Black Activist Zaki Baruti: "It's OK to Call Ken Gladney an Uncle Tom… Most People Would Agree" (Video)

Black activist Zaki Baruti, the president of the Universal African Peoples Organization, told Bill O’Reilly last night that it’s OK to call Kenneth Gladney an “Uncle Tom” and “negro” because he was selling anti-Obama trinkets on the street.

“I most definitely stand by the statement that was made regarding Kenneth Gladney and stand very strongly with Rev. Elston McCowan.”

The former civil rights group, the NAACP, is supporting the two SEIU members who beat, kicked and stomped on black vendor Kenneth Gladney and called him the n-word as they bashed him on the cement.

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  • Hateful people. Disgusting.

  • militant conservative

    So, you must always remain on th plantation as a victim black rather than be free to decide your own destiny. Yup, that sounds like institutional racisim to me. Get the black community all fired up. they are only 12% of the total population. Let them see who the REAL oppressor is. the DEMOCRATS. powder is dry.

  • Sickofobama

    Fact is if you are black and support Obama you aren’t an Uncle Tom.

    Fact is if you are black and want to stay on the plantation you aren’t an Uncle Tom.

    NAALCP is in business to make money and it doesn’t help the average black out there.


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  • DINORight

    This is what has been acceptable in the black community for over a century. However, since the militant, progressive race hustlers saw the money ticket (and bought into the Alinsky and Weather Underground missions) things have changed. Calling a black person names like “Uncle Tom” “oreo” and such have today been transformed into a type of reverse-race card used to belittle and suppress blacks who don’t agree with the leftist progressive Democrat agenda.

    The only good thing I see about this is that the left is showing its extreme side to the public square. However, this type of labeling has become so toxic and yet acceptable to most of the population (among whites as well) that trying to speak out against it brings on the stigma of going against the “average black” and being called raaaaaaaaaaacist.

    The media and the loudest and bigoted minorities are controlling the conversation, mostly due to our fears and silence. This must change.

  • Iconoclast

    It’s a pity Mr. Gladney or some other patriot near him was not properly dressed (e.g., exercising CCW rights) when this happened. Notice how these cowardly thugs never try these stunts in places where they are likely to find the tables turned ??

  • eaglewingz08

    Since most people in America are white, would this reasoning mean it’s ok for white people to denigrate blacks too?

  • eaglewingz08

    I was also wondering if the reason the NAACP refused to allow a live feed of its resolution debate was because it feared the language would show its racism towards whites (you know that same black panther cracka lingo)? Couldn’t have the NAACP’s racist stripes showing when it is condemning the non existent ‘racism’ of the tea partiers.

  • squeaky

    an organization that demands lock-step adherence ….. that always works out swell [not]. charges of racism is just a weapon that was found to be effective in the struggle for control of power. remember obama’s divirsity czar mark lloyd. and remember thomas sowell and his pondering as to whether this is about equality or revenge………

  • Palinfan

    Strange, I don’t agree with Gladney and I think I am ‘most people’. Also strange – I can’t find one single person who agrees either.

  • Palinfan

    Meant to say Baruti, not Gladney.

  • seven

    They hate Gladney because he has white friends.
    Zaki is offensive. Now if a white helps a black beat up a black that has white friends, that white is OK.
    SEIU is such a criminal enterprise.

  • thebronze

    I hope this idiot Baruti does more news programs, so people can see what an ignorant buffoon he is.

    He’s not down wiff Ken Gladney…

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  • Neo

    Eric Holder said that Americans are cowards to talk about race, and yesterday we saw that in full glory.

    But the real problem is that since we have gotten our first (real) black President and a bit before, it has become more and more obvious that there is a real problem in the black community with race relations. They still live in the 60’s, and the early 60’s at that. They have refused to see any improvement in race relations because it will interfere with their world view of self pity and victimhood. It really must be a miserable life.

  • NAACP supports SEIU thug beaters of Kenneth Gladney?

