Thug in Chief to Latino Supporters: "Punish Your Enemies"

HOPE and CHANGE – Chicago-Style


Barack Obama gave his marching orders:

** Obama: “They Bring a Knife…We Bring a Gun”
** Obama to His Followers: “Get in Their Faces!”
** Obama on ACORN Mobs: “I don’t want to quell anger. I think people are right to be angry! I’m angry!”
** Obama to His Mercenary Army: “Hit Back Twice As Hard”
** Obama on the private sector: “We talk to these folks… so I know whose ass to kick.
** Obama to voters: Republican victory would mean “hand to hand combat
** Obama to lib supporters: “It’s time to Fight for it.”

And then there’s this…
Obama told far left Latinos to go out there and “punish” your enemies.

“If Latinos sit out the election instead of saying, ‘We’re gonna punish our enemies and we’re gonna reward our friends who stand with us on issues that are important to us,’ if they don’t see that kind of upsurge in voting in this election, then I think it’s gonna be harder and that’s why I think it’s so important that people focus on voting on November 2.”

Unreal. Obama doesn’t even talk about radical Islamists that way.

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  • Granny

    Sheer lunacy!

  • Ginger

    I pray that the republicans win and win big! The first think I want them to do is have him arrested!

  • Militant Conservative

    Hey skippy, what if I already have a gun and a spare mag with a rifle for backup should real doodoo hit the fan? WE conservatives plan ahead for nasty times not like your affirmativa action parasites. Your trying to whip up your base. The TPM is proof your going to get your fanny shelacked in 7 days. powder is dry

  • Auntie Em

    He’s like an unhinged barndoor in a tornado. The man is PSYCHO!

  • Mannie

    > ** Obama: “They Bring a Knife…We Bring a Gun”

    Briung it on, boy.

  • Sen. Fuller Bull – D

    Yet, to let the left tell it, Rush Limbaugh is the one using violent language.

    The photo above just goes to show what happens when a real-life Steve Urkel is elected President. At least, Steve Urkel was a nice person.

  • Mark1957

    So it has come to this, that the American people are the enemy? You are a disgrace Mr. President. Perhaps it is time for you to be impeached for sedition when the House changes power.

  • Sen. Fuller Bull – D

    So it has come to this, that the American people are the enemy?


    You won’t catch him talking this tough about terrorists.

  • Paul Revere

    Obama is shameless. Just yesterday, on his perpetual stump, he bitterly complained about foreign funding to Republicans for use in their “attack ads”! Think of the endless attacks he’s personally delivered to us. The man is delousional at best in this “kettle black” statement. He is not our president, rather the president of the Democrats only.

  • Scott

    I remember senator Obama campaigning in New Orleans…He made a veiled reference to endorsing riots in the black community if their needs were not being met by the Feds…You know, the tens of billions being spent to clean-up New Orleans might not be enough or might not be spent fast enough…I was genuinly surprised that a candidate for President of the United States would endorse violent protests. Of course, our geniuses in the media blithley ignored Obama’s comment…The pencil necked geek really does have a violent streak…

  • Kukee American

    Live by the sword…die by the sword.

    Matthew 26:52 “for all who take the sword will perish by the sword.”

    Pride comes before a fall.
    1 Timothy 3:5-6 “…if a man does not know how to rule his own house, how will he take care of the church of God?; not a novice, lest being puffed up with pride he fall into the same condemnation as the devil.”

    If you hate your brother then you do not have God and walk as the world walks.
    1 John 2:11 “But whoever hates his brother is in the darkness and walks around in the darkness; he does not know where he is going, because the darkness has blinded him.”

    1 John 3:13-15 “Do not be surprised, my brothers, if the world hates you. We know that we have passed from death to life, because we love our brothers. Anyone who does not love remains in death. Anyone who hates his brother is a murderer, and you know that no murderer has eternal life in him.”

    Is this getting through? Obama hates Christians. He hates his “brothers”. He loves the things of this world and its lusts. He loves its exhaltations. He is an antichrist, a liar, and (according to the Truth) a murderer.

    Need I say more.

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  • gastorgrab

    Tin-pot dictator!

  • Sen. Fuller Bull – D

    Tin-pot dictator!


    I can only think of him in terms of a chamber-pot.

  • gastorgrab

    I cant help but compare Progressives to a group of Somali pirates.

    They are trained experts at seizing control “by any means necessary”, but not one of them knows how to steer the boat.

  • Kevin P

    Well I thought we had one (an enemy) in the White House. Now he’s confirmed it since he’s labelled us all as his enemies.

