Crackpot WaPo Reporter Sally Quinn: Americans Think Obama's Muslim Because He's Black (Video)

Crackpot WaPo reporter Sally Quinn outdid herself tonight on The O’Reilly Factor. The far left Obama apologist told Bill O’Reilly that (white) Americans think Obama is Muslim because he’s black.

“They think Obama’s Muslim. They don’t even know what it means.”

Elitist Sally Quinn lectures ignorant Americans:

“Well let’s start with religion first. I think the whole idea of Obama being a Muslim has been a huge issue between blacks and whites because 18% or 20% of Americans think Obama’s a Muslim. They don’t even know what that means. But when they think that he’s a Muslim they sort of are beginning to think that black people are Muslims because he’s a Christian. So I think that there’s an element of religious bigotry involved.”

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  • aro5o75

    That was a stretch, Sally

  • bitterclinger

    Why don’t those people who have Ted Baxter Premium Memberships and can rate show segments give this ditz a flaming “F”?

  • JPL17

    Sally, better shut up, because your profound ignorance and bigotry toward normal Americans is very unbecoming.

  • http://FB HorendoRevolver

    This bitache is stu- with a capital PID !!!!!!

  • kate

    Stupid b*tch. Wait, let me edit that. Stupid, elitist b*tch. Much better.

  • Northeast Elizabeth

    “But when they think that he’s a Muslim they sort of are beginning to think that black people are Muslims because he’s a Christian.”

    Huh? Looks like English, but . . .

    Anyway, most people believe he’s an atheist/ seclular humanist. That has to do with what he says and what he does, not his race.

    People think all blacks are Muslims because Obama is one? Maybe they think all whites are women because Quinn is a women.

    People think blacks are Muslims because Obama is a Christian? I don’t get this part of it at all.

  • Carson

    Is it possible to be a bigger dope than this woman? Why in the world does anyone (and did anyone) listen to her?

  • gus

    Maybe because both his Daddies and his Mommy were muzztards, maybe because he was listed as MUZZTARD on his Indonesian school application. Maybe because he said the Muzztards call to prayer was on of the finest sounds on earth, maybe because he said that if the political winds blew in an ugly direction, he’d stand with the muzztards, Maybe because he went to POKEMANSTAN with his COLLEGE RICH muzztard buddies, maybe because he has NOT ON SHRED OF EVIDENCE OF EVER HAVING BEEN A CHRISTIAN..?????????/
    Maybe because he is friends with Rashid Kalidi, maybe because he disrepects ISRAEL.


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  • BarbaraS

    This is , more or less, a change in the subject of his radicalism as usual. This is what the left has been tryng to do for years, especially since Obama was elected. They are still trying to make us believe any time anyone criticizes him, they are racists. This is just a new twist by adding islam to the mix. No one thinks all blacks are muslim by any stretch of the imagination. But it’s still black vs white with them and they will keep repeating this mantra until it becomes fact. Or so they suppose. That one worked for decades but has little traction today. I’m not sure whether he is muslim or not but one thing I am sure of is that he is not a Christian. Twenty years in Wright’s church does not make any member of that congregation a Christian.


    Wow, we KNOW Imam Obama is muslim because:
    1) kenyan birth
    2) Muslim father
    3) First speach was to muslims
    4) His being raised in a madrisa
    5) His bowing to Saudi king
    6) Middle name
    7) His sayings that the muslim call to prayer is the most beautiful sound in the world.
    8) NASA
    9) Barry Soetoro
    10) Married to a camel

    Being black has nothing to do with it at all

  • Valerie


    I got the notion from overseas blogs by Muslims, where the Muslims discussed this, and absolutely insisted that the child of a Muslim man is a Muslim, whether he likes it or not.

    They also said that any child of a Muslim man who converts to Christianity is a Muslim apostate. There are countries that have the death penalty today for conversion from Islam to Christianity.

    This, of course, is totally different from the Christian point of view, but analogous to the Jewish point of view, that Jewish children are born into the family, and remain Jews regardless of their subsequent voluntary religious affiliation.

    Quinn knows this because she is involved with a blog “On Faith” that discusses religious matters. For her to pretend that this question about whether Barack Obama is a Muslim arises from anything but the claims by Muslims, is disingenuous.

    Nobody in America contends that Barack Obama is not free to worship (or not worship) in the church of his choice. Some Americans do believe that Muslims worldwide see him either as a Muslim or a Muslim apostate.

    She had the opportunity to educate people on this point, and chose to villify her political opponents instead.

    Shame on her.

  • BarbaraS

    Just a thought but is the left in the first, second or third stage of insanity? Or does this woman not possess all her marbles. Makes you wonder how she became a highly paid reporter for the WaPo…nah, she has the correct ideology and that’s al that countrs with them.

    OT. Did anyone find out who the rest of the members of journOlist are? Maybe she’s one of them.

  • chillguy33

    Obama is an Angry Black Muslim.

    Let’s get this straight, please.

    The PERFECT PRESIDENT of the pathetic left.

    Thank you.

  • gus

    She’s still in the tank. Obama is a COMPLETE FAILURE. We told her. We were right. We warned these LIBTARDS that voting for someone who has ZERO accomplishments and tons and tons BAD ACQUAINTENCES was not a good idea.
    She and the rest of LIBTARD America own him.

  • Sasja

    Barbara, she’s married to Bill Bradlee who is now idiot at large, or some such thing, of the Washington Post.

  • USMC Thomas

    Stupidity on the level of Richard Blumenthal.

  • SM-Illinois

    has been wanabe. Why the old media is going down.

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  • Valerie

    Here’s another idiot: Rachel Maddow being exposed as a fool by

    a Republican candidate, Art Robinson.