SHOCKING VIDEO- What the MSM Won't Show You From Shirley Sherrod's Hate Speech

Shirley Sherrod is no saint. Andrew Breitbart and Big Government released video earlier this week showing former Ag employee Shirley Sherrod admitting that she did not assist a poor farmer as much as she could have because of his “attitude” and race. You know the rest of the story. She said it was years ago, she said she learned from her experiences, she said blah-blah-blah… The democratic-media complex slammed Andrew Breitbart and FOX News for showing only a segment from her speech.

Earlier today an anonymous reader sent me this damning video revealing the buried racist remarks from the rest of Sherrod’s NAACP speech.
Of course, the state-run media does not want you to see this:

Shirley Sherrod and the state-run media owe Andrew Breitbart an apology.

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  • tom22ndstate

    Keep up the great work Jim. There is no way in hell we should allow this to stand as is and I shudder as everyone is ready to give this woman a pass.

  • http://Fordforecastssustained,profitablegrowth Kevin P

    I’m sorry – but the “And now a government official engaging in class warfare…” line made my LOL and spit my lunch out!

    ObowMao does that in his sleep for crying out loud!!!

  • mcnorman

    USDA knew about video the Thurs b4 story posted (Mon)-Sherrod emailed copy of video/transcript?: Smells funny…

  • StrngernFiction

    “It’s always about money yo.” This leach would certainly know.

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  • StrngernFiction

    What Ms. Sherrod doesn’t tell her audience here is that the path to the promise land is paved RED. Ask her daughter Russia.

  • http://Fordforecastssustained,profitablegrowth Kevin P

    I’m sorry – but from the first video shown – where it was cut off – I knew her personal story was of redemption. And in this new clip – I don’t see blatant racism. I see prejudice.

    Can we move on from the Sherrod Charade?

    Come on… I think there’s so much corruption here… and this is a CLASSIC example of why the government has no BUSINESS in our lives. Why does the USDA even exist??? Seriously – there would be no story if not for the USDA.

    Is there a double standard for racism? YES – of course.
    Is it news to any one???

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  • bigbrother0074

    I find it interesting that by the end when she’s talking about her “redemption” and moving on that the audience falls silent. Where did all the affirmations go?

  • pst314

    “Is there a double standard for racism? YES – of course. Is it news to any one??? Can we move on from the Sherrod Charade?”

    No, we cannot. We have to keep pointing this stuff out, we have to keep holding those radical to account for what they say. We cannot afford to stop until they stop. Anything else is surrender.

  • Bunni

    SS is a Race bating marxist liberal operative.
    This needs to be exposed and not be dropped.
    Obummer wants the media to move on, keep exposing this EVERY Day until the elections.

    Keep this on the front page, Jim. They are exposed now.

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  • ProLifer

    I’m bored.

  • donh

    The number of conservative people who want to go easy on Mrs. Sherrod and dump on Brietbart shows just how much power the left has at manipulating our behavior. Still to this day it is extremely difficult to get a unified condemnation of racial bigotry when the offender is a far left socialist. The fact Mrs Sherrod would preach to a crowd of black people that the loud opposition to Obama is based on his black skin color disqualifies her from public service. If she really believes this, anyone who files a complaint with her office is not going to get a fair shake. They will just be dismissed as a racist, or worse be forwarded to the IRS for an audit.

  • bg



    i wasn’t..

    ergo, my repetitive post/question:


    because i’m still waiting for someone, anyone, to tell me
    exactly how what she stated was taken out of context..

    or did we just take their word for it, like we were forced to on the bills THEY DIDN’T READ before they were passed that aren’t what they claimed, surprise not..

    btw: Can the federal government be sued?

    and this is interesting..


  • Katherine Kutchmark

    I wonder if these obama loving people ever consider that he is ALSO WHITE!!! Talk about ‘hate’ the black people do a BOG job on the Chinese people whom they also hate. They just won’t let it go………………Also when they talk about slavery, Thomas Sowell said there were many times more WHITE SLAVES than black ones and the black people also had BLACK slaves themselves in the south.

  • http://N/A Jim

    It seems like Ms. Sherrod likes to make sweeping statements about people with money in general and about “rich republicans” in particular. I wonder if she considers herself a person with money now that she has won 13 million dollar lawsuit against Mother Fed.

    Perhaps she only means white republicans with money.

    In addition, Ms. Sherrod seems to be making a pitch to her less enlightened (perhaps more racist) colleages in the NAACP. I feel like she might be trying to persuade them to put aside their differences in order to unite with poor whites against the powers that be. (i.e. Ms. Sherrod seems to be advocating Class Warfare)

    In my opinion, Ms. Sherrod seems to fit the profile of a garden variety, race baiting, Marxist, hustler with prediliction for filing frivolus lawsuits against her imaginary oppressors.

    Afterall, it’s all about the money ya’ll.

  • DocScience

    This is what deep seated psychological issues look like.

    Gonna be another generation, maybe more.

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  • DMartyr

    The problem with this case, as I see it, is that the NAACP (and those who support it) see no discrimination in judging all white people as a whole, while occasionally singling out individual whites as “one of us” because he’s poor or he’s a democrat or he’s illiterate, etc.

    Reverse this thinking – imagine a WHITE government official blanket condemning blacks (or any other minority) but publicly making exceptions for one individual because he’s rich or successful or highly educated…

    There’d be screams of racism and bigotry from every MSM news source, no matter how enlightened that white official claimed to be.

    The hypocrisy coming from the NAACP and supporters is unbelievable. Having a black president was supposed to put an end to all race discrimination in America. Unfortunately, the left has made it worse than I’ve ever see in my lifetime. Instead of racial equality, there now seems to be an attitude of ‘payback’.

    An even bigger hypocrisy is the NAACP’s association with black Islamists. Muslims were the worst of slave traders, and islamic societies still continue the practice of slavery to this day!

    These people don’t care about racism. They only care about the power they have as a result of racism, real or imagined.