Bill Clinton Gassed and Starved Thousands of Children But Has the Nerve to Lecture Tea Party Protesters on Violence & Civility

Earlier this week President Clinton lectured the tea party people about violence and civility.
The former president has a lot of nerve. During the Waco Disaster, President Clinton approved of gassing children with CS tear-gas for 48 hours.
The Volokh Conspiracy reported:

[T]here is the post hoc justification for the use of CS tear-gas in the raid offered by the US Justice Department and senior Clinton administration officials. The public generally, and even the Congressional hearings, seem to have accepted that the children at Waco were gassed and then died as, in effect, “collateral damage” in the course of a raid aimed at their parents.

This is not quite the case, however, by the Clinton administration’s own admissions. CS gas was used at the compound, in order, as senior White House adviser George Stephanopoulos said, echoing senior Justice Department statements, to “try and pressure” those in the compound. It was hoped, he said, that as this “pressure was increased, the maternal instincts of the mothers might take over and they might try to leave with their kids” (Washington Times, April 23, 1995).

But the FBI knew beforehand that adults in the compound had gas masks; the gas therefore would not put pressure on them. On whom, then? If the FBI knew that the adults had gas masks, but went ahead with the gas attack anyway, it is plain that this “pressure” was brought directly against the children because, as the FBI knew, they could not fit into adult– size gas masks. “Maternal feelings”, the FBI hoped, would be unleashed in the mothers by watching their children choking, gasping and blistering from the gas.

The plan Reno approved and took to President Clinton for approval contemplated the children choking in the gas unprotected for forty-eight hours if necessary, to produce the requisite “maternal feelings”. By taking aim at the children with potentially lethal gas, their mothers would be compelled, according to the FBI plan repeatedly defended by the Clinton administration afterwards as “rational” planning, to flee with them into the arms of those trying to gas them. [Emphasis added.]

An independent report on Waco written by the Harvard Professor of Law and Psychiatry, Alan A. Stone, for the then Deputy Attorney General Philip Heymann, says it “is difficult to believe that the US government would deliberately plan to expose twenty-five children, most of them infants and toddlers, to CS gas for forty-eight hours”. Unfortunately, however, that appears to have been exactly the plan.

That’s not all…
In 1996 Secretary of State Madeleine Albright told reporters that Bill Clinton’s policy that resulted in 500,000 dead Iraqi children was worth it.
In a much forgotten exchange between Lesley Stahl and Madeleine Albright on “60 Minutes” back on May 12, 1996:

Lesley Stahl on U.S. sanctions against Iraq: We have heard that a half million children have died. I mean, that’s more children than died in Hiroshima. And, you know, is the price worth it?

Secretary of State Madeleine Albright: I think this is a very hard choice, but the price–we think the price is worth it.

Here’s the horrifying video:

The United Nations estimated that a total of 1 million Iraqi civilians died as result of the sanctions on Iraq.
This tragedy never seemed to bother Bill Clinton and the Left for some reason.

But, now Bill Clinton and the Left are out lecturing American grandmothers at tea party protests about violence.
It figures.

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  • John Yoo

    Bill and Hillary Clinton and Janet Reno and about 5,000 other federal filthy murderers and cutthroats need to be tried in International Court for crimes against humanity.

  • Chisum

    Thank you, Jim, for this thread!

  • olm

    There was an enlightening exchange yesterday on Hot air where a lefty was saying that every death at Waco was deserved because 4 ATF agents were killed.
    It was a stunning and disgusting look at the liberal mind. Death means absolutely nothing to them if they are the ones doing the killing.

  • ProLifer

    Liberals — like sociopaths — “lack a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience.”

  • bill-tb

    Never forget, the Clinton-Waco raid was a gun control dog and pony show from the start.

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  • olm

    It was a gun control dog and pony show. The the left mantra on this is the whole rewriting of history thing by which Clinton can use this to demonize tea partiers.
    Speak up and speak loud. They are really close to repeating history here. The funny part is that the Tea Party movement is not going to be involved.

  • Galt

    Bill Clinton knows exactly what he is doing: by smearing these law abiding citizens as dangerous radicals he intends to paint a giant bullseye target on their backs. He is as vicious and divisive as they come and regularly puts his party before his country. But that’s what Dems do. That’s why they must be voted out.

  • Patman

    I’m not one for civil disobedience, but when Clinton was in office I actually contemplated shouting him down at an appearance in my home state. The Lewinski thing just put me over the top. What does “is” really mean…

    I was rather liberal at the time too, but I learned quickly that liberalism is a joke and will not defend the nation and freedoms I love as an American.

    Now, I’m proud to say I’m a Republican Tea Party kinda guy. I figured this out even before Al Gore created the Internet.

  • wanumba

    The inner circle of N.I.C.E.

  • sliderblaze

    This blog mentioned by Rush again, nice….

  • Jerry M

    Slick Willy’s and Janet Reno’s disastrous handling of the massacre of woman and children at Waco provided the catalyst for the horrific action against the government by nut job Tim McVeigh. There is no justification for what McVeigh did but Clinton was the cause and McVeigh was the effect. Clinton is the only President I am aware of to have inspired such an extremist and violent response against innocent people. Clinton was, is and always will be a dishonest scumbag. He has been fortunate in that he has really had no one of stature call him out for his outrageous comments.

  • bg


    re: Madeleine Albright’s wrong headed & cold hearted opinion on the lives of Iraqi children being worth it.. i’m sorry, but i must respectfully disagree, the ONLY one who is responsible for the deaths of those Iraqi children was and is Saddam maddaS..


  • wanumba

    Can we add Clinton’s IGNORING of the DIRE WARNINGS that RWANDA was about to explode – with future UN SEC General Kofi Annan doing nothing but giving names of informants to the Hutus, the UN force commanders WARNING of genocide, reduced to pleading to do something that would deter the disaster that was about to be unleashed.

    The Left howled and wailed that Bush was a meanie Republican for not rushing to Darfur, but they are SILENT SILENT SILENT about the Democratic Party Administration that was in charge when Rwanda imploded.

