Obama's Counter Terror Czar Storms Out of Washington Times Office When Confronted On His Radical Positions (Video)

In February Barack Obama’s radical counter terror czar John Brennan said that 20% recidivism rate for Gitmo detainees was not that bad. In May adviser John Brennan called Jerusalem “Al Quds.” He also said that “jihad was a legitimate tenet of Islam.”

When confronted about his controversial positions at a meeting in June, John Brennan stormed out of the office.
The Washington Times and Yid With Lid reported:

Mr. Brennan had visited the Washington Times Editorial Board on June 24 as a result of a June 11 Washington Times editorial he objected to. It did not take long for the White House counter-terrorism adviser to lose his temper with our editorial board’s questions regarding what he previously said about individuals who become terrorists.

Mr. Brennan cut the meeting short and stormed out of our offices thereafter following a question posed by senior editorial writer Jim Robbins (transcript and video below). Referring to a quote Mr. Brennan said in May, calling jihad a “legitimate tenet of Islam,” Mr. Robbins looked to discuss the concept of jihad further with the Obama administration adviser.

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  • Stanley

    He said, he has to go. Shouldn’t he have grabbed his seeing eye dog?

  • http://gateway pamlinson

    Sunlight is the best disinfectant, and our Dear Leader’s government is full of pus and boils.

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  • http://www.scottbrooksforhouse.com Scott Brooks

    Maybe Mr. Brennan will recognize jihad when his own head is sawed off with a scimitar to shouts of “Alahu Akbar”.
    Of course, we do not wish anything of the sort. But we wonder what it will take to allow liberals to see.

  • http://amusingbunni.blogspot.com Bunni

    Typical weasel, when confronted, they don’t even bother to lie anymore….they just run away like the cockroaches they are when the light of truth turned on!

    What a bunch of scum this POS POTUS has assembled to ruin America.

  • aro5o75

    Just another Obowma putz.

  • Ladue Pundit

    Brennan is married to a Muslim woman. In Islam, women are forbidden to marry non-Muslims.

    So which it: is he sleeping with the enemy OR is he the enemy?

    My drachmas are bet on “both.”

  • JJuuk

    Iman Obama has called a Jihad on America.


    Ladue, how did you figure that out? I looked on Wiki and his personal was scrubbed clean. Very odd. I finally found a little info that he is married to Kathy Pudkuca(?) w/ no mention of her nationality.

  • Granny

    Remember those FEMA Camps everyone was in a roar about some months back? Wellll, maybe they weren’t quite so off the wall. Better take a gander at this –


    That’s right – the title is Obama’s US Assassination Program!

  • gus

    Brennan is married to a Muslim woman.


  • GGMac

    Another one with a Muslim wife is Grover Norquist. He and his wife were close advisors to George W. Bush, who was haplessly naive re: Islam, and it was because of their “tutelage” post 9/11 that GW got hooked on the fairy tale of Islam being a “religion of peace”. Norquist’s wife was the influence and push to have Muslim religious events observed within the White House and other government departments, such as State.

  • http://reaganiterepublicanresistance.blogspot.com Reaganite Republican

    This one’s a real piece of work

    He doesn’t seem very bright, and is very unsettling to watch… is he a Crystal Methodist or something?

  • BurmaShave

    From one point of view, the interviewer was setting up a “gotcha question” in an area where John Brennan was over his head. Apparently he did not like it.

    It seems to me that Sarah Palin was a [much] better sport about this sort of cr@p than John Brennan. Ya think? Will John Brennan get a pass from the Liberal Media about this? Well, Let’s see. This all happened more than two months ago… Yeah, I would say he got a pass. What a surprise. Would Sarah Palin get reamed for doing what John Brennan did? You betcha!

  • StrngernFiction


    Thanks for the link.

    Given what I know about them, I take the minority view that the zero admin/regime are more likely capable of mass murder and/or mass imprisonment than not.

  • WSG

    I may be wrong, but the question sure seemed like an amateur ambush to me. Maybe if the interviewer had thrown fewer facts at Brennan, he could have put Brennan in the expert chair and got him to reveal more. He just sounded like he was going to mock him (which would have been fun to see, but the interviewer obviously didn’t feed the czar’s ego enough).

  • Chippy

    Brennan comes across to me as a very angry man. A very strange administration. Is this whole administration on vacation? Who is watching the store?

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    GGMAC, you are 100% correct about Norquist and is you do some research, there is another guy a don’t trust one bit. I don’t feel very safe with Brennan as a counter-terrorism advisor.
    Not one bit. One does the media bend over like this with this admin. It is very very scary.

  • bg


    that man is insufferable..

    he acted like so many others who have been
    caught with their head up their ass denial..

    just a sample:

    Taliban Spokesman ‘Paints’ a Troubling Picture of U.S. Islamists 4/28/09

    [But there is an even more troubling aspect to this scenario here at home. Where is the outrage and urgency among so-called “mainstream Muslim organizations” and Muslim “thought leaders” against the developments with the Taliban and hardening Islamism in Pakistan? CNN has an easy time finding CAIR and MPAC spokespersons to voice complaints of domestic victimization, but forgets to ask them about their opinions on the extreme Shari’a law being advanced by the resurgent Taliban. It forgets to ask them about the radicalization of individuals like Muslim Khan and what they represent — advocacy of the ideology of Islamism that seeks a theological mandate globally — a clear and present danger to the United States.]

    It’s not over until it’s over 8/13/09

    [According to John Brennan, head of the White House’s homeland security office, the war on terrorism is over. From now on, the administration will never use terms like “jihadists” and “global war” because doing so, as Mr. Brennan said, “risks giving these murderers the religious legitimacy they desperately seek but in no way deserve.” He insisted that the U.S. is at “war with al Qaeda” (“U.S. no longer at war with ‘terrorism’ ,” Page 1, Friday).

    Could we be more blind? Acts of terror are rooted in the aspirations
    of Islamists to create an Islamic state and impose their version of Shariah law.]

    Terror czar deserves honorary membership
    in the Muslim Brotherhood 2/18/10

    [“How can we possibly confront Islamist radicalization if the President’s principal advisor on counterterrorism cannot appropriately identify political Islam as the problem?” said Jasser. “Al Qaida is merely one of many tools of militant political Islam. It is the ideology that they adhere
    to that we must be at war with and counter frontally in the public sector, because it is at war with us.

    As we have seen over the past year, the common thread of theo-political Islam is what drives militants around the world. Mr. Brennan and the President must provide leadership in articulating the real threat and addressing the root cause of Islamist terror. The Muslim Brotherhood
    and Islamists can speak for themselves.”]

    more here & here..