Obama Says "Louisiana Purchase" in Obamacare Will Cover Earthquake in Hawaii… Um… What Earthquake in Hawaii? (Video)

Either Obama’s completely making up stuff now or we all missed some horrible devastating earthquake in Hawaii…
President Obama said tonight that he agreed with “The Louisiana Purchase” in Obamacare because it also covered the earthquake in Hawaii:

FOX News posted the exchange:

BAIER: Do you know which specific deals are in or out, as of today?

OBAMA: I am certain that we’ve made sure, for example, that any burdens on states are alleviated, when it comes to what they’re going to have to chip in to make sure that we’re giving subsidies to small businesses, and subsidies to individuals, for example.

BAIER: So the Connecticut deal is still in?

OBAMA: So that’s not — that’s not going to be something that is going to be in this final package. I think the same is true on all of these provisions. I’ll give you some exceptions though.

Something that was called a special deal was for Louisiana. It was said that there were billions — millions of dollars going to Louisiana, this was a special deal. Well, in fact, that provision, which I think should remain in, said that if a state has been affected by a natural catastrophe, that has created a special health care emergency in that state, they should get help. Louisiana, obviously, went through Katrina, and they’re still trying to deal with the enormous challenges that were faced because of that.


OBAMA: That also — I’m giving you an example of one that I consider important. It also affects Hawaii, which went through an earthquake. So that’s not just a Louisiana provision. That is a provision that affects every state that is going through a natural catastrophe.

Now I have said that there are certain provisions, like this Nebraska one, that don’t make sense. And they needed to be out. And we have removed those. So, at the end of the day, what people are going to be able to say is that this legislation is going to be providing help to small businesses and individuals, across the board, in an even handed way, and providing people relief from a status quo that’s just not working.

In 1868 there was a major earthquake in Hawaii that killed 77 people. In 1975 an earthquake in Hawaii killed 2 people.
Hat Tip Mr. Goodwrench

UPDATE: Obama lied. The language on page 432 of the Senate Bill applies to exactly one state: Louisiana.
ABC reported

On page 432 of the Reid bill, there is a section increasing federal Medicaid subsidies for “certain states recovering from a major disaster.”

The section spends two pages defining which “states” would qualify, saying, among other things, that it would be states that “during the preceding 7 fiscal years” have been declared a “major disaster area.”

I am told the section applies to exactly one state: Louisiana, the home of moderate Democrat Mary Landrieu, who has been playing hard to get on the health care bill.

In other words, the bill spends two pages describing would could be written with a single world: Louisiana. (This may also help explain why the bill is long.)

The bill did not cover the hurricane damage in Texas or Mississippi. The senate bill will not cover any state that has been “affected by a natural catastrophe” despite what Obama said.

UPDATE: Now you can contribute to the Hawaii earthquake fund.

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  • Liz

    He’s insane. This is worse than the 57 states thing. What up Bam-Bam?

  • Frank G

    Hawai’i. one of our 57 states…

  • Frank G

    damn, Liz 🙂

  • Dell

    Hurricane Ike slammed South Texas; destroyed Billions of dollars of property….and that happened AFTER Katrina. So where’s OUR money dip wad?

  • aprilnovember811

    Who is this guy, where is his mind? I’d love to see this guys college records. He sounds like his brain is fried.

  • nadadhimmi

    If Obama said there was an Earthquake, then, by God, THERE WAS AN EARTHQUAKE. It all depends on how you define “Earthquake”.

  • Jules Hamil

    This guy is dumb, dumber and weird!! What’s he been smoking? Where was I when Hawaii had an earthquake? Help me out here.

  • bill-tb

    My guess is they shouldn’t let the guy go out without his teleprompter buddy.

    It’s just really unseemly for a president to lie in your face. At least Clinton tried to make lies sound plausible.

  • nadadhimmi

    Seriously though, I think he’s back on the crack.

  • jonasay

    If Bush said earthquake in Hawaii front page and lead story.

    Since Obama said it, no story.

    How many stupid things can Obama say before it becomes a story. At least 3000 percent less.

  • wtd

    Earthquake . . .that’s it . .. right. . .the earth shook in Hawaii and swallowed up all the birth records.

  • david

    if this crap passes we should not give up .we should fight even harder to throw these bums out and repeal this crap .lets go and fight.