    While tearing their robes about western Sudan (Darfur) the Left is SILENT about the two decades of genocide in Southern Sudan – what did CLinton do about that on his watch? Zippo. Two million killed, four million displaced. The Southern Sudanese honor George W. Bush, not Clinton. Why oh why oh why? The media believe they are stupid like the Tea Partiers … or do they KNOW something the media isn’t telling us?

  • Eriah

    Thank you for this article, Jim!
    You should have never opened your mouth, Bill. The truth always comes out!
    Imagine where Bush would be right now if he did this……

  • Kevin P

    Jerry M – #13 – who would you consider to be someone of stature to call him out?

    BG #14 – you are right about Saddam being the one to blame.

  • Kevin P

    And don’t forget – Clinton was fighting on the wrong side in Sarajevo as well.

  • Kevin P

    Clinton LIED and 500,000 children DIED!

    How’s that sound to you Code Pinko’s?

  • Ladue Pundit

    David Koresh, leader of the Branch Davidians in Waco, TX, regularly appeared in public and could have been apprehended peacefully.

    bg, of course Saddam was DIRECTLY responsible for those Iraqi children’s deaths. What we’re discussing now is the core admittance on the part of Madeleine Albright that those lives were entirely expendable. And Janet Reno’s breathtaking, unwarranted assault on civilians using firebombs ia another example of violent statism.

    Both of these women are incompetent zombies. The Waco annihilation should be reopened and those who commanded these atrocities should be put on trial.

  • Don Rodrigo

    A couple of things:

    The Waco thing was a terrible tragedy and screw-up that rests on Clinton’s head, but to be accurate, dozens of kids were subjected to CS gas, NOT thousands. The headline conflates the Iraqi children with the Waco ones.

    As to the libel about 500,000 dead Iraqi children because of the sanctions: Simply. Not. True. That number is an old leftist and Iraqi canard meant to make the sanctions look bad. Lifting that lie just because you want to bash Clinton is stupid and mendacious. There are plenty of real issues you can beat Clinton over the head with, but lies about Iraq and implying thousands of deaths at Waco aren’t among them.

    I do realize that this site is deliberately meant to be inflammatory, but with all the real stuff going on that is bad, you may want to try putting some limits on how over-the-top you want to be. Leave that kind of crap to Daily Kos.

  • Valerie

    Meanwhile, we have the Oregon Tea Party is
    being very, very good.

  • Valerie

    Oh, how I miss the edit button.

  • bg


    wanumba @ 11:01 am #15

    Clinton, Rwanda

    imo the UN is utmost responsible..

    both Bush & Powell went to the UN and demanded they call what was, and still is to some extent, going down in the Sudan “genocide”.. they refused..

    please tell me, what has the UN done aside from consistently
    committing their own crimes against humanity with impunity and spending millions of tax payer dollars on their renovations on their Rockefella donated land for their building??

    not to mention Obama being the chair (which
    i read/heard is unconstitutional in & of itself)??

    why is the UN exempt from being charged with crimes against humanity?? they also skated on their involvement in the Iraq Oil for Blood Scam.. lets face reality folks.. the bottom line is, it couldn’t have happened w/out the UN sanctioning it..


  • Ladue Pundit

    “…but with all the real stuff going on that is bad, you may want to try putting some limits on how over-the-top you want to be.”
    Don Rodrigo, the real stuff is getting pretty bad and if you want to peacefully assemble at a townhall or tea party, situations like this will make it difficult.

    The subject of this thread is Bill Clinton’s marginalization of tea party attendees as violent and dangerous people. He speaks ominously of “what might happen.”

    When we look at the numerous violent incidents, we see that ALL THOSE RESPONSIBLE were leftists and Democrats. GP has chronicled this very well.

    We cannot lose our Constitutional right to assemble peacefully because some pant- dropping oral sex recipient who allowed and ordered violence himself is out to smear us.

  • Sojourner

    . Tony Blankley’s on Bubba & the old loser’s TP Smear Tactics:
    …..” Clinton last week inadvertently demonstrated Karl Marx’s shrewd observation, “History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce.”
    The historical event in question is the attempt to deter by smearing a broad-based, popular, American anti-high-tax, anti-big-central government movement as likely to induce seditious violence against the government.
    The historic example of this calumny was Alexander Hamilton’s slander against Thomas Jefferson and James Madison’s emerging Republican/Democratic Party.
    The first repetition, as tragedy, was Bill Clinton’s attack on the Republican Contract With America rhetoric following the Oklahoma bombing in 1995 — which resulted in deflecting the upward progress of conservatism from the summer of 1995 onward.
    The second repetition — this time as farce — occurred last week as, once again, Mr. Clinton went back to his once-trusty playbook and implied that this time, the Tea Party rhetoric might result in political violence:”

  • bg


    Ladue Pundit @ 11:08 am #20

    re: [What we’re discussing now is the core admittance on the part of Madeleine Albright that those lives were entirely expendable. And Janet Reno’s breathtaking, unwarranted assault on civilians using firebombs is another example of violent statism.]

    now that’s a different angle (mostly encapsulating what i did not articulate) that changes the context and allows for a perspective i can live with (aah, duh me and my direct bottom lines.. :D).. thanks!!

    Don Rodrigo @ 11:12 am #21

    very well stated, thank you..


  • Joanne

    If these people have no empathy towards children, how much empathy does anyone think they will have for Tea Partiers?

    Let’s face it – they believe it is the right of a woman to take the own life of her unborn child via dismemberment and burning their flesh. These are truly evil people who condone abortions.

  • bg


    Valerie @ 11:20 am #22

    [“We don’t want to see Jason Levin fired, we want to see him helped,”
    said Oregon Tea Party founder Geoff Ludt. “We want to reach out to
    him and we want to use his actions to create a teachable moment.”]

    LOVE IT!!


    Valerie @11:23 am #23

    [Oh, how I miss the edit button.]

    me too, almost as much as GWB..


