That’s weird.

Obama’s nuclear summit logo is an Islamic crest.
Via Evil Conservative.

Error Theory put up this graphic.

It’s just weird. We all know he’s a good Christian. We’ve even seen his church.

More at EC.




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  1. OK, I know the answer but the question keeps popping up.

    Does he think we are stupid?

  2. it does beg the question why does everything connected to zero have to be reminiscent of the islamic crescent?

    including the new missle command logo, remember that one a couple months ago?

  3. @olm

    Not only that question keeps popping up,but also this crescent graphic keeps popping up.

    Little by little everything changes.

  4. Yes he does.

  5. This isn’t the first Obama oriented logo that has had a crescent moon applied to it. Remember the missile defense logo? It was a cresent to.

  6. Just another reminder like the new Missile defense Logo

    There always seems to be some additional star like object in these images.

    Of course as an ignorant Kafir I’m not supposed to know anything about the “Shining Path” so…

  7. So many coincidences, it does make ne wonder.

  8. A couple of simple questions.
    What evidence is there that Obama is a Christian? NONE
    What evidence is there that Obama is a Muslim? PLENTY.

  9. Shame on us for thinking this might be a muslim crescent. Must simply be one of those strange co-incidences that happen in life.

  10. Hmmm. I see it as an orbiting electron, with the words taking the place of the nucleus.

    Most logos related to Nuclear Energy or Weapons have some reference to atomic structure.

  11. In one of his books he said that no matter which way the political winds blow he will side with the muslims.

  12. It’s almost like they’re toying with us.

  13. Talk about like minds … LOL
    Some more excellent coverage here…

    A let’s not forget that the Shankesville Memorial is nothing but one Giant Outdoor Mosque complete with a Qibla

    As Oriana Fallaci (God rest her soul) said Islam is like a cancer that worms its way slowly through the body of the civilization it devours…

    As a society we need to answer apply the Edmund Burke model to this cancer.

  14. Oh please. It’s a stylized hydrogen atom. Commenter “Less” above is right.

  15. Comment #15 Steve from Brookline
    Don’t you have a Tea Party you’re supposed to be undermining?

  16. less
    MOST symbols of atomic energy have complete circles with atoms in orbit.
    complete circles, not crescents

    but 0dumbo’s handlers are clever, giving him plausible denialbility to suck in people.

  17. “Stylized hydrogen atoms,” aside since we are on the subject. If you told me that Mr. and Mrs. Zero simply laugh their heads off at night concerning the fast one they are pulling on America I would have no more reason to disbelieve than to believe it.

  18. And he referred to having been to most of the 57 states in his campaign-

    The Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC) is an international organisation with a permanent delegation to the United Nations. It groups 57 member states, from the Middle East, Africa, Central Asia, Caucasus, Balkans, Southeast Asia and South Asia.

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