    Yeesh. You’d at least think they would have the good sense to stay out of it. But no…

  • Robert

    The civil rights movement has long been used as a cover to advance the liberal/progressive agenda. Since such gains were made, and now that some of those gains in the liberal/progressive issues, as opposed to the racial, are facing strong opposition, liberal/progressive advocates are once again falling back upon the very emotionally strong racial agenda to advance their own issues.

    But where black activists are concerned, they use the “race card” in a negative manner against members of their own race who might not support the liberal/progressive agenda. In this manner, it is in fact they who are impeding the progress of African-Americans. By not allowing members of their own race to engage in opposing political ideology, they are hindering the overall advancement of political philosophy, again by stopping the public debate of merits and consequences.

    Zaki Baruti is the “Uncle Tom” in this circumstance, the “House Negro” who is trying to prevent ideological freedom, by insisting that a certain race can have only one political ideology. That ideology has used and is still using the emotionalism of racial prejudice to advance its broader goals.

  • Repost

    The NAACP defines “racism” as having the power to impose your views. WHAT??? So for them it’s OK to be racist when you’re a minority because you don’t have the power to implement your racist ideology. Despicable.

    So today I’m pleased to announce the formation of the National Association for the Advancement of Polish People – NAAPP

    The Polish were a very small minority in the US when slavery was legal. The Poles did not arrive in the US in numbers until well AFTER slavery was ended through the Civil War. My ancestors arrived in the US about 1905 – so none of my ancestors held slaves.

    My ancestors were discriminated against openly when they arrived because #1 they were Catholic and # 2 they were Catholic. There were signs displayed in store windows throughout the nation“Polish need not apply”. Polish jokes abound -and you’ll never hear more or better ones than you’ll hear at our family reunions!

    Today, the AMERICANS of Polish descent have pretty much overcome the racism our ancestors encountered. This was done by proving we were AMERICANS – not Polish-Americans, and succeeding in SPITE of the barriers placed in front of us.

    However, I’m forming the NAAPP in the HOPE that I can instill RACISM against the Polish once again – so I can ensure myself a job as head of the NAAPP for the rest of my life. In order for this to happen I’ll have to achieve the following 5 goals:

    1) I’ll convince my fellow Americans of Polish descent to see themselves as Polish-Americans – not as Americans.
    2) Ensure that 25% of my fellow Polish-Americans are immediately unemployed. And convince them that they cannot succeed – because the racism against them is just too great.
    3) I’ll have to be sure that 50 – 60% of all Polish-Americans are born to single mothers.
    4) I’ll have to convince 25% of my fellow Polish-Americans that they need to become criminals and be thrown into prison .
    5) I’ll have to convince 40%-50% of them to turn to the govt. with their hands out so they can get just enough table scraps to keep them from starving while at the same time convince them that they’re ENTITLED to more.

    When these five goals are achieved – I can then point to these statistics as PROOF that my fellow Polish-Americans are being unfairly discriminated against!

    As a benefit – Polka music will be blasting from white teens stereos – forever more to be known as WOLLOCKS – White Pollocks

  • Bill Fabrizio

    To Zaki Baruti everything is as clear as “black and white”!

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  • Dennis

    You know, I wonder why all the uproar is about the “Uncle Tom” part of his comment?

    Shouldn’t there be uproar about the fact that this idiot thinks Ken getting kissed on the head by “a European” is a bad thing? That’s basically an admission he wants to see black people and white people hate eachother.

  • Stanley

    The act itself conveys the level of consciousness.

  • Kevin W.

    People like Zaki Baruti, Farrakhan, and the New Black Panthers are all radical, black Muslims that hate this country and everything it stands for.

    Birds of the same feathers, flock together.

  • At least Uncle Tom was a principled and honorable character unlike the people who use his name as an epithet.

    …and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. wept…

  • The Elector of Saxony

    The entire movement of Michael King, Highlander School educated communist, (you know him by his fake name, Dr. Martin Luther King….oh wait, he plagiarized his doctoral dissertation, so he wasn’t even really a Dr…..well who cares anyway, right? He said nice-sounding things that the Soviets paid him to say.) was designed to do just one thing, make the charge of “racist” or “racism” the worst crime in the whole world.