  • patman

    The enemy within…

  • I blogged about this also today. I actually started writing it last night but I was so incensed by his hateful vitriol directed at half the American people, that it took me many, many hours to resist the urge to simply melt my computer screen with profanities and vitriol of my own. Instead, I wrote a personal message from myself to Obama, sans swearing (the greatest act of restraint I have ever undertaken). You may read it if you like at this link:

    Obama claims to be a Christian, but what denomination of Christianity has ever called for “punishment” of people who simply disagree with them? If you ask me, it sounds more like something a jihadi would say…

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Speaking of enemies:

    “President Barack Hussein Obama, in a determination letter to Congress, has announced that he will allow an additional 80,000 immigrants – – mostly from Islamic countries – – to resettle in the United States during fiscal year 2011.

    Mr. Obama says that the increase in Muslim immigrants “is justified by humanitarian concerns or is otherwise in the national interest.”

    The following “goals” for new immigrants has been set as follows:

    Africa ………………………………….15,000
    East Asia …………………………….19,000
    Europe and Central Asia …………2,000
    Latin America/Caribbean………….5,500
    Near East/South Asia…………….35,500
    Unallocated Reserve……………….3,000”

    Found via IHTM.

  • Isn’t it against the law to advocate insurrection? This guy knows exactly what he is saying. Never has a president openly called for disorder in this country until now. I spit on him and everything he stands for.

  • The Elector of Saxony

    Elect an African, get African politics! Our own Robert Mugabe, right here in America. You can take the man out of Africa, but you can never, ever take Africa out of the man.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    re: my last
    “…or is otherwise in the national interest.”

    Hussein must be talking about the Ummah here, when he says “national” because otherwise the statement makes no sense.

  • StrangernFiction

    If you haven’t seen this you must:

    Obama IS the enemy within.

  • theBuckWheat

    “Obama doesn’t even talk about radical Islamists that way.”

    Exactly. And why? Because not too deep down, they share enough of the same values.

    Two key doctrines of Islam are Taqiyya and Abrogation.

    Taqiyya is defined by Wikipedia (where Muslims are free to correct any error) as “…the Islamic practice of precautionary dissimulation whereby believers may conceal their Muslim faith when under threat, persecution or compulsion ….”

    Abrogation is the doctrine that verses of the Koran and practices of Muhammad that took place later in Medina replace those recorded during his time in Mecca.

    There are easy parallels with liberal (er, “progressive”) doctrine. For example, the Clinton White House became famous for telling the truth slowly. He was praised by for being “such a good liar” by Nebraska Senator Bob Kerrey. And for abrogation, Senator John Kerry became famous for being for torture before he was against it.

    So the common underlying value here is the permission and indeed sometimes the obligation to lie. Obviously those who adhere to the truth, no matter how inconvenient, are the true enemy of those who embrace expedient lies.

  • kansas

    Obama doesn’t even talk about radical Islamists that way.

    Republicans and the American people are his enemies.

  • RedBeard

    No president has ever disgraced his office as this one has. Such remarks are completely unjustified and indefensible.

    But then, just what did Obama voters expect when elevating a narcissistic, inexperienced and unqualified “community organizer” (a zealous leftist thug in nice clothes) to the highest office in the land? Did they really think he would behave any differently? Or is this the disgraceful behavior they want in the leader of the free world?

    27 months to go before we can rid ourselves of this disturbing man.

  • jenny

    I never in my wildest dreams/nightmares ever thought I’d hear this kind of consistently nasty/divisive/inflammatory rhetoric coming from the mouth of a US President against the American people. He is nothing more than a common street thug. Ugh.

  • Andreas K.

    Obama’s exactly doing what politicians in Europe have been doing for decades.

    He will bring in more mohammedans. Just like here.


    Power. Bring them in, have them vote for you.

    In Sweden and here in Vienna some political parties campaigned in Arabic and Turkish, because some of the voters, despite being citizens of our countries, don’t speak our languages. Some couldn’t even read the ballot.

    Which parties you ask?

    Well… the socialists and the green party, the left wing. Who else?

  • jomojava the infidel

    He’s only doing what any two-bit, thuggish, Marxist agitator would do.

    If there there happens to be any incidents of “Latino-on-enemy” crime in the next week, it needs to be hung around Maobama’s neck.

  • jimbo

    He calls Americans the enemy but coddles terrorists. Why? Simple. You never slam your friends.

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  • bitterclinger

    Community agitator indeed.

  • Just_Saying

    Not much proof of his Christianity from his words, is there?

