Unearthed: King Samir Shabazz Rap CD… "I'm a Terrorist Trained By Bin Laden"

Who knew?
The New Black Panthers are not only racist street thugs who carry batons to polling stations and threaten to kill crakka babies, they’re also rap artists!

Verum Serum dug this hit rap CD from the music vault of the New Black Panther Party, here is Philly NBPP leader King Samir Shabazz and his group Coup Da’Ta with ”Damn Rebels.” It’s just as disgusting and obscene as you would expect.

Click on Photo for the NBP rap–
(Not suitable for work)

Here are a few of the lyrics:

I’m a warrior trained by Khallid Muhammad
I’m a terrorist trained by Osama Bin Laden
Demolitionist, breaking down the walls of the rotten
Never hit and miss
First time, take out your target…

Hittin back, bust a cops’ a$$ son with a bat
And after that split a jackhammer to his rackin’ back
And look ‘em in his eye, tell us what he did for that

I will snatch you, break you down, kick you and bat you
I had to
Break your molecules and regraft you

Don’t expect the state-run media to touch this discovery with a ten foot pole.

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  • Palinfan

    ‘Don’t expect the media to touch this discovery with a ten foot pole’

    Don’t expect the media to touch any discovery that makes Liberals or their pet causes look bad with a ten foot pole.

  • neomom

    I think the use of the word artists is a stretch.

  • Joe

    I can’t believe this filth has been resurrected. Its like a rerun of the 60’s. If anyone, Black or not, buys into this, they are losers in every way. The American people don’t want to get bogged down in racial disputes. That should all be behind us.

  • Palinfan

    Joe’s right. This return to everything sixties is like a backed up toilet. We’re seeing it all again. Time to call a Conservative plumber to flush this stuff away for good.

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  • Karen

    Sounds like a hit to me.

    It’s sad that these people waste their energies on such hateful nonsense when they could be doing something productive.

  • Rivka

    This reminds me of the Charles Manson cult. It’s only a matter of time before they start actually killing people. Sad.

  • Agent99

    JOE Wrong IMO! We need to know what these Mofers are up to. What their ‘thought process’ is. From the Lyrics it is Evil. (60’s Music was more like The Hollies, The Byrds, The Supremes, etc.) One of the 60’s bands had a Hit Song I still love. It’s From the Bible. ((For every season turn turn))… Very different from the filth those devil dudes write and spit out. ((I believe that they would kill a cop…as their Song implies)) Cut them no slack!

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  • Agent99

    Rivka is right.

  • ProLifer

    Marxist atheism — What do you expect?

  • Viv

    This should be emailed to every congressman, senator, newspaper, T V station, presenter, journalist and columnist.

  • FreakyBoy


    “This should be emailed to every congressman, senator, newspaper, T V station, presenter, journalist and columnist.”

    They’re all on vacation this month, so it didn’t happen.

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  • Feeney

    Rivka is right. When they start posing as revolutionaries, it’s only a matter of time before they start acting out. Put up or shut up, so to speak. Unless they’re really just rappers, which means they’re 100% posers, and they won’t do anything. In any event, it’s sad how some people live inside their minds, and waste so much of their lives.

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  • Agent99

    At VERUM SERUM (from Jim’s link) go there to see the PhotoBucket Album of King Shabaaz. Thanks. And yeah RIVKA is right. Those Lyrics are sedition, treason, overthrow of the US Gov’t, and about Murder. Verum Serum has the full song (if one can stand it) But I listened cuz I wanna know. This is a crazy world we live in now. And RIVKA, how ironic. Manson foresaw a Racial War and wanted to ‘get it over with’ so to speak. That was the Helter Skelter “mission” Could happen, but I have NO sympathy for Manson or his cult.

  • Charlie Gibson

    Illiteracy at its best. A mind is a terrible thing!

  • bg


    Black People Enslaved White People

    great links in info section below video & here..

    [warning: vulgar language here & there, oh wait..]


  • regularguy

    Relax, folks, this knucklehead isn’t even mentally competent enough to be trained by Osama Bin Laden, and that’s say something. Terrorists need brain-damaged lunatics with enough function to carry out attacks, and this jackass still wouldn’t fit the bill.

