Conservative Linda McMahon is cutting away at liar Richard Blumenthal’s lead in the Connecticut senate race.
McMahon trails by only 5 points after the third and final debate.

Popular Senator Scott Brown campaigned with Linda McMahon this past week.

Rasmussen reported:

Democrat Richard Blumenthal now leads Republican Linda McMahon by just five points in Connecticut’s race for the U.S. Senate in a survey conducted two nights after their third and final head-to-head debate.

The latest Rasmussen Reports statewide telephone survey of Likely Voters shows Blumenthal, Connecticut’s longtime attorney general, picking up 51% of the vote. McMahon, the former CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment, earns the vote from 46%. One percent (1%) prefer some other candidate, while three percent (3%) are undecided. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

The latest numbers move the race from Solid Democrat to Leans Democrat in the Rasmussen Reports Election 2010 Senate Balance of Power rankings.

Just over a week ago, Blumenthal opened a 54% to 43% lead over McMahon the night after their first debate. While the race was closer in several surveys since January, Blumenthal has always held the lead. In 13 surveys this year, the Democrat has drawn 47% to 60% of the vote. McMahon has picked up 31% to 46% support during that same period.




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  1. I suppose that in a state as libtarded as DE, having a RINO like Scott Brown campaign with you can be a good thing for a conservative candidate. In fact, it’s probably possible for a candidate to be too conservative, an impossibility here in Texas.

  2. Blumenthal MISSPOKE when he lied SEVERAL TIMES about serving in VIET NAM.

    He forgot. Cut him some slack.

  3. Lions and Tigers and Conservatives, oh MY!

  4. Liar? That’s being polite. Ever so. What an empty vessel that freak is. More disturbing of course, is the ‘president’ fervently campaigns for him.

    Lots of strange things going. Most not for the weak of stomach. Was gunna excise a passage, from today’s AP/atomic. But, it has disappeared. Article completely rewritten, attribution changed (they are now manning the AAA and are sending rounds in our direction).

    If you do the link, you can see the first paragraph (on Google), of the searched for article. Click on the subsequent links? It never existed. Replaced. In toto. With a little perserverence/scouting, did find an unretouched version:

    So, here’s the passage:

    “Still, for Obama, it gave him a broad pre-election forum to explain his record of the last 20 months and, at times, testily defend it. His goal is to engage voters and try to rally them behind Democrats in the Nov. 2 midterm elections, in which his party is up against huge head winds and control of Congress is at stake.”

    So much for equal time/legality …. and the power of Ben Feller’s mind (a half a millivolt).


    “Desparation knows no bounds”


    And yeah, I WOULD spit in Ben tura’s face. No problem. Behar? Why bother.

  5. Hey Richard, how many Vietnam Veterans does it take to change a light bulb ?

    You don’t know ’cause you weren’t there man, YOU WEREN’T THERE !

  6. Be nice to see New Jersey’s Gov. Chris Christie come by and campaign for her too……..

  7. Blumenthal is yet another squishy Obama-stamp.

    For the life me, I cannot comprehend how Massachusetts voters could elect such a lizardy liar with the unmitigated gall to embellish his military service. It clearly demonstrates his lack of integrity and his disdain for true military heroes.

    Alas, liberals justify their votes by utilizing Progressive relativism, i.e. “the ends justifies the means” (attributed to Obama’s community organizing mentor Saul Alinsky).

    Affairs while in the Oval Office, cheating on taxes, illegally accepting lavish vacations on private jets are all acceptable as long as you share the same ideology — an ideology that unabashedly boasts to “fundamentally change America”. By hook or by crook.

    Linda McMahon may not be the career politician Blumenthal is, but she does recognize the Constitution as the unshakeable foundation of this country and will abide by its precepts, not twist and strangle it to support the dangerous ideas of its ambitious usurpers.

    Here’s hoping Massachusetts reexamines its choices and votes with the integrity that would make our Founders smile.


  8. CT is on the list of move act violators delaying absetee ballots. Embarassing given Blumenthal’s violation of stolen valor act. Local press is not making any noise being a wholly owned subsidiary of public service unions. There are signs of earthquake tremors. Dems here are at risk of losing a seat they have held for 50+ years. Arson Larson is showing weakness. Blumenthal desparately needs that image of inevitablity created by large poll leads. . He is losing it beacuse of ads like this…

  9. Can you smelllllll !!
    What the rocccccck!
    … is cookin’.

  10. Hi all,

    Please view this video, it’s Cedra Crenshaw, State Senator Candid for IL 43rd District. She’s only running for a State Senator slot, but it’s imperative that Illinois Republicans, and especially, Illinois conservatives, take back the home state of Ronald Reagan and Abraham Lincoln. Cedra might only be running on a state level, but she needs nationwide support from all Conservatives.

    if nothing else, please pass on this video to all conservatives you know. Thanks!!/CitizensforCedraCrenshaw

  11. Blumenthal is one low hanging fruit for Linda to use the “man up” phrase with. It fits like a glove.

  12. Did anyone see his interview on Glenn Beck?

    The man is stoooooopid!

  13. If Linda McMahon pulls this one off and becomes Senator from CT, I’m going to party with my in-laws in CT!!!

  14. Just don’t forget folks, we need to win by a relatively large margin to overcome the death vote, the ‘autograph parties’, votes that are ‘found’ days after the polls close. We can win the popular vote and still lose to fraud.

  15. What kind of idiot would vote for a person who would go on TV and tell a bald faced lie about his military service. Even a liberal should have better since than that.

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