Eat Up… Joe Biden Gets Custard in Face When Business Owner Tells Him: "Lower Our Taxes" (Video)

Joe “Bite-Me” Biden traveled to Wisconsin yesterday to campaign with far left Progressive Russ Feingold (D-WI). Smokin Joe ordered a custard at a popular custard stand in Glendale during one of their stops. When Biden asked Kopp’s Frozen Custard stand owner how much he owed him, the owner responded,

“Nothing, just lower our taxes.”

Fat chance.
An embarrassed Joe Biden ignored him and walked away.
WISN 12 News reported:

A spokesman for the GOP responded to the VP’s visit:

“Vice President Biden probably decided not to take questions today because he didn’t want to fess up as to why Wisconsin has lost over 73,000 jobs since the stimulus was enacted.”

Hat Tip Jim S.

UPDATE: Biden told the small business owner, “Say something nice instead of being a smarta$$ all the time.”

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  • Joanne

    Biden Bite-Me didn’t respond because increasing taxes is the foundation of every great leftard….and he probably thinks he is great.

  • Paul_______

    I hope the owner spat in the custard. Well, if not, he did it anyway on Biden’s face.

  • Militant Conservative

    Liberalizm fails EVERY time it is tried. This time the failure is going to be one hell of a train wreak.
    powder is dry.

  • Kate

    The rudest administration ever. They show their disdain for the American people every time they step foot outside of their palaces.

  • Lanastaslem

    I wonder how long that poor store manager will have to wait before he gets an audit letter from the IRS?….three, two, one.

  • sliderblaze

    lol, love the age of smartphones and dumb democrats, that is a recipe for success!!!!!!

  • Dave In Houston

    Didn’t Jefferson once note that a little rebellion every once in a while is a good thing?

    I think this may qualify as a little rebellion. Of course, Joe “Bite-Me” Biden probably didn’t see it that way, lol.

  • Sandy

    Obama eats in a burger joint while Biden goes to Wisconsin for frozen custard. Now they want us to believe that the party that hates ordinary Americans is really just folks like us. Go back to your million dollar White House feasts and leave us alone.

    Wonder how much it costs for Biden to fly to Wisconsin for frozen custard. Bet its more than most of us make in 1 year.

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  • regularguy

    To the stand owner: don’t feel bad if Biden ignored you. They’ve pretty much all ignored the rest of us during their lousy tenure. I’d say let’s NOT ignore them all during the coming next election cycles. We’ll kindly turn them out of office and get our taxes lowered by someone more deserving of the office.

  • down with dems

    Homerun, Mr. Custardstand. Every businessman, every citizen needs to do this… when our elite masters deign to climb down and walk amongst the hoi polloi, make it clear how we feel, embarass them, and get it on tape. They claim to represent you, but have little to no contact with you… so when they do, let ’em have it.

  • manateespirit

    I couldn’t access the video…hope the owner wasn’t pressured to take it off…anybody else have the same problem?

    Anyway, I am delighted for the pushback by a business owner.

  • manateespirit

    Got it now…did Biden respond with “can’t do that” when the owner asked him to lower my taxes?

  • brooklyn

    Great to see the effort to ‘censor’ First Things flopped.

    Good to see the mighty GP up to normal running.

    Biden is a liar with fake hair implants. Everyone knew when Obama selected this corrupt Beltway con artist, there was no ‘change’ in the disastrous Democratic Partisan offering.

    Biden is a primary example of the worst possible in a position of power – making matters far worse.

    A typical Democrat Liar, like Hillary, Nancy, Harry, etc., who has been proven wrong on everything he offers – including the Cold War, the first Gulf War, the battle for Iraq, etc.

    Biden is a disaster – so is the Democratic Party.

    We must make certain they are defeated this NOV and in 2012. NEVER again can we allow Democrats to have this kind of power, they simply are dangerous for all.

  • bitterclinger

    Even more good news! Idaho questions 17th Amendment.

  • Old One


    You have coined a stunning new maxim for conservatives.
    Love the Age of Smartphones and Dumb Democrats ! Re Biden, Etheridge, Hare, Grayson, & Dingy Harry.

