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(Source: US Misery Index)

And, it only took him 18 months… Another record!
Barack Obama is the worst jobs president since the Great Depression and possibly is the worst jobs president in US History. The US unemployment rate has not fallen below 10.8 percent in the last 12 months. This is unprecedented.
Common Dreams reported:

As the nation contends with a long and sustained labor market recession, a new study from the Center for Economic and Policy Research demonstrates that the current unemployment rate is higher than the conventional measure shows.”An unemployment rate that has hovered above 9 percent for several months is striking, but the jobs picture is even worse than it looks,” said report author and CEPR Economist David Rosnick.

The study, “The Adult Recession: Age-Adjusted Unemployment at Post-War Highs,” adjusts the current unemployment rate to account for demographic differences and finds that the unemployment rate has not fallen below 10.8 percent in the last 12 months. During the worst episode of the recession of the 1980s — the second half of 1982 and the first half of 1983 — unemployment passed 10 percent for 7 months.

Don’t expect to see this on the nightly news.

Today Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner announced that the U.S. unemployment rate could rise for two months before it drops.




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  1. We don’t need to get all specific when the deficit and debt are in $Trillions and rising rapidly. This is not good, percentage of whatever be damned.

    A federal government spending that amount of money is too big, too intrusive, too overbearing, just too much.

    We don’t need it, don’t want it, and we can’t afford it.
    Simple as that.

  2. LOL !

    Some Democrat named “MIKE” got on this fine blog to repeat the same vapid sophistry about Clintonia yet again.

    Bill and Hillary gave us one of the biggest tax increases in US History, that, coupled with many other embarrassments – like the Clintons giving MASSIVE FED LOAN GUARANTEES TO ENRON, ended up giving the USA a Recession in 2000.

    Nobel Award Winner Edward Prescott won the 2004 Nobel Economics Prize, and famously rebuked the Clinton Tax Increases of 1993 (one of the largest in US History), which he stated helped create the Clinton Recession of 2000.

    The Clinton Legacy would have been far much worse, if the American Public did not give the US House to Republicans after 40 years of Democratic Partisan control – because the Clintons were so radical, incompetent, corrupt, even trying to Nationalize US Health Care.

    So GW Bush takes Office after this folly, and even the terrible offering of the Clintons on National Security, making the USA terribly vulnerable by ignoring the rise of Islamic Terrorism even after it bombed the WTC in 1993 – with insanity like the “Gorelick Wall”. Thus we were completely an easy target for 9-11.

    So many disasters created, encouraged, enabled by the Clinton Malfeasance, including the appeasement of North Korea, Yassir Arafat, the Taliban, etc. Even the Clinton led nightmare in Mogadishu, Somalia empowered the likes of Bin Laden, which Billy the Slick Willy failed to take into US Custody on 2 separate occasions.

    It is only natural, after all the insanity provided by the Clinton Negligence, that the USA would be slow to many things. YET, with all of the sophistry, GW Bush led before and after 9-11 with great strength and decency, cutting taxation, and growing an economy which had history Low Unemployment levels nearly 4%, historic high Stock Market Records, healthy GDP growth, and even admirable inflation levels, etc.

    The reality of the Clinton Disaster, which would have been just as bad as Carter’s Malaise, or the Obama Trainwreck, was the fact that Republicans held so much in check during the 1990’s. They are the one’s who stopped the Clinton calls for Deficit Spending on mindless levels.

    Mike seems to think, because Obama only has had ONE YEAR, that he will turn it around in time. The problem with this denial, is the stunning failure to study the basis. Mike fails to even reflect upon the actual substance of the offering, for example: comparing Clinton’s high taxation vs. the success of the Bush tax reduction.

    But then again, Democrats never seem to study basis, facts, reality. They are lost in the fashion of image, nothing more.

  3. Democrats: “Because You never want to waste an opportunity to create a good crisis”

  4. Brooklyn you really need to think about what you’re saying. “The success of the Bush Tax cuts” That must be the reason the guy had a 25% approval rating at the end of his Presidency. Bush and his policies were an absolute disaster and you know it. You just won’t admit to it because that would mean that you were wrong. It’s ok to admit that something doesn’t work. It doesn’t mean you’re a bad person. You should just come clean and say; You know you’re right the Bush era really wasn’t that good. Go ahead do it. I’ll bet you’ll feel a whole lot better. Don’t keep living in the fantasy world of the right. Hey, I think the President is doing a good job, but I wouldn’t defend everything he’s done. That would silly and immature.

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