  • Kevin P

    Ladue Pundit #20 – I must agree with bg #27 and submit my own DOH!!! I missed the point. Thanks!

  • bg


    Kevin P @12:03 pm #30

    yep, silly us for responding to the title of
    the thread and parsing the incidents.. 😉


  • flipside

    That’s right Hillary, you and Bill are for the children.

    Village idiots.

  • zmdavid

    Remember during the 1992 campaign when Clinton promised all the Haitians he would let them in? Then when they tried to come over on unsafe rafts, many drowning in the process, he sent them to Gitmo, then back to Haiti.

  • Jerry M

    Kevin P – #17

    That’s a good question. After I wrote my comment, the same question occurred to me. At the present, I’m not sure there is one and perhaps that is why Clinton feels he can make such outrageous and hypocritical remarks without retribution. Sen. Inhofe from Oklahoma said his remarks were unconscienable but that did not go nearly far enough.

  • Robb76

    Good call Kevin 18. I will never understand why Clinton ordered christians bombed and killed in Bosnia to
    assist muslims taking control.

    Stains on dresses have consequences, I guess.

  • clyde

    besides the general pleasure the libs take in slaughtering babies behind closed doors the they have an interest in efficiency so instead of one by one mass murder is regarded as an improved method.another thing that drove them crazy was that the branch davideans were tax exempt as a religious organization.the gun thing was just a ruse. nearly every household in texas has a rifle or a shotgun or a pistol or all three.

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  • TalkinKamel

    The Inner circle of N.I.C.E., indeed, Wanumba!

    And led by Fairy Hardcastle, too!

  • olm

    Wow, Rush is on fire today.
    I love it. I miss the way Limbaugh just easily cuts Clintoon into little insignificant bits of noise.

  • unbelievable!

    Chelsea is lucky she escaped alive. The left is becoming more and more violent. They must be voted away from the levers of power.

  • Sojourner

    …Remember.. it was also Clinton who commuted the sentences of 14 FALN members in1999, the violent Puerto Rican terrorist group that claimed responsbility for setting off more than 100 bombs in the US, killing 6 Americans and injuring more than 130. Yea, that Slick Willie’s got loads of credibility on domestic terror..
    Clinton Pardons Terror:

  • wanumba

    April 21st, 2010 | 11:27 am | #24
    wanumba @ 11:01 am #15
    Clinton, Rwanda
    imo the UN is utmost responsible..

    Well, as it was pointed out earlier, those 100% responsible for the Rwanda geoncide were the Hutus. The UN mission there did not have any mandate, and thus not have the correct material or support to confront a mass uprising, in any way shape or form. Since no member nation wants the UN to maintain an independent army (understandably) it has to ask for everything – so by nature it’s more inefficient in getting what it needs and at a permanent fundamental disadvantage in asking the UN to upgrade peacekeeping from “monitoring” to a level that would be better equipped to handle more aggressive threats.

    The appeals were to upgrade that, and to get the USA as a credible partner to impress on the Hutus to back down. If Clinton had weighed in heavily to dissuade the Hutus from their plans, then the dynamics would have shifted. Clinton had a lot at his disposal to pressure the Hutus without having to send in the US military. He didn’t do anything. He didn’t care.

    The point is, the Left is constantly pointing to “humanitarian” and “morality” but when they were faced with a geocidal plot, they turned their backs. They have ZERO moral authority to complain about anyone not doing enough.
    They’re just liars and manipulators.

    The UN has been able to get primarily US food aid and medical aid and all sorts of other aid to poeple who otherwise might not have gotten it because it allows for a neutrality cover. Many governments politically feel that direct US aid would mean their poltical opponents would accuse them of being American lapdogs.

    There are a lot of UN staff who are trying very hard to improve the lot of people, but it’s mixed with a managerial level that is larded with the politically connected (hacks) from every country on the planet, and opportunistic tinpots.

    So, it’s a mixed bag, but it does achieve useful goals. The former UN project chief of Guinea Worm eradication for Nigeria is a prime example. When he arrived in Nigeria the country had about 500,000 cases of the odious Guinea Worm a year. The UN was drilling wells to provide clean water and to break the transmission cycyle – about 600 new wells a year. He jacked that to over 3,000 new wells a year. The transmission of Guinea Worm in Nigeria is in the hundreds of cases, not the hundreds of thousands of cases.
    So, we’ve seen with our own eyes real help delivered succesfully thru the auspices of the UN. Doesn’t make us blind to the nonsense, and the flagrant abuses – where’s there’s money, there’s money sharks – but not willing to condemn ALL of it outright – it can work in areas most agencies and people don’t want to go to.

  • For some perspective, Timothy McVey and Terry Nichol bombed the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City in retalliation for CLINTON policies of framing and attacking Randy Weaver and murdering his family in cold blood and for the unnecessary and brutal massacre at the Branch Davidian Mount Carmel Compound in Waco. The people carrying the dead and injured out and risking their lives digging through the rubble in Oklahoma City are the same people who participate in Townhall meetings and TEA Parties today. Get it right, Clinton and your lapdog propaganda Leftist media.

  • wanumba

    April 21st, 2010 | 12:38 pm | #38
    The Inner circle of N.I.C.E., indeed, Wanumba!

    And led by Fairy Hardcastle, too!


  • Militant Conservative

    Remember CS gas was not to be used by the FBI as it was know to cause fires. Next, Take ANY crime scene in America. The first thing you do is preserve the scene for investigation. What did Slickster do?????
    The crime scene was bulldozed. I lived in Dallas Tx. at the time of Waco and OKC. Waco was the Fed’s fault. (thier was a certain level of death that the clinton Admin was comfortable with) The OKC bombing was horrific. I got to travel there shortly after the event. powder is dry.