  • Truth Seeker

    Joe said that was some “F”ing good custard.

    I hope Sen Feingold goes bye bye soon. That would be an “F”ing big deal to me.

  • Chisum

    Poor Joey.

    How would you like the job of being the BO apologist? Making chicken salad out of chicken s**t is a tough gig.

    Clearly he had no clue what he was signing up for.

  • Andreas K.

    Biden will complain to Obama “The peasants are taking your “getting in their face” too literally!”

  • gus

    Biden is just a politician. He does not NOW nor has he ever stood for anything. He was a nobody in the Senate and just went along with his party. Biden is Vice President for exactly that reason. He is nothing. The guys back at the Congressional Country Club have a beer and a few yucks with DUMB JOE. He’s harmless and is worth a few laughs. But in having nor real values, Biden can be like squash or zuchini. He can be whatever flavor that Obama tells him to be. Joe Biden is in love with being important. That is why he ran for the Senate at 29. Go to college, go to law school, spend all of your life in school. Then you are an EXPERT on how to run things. Never having a real job in your life, yet you know how the economy works because you READ ABOUT IT. Tuxedos and plaques for your wall from every LIBTARD group you ever handed out MY TAX MONEY to.
    Russ Feingold is IDENTICAL, except FEINGOLD is not a nice man, Feingold is a committed death merchant abortion lover and libtard. But like Biden and Obama. Feingold has never worked a day in his life. He is brilliant because he READ ABOUT the world you and I live in, in books. And HARVARD.

  • vargas

    What???? I thought Biden was the soccer czar and in South Africa?

  • Bill Fabrizio

    Hey Joe, looks like you were a bad actor in a remake of “Custard’s Last Stand”.

  • Cindy

    So, did the Vice President pay for the custard? It looks like he puts the money back in his pocket.

  • DocScience

    I wonder how that custard guy will be doing after his tax audits, OSHA and FDA inspections.

  • daryl

    I was SO hoping you meant LITTERALLY in his face.
    Still, that was a good retort- “Nothing, just lower our taxes.” Priceless!

  • Garland1

    Don’t be too hard on Joey Hairplug. It’s got to be demeaning to play second-fiddle to a third-rate community organizer.

  • Maria

    I don’t think he’s a real person. He’s a droid with caps and hair plugs.

  • Kopp’s Rocks! Love the custard, now I LOVE the manager (in a brotherly sense 😉 ). Feingold is gonna get fired. We’ve had it here.

  • Male Silverback

    Awesome! I love how he turned away as soon as the man made his request. What an ass Joe Biden is.

  • JanSilverstein

    I guess you only get acknowledged by him if you have positive praises for him or some kind of bash for his opponent.

  • Scott

    Neither Obama nor Biden have any feeling for business persons…They bray like jackassess to union cleptocrats, illegals, and welfare recipients however…In their world, entrepreneurs can go to hell! Not fun to be a producer in the democrats world…

  • gus3

    Mr. Custardstand, meet Joe the Plumber. He’ll advise you about what’s coming to you

  • OSweet

    But later, ascending the staircase to his government-funded luxury jet, Biden came up with a cold, cutting comeback: “C’mon Mr. Ice Cream Man, get some skin in the game!”

  • Biden goes for custard photo-op, and fundraising. Refuses any questioning from reporters. Priorities.

  • Within 24 hours I’m sure this poor Custard Stand Manager’s whole life and every little thing that could be perceived negatively will be dug up.

    Good luck sir.

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  • Sojourner

    ..Yea, Ol’ Joe, eat it up, eat all that custard up. Make sure, though, to leave plenty of room for the massive piece of humble pie that’s coming your way in november..real Americans are going to savor watching you and your tinpot boss eat it, eat it all up, every last crumb.

  • The owners should have replied with an estimate of the taxes he paid last year…say 42,000 Dollars. I can just hear Biden replying “That seems a little steep”.
    “That is what I paid in taxes last year, Mr. Vice President. I want it back.”

