Crackpot WaPo Reporter Sally Quinn: Americans Think Obama's Muslim Because He's Black (Video)

Crackpot WaPo reporter Sally Quinn outdid herself tonight on The O’Reilly Factor. The far left Obama apologist told Bill O’Reilly that (white) Americans think Obama is Muslim because he’s black.

“They think Obama’s Muslim. They don’t even know what it means.”

Elitist Sally Quinn lectures ignorant Americans:

“Well let’s start with religion first. I think the whole idea of Obama being a Muslim has been a huge issue between blacks and whites because 18% or 20% of Americans think Obama’s a Muslim. They don’t even know what that means. But when they think that he’s a Muslim they sort of are beginning to think that black people are Muslims because he’s a Christian. So I think that there’s an element of religious bigotry involved.”

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  • aro5o75

    That was a stretch, Sally

  • bitterclinger

    Why don’t those people who have Ted Baxter Premium Memberships and can rate show segments give this ditz a flaming “F”?

  • JPL17

    Sally, better shut up, because your profound ignorance and bigotry toward normal Americans is very unbecoming.

  • This bitache is stu- with a capital PID !!!!!!

  • kate

    Stupid b*tch. Wait, let me edit that. Stupid, elitist b*tch. Much better.

  • Northeast Elizabeth

    “But when they think that he’s a Muslim they sort of are beginning to think that black people are Muslims because he’s a Christian.”

    Huh? Looks like English, but . . .

    Anyway, most people believe he’s an atheist/ seclular humanist. That has to do with what he says and what he does, not his race.

    People think all blacks are Muslims because Obama is one? Maybe they think all whites are women because Quinn is a women.

    People think blacks are Muslims because Obama is a Christian? I don’t get this part of it at all.

  • Carson

    Is it possible to be a bigger dope than this woman? Why in the world does anyone (and did anyone) listen to her?

  • gus

    Maybe because both his Daddies and his Mommy were muzztards, maybe because he was listed as MUZZTARD on his Indonesian school application. Maybe because he said the Muzztards call to prayer was on of the finest sounds on earth, maybe because he said that if the political winds blew in an ugly direction, he’d stand with the muzztards, Maybe because he went to POKEMANSTAN with his COLLEGE RICH muzztard buddies, maybe because he has NOT ON SHRED OF EVIDENCE OF EVER HAVING BEEN A CHRISTIAN..?????????/
    Maybe because he is friends with Rashid Kalidi, maybe because he disrepects ISRAEL.


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  • BarbaraS

    This is , more or less, a change in the subject of his radicalism as usual. This is what the left has been tryng to do for years, especially since Obama was elected. They are still trying to make us believe any time anyone criticizes him, they are racists. This is just a new twist by adding islam to the mix. No one thinks all blacks are muslim by any stretch of the imagination. But it’s still black vs white with them and they will keep repeating this mantra until it becomes fact. Or so they suppose. That one worked for decades but has little traction today. I’m not sure whether he is muslim or not but one thing I am sure of is that he is not a Christian. Twenty years in Wright’s church does not make any member of that congregation a Christian.


    Wow, we KNOW Imam Obama is muslim because:
    1) kenyan birth
    2) Muslim father
    3) First speach was to muslims
    4) His being raised in a madrisa
    5) His bowing to Saudi king
    6) Middle name
    7) His sayings that the muslim call to prayer is the most beautiful sound in the world.
    8) NASA
    9) Barry Soetoro
    10) Married to a camel

    Being black has nothing to do with it at all

  • Valerie


    I got the notion from overseas blogs by Muslims, where the Muslims discussed this, and absolutely insisted that the child of a Muslim man is a Muslim, whether he likes it or not.

    They also said that any child of a Muslim man who converts to Christianity is a Muslim apostate. There are countries that have the death penalty today for conversion from Islam to Christianity.

    This, of course, is totally different from the Christian point of view, but analogous to the Jewish point of view, that Jewish children are born into the family, and remain Jews regardless of their subsequent voluntary religious affiliation.

    Quinn knows this because she is involved with a blog “On Faith” that discusses religious matters. For her to pretend that this question about whether Barack Obama is a Muslim arises from anything but the claims by Muslims, is disingenuous.

    Nobody in America contends that Barack Obama is not free to worship (or not worship) in the church of his choice. Some Americans do believe that Muslims worldwide see him either as a Muslim or a Muslim apostate.

    She had the opportunity to educate people on this point, and chose to villify her political opponents instead.

    Shame on her.

