Wisconsin custard shop owner Scott Borkin told Greta Van Susteren that VP Joe Biden “went off” on him after he told the Vice President to “lower our taxes.”
Borkin added, “I was shocked.”

Scott Borkin should have known better. How dare he request a top Obama Administration official to cut taxes!
Who does he think he is?



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  1. I eat at Kopps all the time. Their burgers are like frisbees.

    If I was the manager, I would have HONKED BIDEN’S nose.

  2. I have had the fine KOPPS cuisine on a visit a long way back.


    Nice to know a loser like Biden gets challenged in the best places doing wasteful PR.

    When you look at it all, what TEAM Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Boxer, Clinton, etc., are doing, it is so much more concerning than just massive taxation.

    KAGAN should be training to work behind the counter at a Burger and Custard business, not being pushed upon the Supreme Court.

    It is so utterly absurd. These Democratic Partisans are disasters – Kagan is just another long term regret for this Nation. A vivid Clintonite Political Partisan up to make all far worse.

    Time to return some sanity to Washington this NOV.

  3. Brooklyn, the list you made of Obama accolytes are ALL elitists who have never worked an honest day in their lives.

  4. OT: Judge to Blagojevich lawyers: You can’t see President Obama’s interview with FBI


    The reason give by the judge is, “There’s just nothing there.”

    It seems it should be up to the defense attorneys to decide if there’s anything in the interview(s) that would be useful in defending their client. Besides, since there’s nothing there, that seems even more reason to let the defense see it because then they’ll know that their client will find no defense there. The judge is obviously lying for Oilbama. Seems to be a lot of that going around nowadays.

    Isn’t it illegal to deny the defense whatever information it requests of the prosecution? Isn’t this obstruction of due justice or something like that?

  5. Jim,

    Saw this at 24thstate… it deserves its own post:

    11 Reasons To Vote For Democrats In Their Own Words



  6. AuntieMadder June 28th, 2010 | 10:04 pm | #5

    Justice in this damn country is done by political affiliation, by mood and by personal convictions.

    America is no more a nation of laws, it’s a banana republic.

    When the top, most powerful authority in this goddamn nation is tearing the Constitution apart, do you expect that some little judge to uphold the law???

  7. Paul, surely, you’re asking rhetorically and don’t really think I’m an idiot.

  8. Not to come across like I’m defending the Vice President, but Borkin had it coming. The VP is a busy man and has little time for complexities like this complaint. People need to follow the nomenclature explained on change.gov and make requests using the officially blessed Hopenchangen dictionary.

    For instance, instead of asking for lowered taxes, the correct protocol is to say:

    “I’d like the Timmy Geithner treatment.”

    If you’ve donated over $5K to DNC related institutions, the VP will make note of your request and instruct IRS officials to remove you from future audits, allowing “creative tax reduction through accidental nonfilings.”

    Likewise, if you’re out of work and need a job, tell an administration official you’d like the “Blagojvich special” – (just be sure you don’t get greedy).

    Of course, a responsible Hopenchangen participant will stay current with the protocol. Requesting Gore Treatment no longer entails one to free “intimate massages,” nor does the “Rahm Package” take care of undesirable advisories.

  9. @AuntieMadder June 28th, 2010 | 10:13 pm | #8

    All idiots are on my left side.

  10. Oh and by the way, to stay on topic, I have a word for Joe Biden: F*CK YOU!!

  11. Hatless Hessian
    June 28th, 2010 | 10:15 pm | #9

    Biden could have come up with any number of retorts that were not derogatory. The guy wasn’t expecting Biden to explain taxation, he was giving him a hard time, having a little fun at Biden’s expense.

    I believe I read somewhere that they had a prior exchange before the tax thing, in which Biden asked for “ice cream” but the store sells “custard”. Custard people tend to make a big deal about how it’s not ice cream (am I right, Ted Drewes??). Then the tax thing happened after the correction about custard, so Biden, after being schooled by a custard jockey, was feeling like the idiot that he is and retaliated in the only way he could, with namecalling. Heaven forbid a legal American citizen and business owner should have a personal opinion about taxation and the economy.

  12. Joe Obiden…you suck. You got 9,800 whole votes in the 2008 presidential primary election. Loser. No one wanted the job of VP with the BHO stooge so the brokest member of congress, Obiden, took it.

    If it were me I’d have charged him triple. I would have said you owe me…$300 or whatever triple was. I would.

    He and the rest of them are DRUNKS.
    Drunks and dope addict potheads are making rules and running this country.

    Give me a freakin’ break.
    They all need to be drug tested before they take office. I mean it. If you have to take a drug test for a menial low paying job, then do it for congress and other govie employees.

  13. They don’t call him Bite Me for nothing.

    At least the store owner wasn’t attacked by a crazed sex poodle.

  14. The custard shop owner would have gotten a lot farther if he had asked for a kickback or some sort of payoff. Lower taxes are not in the left’s vocabulary.

  15. Yah, be a nice guy, shut up, and give the government your money to spend.

  16. A decent politician would have just taken the quip with good humor and moved on. But Biden isn’t a decent politician.

    A real leader would have asked the man to elaborate on his statement, listened intently to what the man said, and then thanked him for the feedback. But Biden is definitely NOT a real leader.

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