Like old times.

What a shock…
Obama will be visiting a mosque during his trip to Indonesia.
The Politico reported:

President Barack Obama will visit one of the world’s largest mosques when he makes good on a long-delayed promise to visit Indonesia, the island nation where he lived briefly as a child.

The president will visit Istiqlal Mosque in Jakarta — the largest mosque in Southeast Asia and the third largest Muslim house of worship in the world — during his swing through the country Nov. 9-10. Islam is the dominant religion in populous Indonesia, making it the world’s largest Muslim-majority nation.

White House national security aide Ben Rhodes said the visit is standard protocol for Obama, who visited the famed Blue Mosque while on a visit to Turkey shortly after his inauguration. “When he visited Muslim-majority countries as president, he has often visited the most prominent mosques,” Rhodes said.

The president’s high-profile visit, however, could stoke the heated confrontation over the Park51 Project, an Islamic cultural center and mosque planned for a site just north of where the World Trade Center towers fell in Manhattan on Sept. 11. In August, Obama roiled the simmering debate when he declared that Muslims have a legal right to build the cultural center — a statement which angered opponents who saw the center as an affront to victims and rescue workers who died on Sept. 11 — but he later said he didn’t think building the cultural center was a good idea.

Rhodes cautioned against linking Obama’s statement about the Park51 Project and his visit to the Jakarta mosque.




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  1. Is this the venue when Baraq Hasan al-Bama will proclaim himself the Mahdi Antichrist?

  2. Ooooh – Barry Hussein is going home.
    He should stay there permanently.

  3. Funny, I don’t recall hearing anything about him visiting any of the famous Cathedrals in London – or even church in DC. Sure would be nice if someone could snap a pic of his visit to the mosque.

  4. I knew he was dusting up his resume when I tweeted Indonesian volcano’s spiritual caretaker dies Hey Obama, there’s a job opening back on your old home turf!

  5. Does this head wrap make my ears look bigger?

  6. let me get this straight, obama is not going to the Sihk temple because he would have to wear a headdress and people might confuse that with being a muslim. but he is going to a muslim mosque and he is not worried about that making people think he is a muslim. there is something screwy about that thinking. Maybe he does not want to go to the Sihk temple because the muslims hate the Sihks.

  7. Once a muslim, always a muslim. The Sihk thing was out of hate not out of a possible photo of him with a turban on his head.

  8. But Obama wouldn’t visit the Sikh shrine in India because the required head wrap might make him look like a muslim.

  9. Looks more like a diaper on an ass.

  10. Ah yes, won’t visit the Sikh’s Golden Temple because us evil reich-wingers would think he’s Muslim, but visiting mosques won’t have any effect….

    Interesting indeed

  11. me slow typer.

  12. But will our press cover it? Any pictures? When his wife visited the mosque in Spain it was not reported in the USA, you had to read about it in the foreign press.

  13. What does the Koran direct Muslims to do when they find a person who was born Muslim who converted to Christianity?

  14. With all this mosque-visiting by MichelleNd Barack, does that make them
    (or just mickey mouse)

  15. USMC Thomas
    October 28th, 2010 | 2:17 pm | #9

    Looks more like a diaper on an ass.

    Yup and he has Shiite for brains.

    I’ll pray for divine intervention, he is taking 40 aircraft.

  16. Oh, here it is.

    Bukhari (84:57) – ‘Whoever changed his Islamic religion, then kill him.’

    Which leads one to ask: If he has no fear of going into a Mosque amongst devout muslims, did he really change his Islamic religion?

    Just a question.

  17. Checkout the dates for haj 2010.
    Then ask ths :
    Why is Hussain avoiding a temple but rushing to a mosque ?
    Its a pity Hussain can’t go to mecca, atleast not publically, yet.

  18. Maybe someone collecting shoes at the door will summon the clarity to throw one or two at him.

  19. Rhodes cautioned against linking Obama’s statement about the Park51 Project and his visit to the Jakarta mosque.


    Did Rhodes just threaten us ?

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