Scott Brown on Obama's Health Care Plan: The People Don't Want This Political Chicanery (Video)

Scott Brown tells Obama, “Enough is enough!” and challenges the president and democrats to start over on their unpopular nationalized health care bill.
Via BreitbartTV:

Larry Kudlow: Well, Mr. Obama expressly said in his speech today that he wasn’t going to start from scratch. And, I want to ask you, given his likelihood, some would call it an obsession, to jam this down the throats of the House and Senate and jam it down the throats of the American public does this become the political gift that keeps on giving? Is that where this is going to go?

Scott Brown: Well that’s up to the political pundits to decide but let me tell you, I would encourage all your viewers to call their Reps and Senators and say, “Listen, enough is enough. We do not want the political chicanery and the political backroom deals and the maneuvers, the parliamentary maneuvers to ram something through that is going to cost us trillions and hurt our seniors and hurt our coverages.” It’s just not the way we do business. We can do better. I’m challenging the president to do better.

Related… Scott Brown’s first legislative proposal is ‘Immediate Tax Relief Act for America’s Workers’ amendment.

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  • Insufficiently Sensitive

    This guy is starting out in pretty good form. Give him time, I think we’ll like the performance.

    Now, if he would do a little monologue on budget-busting antidotes along the lines of Governor Christie’s talk to NJ mayors last week, life would get even better.

  • Brenda


    He called this a “regurgitation”.

    So apt a description needs to BE REPEATED with great liberality, wherever and whenever possible!!!!

    Thanks Scott!!!

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  • Kukee American

    All I know is every time I hear the Agnostic One speak I want to throw up!

  • avery

    This bill will be a Death sentence to seniors citizen.

  • Congress already knows the American people do not want the health care bill. We’ve called and emailed. Polls clearly show where the American people stand on this boondoggle. Surely they still remember the 9/12 march on Washington DC. Who can forget it? They don’t care!

    Contacting the Senate and House over and over again doesn’t tell them our preferences, but rather just how ardent we are. Obama, Reid and Pelosi are hell bent on getting this monstrosity through regardless of what the American think.

  • Ladue Pundit

    People didn’t want the Lifetime Unemployment and SEIU Act either, but you voted for the “Jobs Bill” anyway. Glad to see you’re now keeping your campaign promise!

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  • good

    It is about time Scott Brown came out with a more specific statement. He has the political capital and people are listening.

    He will be heard. It is too bad he didn’t highlight any of the other horrors, like:

    -the centralized database for ALL our medical records; the govt will see anything and EVERYTHING about us- think about that and the ramifications of it.

    Currently there is NO issue w/ data; if you enter a hospital YOU sign a consent and records are faxed w/in minutes. The same is true for doctors’ offices. The key is- YOU approve it.

    Image the control the govt will have over us; anyone who dissents could be put on medications to alter thought, etc. This is, of course, just the extreme, but we MUST take these things to their logical consequences; power corrupts and any system like this could be used for evil.

    – millions of insurance company workers will lose their jobs (when the companies go out of business)

    -we WILL lose specialized care. Device companies will be crippled and highly trained MDs will not stay in practice. The best treatments, such as joint replacements, heart surgeries, heart devices, lung surgeries, that keep our seniors healthy and active will be GONE.

    Currently the wealthy flock from all around the world to obtain these specialized treatments. WE have them right here and, rich or poor, receive them.

    ANYONE in this country- rich OR poor, if he has chest pain and calls 911, will be taken by an expert ambulance team to a hospital, where, if he is having a heart attack, will be taken for a heart procedure to open blockages. If open heart surgery is required, that is done.

    ANYONE in this country, if he falls and hits his/her head and has problems and calls 911 will be taken in an ambulance, will be seen and receive a CT scan. Can’t anyone recall how the millionare actress, Natasha Richardson died in Quebec because there was not an air ambulance or helicopter in the province (they had cut them to save costs) and she had to be transported by ground to Montreal for the nearest CT scanner? By that time it was too late.

    -WE have the most magnificent care on this planet.

    The govt is trying, it seems, to strangle that care; medicare reimbursements are oddly/suddenly being cut by 20%, insurance companies and doctors are being squeezed…

    -WE have the most generous people in the world. Benefactors/donors help support ALL our hospitals.

    The hospitals ARE able to care for ANYONE- rich, poor, illegal,citizen and DO NOW, partly because those of us who do pay for insurance help to subsidize others.

    The insurance companies pay MORE than the dollar to offset the under dollar that Medicare and Medicaid pay, but it is DONORS, who generously support hospitals in every city in this country, who assure that “extra” money can be there to care for the poor.

    -the fact that there are dozens of Shriner’s Hospitals, again, supported by (evil) VOLUNTEER DONORS, allowing the hospitals to provide FREE CARE to any child they treat! The one in St. Louis just saved a Haitian boy’s leg- for FREE.

    – the fact that the “plan” will be MANDATORY- to us-

    but govt workers, SEIU, Native Americans, members and staff of Congress will be EXEMPT, of course, so, will THEY receive better care than we will? Certainly they will.

    WE will pay for the elite. We will also pay for the illegal immigrants, who will NOT be expected to pay and who WILL receive the “plan”. Every illegal now here will bring 100’s more here- who wouldn’t!?

    If you or I would go to another country illegally would WE be able to aquire health insurance (not to mention other entitlements, intended for our poor CITIZENS). Of course not- we’d be thrown into prison or out on our butts.

    – the fact that we don’t even have a CLUE about the TERMS of this proposed “plan”… Would any of us ever enter into a contract like this w/out knowing the coverage (or lack of it)?! Of course not.

    Apparenty we can trust that the health care Czar, Ms. Sebelius and SEIU and…. ??? who else?.. will know what is best for us.

    – there is no Earthly way Medicare can be cut by 500 billion dollars and seniors receive the care they need. There WILL be draconian cuts, and WE will not be deciding what gets cut.

    – mandating us to pay for abortion is another horror, as will be the ethical issue of us paying for denial/withdrawing of care arbitarily, based upon cost or age.

    Currently (w/drawal of care) is a very PERSONAL issue that is decided by patients and families, with the guidance of the doctors and nurses (and it IS decided- every day, in every hospital) There is a vast variation of cultural/religous views on this issue.

    NOW this occurs ONLY if/when the patient and family are ready, but it DOES happen- in a private and respectful way, not with a GOVERNMENT demanding it!

    – will organ donation also be mandated? This is also a very personal decision now and there are trends moving it away from that.

    -they will be MANDATING we buy this NOW and the “coverage” will not begin until 2014— huh?? What is the darned HURRY, then, if the sky is falling, the way they want us to believe?

    The health care system provides phenomenal care. It IS being squeezed, possibly to make us all feel the “crisis” more.

    This bill is of incredible magnitude. Most of us realize that, but it is of critical importance to spread the detail of it to others, who may not be aware.


  • Joanne

    The government will be no better, and most likely worse, in the coverage they decide to provide to individuals. Obama pretty much said himself that someone who is old and ill may just get pain relief, while someone younger, with productive years ahead, will receive perhaps the operation or treatment – paraphrasing there big time, but it is the jist of what he was saying. This health care plan is going to impact the most vunerable people in America in the worst way, and considering the House members won’t have to worry about receiving the same care, especially considering they are so many who are quite old, they won’t have to worry about their own health care while casting their votes.

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  • dallasdan

    BO is going “all in” on this poker pot, and he is holding a loser’s hand. Moderate and blue-dog dems are not going to sh*t away their political careers by supporting this monstrosity of a bill. If he keeps pushing, BO will get his straight-up vote, right up his ***. Hilarious!

  • bg