  • Chucklehead Obama [via proxy/NYT’s (sarc tag on)]: “And then if we allow anyone to register AND vote … on the same day? Holy sh*t/oh momma/cleanup on pantleg!

    “Fortunately, there is a way to improve turnout and keep the convenience of early voting. Our research shows that when early voting is combined with same-day registration — that is, you can register to vote and cast an early ballot on the same day — the depressive effect of early voting disappears.”

    The memes are flyin’ … fast and furious. Ya (already) know …. everyone is so undecided (blah blah blah) … don’t know who, or what, to vote for (blah blah blah). Joe Dem, now leads Joanne Repub, by six points … in the AP/MSNBC/Joykoff poll. Voters are unsure (blah blah blah) …. so many are sitting on the fence (blah blah blah). And everywhere that Chucklehead, Pus-lowsy, Harry Manhood, and Babbs Looks Like a Boxer go … a throng of millions …. kneel/kissing at their feet.


    Watch your six. Stay sharp. This is not a game. This is not a joke. This is not a drill.


    October 26th, 2010 | 8:50 am | #19

    Come on Taqi … they’re m o d e r a te limbs a moose!


    And Boehner’s not gunna party election eve.. Well that’s fine. I got no prob with that. That’s what leadership does. Take a stand. A principled one even.

    But me? I’m a blogger. Step back/make a hole/make it wide … make it real f’ng wide [why I just might yet spring for a pocket sized HD camcorder (this morn even). And hopefully … then get in some rehearsal? Before Judgment Day arrives. And I then post my first YouTube vid … of me … singing Tiny Bubbles!]

  • Ang

    Its safe to say that I think I hate him!

  • bg


    Obama in a NUTshell

    [Tied in with such a thrust is the absence of what Don calls “a party line.” By taking an almost apolitical approach to the problem, ARA hopes to get the university to take nuclear arms issues seriously. “People don’t like having their intelligence insulted,” says Don, “so we try to disseminate information and allow the individual to make his or her own decision.”]


    Nevertheless, the Western World did not complain in 1933 because Hitler, though a fascist and a totalitarian, was seen, like countless American puppet dictators today, as someone who leaves the established order in place.

    Not so the Greens. If a group of young, anti-establishment pacifists with unusual ideas and uncomfortable answers to hard questions terrifies us more today than Hitler, Himmler, Goering and Goebbels did back in 1933, our terror says more about us than it does about the Greens or the Germans.

    It indicates that we have failed to comprehend the meaning of Nazism and blind obedience to authority in their full horror, and that we, unlike the Greens, have yet ourselves to learn the democratic lesson that we have taught the Germans so well.]

    about the author

    The Greens



    [not that it hasn’t already been done.. you can do your own connect the dots research via the net, well, while the info is still available anyways..]


  • nadadhimmi

    Obama means for illegals to drag “whitey” to the back of the bus and punish(beat the hell) out of the white devils.He intends to incite street riots and seize control. That’s why he is persecuting the “Oathkeepers”. He wants the police loyal to HIM, NOT the Constitution. His street fighters will get their asses handed to them if they attack normal Americans in the street and polling places..

  • StandUp4Chuck

    Bring it on lop-ear thug. You are going to be irrelevant in 7 days.

  • bg


    re: #36

    about the author


  • StrangernFiction

    “What you’ve seen in some of the statements that have been made by these terrorist organizations is that they do not regard African life as valuable in and of itself. They see it as a potential place where you can carry out ideological battles that kill innocents without regard to long-term consequences for their short-term tactical gains.”

    Why does Obama care about the long-term prospects of anti-American terrorists? Don’t think too hard about this.

  • newton

    He wants a dictatorship. No doubt about it.

    Maybe we should all remind him and his minions of one thing. This is NOT Kenya: this is the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

    That’s it for me. Impeach the Bastard!

    What’s the crime, you say?


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  • Joanne

    So the Republicans are the enemies of Obama and Latinos, and they should be punished. The more important part of this quote was ‘we’re going to reward our friends’, which basically tells Latinos that if they vote for the democrats they will receive all the goodies the democrats have been pushing for – automatic citizenry of all illegals, social welfare monies, free health care, etc. Obama is trying to buy them off, just like he has bought off so many blacks people, and where has that gotten black people? Its reward is poverty and destruction of the family structure.

  • bg


    pardon the repeat..

    *sigh*, no one seems to understand that Obama is dead set on America’s blood being shed one way or another, be it via the NOI/ Black Panthers/ Islamists, Greens/ Unions, Atzlan Latinos/ aka: the usual suspects (1:00 mark), or any combination thereof to fit his Elitist World View of who’s worthy of being amongst the Grasshoppers, or an expendable ant under their control (recently posted about it in another thread, just scroll down
    & look for bg posts/links, thanks)..

    links @ link..


