishly announced to the World during her first visit to China, the Obama Administration would not be making ‘human rights’ a priority.

    The Clinton State Department is a nightmare.

  • tarpon

    Hey and the point was? Really? HAh …

  • http://none tommy mc donnell

    hillary is and always has been on the other side.

  • m

    Dick Morris is right about Hillary Clinton. It doesn’t look good for Hillary. If she does run for President in 2012, Hillary is going to lose the election because of this Wikileaks release the story other day. Whoever released the story, they deserved to go to jail.

  • Militant Conservative

    Hilllary and Obama were Alinsky acolytes. Both are incapable of doing right by America for they put themselves first not country.

    #9 November 29, 2010 at 10:57 pm
    Laura commented:

    This is why they fear Palin she puts country before self.
    So what your saying Laura is you’d rather have 4 more years of Obama?
    I swear the country went to hell due to people voting with thier feelings and not thier
    intellect. I know it’s had but think damn it! Read the top line again. Country BEFORE self.
    Obama and Clinton are self BEFORE country. powder is dry, duncette.

  • squeaky

    [Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez Monday called on US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to resign after the leak of embarassingly candid US diplomatic correspondence by WikiLeaks]……one buffoon calling out another buffoon.

  • jorgen

    m wrote: If she does run for President in 2012, Hillary is going to lose the election because of this Wikileaks release the story other day. Whoever released the story, they deserved to go to jail.

    Taken isolated, it sounds to me that the person who released the story deserves a medal!

  • http://www.commieblaster.com CommieBlaster

    Hillary and her husband ARE Communists. See massive proof here: http://www.commieblaster.com/progressives/