  • TJ

    Is this the same guy whose name recently appeared on the White House visitor’s log?

  • bg


    ok, there were hundreds of millions of people who were not around when slavery *existed in America, which actually owned about 5% of the total Muslim Black Slaves.. not to mention White Christian Slaves, also not to mention Black Slave Owners..

    [*disclaimer: slavery still exists today, and is condoned by the Koran,
    and obviously accepted & practiced in some aspects of other cultures,
    ie: Haitian]

    everyone of every race & creed should view (read/research) the
    information in the following video before it gets sucked up by O’s
    black hole machine..

    Truth of Slavery


  • Seansie

    Unearthed: Lyrics to Technotronic’s “Pump Up The Jam.” This song was the JANK and the primary inspiration for Shabazz’s (critically acclaimed, New York Times Best-Selling Pulitzer Prize-winning) rap cd. My friends, live by this proverb and you shall find peace, racial cowards:

    Pump up the jam
    Pump it up
    While your feet are stompin’
    And the jam is pumpin’
    Look at here, the crowd is jumpin’
    Pump it up a little more
    Get the party going on the dance floor
    See, cause that’s where the party’s at
    And you’ll find out when you do that
    Oh I- I don’t want a place to stay
    Get your booty on the floor tonight
    Make my day

  • Elly

    July 19th, 2010 | 9:05 am | #22

    Exactly. Really is very telling the company people (or presidents) keep.

    People – this needs to be front and center. Get it posted to your facebook account – email it out. Do the job the press won’t do.

  • Rob Crawford

    “This reminds me of the Charles Manson cult. It’s only a matter of time before they start actually killing people. Sad.”

    Look into the “Zebra Murders” that took place in San Francisco during the early ’70s.

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  • swampsniper

    Is this supposed to frighten us? He is underestimating the true American warriors at great risk to his own stupid hide.
    We aren’t afraid of you, Mr. Shabass!

  • Mark

    Move over Elvis. There is apparently a new “King”.

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  • bg


    Rob Crawford @ 10:32 am #26

    your post reminded me of:


    Holding her fingers in what became the Weatherman “fork salute,” she said of the bloody murders recently committed by the Manson Family in which the pregnant actress Sharon Tate and a Folgers Coffee heiress and several other inhabitants of a Benedict Canyon mansion were brutally stabbed to death: “Dig it! First they killed those pigs, then they ate dinner in the same room with them. They even shoved a fork into the victim’s stomach! Wild!” The “War Council” ended with a formal declaration of war against “AmeriKKKa,” always spelled with three K’s[.]

    which reminded me of:

    Broadway Baby was implicated in an investigation of a series of violent armed robberies in New York—netting more than $2 million over a two-year span—committed by former Black Panthers & Weather Underground members in the early ’80s.




    Black Panther Party




    more links @ links:

    and needless to say, i could go on..


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  • Rivka

    Agent99, yep this is similar to Manson’s movement except this one has our government watching their back. Very scary.

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  • bg


    TJ @ 9:05 am #22

    hmm, don’t rightly know (but i haven’t finished reading what’s linked below).. however, this guy visits all the time, & the WH is still in deep non-transparency about it, ergo either way, they’ll never tell..

    UPDATED Video: The New Black Panthers and the
    White House~IN Depth by JP (You WANT to read


  • Libby

    Panthers? HA! Paper tigers.

    All they’re doing is making President Satansanus and Holder look bad.

  • Oboingo

    Here are a few of the lyrics:

    I’m a warrior trained by Khallid Muhammad
    I’m a terrorist trained by Barack OBin Laden

    You see me do the crime, and I aint doing time.

    Bow to the Holder who bows to the Barack OBin Laden….

    Here is some of his crib notes on a rap-sheet draft found by the polling place where the New Black Punkers intimidated voters.

  • bg


    i want to know why Manson is still in jail.. i mean, he never literally killed anyone, neither have either of the racewar mongers like ie: Farrakhan or Shabazz, well at least not directly, not that we know of anyways..

    well at any rate, Libby @ 6:50 pm #36 mentioned Holder which made me think of the Dohrn Manson connection posted above and the connection to Holder..

    Nutty Leftist Eric Holder: Osama Bin Laden
    Has the Same Rights as Charles Manson ….