  • greenfairie

    The Enemy In Chief.

  • bg


    re: #44

    [disclaimer: almost as if doubting Thomases suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, we seem to sense we’re headed for perilous times, yet we also seem to be frozen in disbelief waiting until it reaches out & touches US before we act.. makes me wonder what these people were thinking before the boom was lowered.. perhaps, “it can’t happen here”??, then again, Obama says “yes we can”, but “we, the majority of the people” also know we’re not his targeted audience, and as with most everything else he says, he means the opposite.. jmho’s..]


  • unknown jane

    So much for the post-partisan, post-racial canidate, huh?

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  • Sen. Fuller Bull – D

    So much for the post-partisan, post-racial canidate, huh?


    If Republicans don’t learn anything from this they never will learn.

  • DocScience

    You know he REALLY would like brown shirts and not purple ones.

    And new boots for all… on the necks of those who oppose.

  • bg



    [“My hope is that this charter will be
    a kind of Ten Commandments” -MG

    “The real goal of the Earth Charter is that it will
    in fact become like the Ten Commandments” -MS


    [Today, the responsibility, which used to be laid at
    the door of God, is fastened on the shoulders of man.

    “I am confident that we can create a Kingdom right here on Earth.”

    ‘We are God’s partners in matters of life and death

    ‘my individual salvation is not gonna come about
    without a collective salvation for the country’ .…

    Obama Depopulation Policy

    evidently Obama believes the New World
    Order rests upon his messianic shoulders..

    “Punish Your Enemies”

    no, the only way human beings are going to accomplish any semblance of a Utopian Heaven right hear on Earth is to abolish money, feed the hungry, clothe the naked, build a roof over every head, provide medical care for every person under the sun around the globe, and kill every evil that violently attacks ones right to life, freedom, or the pursuit of happiness..

    but that’s not exactly what you’re aiming for now is it Mr. Caliph In Chief
    Barack Hussein what’s in name Barry Dunham Soetoro Obama aka: Dear
    Citizens of the New World Orders Leader.. /s/


  • jimg

    What a punk.

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  • Clearly Obama sees American citizens as the “enemy”. He is the great Divider, and he wants to drive as many wedges between as many groups of people as he can. Imagine the reaction in the media if a White Conservative addressing a non-Hispanic audience (Whites, Blacks, Asians, anyone but Hispanics) and said, “Remember the Alamo!!”

  • mariner

    Of course he doesn’t. Radical Islamists are not his enemies — we are.

  • bg


    i truly don’t understand why the obvious to all traitor in the white house isn’t behind bars, not to mention why we the people haven’t stormed the Bastille (so to speak) as yet.. what are we waiting for, North Korea to be incorporate into his “civilian army”, gah!!

    [aka: “citizens in uniform”]


  • Francesca

    If the Republicans are going to attempt to compromise with this thug, We the People need to arise and vote them out ASAP. We cannot tolerate this any longer. Maybe, some of you (I’m too old) will have to leave your chosen professions, hold your noses, and run for office. CHANGE of the patriotic kind is what is needed.

  • USMC Thomas

    Did anybody else pick up how SOBama always adopts the accent of those minority groups he speaks to, the phony soul brother, urban inflection when used when speaking to blacks and this time a slight hispanic inflection.

  • Chisum
  • Russ

    He is the closest person we have ever elected to Adolf Hitler. And I read that because of my beliefs in America I’m full of hatred. This man must go ASAP. And I don’t mean that out of hatred but out of concern for my country and my people. The trouble they have with me is that I truly love my country! We all deserve the consideration of our government, not just those that follow this mans agenda. THIS MUST STOP! Vote republican, tea party, whatever. Just take away his power and then we must vote him out in 2 years!

  • dallasdan

    Time for a providential intervention.

  • bg


    hmmm hmmm hmmm

    “There is not a black America and a white America and
    Latino America and Asian America – there’s the United
    States of America.”

    Or there was, until it suited his interests to divide us.

    simple truths are so obvious.. yet
    so many are still too blind to see..


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  • charlotte

    He is behaving like the Muslims who constantly want to “kill their enemies”-kill the infidel, kill the Christian, kill the Jew, kill the unbeliever. u with pitchforks”
    For Obama, it is “punish “the enemy”, and “we will come after yoPunishment and retribution feature very heavily in the Koran and Islamic doctrine.THIS is where Muslimaobama gets it from.
    Civilised democracy under the Democraps-no chance.

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