Brigitte Gabriel on Obama's Faith: "I Cannot Speak to What God He Prays To" (Video)

Islamic expert Brigitte Gabriel, the President for American Congress for Truth, was on with Hannity tonight. When asked about Obama’s faith the popular human rights activist told Hannity…

“I cannot speak to what God he prays to in his private space. I cannot judge him for who he worships but all the signs show that he has a very soft spot for the Islamic world.”

A growing number of Americans believe Obama is Muslim.

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  • Elly

    And that right there is THE question. How about it Barry, who is it you pray to?

  • JKB

    He prays to the Obama.

  • Bell

    It has been historic living through the first Muslim president’s administration. Exhausting and depressing, but historic. And I’m broke.

  • http://none jainphx

    And all the squishy right of center Republicans are the most upset about the whole thing. I used to like Hugh Hewitt, but he lost me today by stating positively that he’s a Christian, and all that say he’s a Muslim is a nutter.

    He’s a lawyer that is supposed to use evidence, but somehow passes up all what Obama himself has said on the subject.

    Why do people on our side get their underwear in a bunch because they fear what the demoncraps will say or do?

  • OCBill

    Jeremiah Wright’s church seems to be a bad copy of the Black Muslim faith that just substitutes Christian symbolism for classic Muslim symbolism. So, is Obama a Muslim? If you consider Black Muslims to be real Muslims, then he probably is at least strongly sympathetic at heart (just like the lady said). It’s how he could be true to his upbringing and be part of a church that would further his political career than lining up with Malcolm X’s bunch.

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  • http://none jainphx

    Jeramiah Wright was a member of Lewis Farrakhan’s church for many years, and one of his best friends to this day. He accompanied Screwy Louie on a trip to Libya, and some people say so did Obama. Farther Flager is another of the unholy trio, speaks at both “churches” on many occasions.

  • Rock

    Really, spent his formative years in a Islamic and Socialist family circle, went to Harvard and taught Alinsky Rules for Radicals, and spent 20 years in Reverend Wrights American and white man hating Church, topped off with a stint of Chicago Style Politics. His religion takes back seat to his hatred of America. He as lost the good will of many in America, his campaigned worded to sound like a return to honest Government, and a end to specials interest, and pork, has been eroded by Pelosi and her vicious disregard of the Right and a concerted effort to undermine any who failed to fall in step. Draining the Swamp is a joke and all know it. A Justice Department so totally politically driven that it can only be seen as a arm of the White House. Christian or Islamic, the reality is still the same empty and meaningless promises. As for share the Wealth another misleading falsehood. I live 25 Miles to the nearest town of any size, I get there maybe 3, 4 times a month, and he has had how many vacations in the last 5 weeks? He or his handlers have betrayed the hope he eluded to.

  • David/California

    Consider the following:

    1.) Obama was born to a Muslim father, which makes him a Muslim under any interpretation of the Koran. The question should be: ‘Is he a practicing Muslim?’ Despite his registration as a Muslim while an adolescent in school I doubt he prays to Mecca 5-times a day.

    2.) For 20 years Obama practiced Black Liberation Theology. The Vatican has ruled the Marxist-based Liberation Theology, with or without the added black victimology, to be a heresy. Is Obama a Christian heretic? I think his willingness to abandon the ‘Church of Wright’ for political expedience suggests his membership was an equally calculated decision, having little to do with any faith including the heretical.

    3.) Recall that Obama’s first foray into politics was as a candidate of the Illinois Socialist Party, although he was permitted to be listed as ‘Democrat’ on the ballot.

    4.) All of his important adolescent role models were Marxists, including his mother, which would suggest he was raised as an atheist.

    I would submit the most likely conclusion is Obama is an atheistic non-practicing Muslim Marxist.

  • newton

    “I would submit the most likely conclusion is Obama is an atheistic non-practicing Muslim Marxist.”

    A man who worships himself. Which is ultimately the bottom line of every Marxist out there.

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  • Granny

    Politico has jumped right up to do Pelosi’s bidding and investigate the money behind the anti-mosque movement –

  • Lenore

    More people believe he is a muslim or don’t know his faith because he lies constantly. As for me I have no idea what he is, I only know he is destroying America.

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  • lyle

    The Pew Poll asks, “What is Obama’s religion?’

    It’s possible that some respondents know that he claims to be a Christian — they just don’t believe him.

    He expresses automatic empathy for Muslims. His first public response to the 9/11 attacks was to warn Americans against lashing out at Muslims. In other words, he embraced imaginary, theoretical Muslim victims in preference to real Americans mass-murdered by real Muslims.

    Nine years later, his instinctive empathy lies with triumphalist Muslims who would build a monument to themselves on the mass-murder site, and he dismisses grieving American families as bigots.

    In both instances, and many times in between, he has signaled where his real loyalties and sympathies lie. He claims to be a Christian, but real Christians remember, ‘By their actions shall you know them.’

  • Militant Conservative

    Don’t care really. all you have to know is he is poison to America and just plain evil. Half black half white, he’s a skunk. powder is dry.

  • Gini

    Now why should anyone doubt Obamas faith? He does not celebrate Christmas or Easter, does not attend a church, cancelled National Day of Prayer, and observed beginning of Ramadan. That’s enough for me.

  • neomom

    Somewhere in the white house is a secret room. In that room is a statue of Obama standing on top of a globe where the narcissistic sociopath smokes a hash pipe, drinks rum and prays to himself. This is the only rational explanation for his decision making.

  • Hester

    With all of the problems this country must contend with and you waste time on this nonsense?

    And Bridgette Gabriel is not an Islamic EXPERT.