Nuts. The Wackadoodle Professor Strikes Again: Obama Says "Mexicans" Were Here Long Before the United States Was an Idea (Video)

The Far Left Wackadoodle Professor Strikes Again–

Ken Pittman passed this on.
Barack Obama told the Hispanic Caucus in his speech that “Mexicans” were here in America long before the United States was an idea.

Wrong. Here’s the quote:

Let me close by saying this. Long before America was even an idea, this land of plenty was home to many peoples. The British and French, the Dutch and Spanish, to Mexicans, to countless Indian tribes. We all shared the same land.

Sorry Barack. Mexico first became a state independent of Spain in 1821.

Does anyone proof read this garbage before he goes public with it?

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  • StandUp4Chuck

    Talking jive straight out of his a$$.

  • Andrew X

    He is an alien. He is not one of us.

    It is not inherently morally wrong to be an “alien”, to choose not to be an American, in thought and spririt. One is allowed, as one is allowed many other things as well.

    One just has no frikkin’ business being President of the United States in such a case, that’s all.

  • Joe

    If you control history*, you control everything.

    *It turns out you don’t really need to control history; you just have to be able to convince enough people to elect you that a false history is true.

  • INC

    No, they don’t. I’ve seen other sloppy mistakes, and it’s obvious no one in the WH cares if the speeches are factual or not. The speeches are meant to advance an agenda.

    Some posts from David Horowitz last year on Alinsky tactics and the end justifying any means.

    Until conservatives begin to understand exactly what drives radicals and how dishonest they are — dishonest in the their core — it is going to be very hard to defend the system that is under attack. For radicals the noble end — creating a new heaven on earth — justifies any means.

  • Granny

    No, we did NOT all “share the same land” – the idea is ludicrous. To assert that we did is to utterly lie about history. Tell the Cherokee who were forced to walk to Oklahoma along the Trail of Tears that they all “shared the same land” with their Georgian neighbors. And that is just one incident.

    The very idea that the French and the English “shared the same land” is absolutely ridiculous. The French & English fought over Vermont and Upstate New York and Ohio for 200 years. The ONLY thing that stopped the bloodshed was the French Revolution.

    A little American History 101 should be required of a president.

  • kansas

    If that’s his opinion, who are we to disagree?

  • INC

    Here’s another one. Truth and ethics mean nothing to these people:

    Means and Ends

    …Alinsky devotes an entire chapter to the problem of “Means and Ends” — of how a radical can justify breaking the moral order in order to achieve radical ends (pp. 24 et seq). In his handling, there are 11 rules for radicals to explain how radical ends justify radical means. The chapter is explicitly an effort to answer those liberals who refuse to join the radical cause saying “I agree with your ends but not your means.”

    Alinsky begins the chapter by telling us that the very question “does the end justify the means” as stated is “meaningless.” The real question is “does this particularparticular means?”

    …We begin with Alinsky’s introduction: “Whenever we think about social change, the question of means and ends arises. The man of action views the issue of means and ends in pragmatic and strategic terms. He has no other problem.” Translation: He is not going to worry about the legality or morality of his actions, only their practical consequences.

  • unknown jane

    More proof that we have too many idiots in public office.

  • kato

    Why single out Mexico and Mexicans? The whole statement is ludicrous.

    As with economics, the teleprompter is ignorant about history.

  • Patman

    Who needs proof when you’re speaking off teleprompter…

  • down with dems

    Mexican is a NATIONALITY that only exists after the formation of the nation of Mexico. This is a fundamental problem with this administration’s understanding — the census was full of questions about “race” but probably half or more of the options for “race” were actually NATIONALITIES.

    No one denies that people were here before Europeans arrived. They came over the land bridge from Asia, we get it, we accept it. The French, Dutch, British, Spanish didn’t share land, though… they drew boundaries on the maps showing their different colonies, and fought over them, and they changed hands, but everyone wasn’t living in peace and harmony on a boundary-less map, which is what Obama’s goal is. “Imagine there’s no countries…” and Obama as the chief to rule them all. He’s already been offered the job of ruling all Muslims worldwide!

  • Auntie Em

    The Audacity of a Freaking Dope

    This ‘genius’ just makes up crap as he goes along. Facts and truth are irrelevant in The Land of Make Believe.

  • Paul52

    Dress the village idiot up in a tux and what do you get?: A well dressed idiot. 42 days and counting.