  • BarbaraS

    Just a thought but is the left in the first, second or third stage of insanity? Or does this woman not possess all her marbles. Makes you wonder how she became a highly paid reporter for the WaPo…nah, she has the correct ideology and that’s al that countrs with them.

    OT. Did anyone find out who the rest of the members of journOlist are? Maybe she’s one of them.

  • chillguy33

    Obama is an Angry Black Muslim.

    Let’s get this straight, please.

    The PERFECT PRESIDENT of the pathetic left.

    Thank you.

  • gus

    She’s still in the tank. Obama is a COMPLETE FAILURE. We told her. We were right. We warned these LIBTARDS that voting for someone who has ZERO accomplishments and tons and tons BAD ACQUAINTENCES was not a good idea.
    She and the rest of LIBTARD America own him.

  • Sasja

    Barbara, she’s married to Bill Bradlee who is now idiot at large, or some such thing, of the Washington Post.

  • USMC Thomas

    Stupidity on the level of Richard Blumenthal.

  • SM-Illinois

    has been wanabe. Why the old media is going down.

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  • Valerie

    Here’s another idiot: Rachel Maddow being exposed as a fool by

    a Republican candidate, Art Robinson.

  • Practical Jane

    Laugh out loud funny!

    Reach, Sally, Reach!!!!

  • donh

    Wow roll racism and islamophobia all into one sling shot. I have no doubt MohamObama is a muslim because I have seen his actions and listened to his own words. I am also suspicious at how defensive they are about this issue. Study the video where MohamObama pretends to be of Christian faith. He speaks of the “precepts” of Christ that drew him to the faith. At the 1 minute marks he says ” Treating others as they would treat me” . This is a precept of Mohammed not Christ. Mohammed preaches eye for an eye tooth for a tooth…treating others as they treat you. The Law of Christ is to do onto others AS YOU WOULD LIKE to be treated by others. His discussion of the Cricifixion also displays a belittling of significance typical of a muslim struggling to pay some modest repect to OUR lord as merely a teacher of humility . …

  • snowman

    Wait a minute here, in one of odumbo’s books, didn’t he say if the winds change in D.C. that he would side with his Muslim brothers? am i correct here? i think it was said a different way, but thats what he meant, am i correct with that. plus this beotch doesn’t think some of us use a DICTIONARY.

  • StrangernFiction

    “But when they think that he’s a Muslim they sort of are beginning to think that black people are Muslims because he’s a Christian.”


  • Joanne

    Because Obama is black, he is a muslim? Does this woman think you have to be black to be a muslim? I’m sure this wouldn’t sit well with Arabs, Persians, Indonesians, Malaysians, and the list goes on and on.

    #24 – double huh!

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  • Harry

    Unfortunately, there is no way to contact this moron directly, so I’ll post this question here in hopes that someone who works with this dumbass will pass it on to her.

    Were you born a stupid jackass or did mommy and daddy help you along? I have seen and heard many a simpleton in my lifetime, but you take the cake Sally. You are hands down the dumbest, most pathetic byproduct the putrid swamps of Georgia has ever produced.

    Even worse is the loser that employs you and wastes advertisers dollars on your salary!

  • Paula-Okc

    You know NY is having a heck of a problem with bed bugs. And now they are having an outbreak of crickets based on this ignorant statement!!! What the H#@%** did she just say?? So am I to understand that the ‘american’ gadahn (sp?) is just a fluke because his parents happend to be christian? What a friggin dopey statement Sally. Come back when you’re a bit more coherent!!!

  • kato

    How many decades has this ignoramus been around? She was stupid then, and she’s stupid now. Why waste time talking about her?

  • Buffalobob

    Sally right up there with the other brilliant pundits, Maddow, Behar, O’Donnell.

  • myohmy

    Sally Quinn who? Is she looking for a job in CNN?

  • Kemo Sabe

    So THIS must be the kind of information Hussein was talking about when he said “too much information becomes a distraction, a diversion, a form of entertainment” and “some arguments don’t always rank all that high on the truth meter”

  • Jennifer

    I watched that segment on Fox, and Sally Quinn’s got some weird eye twitching and blinking going on while she’s talking. Anyone out there read body language?

  • Chippy

    Mr. Ted Baxter invited Mrs. Ted Baxter on his show.

  • BurmaShave

    To think that Liberals think Sarah Palin is stupid, but consider Sally Quinn a well credentialed journalist!

    I wish that O’Reilly and FOX in general would stop running to this dope for her to share her idiotic opinions with FOX’s enormous audience. FOX should be embarrassed. As for Sally Quinn, she is hopeless.

