Breaking: 40 of "Peace Activists" on Gaza Flotilla Are Al-Qaeda

Yesterday, the Obama Administration condemned Israel and sided with the Gaza Flotilla. Now there is word that 40 of the arrested flotilla “peace activists” are al-Qaeda.

Earlier, it was reported that a majority of the arrested “peace activists” who brutally attacked the Israeli soldiers with pipes, metal rods. chairs and knives are linked to terror groups including Al-Qaeda. Several are members of the Muslim Brotherhood. The activists include Turks, Yemenites and Indonesians. And, many of the arrested “peace” fanatics have no identification papers.

The Arab Media reported that several of the flotilla participants were writing wills, preparing for martyrdom, and determined to reach Gaza or die.

Photo of flotilla participants, with the title “Photos of Algerian Mujahideen”

Now there is information that 40 of the so-called “peace activists” belong to Al-Qaeda.
The IDF website reported:

In a special meeting of the Security Cabinet it was disclosed that a group of 40 people on board the Mavi Marmara with no identification papers belong to Al Qaeda. The terrorists were equipped with bullet proof vests, night-vision goggles, and weapons.

Jonatan Urich

On board the Mavi Marmara ship that arrived as part of the flotilla to Gaza was a group of approximately 40 people with no identification papers, who are mercenaries belonging to the Al Qaeda terror organization. This was disclosed by the Israeli Security Cabinet, which gathered on Tuesday evening (June 1) for a special meeting.

According to intelligence disclosed during that meeting, the terrorists wore bullet-proof vests, and carried with them night-vision goggles, weapons, and a package of cash. While the civilian protestors were sent to the lower deck during the Shayetet Naval Special Force’s interception of the ship, the group divided into cells and remained on the upper deck in order to attack the soldiers.

An announcement delivered at the completion of this special meeting stated that blocking the entrance of these ships into Gaza is an act of self defense. The Cabinet places full responsibility for the incident on those who started the violence which clearly endangered the lives of the IDF soldiers, and commends the IDF for the way it responded. The meeting on this subject will continue on Wednesday (June 2).

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said during the meeting that he regrets all loss of life, but gives full support to the IDF. “This was not a flotilla for peace, but instead was a violent and organized force. We have films and photographs which show what our soldiers faced, but the last thing that can be said about this ship is that it was a flotilla of peace,” he said.

So, this begs the question… Why is the Obama Administration condemning Israel and siding with Al-Qaeda?

UPDATE: Allison Kaplan Sommer has a shocking and thorough report on the attack at Pajamas Media.

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  • Jack

    Because Obama is inclined to support anyone who claims to be oppressed.

  • Andreas K.

    Surprise? Not so much.

  • Andreas K.

    Let me just add this image. PI just used it for an article and I think it describes perfectly how the left wing and the mohammedans see Jews:

    Good Jews, on the left, without power, without a chance, helplessly exposed to their fate.

    Evil Jews, on the right, armed, ready to defend themselves.

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  • squeaky

    ship[s] of fools – doesn’t take a whole lot of idiots to get a whole lot of idiots killed. how many dolts were on board who would never have signed on if they considered that the operation could be one for martyrdom? usually
    if you happen to find yourself on the wrong side of the law cuz’ the folks your with decided to rob a bank [armed] while you’re with them you have quite a bit of splain’n to do to the cops.

  • J

    How ironic that 7 years after 9/11, the USA elected a frontman for Al Qaeda as their president.

  • squeaky

    “frontman for Al Qaeda” and all they really have to do is assume they have friends in high places. bin laden assumed that the American military was made up of paper tigers after
    mogadishu. didn’t obama say that words have meanings. when people assume you’re weak it makes your job that much harder.

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  • regularguy

    I guess this is all part of what some say is the “great deception.” True enough, but I’d also say it’s just as much a part of a “great madness.” The 1930’s are here again; the (practically inevitable) outcome will be war where good men and women will have to choose between good and evil, or to remain indifferent and therefore be de facto evil. A major bloodbath is coming. We’d all better be prepared that it will affect us personally.

    Israel will very possibly hit Iran with small nukes to destroy Iran’s nukes per the Israeli subs already placed in the Gulf, perhaps later this summer. Nuclear deterence may have worked against rational but evil Soviets, but is unlikely against nihilistic islamic fanatics.

    The US may, itself, have a political crisis if Obama fails to defend Israel when the inevitable backlash happens. If Obama cannot get past his moral turpitude of excusing islamic fanaticism and actually begin to understand the moral superiority and utterly worthy life of Israel and the United States versus the intrinsic evil of islamic regimes who are hell bent on destroying all of us infidels, there will be elements here who will not allow this to continue. I hope and pray for the safety of this country, for Obama, and for Israel that none of this actually happens, but I fear I will be proven right, unfortunately.

    Much of this could be averted by Obama boldly condemning islam, its terrorist elements, and just as boldly proclaiming the worthiness of freedom through military and economic might. Muslims respect power and strength, if nothing else. I know, I’ll go back on my meds, he’d never do such a thing.

  • Highlander

    “… Why is the Obama Administration condemning Israel and siding with Al-Qaeda?”

    That’s a rhetorical question, right?

  • bill-tb

    The Barry regime does everything about as well as it handles the oil spill. It’s just that you can’t hide the oil spill.

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  • Swifty

    And the surrounding Arab countries will in unison say “Lies! All lies!”

  • Mrs. X

    Israel should have sunk all those ships.

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  • smarty

    Hmm, where is the Obama condemnation of North Korea compared to this? Oh yeah, we only beat up our friends, AQ and N.Korea are our frenemies.

  • neomom

    I’m shocked Bin-Laden wasn’t playing the role of Capt. Stubing. Maybe FOX can have a Holocaust movie marathon to remind these morons of the viciousness of anti-Semitism. My house, heart and military training is prepared to aid the children of Abraham. I think the next time a ship tries to run the blockade, the Jews should turn it into a man made reef. I am tired of the lies. We watch the Euotrash nations bankrupt themselves because they are too lazy to put in an honest work week and too stupid to keep out Islam, hey, lets blame the jews. The corrupt third world nations that worship a God of hate, violence and misogyny then wonder why they are unable to have a productive peaceful society. Blame the Jews? You Democrat American Jews, what the hell is wrong with you? You are working to kill the very instrument that enabled the defeat of Naziism and the defense of the Jewish homeland, The Constitution. I am so sick of this and so ready to fight.

  • David

    Is there any more independent information about Al-Qaeda on these ships?

    If that is true … wow … that would be a big game changer as far as this story is concerned.