Wow! America Reacts to Landon Donovan's Winning Goal at World Cup (Video)

Wow! What a great video– Americans go nuts after Landon Donovan’s golden goal on Wednesday against Algeria at the World Cup.
You’ve gotta love it–

It’s moments like this that must drive the radical far left America-haters crazy.
No matter how hard they try to destoy this great nation with their movies, textbooks, legislation and lies, they just can’t erase the sense of American pride we all feel in our hearts during moments like this one.

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  • Yep. It’s a bad day for America haters.

    Congrats Team USA!

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  • Paul_______

    I’m sure SOBama will take credit for it. Just wait and see. In Communist Regimes, the leader of the Politbureau, the Big Comrade is always credited when his “little people,” his slaves achieve something, ask Kim Jong-Il, Castro and Chavez.

  • Taxpayer1234

    I’m not a soccer fan (except when my kid plays it), but I AM a USA fan!!! Congrats!!!

  • bg


    the video whelmed my heart & brought tears to
    my eyes.. and i’ve never even watched a game..

    God Bless The USA!!


  • Reader

    Is anyone having trouble accessing Gateway Pundit with Firefox 3.6.4 ?

    I’m getting a “Reported Attack Page!” when I click on the Gateway Pundit bookmark.

    I sent an email to [email protected] about this, but haven’t heard anything back.

    I’m posting this comment from Opera since I’m not having any problem what so ever with Opera/Gateway Pundit.

    I just wanted to left Jim know. And to ask him in any one else is having problem with Firefox 3.6.4.?

  • Reader

    ** I just want to let Jim know. And to ask him if anyone else has contacted him with problems about Firefox 3.6.4 and his site.

    Actually, it is happening on all blogs on “First Things.”

  • gus

    Libtards hate American success, because they are not part of it. Even HOLLYWOOD LIBTARDS have always been contrarian outcasts.
    They find it COOL to hate the very Country that has made them free and given them liberty.

  • sliderblaze

    i had the same reaction, i damn near teared up when he scored, we got robbed of two game winning goals, one the last game, one in this game early, and that just gave a big fu to fifa. the last game shoulda been a miracle comback… this one was outstanding, from out, to winning the group in the 91st min… r u kidding me, especially after the ref blew the first goal…

  • vargas

    I’m just sure that there’s video of Joe Biden leading the cheers in person somewhere too!!! After all, that seems to be Joe Biden’s only job….official cheerleader.

  • Pat the First

    As happy as I am for our fine country, I can’t even tell you how that affects me for Landon. His life is quite a story. He is the epitome of what any US citizen can do with what God gives them. Even against all odds.

  • cp

    Even as a non American, I was moved to tears as I watched the whole game.

    The team work was amazing! The passing of the ball was intelligent! The players attitude was great and not over complaining. The spirit of ‘never giving up’ even right up to the last minutes and seconds was inspiring!

    I see great hope in team USA. I am also happy for Landon Donovan and the others! It is not easy to keep Soccer giants like England from winning. But when I saw that USA vs England match, I thought that if America keeps going the way they are going, it won’t be long when America will win England!

  • Radegunda

    On top of this, a charming American just won the longest tennis match in history. John Isner and his French opponent, Nicohas Mahut, both deserve huge kudos for their tenacity and their graciousness.

  • Radegunda

    Sorry: Nicolas Mahut.

  • God bless you guys!
    I am suporting you all the way!!

    Mats – Lisbon – Portugal

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  • rjbklyn

    Great Vid,,,, There is no LEFT, there is no RIGHT, there is NO HATE!

    Sometimes I wonder why we can’t come together as a nation as this video clearly shows. Its just about US pride!