Revealed: Photo of Obama's Radical Mentor Chucking Rocks at Israeli Soldiers

This may help explain Barack Obama’s animosity towards the Jews…

Barack and Michelle Obama attend a May 1998 Arab community event in Chicago where their friend Edward Said gave the keynote speech.

Campus Watch reported more on Obama and his friend and instructor Edward Said:

The invaluable Andrew McCarthy takes note of a connection between Barack Obama and Edward Said, an apologist for terrorism, who played a key role in changing the field of Middle East Studies towards an anti-Western and anti-Israel bias.

Said, a writer and professor at Columbia University, trained many of the Middle East professors who now broadcast his message to thousands of students across America and the world. Said hated Israel so much that he was seen throwing rocks from Lebanon at Israeli soldiers across the border.

His role in distorting the field of Middle Eastern studies has prompted a counter-movement led, among others, by the esteemed Bernard Lewis of Princeton University.


Obama was a student at Columbia from 1981 to 1983. He refuses to discuss those years; it is known only that he studied for at least some time under Edward Said, the late PLO apologist.

Not only has Barack Obama refused to discuss those years-as he refuses to discuss much of his past, he will not release his transcripts from Columbia or his thesis that he wrote before he graduated (claiming he “lost” the thesis). Would a transcript reveal more about his education under Edward Said?

How long-lasting and durable were these ties between Barack Obama and Edward Said? There is a photo of the Saids and Obama having dinner together in 1998 at an Arab community event in Chicago at which Said gave the keynote speech.

And, here is Barack Obama’s close family friend, former instructor and mentor Edward Said chucking stones at Israeli soldiers.

Edward Sa’id launching a stone against Israeli soldiers on the other side of Lebanon’s border with Israel from the southern Lebanese village of Kfar Kila on July 3, 2000. Sa’id, who is on a private visit to Beirut, took a trip to south Lebanon to visit the formerly occupied area which Israel evacuated in May. Sa’id’s family is originally from Jerusalem.

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  • Derak

    Barack Obama: Chucking rocks at the American people since 1/20/09. He learned well from Said.

  • xxx

    WOW, and we accept this type of behavior in colleges accross the USA. If this is not stopped, because these folks inflitrated all campuses now, not just Berkeley, then these fools will start WWIII.
    Edward Sa’id is a racist and accepted as one by Columbia, and Ivy SChools and now in elementary schools. This sh** needs to stop now. Great Post, what a photo.

  • gus

    What will it take for Americans to GET IT.
    Obama is a muzzlim.

  • Kenny Solomon

    Anybody have an idea what Israel’s statute of limitations is on matters of this sort ?

    Let’s make the attempt to ascertain if there is such a law and “hope” we’re still within the valid time frame so we can offer Mr. Said some ‘change” in his life.

    Kenny Solomon
    Eeeeevil American Jooooooooooo.

    Throw a rock at me, Mr. Said…… Go for it……. Let’s see what happens after that.

  • Ed Flinn

    so we can offer Mr. Said some ‘change” in his life

    That’d be a neat trick.

  • Richard Romano

    Edward Said is an icon of the left — his book, Orientalism made the case that Arabs and Muslims have a constructed identity; essentially, the West has defined everything East (or Oriental) as backward, evil, and ignorant.

    What’s particularly ridiculous is that Said, while excoriating the West for its excesses, enjoyed a flamboyant lifestyle in NYC.

    Another liberal academic whose smarts could not overcome his foolishness.

  • Stephen

    Are you sure that’s not a cell phone in his hand?

  • Robert

    A haiku:

    Edward Said threw rocks
    Obama was his student
    Edward Said is dead

  • NoMo

    To the LA Times: Release the tape!!

  • Kemo Sabe

    Rule #1

    Never, ever bring rocks to a gun fight!

  • sliderblaze

    Bush’s fault

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  • Joe

    Great article, great photos! Keep up the good work. Americans had better wake up. As it is, we are going to pay a high price for this mistake of a president. He cannot be trusted in any way.

  • Adirondack Patriot

    You can throw rocks at Israeli troops and live to tell about it.

    Try throwing rocks at Gazan, Syrian, Iranian or Egyptian troops, there Professor. You’ll find out who the animals are.

  • wanumba

    The Caliphate was pure empire-building with slaving and subjugation as empire-building policies. To watch this rapacious bunch whinge and whine that tiny ISRAEL which has been Hebrew-central for 3,000 years, even with the disapora is somehow a foreign colonial power is pathetic. That they get hysterical pompous Leftists with huge self-absorbed egos, a spoiled brat upbringing and trust fund money to dog along with them is more infuriating.

  • Hack

    Obama is a master of cunning and deception. He plays both sides of every issue. His very first executive order the day after inauguration was to seal his records from public viewing, the first president in history to do so. He is nothing but a fraud. He was born in Kenya, by the very admittance of his wife and grandmother. He is a Muslim, as he has admitted himself on more than one occasion. Ask yourself, how does a child raised in a dirt poor family become president of the United States and no one knows how?

  • Agent99

    xxx AGAIN….You are correct. I did a quick of the Brown Berets…SO THX!! And Yes Jim …Good work again!! I “could” hang out with my Military Brethren but I like it here cuz of Jim. And anyway…MilCom will not allow ANY links at all…neither hot or cold links. But never doubt I love my Military Brethren. Always! And Sooo The CIC is the ‘enemy’ is he not?? Why yes cuz there are 2 wars against the Mooosliiims. What if Eisenhower was Hitler’s PAL?? Where would we be. BUT THEN AGAIN…The WWII crowd did not put up with BS libs. They all PULLED TOGETHER! They had VICTORY GARDENS and did not have (nor would that Generation have permitted) CODE PINK to do as they do.

  • Dee

    Remember that interview that Percy Sutton, the civil rights activist, gave in which he said his former business partner, Khalid Al-Mansour, recommended Obama to Harvard and there was also talk he financially contributed to his education. Obama’s people said he was mistaken, but Sutton’s people said he wasn’t mistaken. Mansour is also pro-Palestinian, isn’t he.

  • Agent99

    YEP!! Give Up The TAPE LA TIMES!! This is Code Pink with Obama …Just before the Long-delayed Troop Surge–M “These traitors were petitioning with signs that said “We support the Murder of American Troops”. That is peace?” YEP! The CIC with Code Pink @ a fundraiser in Ca! Unbelievable!! And yes DEE! Add Rashid Khalidi and other Plo/Muslims to his list of Pals! GRrrrr!!! Heck add Tony Resko. And LOTS more.

  • Joanne

    crickets…..just think if the mainstream leftard media ran with the truth once in awhile, they could put an end to Obama’s presidency.