Rep. Michele Bachmann: Lib Media Darling Helen Thomas Needs to Go

Rep Michele Bachmann (R-MN) called for Helen Thomas to be fired. The popular liberal media darling and anti-Semite was caught on tape this week calling for Jews to go back to Germany and Poland.

Via Big Government:

Once again the liberal media has shown its true colors! The White House media dinosaur, also known as Helen Thomas has called on Jews to leave Israel and move back to Poland and Germany. This anti-Semitic sentiment has no place in our public discourse. I call upon her employer, Heart Corporation to dismiss her at once! The White House needs to revoke her press credentials immediately.

Her apology is not sufficient, considering her many previous negative sentiments against Israel. Her language is offensive, vulgar and intolerant.

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  • David Johnson

    Please, please, can we send her and about 98% of mainstream journalists to Cuba for re-education. Pretty please!

  • Valerie

    If Doug (The Greaseman) Tracht can be fired, so should this old bat.

  • Logic101

    DO NOT get rid of Helen. She is like a child who says out loud what all the grownups whisper to each other. She is like a window into the rotten hateful heart of the press and the left. Leave her right where she is and let her talk.

  • auntie em

    …and besides that, she’s UGLY.

  • kate

    Thomas needs to go. Sadly, the silence from MSM and the WH is very telling. Apparently, she speaks what is in their minds. No surprise there.

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  • kansas

    Leave her on the front row and make Gibbels answer her questions. I think all the others in the press corpse (sic) should always defer to Thomas.

  • Andreas K.

    Hamas Helen needs to move to Iran. Or at least wear a burqa.

  • Knave

    Was she insulting the Israelis or was she really insulting the Germans and Poles? Whichever group she was insulting, it seems plain that her solution is like the Zimbabwean farmer solution- confiscate the land and redistribute it. Don’t kid yourselves with any thoughts of socialism. This is clear Marxism.

  • WSG

    Usually it is the left wing that tries to stifle speech that offends them.

    Is it better to have stealth news-benders? When I talk to people, sometimes I have to dig some to find out what attitudes guide their thinking. It is refreshing to have Thomas save us the trouble and remove any pretense that she is capable of objective journalism. Would it be in Hearst’s best interest to fire her? Probably, but if they haven’t come to that realization by now, this incident shouldn’t change anything. If they want to pay her, let them. Let the market take care of it (until taxes subsidize the news agencies).

  • wanumba

    Actually, with her front and center everyone can see what the White House Press Corps is.

    With her inexplicable longevity, she’s either got an evil spell or dirt on each one of them or knows the kind of people who break legs if anyone crosses her.

    Maybe we need to know more about her employer, “Heart”. Front group?

  • http://gatewaypundit antilbr

    What would have happened if someone like Major Garrett would have said this????The left wing loons and the lame stream media would have had him fired yesterday…Yeah right and the dems say the gop is a bunch of racists!!!!Practice what you preach you bunch of marxist libtards…….if you wanted to see real journalism it was Megyn Kelly handing Jesse Jackson his @$$ thursday on fox newsl on the illegal immigration issue…PRICELESS way to go Megyn……

  • newton

    The only way Helen Thomas will ever leave the White House Press Corp is inside a cushy pine box.

    There. I said it.

  • http://gatewaypundit antilbr

    One more issue seen paul mccartneys comment about bush yesterday very stupid paul wont buy anything of yours or the beatle label anymore go back to london where you belong….but jerry seinfeld standing next to him listening to this trash ….jerry,jerry jerry obama wants to trash your people in israel last i seen i thought you were jewish….i guess im wrong your just a hateful elitist like the rest of this bunch….hey paul sing a fitting song for that party something like hmmmmm. maybe revolution……

  • burt

    What is on the inside is beginning to show on the outside.

  • Deloras Vind

    And President Obama is such friends with Ms. Thomas! Birds of a feather flock together…

  • Ed Wallis
  • logprof

    Ugh, I wish Jim had put up video of Mrs. Bachmann instead of Thomas. Talk about night and day. . . .

  • Chisum
  • jonyjoe101

    Like obama said about his friend “thomas”. You can put lipstick on a pig and it’s still a pig. Only it’s a pig with lipstick.

    It looks like “obama girl’ was the only good looking democrat/leftist too bad she had no brain to go with the good looks.

    Thomas belongs to the same club as sotomayer and kagen women who hate men and god.