  • Stephen Lowe

    A product of revisionist history. Congrats to our teachers and universities.

  • Patman
    September 21st, 2010 | 10:24 am | #10

    Who needs proof when you’re speaking off teleprompter…

    I can just see it now; O gets challenged while making a speech and he turns his teleprompter to the audience and points out, “See. It says so right there.”

  • Ever notice that when illegal mexicans march for amnesty , they carry a sign
    ” We didn’t cross the border,
    the border crossed us ”

    Its the same line of thinking….all illegal aliens think alike

  • Kevin P

    Does he also subscribe to the looney idea that “Africans could fly before white men killed them”?

    Seriously – that was taught in some schools during “Black History Month”.

  • Doggy

    When you see a wealthy, well-educated Mexican, you’re usually looking at someone of 100% European blood. The Spanish still party in Mexico like it’s 1499. They still live apart from, and lord over, the native people and don’t consider their poverty a problem: peasants are peasants, after all.

    Here in the States, we’re supposed to feel guilty about how WE treat Mexicans? The ones who should feel guilty, who have caused this situation where their “subjects” have to sneak into another country to make a living, are the aristocracy of Mexico.

    But you get no anti-American mileage out of that, so it’s ignored. Ignored so much that even the President doesn’t know the basic historical facts.

  • John Fembup

    I fergit – were the Incas Mexicans?

  • John Fembup

    Trick question,

    No, it was the Aztecs. It was the Aztecs who were Mexicans. Right Barack?

  • Saint

    Someone get this man a timeline, ’cause the U.S. is actually older than Mexico.

    Oh, and the archeological evidence indicates that the people Obama is referring to as the “mexicans” killed off the original inhabitants of the land, which actually makes them no more legitimate than…well, anyone else, since EVERYONE did it.

  • The Elector of Saxony

    Every time this moron opens his mouth, I want to see his transcripts more and more. I wonder why this President chose to hide his, unlike so many other candidates? He speaks like a D student. Wouldn’t it be funny if the super dumb George Bush got higher grades than St. Obama, the super genius the media sold us on?

  • Perfected democrat

    “We all shared the same land.”

    We still do, but now instead of it being colonial occupation, and isolated “sleepy” villages and camps, so-to-speak, in an entirely different time and context, it’s the USA, melting pot and land of opportunity in the truest sense of the word for the “huddled masses”, and probably (still) the economic and intellectual powerhouse of human civilization. America’s earlier record concerning African-Americans has not been stellar, but there has been profound change in that regard during the last 5 decades.

    America and its ideals have in a relatively short span of time done more to improve more lives on this planet than possibly any other, even combined entity; certainly in comparison to the Stalinist-Maoist plague that has mass murdered well beyond 100 million humble people in a space of only 100 years. The left are criminally shallow, and Obama is a typical left leader, the only reason we haven’t seen his capability for despotism is because he hasn’t had the opportunity…

  • Doggy

    By the way, this is the same mindset that makes out that these European-manufactured countries in the Mideast where always there and the interlopers are the Jews who are “occupying” the “country” of Palestine.

  • oldguy

    He is, after all, the affirmative action president.

  • Mike Lester

    Dear “oldguy”, I made the same observation after he was elected: he’s the single biggest AFFIRMATIVE ACTION HIRE in history. -and I hope the last.

  • WSG

    Point being?

    The land where I built my house wasn’t always used the way it is now either. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t be defending my property if someone else tried to start living on it.

    Is he saying we do not have a sovereign nation? Or is he being racist (Mexicans are okay to come and go as they please – but not…)?

    The Elector of Saxony
    September 21st, 2010 | 11:04 am | #22

    When was the last time that the media portrayed a D presidential candidate as anything other than the smartest man that ever lived? Has it ever been true (I only remember as far back as Carter)? Why would we have expected them to say anything else?

  • kate

    There a 3 part series by an “insider”. First part is called: The President is Losing It. Worth the time. One of the parts deals with the myth of his massive intellect.

  • Veryconcerned

    Smartest president EVAH!

  • jomojava the infidel

    I’m shocked.

    al_Bama did not claim that Mooselimbs were here before America was an idea.

  • Barack Obama is probably one of the most incompetent, idiotic presidents we have ever had. He is and always has been nothing but a fraud who conned the American people. He was nothing but a shiny product put forth and advertised by the mainstream media. Well the Obama high has worn off and we can now see what an utter failure the bastard is. That, and he’s just downright stupid contrary to what everyone thought it 2008.