  • bg


    clyde @ 12:33 pm #36

    re: [another thing that drove them crazy was that the branch
    davideans were tax exempt as a religious organization.]

    that evidently doesn’t bother them any more..

    as a matter of fact, they not only promote ie: the
    religion of peace, but aid & abet it’s expansion..

    now move along..

    nothing to see here..

    here & here or here, and that was just a sample..

    oh yeah, not to mention:

    the “social justice” system Obama is fully intent on
    establishing in order to wed church/mosque & state..

    [From a political stance that is leftist, you must legislate to create a just society, and various programs need to exist in order to collect monies needed to even the playing field between rich, middle class, poor and those people who are routinely marginalized by society. Equal rights can be defined as equal access to things that make it possible for people in any societal sector to be successful. Therefore, leftist philosophy would support things like anti-discrimination laws and equal opportunity programs, and would favor taxation, especially of those who make a lot of money, to pay for programs that help provide equality for all.

    The far left would argue that there are certain basic needs that must be offered to all. These include things like truly equal education and safety in all schools and programs that would help all children have the financial opportunity to attend college. Far left groups, often termed socialist even if they differ from true definitions of socialism, further argue that a just society cannot be had unless everyone has access to food, safe shelter and medical care. The way to achieve this is through taxation and government implementation of programs that will guarantee these things for all people.

    The right political stance equally endorses a just society, but may criticize those who make poor choices and feel that while equal opportunity should exist, a government should not legislate for this. In fact it is argued that social justice is diminished when governments create programs to deal with it, especially when these programs call for greater taxation. Instead, those who have more money should be encouraged to be philanthropic, not by paying higher taxes, which is arguably unjust.

    From a religious perspective, you’ll find people all over
    the political spectrum who argue for social justice.

    “I am confident that we can create a Kingdom right here on Earth.”

    ‘We are God’s partners in matters of life and death’

    ‘my individual salvation is not gonna come about
    without a collective salvation for the country’ …

    “Covenant for a New America”

    [At a press conference on December 1… the possible Presidential contender said, ‘…the network that Saddleback has helped to create has as much reach as any institutional force in our culture and has probably a wider reach around the world than just about anything that’s going on right now…. I hope one of the things that comes out of this conference that Pastor Rick has emphasized again and again, is no single branch of our society is going do this alone. If government thinks they can do it by themselves they’re wrong. Churches have to recognize that they’ve got to be partners with the government. Business has an enormous role….]

    UCC member Sen. Barack Obama discusses faith and politics

    [Later — during his interview with United Church News — Obama continued his thoughts about religion and politics; specifically, the role of religious principles in reaching a balance between national security and social justice concerns.

    “I believe that democracy demands that the religiously motivated translate their concerns into universal values,” Obama said. “Social justice and national security are both universal values, values that may originate for some in their religious beliefs, but are shared by us all.”]

    Social Justice & Islam

    ”I am certain nothing has done so much to destroy the juridical safeguards of individual freedom as the striving after the mirage of social justice.”

    “I have come to feel strongly that the greatest service I can still render to my fellow men would be that I could make the speakers and writers among them thoroughly ashamed ever again to employ the term ’social justice’.”

    ~Friedrich A. von Hayek

    [standard disclaimer: source Wikipedia]

    again, that was just a sample..


  • bg


    olm @ 12:39 pm #39

    ironic how both Clinton and Rush have
    called Obama by his real name, thug..

    [The federal government requires “sensitivity training” for federal employees, including those who work at the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Obama has appointed Arif Alikhan, a Sunni Muslim as Assistant Secretary to Homeland Security, and Kareem Shora,
    the national executive director for the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, to a position on the Homeland Security Advisory Council.

    The repression of political correctness combined with acceptance of Muslims in the U.S. military produced 13 victims when Army Major Nidal Hasan went on a murderous rampage at Fort Hood only days after the House Judiciary Committee removed a part of the USA Patriot Act for tracking non-U.S. citizens in anti-terrorism investigations. Obama would not admit it was an act of Islamic terror in spite of mounting evidence that proves Major Hasan had been openly espousing Islamic jihad in the military against non-Muslims for years.

    Obama has nationalized entire industries with taxpayer bailouts, passed the Economic Stimulus Bill, pushed the Health Care Bill, and the Cap and Trade Bill, converting a once free-market into a government-run socialist state. All of these actions rely on heavily increased taxes from the American taxpayer with more control over their lives for generations to come.

    Obama’s leniency toward Islam provokes the question of whose and what interests he is really standing for. The man with the name Barack Hussein Obama apologizes for America to Muslim nations while he endorses Islam in America. However shocking it may seem, and whatever the intentions, with Islam’s nose in American government, the socialist plans are paving the way to generations of dhimmitude. The inflicting control over American lives the plans will cause and the taxes Americans will have to pay to put them into action is analogous to a jizya tax in accordance to Islamic doctrine–taxes imposed on non-Muslims to control them until they embrace Islam completely.]

    you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!”


  • Andreas K.

    Hmmm. I don’t remember much about Waco, other than what the media said here. That some heavily armed religious nutjobs had locked themselves up like a fortress defying the law of the land. Along that line.

    Bush, Powell, the UN and Sudan… bg, what do you expect? The UN is heavily biased towards the mohammedans. The UN human rights council shows that all the time. You can bash Israel in front of them, but even mentioning sharia law is not allowed.

    F*ck the UN.

    UN sanctions haven’t stopped the Northies from working on a bomb. Reports suggest that North Korea is working on a third nuke test. In your face UN and Obama.

    But I’m going to be very honest now. Let’s say we’d go into Sudan. I strongly believe that such a mission isn’t worth sacrificing the life of even one GI.

    When the EU went into Chad I strongly opposed it. Simply because: what are our Austrian soldiers doing in the Chad? Do we have a garden there?

    If these people there are so stupid that the only way of solving a conflict is to kill each other in the millions…


    If that’s all they can come up with? Fine.

    If it leads to genocide?

    It’s not our problem. We have our own problems to deal with. Oh yes, the sake of the “international community.” I piss on this “international community.” This community treats free nations the same as bloodthirsty regimes. We’re all equal there. Bullsh*t. We’re not equal. We democracies are better than those backwater dictatorships.