  • Greta

    Her statement shows her bias and her ignorance. It also shows an amazing arrogance that is always in play with liberal socialists. That is why people in droves are lining up to vote all through the country. We are tired of their attitude and the way they kind of roll their eyes when talking about those who disagree with them. they flock to groups where only their view is accepted and ostracize anyone who dares to disagree. They attack someone like Sarah Palin because she is a threat to their accepted view of what is normal. What is also starting to happen is that some who have blindly followed them are starting to look around and after this “historic” election, their lives have turned far worse.

  • big L


  • arnonerik

    Sally Quinn is a foot soilder in the Democrat army. She doesn’t even believe what she said but being a loyal leftard she will stick to the talking points and spout the party line. Goebbels the Reich Minister of Propaganda in Nazi Germany is attributed with saying if you repeat a lie often enough in time it is accepted as truth. The Democrats have adopted this maxim and have made it thier own. Basically, Sally is just a liar.

  • Barb

    She’s right, we didn’t know exactly what Muslim meant until 9-11. After 3000 American citizens were murdered, we now know. How dare this idiot make such a horrific statement.

  • USMC Thomas

    Why do whores who marry rich old farts suddenly become morally superior.

  • Chippy

    You have to remember Sally Baby tried her hand in the Liar Czar TV Media. In 1973, CBS hired her for the morning show, with much fanfare and promotion……..she failed miserably and was fired from CBS. She is still part of the elite in D. C.

  • Guy

    There’s an old saying that goes…

    If it walks like a duck, looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it’s a DUCK.

    That, my friends, is why Americans think Obama is a Muslim.


  • Andreas K.

    If his father was a mohammedan, then, by islamic law, Obama is one as well. That’s how it goes.

    And Sally… we know what it means. Come over here to Europe. Come and take a look at how FED UP people here are with the kow-towing to mohammedans. You’d be scared!

  • jorgen

    If she is really stupid enough to believe that, no wonder she voted for Obama.

  • don abernathy

    More popcorn please…..

    the desperation game is going into triple overtime.

    Jeebus.. business must be booming at the asshat store.


  • This dame is far dumber than the public she holds in contempt……

  • bert

    Sally Quinn is a classic pathological liar and homewrecker which is why the Wash Compost thinks she should be the religious columnist. Old Sally clawed her way to the top by sleeping with her boss Ben Bradlee . Ms Quinn who has the nerve to call herself a good catholic while smearing Sarah Palin broke up Bradless’s first marriage in which he had three kids . She is scum and vile social climber . Bill O’Reilly is moron for letting this class A adultress preach her Leftist psycho babble.
    Bill must be nervous about getting invited to all the right parties in DC so Sally is allowed to preach away !

  • RickZ

    I always laugh at liberals who try to talk down to us proles about religion. Like they have a friggin’ clue. Ask dear ol’ Sally what are the basic tenets of Christianity (or even the Catholic sect) or what are the tenets of islam and watch her stumble and fumble her way into a filibustered non-answer like her hero Barry Dunham/Soetoro/Obama, The Indonesian Imbecile, does every time he’s asked a question.

    “The stupid is strong in this one.”

  • Zak Volsung

    This video should be titled, This is your brain on liberalism.

  • Militant Conservative

    I will know you by your fruits.

    We have all seen the fruits of this socialist.

    He golf’s alot on Sunday and church only once, (radical Muslim speacker was the guest) oops damn that was to be kept quite.

    He’s the antithisis of America, America is repulsed by him. powder is dry, the tsunami is wet.

  • Auntie Em

    I heard this in my car and nearly wrecked. Sally Quinn (first time I have ever heard her neck squeak) has to be the stupidest person to ever walk with knuckles dragging the ground. Wow!

    The audacity of her to get on the highest rated show in America and make such a blatant fool out of herself.

    And what makes her a religion expert. I don’t think she has a clue what being a muslim means.

    She was a puppet and parrot last night, dancing and squawking whatever her higher ups told her to. Don’t they realize who the hell they are talking to? We are so much smarter than they are. My 6 year old is smarter than they are.

  • Janet

    Sally Quinn knows practically nothing about Christianity or Islam. I remember the brouha with her taking communion at Tim Russerts funeral in order to honor Tim Russert! She doesn’t even know the basic tenets of Christianity….which is fine, except that she is the WaPo’s religion writer! Pretty ironic that she would accuse Americans of not knowing what being Muslim means.
    If race relations are really worse….it is because we are all sick of the endless victim groups & their perpetually grieved grifter spokesmen.

