The latest target of Obama’s EPA is the Missouri timber industry. New government rules will devastate the $1.69 billion industry.
Missouri News Horizon reported:

Missouri timber producers and farmers, stung by the downturn in the housing industry, thought they could see light at the end of the tunnel with new advances in technology, and an emphasis in renewable energy.

Now it turns out that light might be a train.

In its most recent ruling on green house gasses, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has reclassified wood used in energy generation, or woody biomass as it is referred to, the same as it classifies coal. According to the Rule, EPA will count biomass carbon dioxide emissions the same as fossil fuel emissions in permitting programs under the Clean Air Act.

Originally, EPA’s proposed tailoring rule recommended that CO2 emissions from the combustion of biomass should not be counted.

“(The EPA) changed the rule at the last minute,” said Steve Jarvis, executive director of the Missouri Forest Products Association. “All throughout the hearing and rule-making process, there was not even a word about regulating green house gas emissions from anything other than those produced from fossil fuel production.”

“This would be devastating to the Missouri timber industry,” Jarvis said.

In 2007, the forest industry contributesd $1.69 billion dollars to the state’s economy, according to the Missouri Department of Economic Development…

…Currently woody biomass, generally sawdust and the residue of scrub timber, is used predominantly by sawmill operators to heat kilns where timber that is harvested for commercial wood products is dried.

“The forest products industry across the country produces between two-thirds and three-fourths of its own energy,” Jarvis said. “We’re nearly energy self-sufficient, and yet these rules would force us to stop using wood by-products for energy.”

Jarvis said if the EPA rules go into effect, saw mills would be forced to change their fuel for the kilns, generally converting to natural gas or electric. He said the conversion would be too costly for many operators and cause them to go out of business.



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  1. Big shock… These EPA idiots need some ass kicking. The EPA needs to be cut in half and have some common sense kicked into it. Defund these pathetic morons. I also say start charging everyone in the epa 50% more on income taxes for all the regulations they are forcing on businesses that then cost us consumers more money. Lets see how they like those idiotic rules when applied to them.

    Defund these big oppressive red tape factories.

    They should also hit all the liberals with stupid legislation and fees just to see how they like it.

    Common sense in this country is lost. Well on the left it has anyway

  2. A GOP congress should defund the EPA. Refuse to allocate one cent to the EPA.

  3. all citizens with wood burning stoves are going to feel the tx. any household with a cord of chooped wood outside will be taxed. all those people that want to live “off grid” will be taxed.

    big Brother is alive and well. We must chain the beast and place it back in the celler where it belongs. Amendment to get rid of the commerce clause.

  4. “He said the conversion would be too costly for many operators and cause them to go out of business.”

    Once again, Obummer or his EPA/administration is all about destroying economies.

  5. Obama’s EPA:
    CO2 is poison,
    wood is coal, and
    MILK is oil:
    “But the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is classifying milk as oil because it contains a percentage of animal fat, which is a non-petroleum oil.”

  6. It’s going to come down to the EPA or the humans…..humans with lots of guns and ammo.
    The politicians will never defund the EPA, I don’t care who wins the elections.
    It’s going to have to be the people, the people with lots of guns and ammo.

    I love guns and ammo.

  7. Coal, cattle, water, timber, what’s our freak show Kenyan president want to do, shut down all our natural resources and starve our country?

    hmmm, sorry for the redundancy.

    The Kenyan part, he just wants America to be as dumb as Kenyans, so that’s where the kill the old health care death panels come in. Just like the Nazis did.

  8. It’s beginning to like 1776 all over again….

  9. Can there be any doubt that our own government has turned against us? This is not what we voted for nor expect from a government for, of, and by the people.

    Washington has become too large and intrusive. These abuses of power are becoming the new normal and must be stopped if we are to retain our God-given freedom and rights.

    We can begin by eliminating the EPA. This idea may have sounded radical just a few years ago, but ask yourself if this absurd ruling isn’t even more radical. It’s emblematic of a government agency that is clearly out of control. Unfortunately, it’s not the only one.

  10. ALL natural resources belong to the state you silly capitalists…….Including your labor.

    OK, let me explain how this works for you capitalist pigs. First we’ll nudge you away from using the people’s natural resources by taxing them to no end. Eventually we will tire of this charade and then just allocate the peoples natural resources (including the peasant’s labor) to those who are more deserving, you know, like party officials.

  11. Classify the EPA as a bio gas and defund it.

  12. Makes me wonder what this will do to home owners. At least 40% or more of Oregonians heat their homes with wood stoves of some sort.

  13. Mark my words, this is political retribution for the good people of Missouri voting against Obamacare. Same as DoD stripping funding fit JFTCOM in retaliation against the AG’s lawsuit.

    This regime is in open warfare against the states and the people.

  14. What exactly is to be done with the left over scraps that are now being burned? These wood scraps will decompose and produce the exact same amount of carbon dioxide.

    This will mean that the new electric/gas drying techniques will actually INCREASE the amount of carbon dioxide released by the overall process.

    I would suggest that someone explain to the EPA that the number one source of carbon emissions in the world are DECAYING TREES, but this is actually another useless idiotic EPA rule DESIGNED to destroy an industry under the LIE of helping the environment.

  15. Was’nt Missouri the state that voted 71% not to have the insurance mandate for Obamacare?
    Coincidence? You decide for yourself.

  16. I will give the ‘rats this, they have provided a very good inverted blueprint for saving America.

  17. Priorities priorities… save the economy, or pretend to save the Earth. We know what side the Dems always fall on.

    Why leave your hands off of something like Missouri’s timber industry when you can start meddling with it and harm the economy even more, right Dems?

    Hope and Change

  18. The blatent dismantleing of our economic structure one regulation at a time. Its time to pull the plug on this experiment and clean house. November wont even save us.

  19. The Admiral (#14) and martha (#16) are right. Chicago rules: you bring a knife, we bring a gun.

    There is already a low-key revolt going on in the country, and the administration is using the EPA against the states the way some earlier used the IRS against individuals.

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