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  • kansas

    He was real big on the we inherited this mess too. If you inherit a mess and make it ten times worse, what is that?

  • Punkindrublic

    Why oh why can’t Joe or Bo visit NE Florida; I’d love the opportunity to shove corn-dogs up either of their noses.
    Bring it on you freakin’ buffoons!

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  • Sharon

    I live near kopp’s custard restaurant , and visit
    often (custard ice cream is a delicious Wisconsin tradition). If I had been there I would have applauded!

    Hope our hypocritical, sanctimonious, Senator Feingold is sent packing in November!!

  • Sandy

    In Nevada, Sharron Angle is leading Reid by 7 points. He tells us that Angle is going to take Social Security and Medicare. Just like every election–its always the same — scare the Seniors into voting for Democrats. But this time we can see who spent the entitlement money and which party is ready with Senior Death Panels.

    As for BS Obama he can always get a job doing infomercials.

  • mike191

    The arrogance of this excrement, is exceeded only by his boss.

  • Taxpayer1234

    And then Biden insults the business owner. That’s what Biden REALLY thinks of us “small people.”

  • Jim,MtnViewCA,USA

    “Let them eat custard.”

    Just what we need. Out of touch elitists.

  • vargas

    Come on Mr. Vice President…”Don’t be a DUMBASS all of the time!”

  • bballbob

    Why isn’t this guy on the Milwaukee County Board instead of the (censored) woman who doesn’t know that Arizona borders Mexico?

    Inquiring minds want to know!

    Got Hope??


    i’ve been proposing that someone form PITF gangs.
    they would be present at times when politicians are about to make public statements about say a new spending proposal. a soon as he/she says the cost of the newly proposed bill would only be a small portion of the GDP—— wham—PITF (pie in the
    concise, meaningful and harmless

  • I understand that custard has eggs in it and is higher in fat than ice cream which makes it perfect for Biden’s mouth.

  • Thanks for more of that incredible stupidity I’ve come to expect from GP, especially when linked to by Instapundit:

    1. The owner says “it was all in good fun” per the report. That means he isn’t really concerned.

    2. The owner didn’t try to show up Biden by engaging him in any sort of debate. He just made a little joke. Rants, throwing tantrums, and so on are great echo chamber entertainment, but they don’t solve problems.

    In case anyone wants to solve problems, help promote this plan:

    If I had been there, I would have tried to engage Biden in debate in order to show how he’s wrong, just as I tried to do with Obama over three years ago:

    Where were the teapartiers in Feb. 2007?

  • LimoLibsStink

    Dem. Joe Biden:

    “I am here at Kopp’s Ice Cream shop… what? I can’t see the teleprompter. I mean… I am here at Kopp’s Custard shop for some Ice cream…er custard and a photo Op.”

    “What do I owe you Mr. Koop?”

    Small Business Owner:

    “Just lower our taxes and we’ll call it even.”

    Dem. Joe Biden:

    “Look, this limousine ride here cost $118,631 of your tax money. Limousines don’t come cheap. You are a smart-ass. Why don’t you say something nice?”

    Small Business Owner:

    “Because you are just an ass… and a dumb one at that. The custard is on you! ((((Splat)))) Get out of my shop and don’t come back!”

  • BA

    He did NOT ignore the comment.

    There’s a second, longer video (1:31) at the WISN website when they talk again and Biden says, “Why don’t you say something nice instead of being a smarta** all the time.”

    The report saying he “ignored” the comment, although he did initially, is false.

    But this is the press that covers Feingold and helps elect people like Peggy West.

  • BA

    Shoot, by the time I posted my comment, you had an update.

    I was impressed with myself but gladly bow to the amazing “Gateway Pundit.”

    Next time I’m not reading all the comments to make sure I know something new before I post:)

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  • Recovered Demoholic

    A good natured businessman puts up with him bulling about behind the counter, treats him to the custard, and makes a jovial comment containing a bit of truth, and Biden shows his true colors. Of all the nerve! Biden isn’t just a clown, he’s an arrogant, thuggish son-of-a-bitch.

