Bummer. Brutus the Buckeye Gets A$$ Whooped Before 100,000 Fans By Opposing Mascot (Video)

Bummer. Poor Brutus the Buckeye didn’t see this coming. The Ohio State mascot got his a$$ whooped good before the game on Saturday. The OU Bobcat took poor Brutus down twice as he ran onto the field before 100,000 fans.

How sad. Being a Hawkeye fan myself I am left speechless, just speechless by this appalling display of sportsmanship. (Not really.)

Rufus the Bobcat later admitted to planning the attack on Brutus.
The AP reported:

The man behind the Ohio University Bobcat who wrestled Ohio State’s Brutus to the ground says he tried out for the mascot job with the goal of tackling the Buckeye.

Mascot tussle before Saturday’s football game at Ohio Stadium led to an apology from Ohio University and the banning of Brandon Hanning from further affiliation with the school’s athletics department.

The 19-year-old Hanning says it was his “whole plan to tackle Brutus” when he tried out to be the Rufus Bobcat mascot. The Post of Athens was the first to report Hanning’s intentions.

Hanning was a student at Ohio last year and now attends nearby Hocking College.

Ohio State won the game 43-7.

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  • Whew. Good thing his plans didn’t extend to worse violence. I hope the other mascot did not sustain any injuries. Not everybody knows how to fall, and tackling somebody can lead to broken wrists or worse. Assault is not funny.

  • listingstarboard

    The Oregon Duck got suspended from a game for less than that a few years ago.

  • cynthia

    Jim, thanks for posting this video. I laughed until I cried!

  • jomojava the infidel

    Probably the best tackle of the day by a Bobcat.

  • Get ready Brutus…..Bucky Badger’s coming to town to put a real “whoopin”on ya….And your football team for that matter…….

  • Deanna

    Ohio State won the game 43-7.

    And whose “a$$” got “whooped?”

  • Freddy

    DeannaNo Gravatar
    September 21st, 2010 | 8:17 am | #6

    That game was NOT as close as the score.

  • OCBill

    And this is why I prefer college sports to pro sports.

  • Dave

    Too bad the Ohio Bobcat football team didn’t tackle as well as the mascot..LOL

  • burt

    Ohio State picking on small schools in the midwest. Whose next on their schedule? Saint Mary’s Girl’s School? I guess Norte Dame’s lack of sportsmanship has rubbed off.
    Make the win/lost column look good.

  • bartdp

    As a life long Buckeye and supporter I found it hilarious!

  • Deanna

    September 21st, 2010 | 8:47 am | #10
    “Ohio State picking on small schools in the midwest. Whose next on their schedule? Saint Mary’s Girl’s School? I guess Norte Dame’s lack of sportsmanship has rubbed off.
    Make the win/lost column look good.”

    Not a college fan are you. All the large universities play at least two of these games against smaller colleges each year. Yes, the smaller school knows it will most likely lose but it does it for the other big perks.
    First it gives their players national exposure they wouldn’t get.
    Second it pays big. These small schools can get any where from $300,000 to a $1 million to play these games because of the huge ticket sales they could never get at home. Ohio State can net over $3 million from a home game.
    And third, the FBS has to fill a 12 game schedule which is difficult to do from their conferences because of scheduling. Some of this may change for the Big Ten when they add Nebraska to their conference.

  • Oldpuppymax

    He tackled the MASCOT??!! WOW…my new HERO!! Funny he didn’t go after a Buckeye LINEBACKER!!!

  • Doug

    Ohio State is required by law to play two other smaller institutions in Ohio, so that those schools can share in the proceeds of the game. Knowing that, it makes it even more difficult to watch the bobcat behavior. Ohio State would probably prefer to play all their games in the big 10.

  • Andreas K.

    Sportsmanship is a lie.

    It has always and will always be about only one thing: winning

  • Mark S

    Brutus has always been “overrated” as a mascot… besides, Big-10 mascots and football teams are overrated. 🙂

  • Sorry, I am not amused. People bring kids to these games and this is very poor sportsmanship, as if they don’t see enough of that already. Would you be amused if your kid did this at a Little League game?
    I agree with your first poster, too, that this could have ended in injury.

  • big kahuna

    Look it was funny to watch but a classless act by a punk. He tackled Brutus or tried to and failed on his first attempt and then rode Brutus in the endzone until he fell on top of Rufus. Dufus is a better name for him. He stinks at tackling and is a classless jerk who just lost his position. Oh well he has a memory of being a jerk for life. His kids will be proud.

  • TimothyJ

    Isn’t premeditation of this unwarranted attack some sort of crime? It ought to be first degree assault if nothing else. But, I guess nothing happens to people like this. At least for now.

  • Judith

    Burt, before you open your pie hole, there is a rule in Ohio collegiate sports that Ohio State plays MAC teams EVERY YEAR. The teams always lose but it is good for the MAC and good for OSU, but for different reasons. Know what you are talking about before expounding. Go Bucks!

  • JaneLovesJesus

    looks like a classless punk to me.

    And yes, it’s a little disturbing that any fellow conservatives would laugh at someone getting knocked down & humiliated for laughs.

  • neomom

    That’s entertainment!