    The UN is just another socialist POS.

  • bg


    olm @ 12:39 pm #39

    oops, forgot the main reason i wanted to post about Rush..

    when he said Obama is taking US down from within (not verbatim) ..

    i’ve been saying that since first i ever heard
    his name, and posting the following as well..

    “Our confrontation with America used to be like confronting a fortress
    from outside. Today we have found an opening to enter the fortress and
    to confront it from within.”

    Along came a black citizen of Kenyan African origins, a Muslim, who
    had studied in an Islamic school in Indonesia. His name is Obama.

    [..] Europe is in a predicament, and so is America. They
    should agree to become Islamic in the course of time [..]

    yes, just a sample..

    and my apologies for seemingly going off topic, but it certainly points out what the OA et al (ie: Clinton) wants the MSM & talking O’bobbleheads to silence, as well as falsely portraying innocent Tea Party members as being
    an “enemy of the state” which alone raises a huge RED FLAG..


  • bg


    funny how NONE of these retro amnesiacs ever mention 9/11, AQ, or
    the very real & imminent threat we face from Islamists!! /truth sarc/


  • bg


    Andreas K. @ 1:38 pm #48

    oh i understand your point, and i’m not up to articulating mine,
    so let me just get right to the minus all the minutiae bottom line:

    most all of the endangering circumstances were created by the
    UN either not doing it’s job, or fomenting it in the first place..


  • Jerry M

    Slick Willy is doing the bidding of Obama who has to keep his mouth shut when it comes to accusing the TPM and conservatives of inciting violence because he, after all, is the only President in American history who has befriended and was politically and ideologically aligned with a real domestic terrorist named William Ayers. The hypocricy and dishonesty of these clowns knows no limit.

  • Aitch748

    Bill Clinton seems suddenly determined to remind us of some of the reasons why we hated him when he was President. It wasn’t all about Paula Jones and getting a little extra nookie on the side and then fibbing about it in court.

  • olm

    bg, actually when Rush said that today I thought of the very same quote.
    I also really really hate when the OKC bombing comes up and the Islamic connection is never mentioned.
    It gets me going. I think the destruction from within is intimately involved as well and I always end with wondering whether we’ll ever know the truth.

  • bg



    Clinton is about as relevant as Carter..

    Obama is as close to a DICTATOR
    as America has ever experienced..

    we are too busy paying attention to the nut de jour of the day
    to notice more & more of our freedoms are being taken away..

    ie: via Rush

    Hitler Finds Out the Hitler Downfall Parody Videos are Being Taken Down


  • bg


    olm @ 2:23 pm #54

    denial is: we simply don’t believe what’s happening (i’m certain Hitlers victims didn’t believe it at the time either), that’s how they’re winning..

    truth is simpler: if it walks & talks like a (fitb), it’s a (fitb)..

    meantime, what are we waiting for??

    a Super Hero to magically drop out of the sky??

    for the Republicans to somehow miraculously save US??

    for Obama’s ugly political winds to shift in a new direction??

    all of which make me laugh as well as cry..

    “we the people” have the power, and we had better recognize the fact that
    we need to rise up as ONE AGAINST THE MACHINE, or surrender in bits
    & pieces to the evil within..

    only we can save ourselves, that is the bottom line..


  • Ben There

    Why is anyone surprised that the same liberals who support slaughtering unborn children would also support slaughtering those that managed to live as well?

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  • Andreas K.

    April 21st, 2010 | 2:12 pm | #51

    You’re absolutely right with that. And still our politicians crawl in front of the UN. I just need to look at the UN “peace keeping” history. It would be totally laughable if it wouldn’t have cost the lives of thousands of people.

    denial is: we simply don’t believe what’s happening (i’m certain Hitlers victims didn’t believe it at the time either), that’s how they’re winning..
    Also correct. In the beginning many people really thought they’d be just thrown out of Nazi Germany, so that they could settle some place else. Eventually the word spread that, once a Jew would be stuffed into a train, he’d not go to a new settlement area, but rather to the gas chamber. In the end the people knew what was going on.

  • Richard Aubrey

    Don Rodrigo,
    Ref the 500,000 dead Iraqi kids. Yes, it’s a lie.
    Yes, most people know it, even those who claim otherwise.
    But, for purposes of this discussion, halfbright admitted it was correct and said it was worth it.
    That’s the point.

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  • Terry Grinnalds

    I thought all you conservatives were for law and order. The idiots at Waco engaged in an armed standoff with the law. When you feel your rights are violated, the Constitution and law of the land give you a remedy: you surrender and fight it out in court. That’s what the courts are for, to be an alternative to violence. I’ve been a defense lawyer for a long time, and I explain it this way to my incarcerated clients: The legal system is like a big python. When you first run afoul of it, it’s like the python taking a little bite. The more you fight it, the more the system will swallow you. It’s simply not built to say “Oh. You’re causing us too much trouble. We’ll let you go.” The law insists on winning. You have to eventually play by its rules, or it will swallow you or kill you. The Waco crazies planned from the beginning to fight the law to the death. They were asked over and over to send out the children, but they would not. Theirs was the responsibility for what happened.

  • bg


    Andreas K. @ 4:46 pm #59

    Jews weren’t the only victims..

    [Approximately 11 million people were killed because of Nazi genocidal policy. It was the explicit aim of Hitler’s regime to create a European world both dominated and populated by the “Aryan” race. The Nazi machinery was dedicated to eradicating millions of people it deemed undesirable. Some people were undesirable by Nazi standards because of who they were,their genetic or cultural origins, or health conditions. These included Jews, Gypsies, Poles and other Slavs, and people with physical or mental disabilities. Others were Nazi victims because of what they did. These victims of the Nazi regime included Jehovah’s Witnesses, homosexuals, the dissenting clergy, Communists, Socialists, asocials, and other political enemies.