    We see our media support child molesters, rapists, murderers, and drug abusers. Yet, if an otherwise decent man shall utter one word of dissent from the orthodoxy on Race, he shall find no supporters regardless of what other good that man does. God help him if he use a racial epithet. Soon that will be a jail-able offense.

    The Marxist race-movement of the last 50 years has succeeded in untethering western European whites from their quite sensible beliefs about race. When we use the language of Marxism, we are playing a rigged game, and King and his handlers knew this quite well. Now they have us trained so well that rather than look out after our own interests, we accuse race-dedicated organizations like Black Panthers, La Raza, NAACP of “racism”. They laugh all the way to the voting booth (10 or 15 times) with no ID, felony convictions a mile long, and vote your property into their pockets and vote to dispossess you of the peace and security of your birthright Civilization. I admire those organizations for taking the charge of “racism” and sticking it our collective eye.

    We, as 75% of the population should be doing the exact same thing. We should be examining the problems of this country that are directly related to race, and we should be telling those who are offended to pound sand. Instead, we weep over a delicate flower of an MS-13 gang member, here ILLEGALLY who has been “profiled” by an evil Nazi police officer! That’s a recipe for the death of a society. We are following it to a “T”. Bill O’reilly wastes his time telling a Black Marxist from the NAACP that he is a racist, because the NAACP-man cares not one whit, and has an absolute defense to the charge…black skin. Shake off the chains of the Marxist vocabulary!

  • Josh Reiter

    Typical lefty completely lacking in the ability to process logic and facts. Its all about the emotions he feels toward the pins that Kenneth allegedly sold. That somehow legitimizes his ad hominem attacks against Kenneth. It boggles the mind the mental somersaults this guy has to exercise in order to sustain his position. “The police only arrested the Rev. because of witness testimony”. Uh, for starters the police do that ALL THE TIME and 2nd there is a FRIGGIN’ VIDEO of the attack! *facepalm* I thank God everyday I’ve never been hit with the postmodernist stupid stick.

  • xxx

    Zaki Baruti is a total racist and total hater.

  • s/w2001

    BOR was unprepared for the interview (yes, what a shock) with this loon. He should have read up on the case before the show. He would have then known what goods Gladney was selling, and he would not have fallen for the notion that he was selling ‘racist’ items. BOR did very poorly.

  • pjean

    This doorknob also said that Gladney was selling racist buttons “of our first black president in clown face with blood dripping out of his mouth.” He also said that the word “DOPE” was used as a racist reference to drugs hurting the black community. This guy is so out of touch that he doesn’t know this “Joker” photo from Batman was used on several libs and “DOPE” was a play on words from Obama’s “HOPE”. This guy isn’t alone in his idiocy.

  • Buffalobob

    I guess Baruti is too stupid to realize that if he just shut his mouth and moved to Miami he would blend in as an overweight white guy with a cool tan. Then he could avail himself to all of the benefit us white guys enjoy.

  • Uncle Tom is described today as a “sellout” but he actually wasn’t — he lived his life according to his character and convictions, despite whippings, beatings, and horrific conditions.

    It is evident that many use the name “Uncle Tom” as a pejorative, when it is actually just the opposite. Another example of how Black History has been rewritten.

    A friend sent me an old and worn copy of Uncle Tom’s Cabin, insisting I read it to see for myself how the term “Uncle Tom” is being misused — Uncle Tom was a hero. A man of honor, courage, and integrity. And his character is being maligned whenever it’s used to describe someone who is a sellout.

    And if we can educate those we touch about who and what Uncle Tom really was, it will go a long way toward helping folks understand that “Uncle Tom” is a shining, positive example for all of us to live up to, not a pejorative.

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  • AuntieMadder

    Zaki Baruti is black? Hell, George Hamilton is darker than that.

  • AuntieMadder

    I think all guys named “Tom” should get together and form a group, denouncing the use of their name in such a derogatory fashion. Toms who have neices and nephews could be their national spokespersons. They should demand special treatment under the law, government mandated employment quotas, and government assistance until and then long past the day that their name is used as a racist insult.