    “ohhhh he’s so articulate and intelligent!….”

    Gimme a break. He’s worse than President Bush was. Mr. Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh…

  • Andreas K.

    So essentially, he would give land to the British and French, the Dutch and Spanish?

    Cause, you’re all sharing the same land!

    I guess NY can be Dutch again. New England, pretty obvious, English. Lousiana goes back to France. California and that stuff goes to Spain, together with Mexico.

  • Rich

    I thank the telapromter is getting tired of Obama crap and is making him look even dumber every day

  • Its time for Odumbo to give up the day job and work where he’s more qualified….like the “whack a mole”game at windy city amusements back in chi-town.

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  • Stuart

    Obama: “countless Indian tribes all shared the land”.
    Sure they did. When a Crow encountered a Lakota, or a Blackfoot a Shoshone or a Mandan or a Hidatsa encountering any of the aforementioned, a lethal donnybrook was certain to erupt. Take almost any two tribes prior to the 20th century, and with only a few exceptions, you find them to be perpetually at war since pre historic times. When you add the Spanish and British into the mix the best one can say is that tribal white relationships were highly problematic at best.

  • Rose

    WHY would anyone in their right mind want to interfere with their own deadly mortal enemy when the guy is biting himself?

  • Granny

    StuartNo Gravatar
    September 21st, 2010 | 11:52 am | #36

    Obama: “countless Indian tribes all shared the land”.
    Sure they did. When a Crow encountered a Lakota, or a Blackfoot a Shoshone or a Mandan or a Hidatsa encountering any of the aforementioned, a lethal donnybrook was certain to erupt. Take almost any two tribes prior to the 20th century, and with only a few exceptions, you find them to be perpetually at war since pre historic times. When you add the Spanish and British into the mix the best one can say is that tribal white relationships were highly problematic at best.

    Yup. About the only Europeans that got along with the American Indians were the French. But then early French explorers took lessons from the brutality of the Spanish and deliberately acted in a different way.

  • AJ Lynch

    God, He loves to be the Panderer in Chief but only to “people of color”. I guess white is not a color in Obama’s world.

  • MWTexas

    Thank God he’s a constitutional scholar, and not a historian. Otherwise, this would have been an embarassing moment for the U.S.

    What am I saying??? Everytime the Comandeerer-in-Chief speaks in public he manges somehow to embarass the U.S.

  • Andreas K.

    Now now.

    I think you’re forgetting the important lesson here.



    The Indians were infants, sometime violent and incontrollable, but with a magical innocence. They could cut bodies into pieces, rape women, kidnap and murder children, they still are good-looking playboys whose pictures are available everywhere. How about a picture of the Butcher of Minnesota (1,400 civilians murdered), Little Crow (Sioux), in your living-room? So nice!


    Warning! It is the most important part of the gospel: find the grief. For that purpose, you have a virtual free-hand to seek “answers” through centuries. If Black Kettle’s tribe murdered Clara Blinn, it was probably because they feel angered about the Sand Creek Massacre, four years earlier, or the treaty of Fort Laramie, in 1861, or… well, the arrival of Colombus, in 1492.


    Very important: do not cite names until you have explained the history of the tribe and of all the Indians (and, if you want, even the Aborigines in Australia or Vercingetorix in France). It is very important not to downplay your thesis by saying that only a few characters were involved in the story. Remember that the magical innocence of #1 needs generalities, not specificities. If Black Kettle’s warriors murdered civilians in 1868, call them “Cheyennes”. Or better: “Cheyenne young men”. Or the hit: “angry Cheyenne young men” (hop! you have the link with the grief above.)


    The prosecutions of your heroic Indians always comes from the army. It is thus very important that you reject their claims with a very natural “of course, the army said that they were guilty!” Because no Indian knew how to write, almost every paper you will find will be written by army officials or the US government. How lovely it is: you can erase all the factual evidence with a few nonchalant words!


    Extremely important: use, and re-use moral relativism and multiculturalism. Make everyone remember that they are Whites and that they cannot – of course! – understand the amazing complexity of these amazing civilizations (do not explain what was amazing about these civilizations, because it will be very hard to find anything gorgeous. Stick to “evident” generalities. “Of course they were amazing!”). Everyone must understand how the tribes worked before “rushing to judgment” (you can also link this “cultural imperative” with the “grief” above). Moreover, you can add that actual American Indians, and nobody else, can understand what the rules are. Make strong conclusions: “If you do not know the rules, how can you condemn them? How can you stick to judeo-christian values when we deal with faaaaaar more complex tribal rules which tolerated mutilations, wife beating, kidnappings or gang rapes?”


