Virus-Malware Attack at First Things

Thanks to ALL of you who sent messages on the Malware-Virus warning.

First Things website had a Malware attack today. We are working on the problem now. The warning messages should go away by tomorrow afternoon. We have removed the ad script that was causing the problem so there is no chance that you will get an infected browser. It looks like if you run Internet Explorer you won’t see the warning messages but, with Chrome, Safari or Firefox you will still see the messages.
By the way, the attack came from China.

UPDATE: The Anchoress has more.

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  • sliderblaze

    chrome seem fined with me… yup, here i am lol

  • Jim Hoft

    Good to hear, sliderblaze.

  • MikeSilver

    China …… sheeze…. don’t we make anything here any more?

  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    The attack came from Communist China? So then we know for sure that the Obama Administration was definitely involved.

  • OxyCon

    AVAST free version caught it for me (IE 8)

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  • Kenny Solomon

    The attack came from China.

    Oh, so it wasn’t Democrat political chicanery, it was Democlat poriticar chicanely.

    So solly fol make ellor.


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  • Militant Conservative

    Hey, commies, if you want freedom of information do not attack the bastion of such. counter productive dont you know. Except when you put radiation in our dry wall you POS. powder is dry.

  • Bogdan from Australia

    No surprise here. China is strategically the most dangerous, sinister and cunning enemy of United States.

    The first thing the new American conservative administration and Congress shall be to renegotiate the entire trade relationship with the Chinese Communo-Fascist regime.

    Only the politically blindest could perceive the 250 bilion trade deficit with such a openly hostile power as a beneficial to the US.

    The US not only is financing China’s military power that one day (that day is coming very fast) will be used against America but is also indirectly funding the most barbaric, totalitarian, anti-American regimes that China is supporting and sunsidising (lie Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe and Iran).

    It won’t be easy to downgrade or, perhaps, even break the trade relations with China as they will, for sure threaten with the military confrontation.

    However, as the Chinese regime is preparing itself for the war with the US anyway, it is better to have it NOW, when the US is still militaliry very strong and they are relatively weak, that when, in couple of years, the situation is reversed.

  • Opus #6

    I suffered a virus attack on a familiar conservative website this time last year. We must prepare for these types of skirmishes. Back up your data. We are at war with leftists/communists and they won’t give up without a fight.

    And I’ve got news for them. WE don’t give up either.

  • Bogdan from Australia

    Speaking about China, I don’t know how many of you have bothered to read the epic book “Mao-The Unknown Story” by Yun Chang and Jon Halliday.

    This is WITHOUT ANY DOUBT one of the most important political documents in the entire human history,

    It is not only a detailled chronicle of an unspeakable bestiality of Chinese Communo-Fascist Maoist regime but it is also a record of an unbelieveable hipocricy, and above all of a self-destructive infantilism of American political class on both sides of politics.

    It exposes fully the cretinism of the drive of the so called “opening to China” that has been initiated by the imbecillic team of Nixon-Kissinger. It describes in details how both morons (and then all the consecutive US administrations) were being manipulated by Mao and his cohorts.

    That book was published two years ago but I avoided until now of reading it because of an unimaginable barbarism and horror that is presented in that work.

    Only recently I managed to find myself in the situation of being able to read with much lesser emotional attachment.

    Everyone should read it as it contains at least 25% of elements of the great puzzle that is the modern politcs.

  • Paul_______

    What I’d like to know, are the Chinese picky? Or they attack randomly? If I have to make a guess, I’d pick the first.

  • Joe Blow

    I bet if you could really follow it all the way back to the beginning it would wind up in Robin Carnahan’s office!

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  • Ginger


    Mine said…Accessed file is infected
    Threat was blocked
    File name: Korkenvasilly. com/hehehe/index (ETC)
    I won’t print it all.

    Threat name: Explot Elcnore, Kit (type 795

    I sure was having with drawals today not being able to come on. I was told it was safe.

  • bg


    thanks GP.. :-)


  • Taxpayer1234

    Paul #13, I don’t think the Chinese are picky. They’re looking for weaknesses and opportunities. They probably thought the word “gateway” in this blog’s title referred to a web portal, which of course would be a juicy target.

  • bill-tb

    The final server might have been China, but do you know the originating source? Like say the White House, or Center For American Progress, or Media Matters.

    Why would China attack First Things? But there are plenty of reasons for the others to attack.

  • SoldiersMom

    Glad you’re back. Missed ya.