  • Aussie

    @Electorof Saxony,

    you have to be joking with your comments about Dr. Martin Luther King. The man was not a communist. So stop the lying about him.

  • Elector of Saxony


    Not joking in the least. Why so you imagine that the FBI files on Michael King have been stonewalled from public view in a DEMOCRACY that has a FOIA? National Security implications? I hardly think so, and the man is dead. Google the “Highlander School”. Michael King was closely associated with it and it WAS A COMMUNIST FRONT organization. Non communists do not attend COMMUNIST RUN TRAINING CAMPS FOR POLITICAL AGITATORS!!!!

    Michael King met regularly with people who are now known to have been (via the release of SOVIET UNION DOCUMENTS-which would no doubt be corroborated by King’s own FBI-CIA file, but those have been steadfastly protected from public examination) in the pay of the Soviet Union. Coincidence? I think not, Aussie.

    Martin Luther King wasn’t even his name, and he plagiarized almost every word of his “doctoral dissertation” from extant books. Isn’t that, in itself enough evidence that the man might not be fit for the sainthood he has been granted without the slightest examination of his character? It certainly would be if his name had been Ronald Reagan and his skin had been White.

  • Kevin W.

    Highlander Folk School was founded by Myles Horton and James Dombrowski, both members of the Socialist Party.

    The schools original purpose was to train Communists activists on how to promote textile strikes, hold protest marches, and march in picket.

    “It trained civil rights leader Rosa Parks prior to her historic role in the Montgomery Bus Boycott, as well as providing training for many other movement activists including Martin Luther King, Jr., James Bevel, Bernard Lafayette, Ralph Abernathy and John Lewis in the mid- and-late 1950s”

    Very interesting information.

    Thanks for the info Elector of Saxony, I never heard or knew about this before you mentioned it.

  • Kevin W.

    The Highlander Folk School, located in Monteagle, TN, was founded by Don West, District Director of the Communist Party in North Carolina, and Miles Norton, Director of the Commonwealth College. Based upon testimony by members of the school, the school was cited for conducting subversive activities by the state of Tennessee, and closed by court order in 1960.

  • Kevin W.

    Scroll halfway down and you’ll see a picture of Martin Luther King sitting in the front row of the Highlander Folk School.

    This is very interesting.

  • Kevin W.

    In a 19 April letter, Highlander director Myles Horton requested that King give the closing address at the leadership training school’s anniversary seminar, “The South Thinking Ahead.

    (A few excerpts of Kings speech at the Highlander Folk School. Keep in mind the above F.B.I. link)

    Mr. Chairman [John B. Thompson], Mr. Horton, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, it is a great privilege and a distinct honor for me to have the opportunity of being a part of the twenty-fifth anniversary observance of the Highlander Folk School. I have long admired the noble purpose and creative work of this institution.

    I’m certainly happy to be here and to see in this audience Mrs. Rosa Parks. There couldn’t, as we’ve just heard, you would not have had a Montgomery story without Rosa Parks.

  • Kevin W.

    Rosa Parks was heavily in the Communist movement.

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  • Pingback: Heated Tea Party “Racism” Debate on Larry King: Leftists Pull Out Lies, Rumors… Dana Loesch & Ben Stein Hit Them Square Between the Eyes with the Truth (video) « Frugal Café Blog Zone()

  • The Elector fo Saxony

    “Thanks for the info Elector of Saxony, I never heard or knew about this before you mentioned it.”

    You certainly will never hear of it from the Main Stream Media, in any text book, taught about by any teacher, or spoken about by any politician. (and remember that ANYONE who speaks about the Highlander School or inquires about King’s FBI/CIA file is by definition a RACIST, so…)The narrative of King, though entirely false, is now enshrined in myth, protected by a corrupt government and press.

    People react to the dissection of King and the so-called civil rights movement the way a 6 year old does upon learning there is no Santa Claus. We should have better minds in an advanced Democracy, but there you have it. Children who like mind-numbing platitudes and peace and love and dope are unfit for Liberty.

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