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  • JounrHOLEists are universally DUMB.

    Americans think Obama is black BECAUSE he is muslim.

    Obama speaks without negro dialect, too, when he wants. I heard this from a DEMOCRATIC.

  • BurmaShave

    Sally Quinn is a caricature of a Liberal Journalist.


    A Liberal journalist is really a publicist for Liberalism (aka fascism). They come at any question or issue from the perspective of how to present and deal with the matter in the best possible light to advance Liberalism and quash anyone or anything standing in the way. They deal with reality the same way any addict does, hence the ever more popular references to Kool-aid.

    Sally Quinn’s response to O’Reilly’s question is a first class example of Liberal journalism.

  • nadadhimmi

    Obama was listed as a muslim in Indonesian school. His school friends say he was able to recite long sections of the koran by heart. He has NEVER renounced “his muslim faith”, just stated he’s “Christian”. Moslems understand he is just practicing taqqia and are therefore not going ape$hit. They realize he is just lying to infidels to advance i-slam. It’s a well understood and constantly practiced action when moslems are preparing infidels for the slaughter. Hey Sally Quinn, do you even know the difference between the Medina and Mecca teachings in i-slam? Of course you don’t, you idiot you!

  • oldguy

    This elitist groupie no longer has that going for her so now we see her flaws. Reminds me of john Mitchell’s wife, Martha.

  • Ed

    Sally’s undies still bunched up because of the “muslim issue” eh? shows what her priorities are. never mind the increasing unemployment, just don’t mistake Obama for a muslim! LOL!

  • Sally Sally what are we to do with you? Are you really that stupid to say those things on a national show? I know Obama is half black and half white. I really thought he was a nice looking man, well educated, family man,and seemed intelligent. It wasn’t until he opened his mouth that I realized he was all the former, but not the latter. Too bad for America.

  • Momma

    But when they think that he’s a Muslim they sort of are beginning to think that black people are Muslims because he’s a Christian.

    I have read and re-read what does this mean?

    This is the best they could come up with?

  • big L

    It is not that Obama is black or that he might be muslim. I think Americans are concerned that he might be RED.

  • Alana

    I saw this. I couldn’t believe my ears.

    Yesterday I watched a movie with Angelina Jolie where her son disappears and the police claim to have found him. When she insists he’s not her boy (which he isn’t), they throw her in the loony bin.

    That seemed to me an apt metaphor for leftist rule in this country today. They’ll say any old thing, no matter how absurd, and expect us to just swallow it.

    Someone is going to come up with a name for this state of affairs. It’s like Alice in Wonderland, but I’m sure there’s some pithy name that can describe this sick condition going on in the U.S. these days.

    Sally Quinn is a prime example of it. I wonder if these people are even sane? If not, have there always been a whole lot of secretly insane people around, and we are just seeing them out in the open now?

  • Rock

    Sally’s talking points.
    1. Liberal superiority intellect argument.
    2. Americans are raciest argument.
    3. Confusing statement tactic.
    So whats new? Just your everyday bottom feeder Socialist spewing her filth. And of course the very reason the Democraps ran Obama, so any opposition could be labeled as racist. Sally dearest you have overplayed that card.
    These slugs should be rounded up given a city of their own and prove their b/s really works. I suggest Chicago, or Detroit.


    If you CONS say anything mean about him, I’ll have a fit.
    If you say he’s a Commie.
    I’ll say you are racist.
    If you talk about his Racist Anti-American freakazoid pastor.
    I’ll say you are racist.
    You see, I am a very very dim bulb and I just love Opie.
    Do you know why I love him??
    I don’t know either. But it makes me feel morally superior and smarter than you.

  • gus

    Yeah isn’t that the truth. Libtards are sooooo much smarter than everyone else.
    Just ask them.

  • SKAY

    ” They don’t even know what that means.”

    Really Sally? I gather that you think that the rest of us in fly over country can’t understand what we see and read.

    Obama belonged to a church whose pastor- Rev. Wright —- preached Black Liberation Theology. I wonder if she really knows what that idiology is all about.

    It is interesting that Rev. Wright and Black Muslim leader Louis Farrakhan are such good friends.

  • Franklin

    Whenever I see her face on tv I change the channel. I’ve never heard anything come out of her mouth that isn’t insane.

  • Stuart

    Golly Uncle Jed that there woman is from that there Washintun Post. that means she gots to be a heap smarter than we is.

    OK Ill play along.