    This last argument is linked with the Indian customs above. Deny any kind of individual responsability in any case. More important, deny any collective responsibility. According to the Indian customs, the chiefs could harbor terrorists and be peaceful and feed terrorists and be trustworthy and detain white hostages and be the innocent target of bloodythirsty White men. To get this complete amnesty, the chief just had to claim that he was peaceful. His own words are the most important piece of your defense.

    The gospel (finished product):

    How could anyone attack a spiritual, good-looking Indian who claimed to be good, who had no responsibilities whatsoever and whose own tribe was attacked by two Spanish sentinels two centuries before ? Gosh, don’t you have any soul?


  • newton

    “countless Indian tribes all shared the land”.

    It wasn’t Kumbaya all the time.

    There were many, MANY wars between native tribes, going on for millenia. And yes, people got killed. Some tribes, to add insult to injury, ate their victims.

    And no, Mexico wasn’t a country before the United States. Mexico was once a land with many tribes, some of which still exist today. There were Toltecs, Chichimecs, Aztecs, etc., a dime a dozen. When Hernan Cortez and the Spaniards arrived, they made mincemeat out of their power and extirpated as much gold for the Spanish Crown as they could, for centuries.

    And no, Mexico did not become an independent country until well after the initial Grito de Independencia, in 1810.

    1810 was 34 years after our Declaration of Independence.

    How this man is considered “smart”… boggles the mind…

  • The biggest lie is that we all shared the land. Then why all the wars that resulted in the current boundaries? The more I think about that is about the most ignorant thing I’ve ever heard.

  • newton

    Oh, let me add one more thing.

    Since Mexico had its Grito de Independencia in 1810, it is NOT the first country south of our borders to declare itself independent from a European power.

    That privilege goes to Haiti, which declared itself a republic on January 1st, 1804. Twenty-eight years behind the U.S.

    And when Haitians became a republic, it put the hibbie-jibbies into many, many powers.

  • OxyCon

    A nice video montage of Obama’s many instances of History FAIL, set to Sam Cook’s “Don’t know much about history” would be a good thing.

    He really didn’t go to college to learn any history, that’s for sure, unless the history he learned was the far-Left revisionist history.

  • Man, Jim. Talk about a quibble and a trifle. There are far more interesting things to peg against Obama than this.

    Barack has more Arab and Caucasian blood in him than black blood. Is he lying when he calls himself a black man? Yeesh.

    So what if he said the Mexicans were here before the US was an idea. Technically he is right, even if the term he used is incorrect. Let me guess… he was supposed to say, “New Spaniards” or Nueva Espania?!

  • gus

    Hack this moron isn’t ONE OF the most idiotic incompetent Presidents. He’s an utter fool.
    Even LIBTARDS know it. They just like the handouts.

  • Darwin Akbar

    The main problem is that both Obama and his 29-year old speechwriter are ahistorical nitwits. They know nothing, but think they know everything. Almost everything Obama ever says about history, whether it’s scripted or off-the-cuff, is just wrong. His Cairo speech was much the same…all of his facts about how smart the Muslim world used to be were just not true.

    The reality is that from the dawn of time, the rule was that the land belonged to whomever could take it and hold it by force. This was true in Asia, Europe and yes, even North America. The Native Americans made war on each other constantly and with brutality that Europeans couldn’t even dream about. The Aztecs used to ritually slaughter thousands of prisoners in a single day. One of the reasons they lost battles to a smaller band of Spanish troops was their propensity for trying to stun their enemy so he could be captured, bound and then prepared for ritual slaughter.

    This Obama is just a laughingstock. When will he realize that the public just doesn’t care what he says anymore, as we’ve figured out that he’s a sonorous, arrogant bore.

  • shhh…the emperor has no clothes!

  • gus

    Darwin, you are correct. I had the same thought. People wonder how Obama’s speeches could be so clueless. Well, he’s hired Marxist Red Diaper babies to work for him.
    There is no diversity of thought or education. He has sycophants writing from their moronic deluded world view.
    It’s Ivy League liberal group think.

  • WSG

    If it doesn’t make sense to you, the message wasn’t aimed at you.

    The game isn’t history, Mr. Spock, it’s politics.