    Those believed by Hitler and the Nazis to be enemies of the state were banished to camps. Inside the concentration camps, prisoners were forced to wear various colored triangles, each color denoting a different group. The letters on the triangular badges below designate the prisoners’ countries of origin.]

    not to mention the millions lost trying to stop Hitler et al.. 🙁

    it’s also no secret that today’s Hitler is Islam..


  • wanumba

    Andreas K.
    April 21st, 2010 | 1:38 pm | #48
    Hmmm. I don’t remember much about Waco, other than what the media said here. That some heavily armed religious nutjobs had locked themselves up like a fortress defying the law of the land. Along that line.

    Bush, Powell, the UN and Sudan… bg, what do you expect? The UN is heavily biased towards the mohammedans. The UN human rights council shows that all the time. You can bash Israel in front of them, but even mentioning sharia law is not allowed.

    F*ck the UN.

    But I’m going to be very honest now. Let’s say we’d go into Sudan. I strongly believe that such a mission isn’t worth sacrificing the life of even one GI.
    I think you can do better than this, Andreas.

    First: get up to speed on Waco. David Koresh could have EASILY been picked up on his usual shopping in town. The compound was minding its own business, out by itself because that’s what they wanted – to be left alone. They were surrounded by FBI and BAFT, surrepticiously, with tactical agents sneaking up to the second floor windows, BEFORE the Feds knocked on the door. The compound was under an ambush attack and didn’t know who was behind it – they just immediately defended themselves.
    It REEKED of set-up.
    A film a few years ago also claimed that the first two agents to be killed in that initial assault – the two sent forward in the most exposed positions – had been in … Bill Clinton’s personal security when he was governor of Arkansas. What a coincidence if that is true. What would be the odds?

    It makes one wonder about G.K. Chesterton’s detective, Father Brown, who posed the questions, “Where do you hide a tree? In a forest. Where do you hide a murder? On a battlefield.”

    Second: As for Sudan, the UN is heavily facilitating the first national elections since 1986, the votes are being tallied this moment, and is providing the foundation of support that has made CREDIBLE the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) that ended twenty years of civil war and genocide of Southern Sudanese by the north.
    As far as your blanket statement that the UN “favors mohammedeans,” after years of providing OPERATION LIFELINE from Kenya into Southern Sudan for food and medical assistance to the suffering Christian Sudanese, in the past FIVE years, the UN has de-mined the war-devastated South, built new roads and bridges, provided humanitarian support for millions of returning Southern Sudanese – many whom WALKED months to get home – getting UN airdrops thru dense bush, built and staffed new medical clinics, vaccinated millions of children and built new schools. To name just a FEW accomplishments they have achieved there in five years.

    BBC has probably provided more reporting on this over the past five years than anyone else. Go to their AFRICA section and look thru the Sudan archives. Their reporter was embedded in the bush trek – an awesome ordeal of human perseverance and optimism after war.
    George W. Bush is considered a HERO to many Southern Sudanese for QUIETLY providing critical support for their chance at peace and thus at independence in 2011.

    It’s lazy to just blow off the UN in its entirety. It’s piss poor at some things because the Security Council doesn’t allow them the mandate, it’s piss poor in other programs because there’s so much money involved greedy grubbies weasel in to get a cut.
    But the UN is doing more than that. It has done a lot of good in many other ways.

    Be critical of the abuses, but there are things to praise, and the UN people who are deligently, working in extremely difficult conditions, never get anything but a slap for it.

  • Jim is doing great work. He reminds us of something I never forgot- what happens when the federal government is run by elitists and leftists.

    “Pro-lifer” said it best- they lack a conscience.

    I’ve said this until I think I mumble it in my sleep. Remember who these people are, who they studied, who they followed. Also remember that sociopathic tendencies are not limited to criminals, they can infect whole groups of people of all walks of life.

    I believe certain mindsets are drawn to certain principles or lack of principles. Everyone, even the most insane look for like minds. Throughout history we have been witness to the collective madness of communism, fascism, hard socialism and just plain crazy dictators and tyrants. Why do we think it cannot happen here? Or better yet, isn’t happening now? Were we sprinkled with a protective fairy dust by our founding fathers? Not hardly.

    I remember Waco. I was in law enforcement back then. There was no excuse for what happened and if you remember nobody went to jail. In fact, like I said earlier, please watch “Waco Rules of Engagement” on You tube. Pay attention to how Schumer and Reno and the rest testified or commented. You realize quickly that their attitude was one of contempt, like how do they dare question the government??? Schumer is especially bad.

    But it proves my point and it was part of the motivation for my book. I thought if they could isolate, demonize and then destroy a compound then why not a town?

    The key here is to understand your enemy. The sooner you realize the radical left sees you as subhumans the quicker you’ll be able to wrap your head around the motive behind the beating and stomping of that poor girl in N.O.

    Germans hated Jews and Gypsies and non-Aryans in general. The Japanese believe they were superior to the Chinese and about anyone else which led to their abuse of those Chinese and Americans too. Soviets hated everybody who wasn’t a good Soviet. The Chinese communists were constantly purging themselves of anyone suspected as not being “pure” revolutionaries. So, why do you think the people who loved these people would act or think any differently towards us, the unwashed masses?

  • bg


    wanumba @ 12:59 pm #42

    re: Guinea Worm

    recently watched a special about that..

    and i’m not too sure why you give so much credit to the UN for getting around to eradicating it, and good on them.. but i’m sorry, lady justice may be blind, but she is holding scales, and if one were to put all the good the UN has done compared to what it hasn’t done (or more bad vs good it’s done, not to mention at what cost), i’m afraid even lady justice would be able to plainly see right through her blindfold..

    re: Rwanda

    i’ve watched several specials on that over the years as well.. and here’s a pretty good outline, yet there’s still a lot of info missing, might you have
    a fill in the blanks/connect the dots link??



  • bg


    Richard Aubrey @ 5:10 pm #60

    i’m sorry, but regardless of any so called POINTS being made,
    Bill Clinton DID NOT Gas and Starve Thousands of Children..