  • Estragon

    Classic case of a female who slept her way to the top, enjoyed the perquisites for years, but then was passed over for younger flesh as she became old, dessicated, and bitter.

    If she ever had any talent to speak of, it was only used behind closed doors.

    Sally is the sad halfway point between fading party girls Mo Dowd and Eleanor Clift, reduced to nothing more than a few gigs as “Before” model in “Oil of Olay” ads.

  • Mari

    Ah yes, Casting Couch Sally who slept her way to the top. Let’s listen to her.

    Gag me.

  • jaimo

    Where do these crazy people come from. She must blink a 1,000 times a minute. She’s definitely not rowing with both oars in the water for sure.

    I wish O’Reilly would stop have these idiots on, they make him look bad. At least the other dude had a clue.

  • Teresa

    Agree with Franklin above. Whenever I see her I change the channel as well. However, when I noticed O’Reilley’s other guest (a professor from Georgetown) I watched because I have seen him before and he is one of the brightest lights in D.C. Why O’Reilley continues to put sally on is beyond me. She is one of the the biggest dopes on TV.

  • sally, thanks for bringing me to the 21st century! i don’t know how i learned to brush my teeth without you arrogant imbeciles in the MSM! but, just for you, i’ll try harder!!!

  • AuntieMadder

    Since, according to the lamestream narrative, being Muslim is Grrr-eat!, why do they care if people think Oilbama is a Muslim? Since being a Christian is so horrible, why do they defend him by insisting he’s a Christian?

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  • BarbaraS

    Jaimo #71

    “I wish O’Reilly would stop have these idiots on, they make him look bad. At least the other dude had a clue.”

    He has these people on his show for contrast and to be provocative. We’re talking about his show, aren’t we? Would we be doing that if he had intelligent guests who made intelligent remarks? That’s why he has Sharpton on so much. Free advertising, don’t cha know? With TV personalities, ratings is all.

  • Marsh

    Or it could be because they actually took the time to research the facts about barack hussein obama’s life (all muslim names) instead of just believing what the leftist media tells them.

    His father was a muslim. Which according to islam, makes him a muslim by default.

    His step father was also a muslim and he grew up in a muslim majority country and attended koran classes which listed him as a muslim.

    Then he was suddenly sent to go live with his Marxist grandparents in Hawaii who took him to a Marxist church.

    And when he got older, he made the odd choice to attend a radically anti-American Marxist black nationalist church in Chicago.

    That means it’s ~very~ possible that he’s only pretending to be a devout Christian for political gain.

    Everybody knows you can’t get elected in this country if you don’t at least pretend to be a Church going Christian and a family man.

    Athesists I know complain about it all the time.

    And heck, if I was going to run for office, I’d pretend to be a Christian too and go to church just to make my image look good and mainstream to the voters – even though I’m not a Christian.

    It’s common sense.

    Me personally, I don’t know what his religion is.

    He could be a muslim.

    He could be a Christian.

    He could be an agnostic, theist or atheist who – like I said – just pretends to be a Christian in order to appeal to a Christian majority country.

    Or maybe he’s a combination of all 3.

    Who knows?

    But it is odd how he barely ever goes to Church and explains that he doesn’t go often because he doesn’t want to annoy other worshippers with his security personal (sounds like bullcrap to me).

    And the countless pro-islam statements and policies he’s given are extremely worrying.

    The first interview he gave as president was to an arab muslim news network.

    His first foreign tour as president was to the middle east where he gave a gushing speech in Cairo over how wonderful islam is.

    His NASA officials have strangely said that one of their main goals is outreach to muslims.

    He’s ruined our relationship with Israel.

    And worst of all, by far, is his agreement with the OIC in the UN (organization of the islamic conference – the largest voting block in the UN and therefore designers of a lot of UN policies) to BAN criticism of islam.

    That’s right.

    The barack hussein obama regime has actually signed on to the islamist movement to make it an INTERNATIONAL CRIME to criticize islam.

    He did that back in 2009.

    Simply outrageous and should have been headline news but of course wasn’t.

    Anywho, there’s plenty of justification for people to think that barack hussein obama is a muslim.

    Me personally, I have no idea what he believes.

    To me it seems like he’s been raised on and followed leftist Marxism and radical black nationalism his entire life.

    “I’m a victim because I’m not white.”

    “White people are evil and out to get me.”

    “Capitalism is their tool of oppression.”


    I personally don’t think he’s very religious at all.

    And as much as the left wants to demonize and dismiss his critics as ignorant neo-nazis, there is indeed some good reasons to believe he might be a muslim.

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