  • olm

    Wading Across, because his point is once again that America has become something less than it once was.
    He is an ignorant boob to whom facts are immaterial.
    Is he lying when he says he’s a black man? No because race is arbitrary. Maybe it wasn’t once but it sure as hell is now. Obama says and does whatever advances his point or agenda or his day. He could care less about anything but himself.
    Speaking of race. Our school district is requiring that everyone declare a race. WTF? Way back when Obama was saying everyone was peacefully sharing land an english ancestor was captured by the native Americans and spirited off to the French in Quebec where he started a family with a native. So am I white or Native American?
    What absolute BS times we live in.

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  • Big Mo

    More and more Obama reminds me of Wile E. Coyote, Suuuper Genius. Just like the hapless Warner Bros. coyote, Obama keeps defeating himself. All of his products, including TOTUS and speaches, seem to be coming straight from good ol’ Acme.

    And we all know how well that crap turned out for Wile E!

  • AuntieMadder

    Wading Across
    September 21st, 2010 | 12:41 pm | #46

    Technically, you’re both wrong.

  • There is one thing BO does not know anything about and that is America. There is one thing that BO knows everything about and that is lying and rewriting history. He’s laughable, sure, but people actually believe this drivel because they aren’t taught actual history in school anymore. Geez, these are people who think that “Hispanic” has nothing to do with “Spain.” D’oh.

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  • davidr

    0bama, you’re welcome to your own opinions. However, you’re not welcome to your own facts.

  • Joanne

    One idiot to proofread another idiot’s writings equals the writings of two idiots’.

  • eaglewingz08

    We didn’t ‘share the same land’. There were vicious wars that were fought by and between the Europeans and the natives. French governments in the New World, didn’t ‘share’ their power and governments with the non-French, nor did the British or Dutch do otherwise. Indeed, even the American Indians fought internecine wars with each other when they weren’t ‘sharing the same land’. Geesh.

  • CreakieFrito

    Prufe reading’s Hardd !

  • wanumba

    1) He’s telling Mexicans he’s supporting amnesty for illegals.

    2) “this land of plenty was home to many peoples. The British and French, the Dutch and Spanish, to Mexicans, to countless Indian tribes. ”

    It’s too bad and messed to be stupid, it’s a cynical lie to confuse, twist, promote “Americans” as some mysterious boat people who arrived after the “Brits and French and Dutch.”

    George Washington was born a British citizen and an officer in the British army before he became General of the Continental (American) Army.

    Alinsky dedicated his book to Lucifer, Satan is the “father of lies.” Tolstoy would describe this Progressive Left massing of movement and lying as the “antiChrist.”

    Prayer and lots of it are required. Need the “big guns” to wage this battle, human endeavor and effort alone is not enough.

  • Barb

    Spaniards + Indians = Mexicans.

    He needs to really study American History!

  • OCBill

    Moreover, most of those Mexicans could speak TWO languages: Mexican AND Austrian.

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  • Robert

    What this really is, is just another way to minimize the importance of, and therefore downgrade, the colonization and founding of America. Obama yet again pushes historical relativism to the detriment of the founding principles.

    We can see a pattern here, as this follows on the mal-quoting of the signature sentence of the Declaration of Independence.

  • lyle

    wanumba #62

    1) He’s telling Mexicans he’s supporting amnesty for illegals.


    That was my take, too. He buried the reference in a sentence that includes other nationalities and groups, but it’s the anti-colonialist left-wing La Raza version of history that he was endorsing.

    They were here first, they insist. And they don’t mean Native Americans, they mean Hispanics. They just start the Clock of History in 1500 AD instead of 1600 AD.

    But you don’t get to start the clock when it’s politically convenient. Every place on earth has been colonized and re-colonized by waves of immigrants and invaders. But contrary to the La Raza/Obama worldview, the idea that became the United States isn’t simply a matter of land. It has a philosophical and cultural origin that needs to be understood and respected – most of all by the President of the United States.

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  • Elliot Smith

    You people are insane. Try fact checking this website.

  • lyle

    Elliot #69,

    Was the quote wrong?

  • coastal

    He looks high.

  • Radegunda

    #69, you overwhelm us with your genius.

    If the facts are wrong, you’ll have to take that up with Obozo. He’s clearly trying, in his ill-educated way, to set up a case for open borders. He thinks the “bronze people” really own the continent. And he wants more illegal aliens to vote for leftists to keep picking the pockets of the legal citizens.

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