  • wanumba

    Rwanda is also a recent warning of the things you talk about. The Hutus used every venue, every media outlet to push stereotypes, rumors, gossip and malicious insinuations against the Tutsi – stroking people’s natural faults of jealosy, covetness and by that, stoking hate.

    The genocide seemed to have exploded out of nowhere, but it in fact was the result of a steady, comprehensive pre-conditioning of the people to demonise, marginalise the Tutsi, and then prime Hutu people to accept violence against them.
    They just needed a trigger – the airplane crash.

    On the other hand, there is another lesson of Rwanda that is worth learning, too. The outnumbered and devastated Tutsi rallied and drove the majority Hutus out. Guess there was a reason the Tutsi were more successful a social class than the Hutus – they really were better organized.

  • bg


    ps re: bg #66

    watch & listen to The Warning..

    [Seeing that no action is being taken by Dallaire’s U.N. forces, the extremists are now confident that the U.N. won’t stand in their way. On April 6th the Rwanda president’s plane is shot down and the killing begins. Dallaire again requests U.N. guidance and again is told to avoid armed conflict.]


  • bg


    wanumba @ 6:51 pm #64

    re: [Be critical of the abuses, but there are things to praise, and the UN people who are deligently, working in extremely difficult conditions, never get anything but a slap for it.]

    true, like this woman who’s trying to fight this abuse..

    (please listen carefully as to how the UN addresses the problem, gah!!)

    [“It’s a disgusting practice. … It’s a form of slavery, taking a child, keeping him. It’s a form of sexual slavery,” says Radhika Coomaraswamy. U.N. special representative for Children and Armed Conflict. “The only way to stop bacha bazi is if you prosecute the people who commit the crime, and that’s what we need, because the laws are there in the books against this practice.”

    Whenever I mentioned this topic to Afghans or even the diplomatic community, it was as if I had dropped a big brick, especially in … official circles. It was as if it was a subject that you don’t talk about. It was very clear to me — and someone actually said it to me — that these are not things that people talk about, so let’s first deal with the war, and then we will deal with these other issues. There would be complete silence in the room. Even when I mentioned it at my press conference, it was interesting: The journalists laughed nervously as if it was not something you would talk about.]

    of which a new organization should be formed with of her ilk, and
    purge the transparent UN along with our president, from our land..

    why, the tax monies we’d most likely save by them not being
    here would probably be in the billions via their perks alone!!


  • wanumba

    April 21st, 2010 | 6:58 pm | #66
    wanumba @ 12:59 pm #42
    re: Guinea Worm
    recently watched a special about that..

    and i’m not too sure why you give so much credit to the UN for getting around to eradicating it, and good on them..

    I have a comment about the link. Jimmy Carter’s center is funding the Sudan eradication, so one guesses that’s why the “Pultizer Center” is keen on mentioning Sudan. To promote Carter, a Democrat. (Sudan is counting votes, btw, so Carter’s back in town).

    Nigeria had the worst concentration in the world and it was spreading, so the human toll of Guinea Worm there was awful – and it’s about as nasty a parasite as they get. I do not know off the top of my head whether the Carter Center was involved in eradication of Guinea Worm in Nigeria – it was ah … 1993-1998 that the program went from moribund into high gear.
    Here’s where I do get very annoyed with the UN, but it was happening at the same time with ALL the AID agencies – shifting from concrete programs like well drilling, schools, roads, clinics, to Leftie favorite vagaries like “rights of the girl-child” and “environmental issues (USAID under Clinton veered off roads, health, education, into probably the world’s largest supplier of condoms, and “environmental issues with pandas”.) So, the uber succesful Guinea-Worm eradication project was scaled way back due to loss of funding priority. It might be able to eradicate GW finally, but it could have been eradicated in Nigeria by now, certainly at the pace they were going. Further, good wells hugely reduce other water-borne diseases, so it’s a comprehensive improvement for people.
    I am simply not willing to throw out the good stuff about the UN. I am NOT naive about it, been at the mercy of the UN too many times. But I know there are good people who manage to do good while in the UN, despite its faults. If it hadn’t been for the UN, these people wouldn’t have been able to have been in the exact place where they could make a difference.

    God wasn’t that thrilled with the morals of 1st Century Rome, but He made very good use of their extensive road network and the “Roman Peace” to send out the apostles to spread Christianity far and wide.

    Rwanda -I made some comments above. I haven’t been there, though I know people who were working there. The UNICEF head of office was emotionally shattered, and has never really recovered – his entire office was slaughtered I believe at the office itself- that’s all I know.

  • wanumba

    whoa bg!
    can hardly stay ahead of you.
    #69 Exactly the link for my comment #68

    There are some total total total jerks who get into UN slots – but I tell you the truth, there are also some of the nicest and solid people you’d ever want to meet. The trick is getting
    in resources to the good people and the awful UN bureaucracy out of their hair, while keeping the duplictious and greedy pests out of the way.

    It’s not easy, but it can be done.

  • More on Bill and Hillary’s Communist activities here:

  • bg


    wanumba @ 7:36 pm #71

    i hear you..

    and now Obama has scaled back the AIDS program..

    re: Nigeria Eliminates Guinea Worm

    the UN vs good people working there..

    yes, it’s hard, but eventually one cannot avoid seeing the forest..


  • Be careful over thinking Waco. I was working in law enforcement and we got some intel during the incident. This was not a case of some conspiracy, at least not until the cover up started. Let me help out a little here.

    1. BATF was a fairly young and disliked agency back in the eighties and nineties. They were considered “cowboys” by the other federal agencies. Nobody wanted to fold them into their department. BATF had to constantly justify their budget and existence. The way they did that is by staging big busts. Ruby Ridge was supposed to break open a white supremacist group. Waco was supposed to be a huge gun bust involving the “crazy religious nuts.” Watch “Waco rules of engagement” on Youtube. You will see how they had dozens of video tapes lined up for video taping their success. They had already notified the media, which is how the Davidians found out that the raid was coming that morning.