    I hope a hundred years from now, everyone is pissing on his grave. [N.B. this is in no way a veiled threat of violence]

  • newton

    Joe Biden should be the “gift that keeps on giving” to the GOP.

    Make copies of those videos and use them for all of their worth! If the RNC were smart enough, they’d do it!

    I do like, though, what Hinderacker said here.

    “A simple way to think about the Democratic Party is, you’re the human being, they’re the tapeworm. Yet they claim a weird sort of parasite’s moral superiority over you: if you point out that they have their hand in your pocket, you’re a “smartass.” The Democratic Party needs to be torn, root and branch, from our public life.”

    Couldn’t agree more!

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  • les minora

    What do you think this custard man pays in taxes? Tax rates are lower than they have been in years.Check out the charts. Just more political spewing from another ditto head.

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  • Chisum

    Night of the Living Death Tax

    In other words, by raising the estate tax in the name of fairness, Mr. Obama won’t merely bring back from the dead one of the most despised of all federal taxes, and not merely splinter many family-owned enterprises. He will also forfeit half the jobs he hopes to gain from his $787 billion stimulus bill. Maybe that’s why the news of this unwise tax increase was hidden in a footnote.

    Congress Tinkers with Withholding Tax Tables for 2010

  • Next time we’re in the Milwaukee area–not far from us–we’ll visit Kopp’s and PAY for our “ice-cream”. Stupid Bite-me doesn’t seem to know the difference.

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  • AuntieMadder

    Biden told the small business owner, “Say something nice instead of being a smarta$$ all the time.”

    What an ungrateful POS. He’s completely forgotten that that smarta$$ pays his salary. Ingrate.

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  • Tom Poole

    What great men we pick to lead us, Obama, who can’t understand why we would “cling to their guns and bibles”, foul mouth Clueless Joe, who think things are “big F…”deals and the store owner is a “smarta**”, Harry Reid, who can’t stand the “smell” of the tourists to the Capital, and then of course, there is good old Nancy, who thinks we are all dumber than stumps and “nazis'” to boot. Wonderful party these dimocrats.

  • Translation:

    “If you don’t shut up, lay back, and learn to enjoy it… you’re just a troublemaker, and we’ve got no time for you”

    And typical of dumb people to lash out like that when they’re embarrassed- what a schmuck Joey Plugs truly is

  • Charlotte Beck

    Smartass (vendor) verses dumbass (Biden). Vendor wins! US loses!

  • Whenever a churlish lout starts off with “leftards” they give up all hope of being taken seriously. It is foolish and those write it punch the “not worthy” ticket.

    The fact remains that this administration has lowered taxes for just about everyone and that our tax rate is lower now than in any time in the past 30 years. Further, corporations, pay less taxes per earned dollar than the most modest of American families – so that toot in the custard shop can 1. get his facts straight and 2. pay his fair share.

  • Chisum
  • Dave

    That this moron is one heart beat away from the presidency is just one more shining example of Obama’s incompetence.

  • Smarta$$conservative

    I knew being a smarta$$ would come in handy someday…! Now I’m proud to be a smarta$$…

  • Scott


    You can thank GWB for lowering taxes to their current levels…And, you can say goodbye to those taxbreaks this year as they expire…If the Feds were to tax all profits in the US of businesses and disposable household income it would not balance our insane budget…The democrats are incapable of leadership and they are selling our country out to special interests…Their decades of using taxdollars for various vote-buying schemes are coming to an end as they are truly bankrupt. Once our bonds turn radioactive they will only print more dollars until they precipitate a currency crisis…Good luck with that.

  • I’ve eaten Kopp’s frozen custard all my life. It’s my favorite.

    I encourage everyone to try it. By the way, they deliver!

  • juandos

    Well we know that Biden is long on stupid (a reflection of his constituency?) and short on economic basics, so his inanities to this Wisconsin businessman isn’t exactly a suprise…

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  • J Barry

    Ate there once. Lousy food and lousy service. Bad smell in the place; too many republicans

  • bg
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