Last Tuesday August 17, 2010, Rep. Russ Carnahan’s office was reportedly vandalized and “firebombed” at 2 AM in the morning. Hours later police arrested a suspect for the crime and held him for several hours.

Of course, when the “firebombing” was reported local leftists blamed the tea party activists.

Then things got really weird. The police released the suspect and the Carnahan camp went silent. Carnahan employees were seen dumping documents into a dumpster but refused to to talk to reporters. There was a complete blackout on information.

Photo of Carnahan’s office after the firebombing. (Via the Carnahan Office)

Now we know why.

The suspect was reportedly a disgruntled progressive activist employed by Russ Carnahan. An unnamed source familiar with the case released the information. Suspect Chris Powers reportedly was upset because he did not get paid so he firebombed the Carnahan finance offices at 2 in the morning.
What a complete shock.

Dem operative and firebomber Chris Powers is the sweaty one pictured here on right during a rally for nationalized health care. Powers is was a paid canvasser for Russ Carnahan.

Powers is a man on the edge, who has suffered a lot of personal trauma in the recent past. Powers, a radical leftist, is accused of a pretty serious crime in what could only be considered a desperate cry for help.

The Carnahan campaign and their supporters have either ignored the incident rather than recognize the serious nature of a federal crime, instead allow the incident to be reported and used as an example of right wing domestic terrorism.

Those who accused the St Louis Tea Party of such horrible actions should be ashamed, but more important, they should be called on the carpet for their behavior. They need to apologize!

Newspapers attempted to tie the firebombing to last fall’s attacks by healthcare bill supporters and SEIU activists on Kenneth Gladney. They need to think hard before linking a clearly non-violent movement with the sad actions of broken man.

Chris Powers was in the local news when Barack Obama came to town in March to push his unpopular nationalized health care plan. He spoke with the local public radio channel and led an astroturfed protest outside of the Obama-McCaskill fundraiser.

Chris Powers is also a TPM blogger under the name Ripper McCord.

He has been active in the progressive movement for years.

UPDATE: Carnahan admitted the firebomber was a staffer today in a statement.




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  1. Well, at least we know Russ didn’t firebomb his own office.

  2. Here is the Chris Powers Defense: One day, while taking a nap, I accidentially listened to the Rush Limbaugh show for an hour or so, and the subliminal “code words” buried in that broadcast turned me into a Wingnut Zombie who was forced to obey my Master’s Orders.

  3. Everyday I say a silent thanks that Al Gore invented the internet, because I never would have gotten this information from the MSM.

  4. I hope he gets help, prayers go out to him.

  5. The left rushed to judge the incident and blame it on the right, the leftist media rushed to print/broadcast and blame it on the right, the criminal is let go quietly with hope that no one uncovers all the spin, the story disappears from the media with no further questions about who the arrested person was or why he was released. Good luck finding the information about his true identity or motivations anywhere but here–if the St. Louis media, let alone the national media, reports on this turn of events, I will be surprised.

  6. Color me shocked!

    It will be interesting to see if Carnahan presses charges…let’s follow this incident as we have done for Gladney. Let’s see if Bob McCullough (prosecuting atty) gets his hands messy in this one. Perhaps we should demand justice for Carnahan!! That would get some national attention, right? The Tea Partiers demanding justice for a sitting Democratic representative? This would truly show we are non partisan.

  7. Nothing to see here TEABAGGERS, move along, don’t you have a KLAN rally to attend.

  8. Someone needs to find the new journolist.

  9. gus, gussie – have you not read your history books? Or even asked yo’ mama? The KLAN is 100% Democrat and always was! Vaunted senator Robert Bryd was a Grand Kleagle – or maybe it is beagle or bugle or some such. At any rate he had embroidery on his hood for decades. I’m surprised they didn’t march at his burial.

  10. Will he get any of that OsamieCare in the jailhouse? He looks mighty pleased about it in the photograph.

  11. Hey Granny! They did march at his funeral, only they did it undercover in their civilian clothes.

  12. Gus sounds like he could write Frank Rich’s, Maureen Dowd’s, Elenor Clift’s or Paul Krugman’s columns because that is depth of their analysis as well. Mr. Powers sounds like a typical liberal to me, except he had the fortitute to act.

  13. As Mark Twain once said, “History doesn’t repeat itself, but it surely does rhyme…”

    “On August 9, 1932, the government decreed the death penalty for those convicted of ‘political’ murder. The next night a band of Nazis invaded the home of a Communist worker in the Silesian village of Potempa and stomped him to death, kicking his larynx to pieces. When the killer s were arrested, tried, and sentenced in accordance with the new law, Hitler responded with threats and demonstrations. On Sept. 2, the government gave its answer: the death sentences were commuted to life imprisonment. The killers were freed by Hitler next year.”

    “The civilized men in the country did not know what to do. In the words of one historian, the moderates voiced desperate “appeals to reason… [But] their techniques were distinctly out of tune with the wild emotionalism that seemed to have gripped a large part of the nation” The civility cherished by the civilized men had finally been defeated by their ideas, although they did not know that this was the cause.”

    “After years of preaching contradictions and of evading principles with an anti-ideological shrug, these men were astonished to see the nation conclude that man cannot live by principles, that reason is no guide to action, and that anything goes. After years of institutionalizing interest-group warfare, which they had justified as sacrifice or collective service, these men were astonished to see hostile gangs take to the streets and demand one another’s sacrifice. After years of undercutting the mind by preaching the primacy of gentle feeling (whether ‘progressive’, religious, or skeptical), these men were astonished to find that they had nothing more to say, and that there was no one left to listen. The moderates were helpless. The authorities were helpless. The killers were taking over.”

    “On January 30, 1933, after due attention to every requirement of German law and of the Weimar Constitution, Nazi rule was made official… It took six months for the Chancellor to transform the country into a totalitarian state.”

    Leonard Peikoff – The Ominous Parallels

    Get ready for what’s coming, folks. The canary died in the mineshaft a long time ago.

  14. Or did he firebomb the office–very POORLY, with frankly VERY little effect–in order to get the MSM to do precisely what it did…throw blame on the RIGHT!! Can’t put this past democrats, especially not in an election year which is shaping up to be an unmitigated disaster!!

  15. Get ready for what’s coming, folks. The canary died in the mineshaft a long time ago.


    ….The canary done became ‘rat food a long time ago.

    There, that’s better.

  16. Proofread. Seriously. Other than that, good information.

  17. I hope he gets help, too. I’m thinkin’ maybe three to five years living in the same, small room with a hairy, 300-lb. creature that answers to the name of Tiny oughta help…if nothing else, at least Carnahan’s office will be safe in the meantime.

  18. OldpuppymaxNo Gravatar
    August 25th, 2010 | 9:56 am | #14

    Or did he firebomb the office–very POORLY, with frankly VERY little effect–in order to get the MSM to do precisely what it did…throw blame on the RIGHT!! Can’t put this past democrats, especially not in an election year which is shaping up to be an unmitigated disaster!!

    Yeah, I’m not exactly ready to say Carnahan had nothing to do with this and it was just some disgruntled employee who didn’t get paid. That sounds way WAY to convenient to me.

    I’m also wondering why nobody bothered to go through the trash the reporters clearly saw being thrown away. After all, once it is in the dumpster it is fair game.

  19. Living in a city with more left loonies than most, the striking thing about this is that these people have such views of superiority and utopia but they are unhappy, mixed up, loons.
    Too bad this is not reported accurately because it is telling.

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