    2. BATF commanders were warned by the undercover agent Koresh sent out for that purpose. He begged them not to execute the warrant.

    3. Speaking of the warrant, it was flimsy at best and probably unlawful. But it was a signed warrant.

    4. The Davidians knew the ATF was coming and warned them not to come with weapons.

    5. To which the BATF took as a challenge. Like most high energy para-military types of agencies, it was like waving red meat in front of a hungry dog. BATF was going to show them who was boss. This is in direct violation of the first rule of police work- we are directed to take people into custody so they can have their day in court, not look for a gunfight. Back then the ATF thought they had to prove themselves. In their minds they had the right to push forward.

    6. We’ll never know who fired first. The fire and the subsequent cover up will hide that forever. My bet is the shooting started either when the team sent to kill the dogs fired or when someone on the line thought it was a smart move to shoot Koresh in the door. (cutting the head off the snake theory)

    7. When the ATF wanted to stop the two hour firefight, the Davidians agreed. Rumor has it the ATF was out of bullets. If the Davidians were intent on killing agents, they could have advanced and killed them all. Instead they allowed the agents to recover their wounded and dead.

    8. As at Ruby Ridge the FBI was called in to take over. As I understand it the same commander who ran Ruby Ridge and developed the later to be found illegal ROE’s that killed Vicky Weaver was in charge at Waco.

    9. From the outset the FBI was intent on causing some kind of confrontation. This is proven by the way they handled the situation by ignoring the advice of experts.

    10. It should be noted that the BATF lied about firing from the helicopters flying over the compound. You can see in the documentary the video of the choppers. Why is this important? The BATF lied to the Texas national guard to get the choppers in the first place and using them as a firing platform to shoot indiscriminately into the roof of a building house children is a violation of not only the rules but the law.

    11. Why did the FBI assault the compound on day 51? Because the week prior a public poll taken showed for the first time the public was in favor of ending the siege. Plus the Davidians were wearing out the FBI. They had trouble manning the positions for such an extended time.

    12. The FBI knew things were going to go wrong during the assault. Did they set the fire? I don’t know, but they sure enough did everything in their power to set it up. The operation was not intended to save lives.

    13. Thank God for the hearings. We would have not gotten anywhere close to the truth without them as others here have said. The BATF and the FBI lost evidence, bulldozed the crime scene before any trials started (a HUGE chain of evidence violation). The fact the FBI and BATF couldn’t find or produce the door, the video covering the first few moments of the firefight, etc. is impossible unless they wanted it lost. I worked with them and the one thing the FBI is anal about is paperwork and evidence. They don’t lose stuff. If we had done what they did and “lost” evidence the feds would have had some of us arrested and charged with crimes. But, as I often say, the trouble with having the feds involved in this kind of work is “who watches the watchers?” There is very little oversight, especially if the left is in charge of the government.

    14. The Davidians later stated one reason they did not come out in the numbers the FBI expected was that the FBI arrested and jailed everyone who did come out from kids to old ladies. On what charges? Being in the compound and part of a church?

    15. The hearing also showed something else even more frightening. Just how dismissive the leftists were about the whole deal. You see, the people killed and hurt in the incident weren’t “their people” which means the victims and the families of the survivors were almost subhuman. This type of attitude has revealed itself throughout history.

    Those people, people like Chuck Schumer, are still in power. This is why you feel like they have dismissed you. You aren’t wrong, they have. They don’t care about you, your kids, your health and as proven by their reaction to the gassing and killing of children- your lives.

    These are the people you are trying to impress with peaceful protests, petitions, phone calling and sign making.

    To them you are the little people to be manipulated and used for their benefit.

  • wanumba

    wanna know an open secret?
    The media will mention President Bashir’s “trademark cane” but they don’t mention South Sudan President Salva Kiir wears a black cowboy hat … given to him by President Bush.

  • wanumba

    “and now Obama has scaled back the AIDS program..”

    Obama has also unfunded Bush’s malaria initiative.

    Africans thought Bush was great and expected Obama to be better … and have been shocked at how much he don’t care.

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  • bg


    wanumba @ 11:06 pm #76

    “It is good news to hear that they will accept a free south Sudan,
    but until I am there to witness that day, I will not believe it.”

    seems to me that is also part & parcel of why the global war on terror should be the worlds number one priority.. imho people can parse every dynamic of all the aspects all they want.. what it always seems to boil down to is a snake with an aggressive Arab tail (so to speak), no matter what head it’s attached to..


  • Carbon Monoxide

    What the government (i.e. Reno/Clinton) did at Waco was exactly what the Hutus did to the Tutsis in Rwanda: Maginalize them, demonize them, make them seem sub-human and wipe them out.

    This is the future of Christianity in the US.

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  • wanumba

    April 22nd, 2010 | 8:53 am | #79

    wanumba @ 11:06 pm #76

    “It is good news to hear that they will accept a free south Sudan,
    but until I am there to witness that day, I will not believe it.”

    DOn’t know if you’ll check back, but Bashir doesn’t have many options. He signed the CPA, and half the governments on the planet ALSO signed it. The CPA gives South SUdan the LEGAL right to go independent by referendum vote in 2011. The Southern Sudanese have in hand what the Kurds and the Basques can only dream of. Southern Sudan lost 2 million people in what one ironically noted as the “War of Northern Aggression.” They have a lot of momentum and inclination to independence. Khartoum hasn’t been at all savvy about treating them fairly even since, just to keep them in the fold.
    Be aware that BBC and the international media is practically pathologically doom and gloom on ANYTHING South Sudan. It’s ridiculous.
    Their reporting is incredibly negative, but it’s delivered in the voice of reasonableness, so it isn’t obvious how biased it is against the South Sudanese.

  • bg


    wanumba @ 8:12 pm #83

    re: [so it isn’t obvious how biased
    it is against the South Sudanese.]

    oh i beg to differ..

    in case you haven’t noticed, aside from nice people working there,
    the UN’s code for “genocide sanctioned” is “avoid armed conflict”..


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