  • Olga Centura

    Too much blow Barry?

  • Bobbi

    Yeah he’s definitely on crack. I love it that Bret said “so you think this crap will pass?”
    great job Bret

  • Moonbeam

    Lets’see now.. this earthquake ranks right up there with Obama mispronouncing his own daughters name.

    Orrrrrrr..Obama had a vision of a coming quake and thought we all saw it too.

    God Help US!!

  • Lisa T.

    Come on, give the pres a break…

    Hawaii – Hati what’s the diff???? They both start with that “H” letter don’t they??

  • Jo

    The Tenth Amendment makes it Clear that Obama, Pelosi, Reid and the Yeas on Heatlth Care are all criminals. I say death sentance to all of them, and do now!

  • kato

    Just a simple mistake. He meant the earthquake in Chile, one of the 57 states in the great nation of Detroit.

  • Hawaii DID have an earthquake; the fact that you all haven’t heard of it shows just how small it was. The only reason I know is because we have friends who winter over there.
    Obama IS a moron, don’t get me wrong however 😀

  • Scott

    That’s awesome. He sounded so professorial when he made that “fact” up out of whole cloth. What a fricking fraud.

  • JJHLH1

    Did I miss something? When did Hawaii have an earthquake?

  • Kurt Brouwer

    As a Hawai’i resident, I can say that there has been a fairly recent quake, which hit Hawai’i in October 2006. Epicenter was about 12 miles off the Big Island.

    There were actually two near-simultaneous quakes of roughly about 6 on the Richter Scale. It made quite a mess at my house and did some damage to bridges and highways, but not a horrendous amount.

    Maybe he was thinking about the huge quake in Chile and the false tsunami alarm we got in Hawai’i.

  • jadedone

    Like the most of us knew before he went into office, when he is off script, O is a major train wreck.

    Here is the official fawning O-fan’s response: “But he articulated the earthquake soooooooooo well!!!!”

  • Teo

    What a piece of meat.

  • aro5o75

    There was a little tremor on 3/9/10 but even the Hawiians did’nt know it, so the lil’ Bamster mentioned it as a prelude to something he’s got up his crooked little sleeve.

  • Peggy

    Brett Bair really did say “this crap”???? I thought GP was live blogging and paraphrasing.

  • Ozwitch

    What we see here is Odumbo becoming completely unglued when put in a corner. You can see his cognitive process go into meltdown as soon as he’s challenged and doesn’t have the answer.

    This is the guy who has his finger on the nation’s button. This is the guy who makes the decisions in the Situation Room. And leftoids say Sarah Palin is inexperienced. God, I know whom I’d rather have in the Sit Room at 3am.

  • Slappy

    Hawaii has experienced recent mild earthquakes, as referenced by others in this thread. This includes one on March 8 in which an earthquake with a magnitude of 4.5 hit Hawaii:


    Nonetheless, I don’t think any of the recent earthquakes on that list could be considered a “natural catastrophe” that “created a special health care emergency” so why would they receive any federal money? What an idiotic example for him to use. After all, how can you compare the problems caused by any recent Hawaiian earthquakes with those caused by Katrina? It looks to me like Obama was grasping for a response after being called out for ridiculously supporting the special deal for Louisiana, which, as we all know, was included in the Senate’s version of the health care bill in order to get Mary Landrieu’s vote.

  • brooklyn

    After viewing this interview, it is now confirmed – Mr. Obama just isn’t as brilliant as hyped. Just like the revelation the Clintons were unethical, corrupt, incompetents, we are stuck with another lackluster Democrat making a mess of everything.

    It is a big joke on the USA.

    After all the years of the ugly slander against the Republicans in Print, TV, Film, Music, etc., they reveal again they really have no clue.

    Obama was selected because he was unknown, and fit an image they desired.

    He has proven to be a disaster.

    DNC Titanic sinking us all.

    One can only hope the foolish Democrats in the House are not foolish enough to go through with this monstrous socialized effort.

  • AuntieMadder

    I was wrong when I said in a posted comment earlier today that Obamao and Fox News are now BFF. Baier didn’t give Obamao the MSNBC treatment as I was sure he would. So, my prediction that this would be only the first of many Fox interviews with Obamao was surely wrong, too. Axelrod is probably putting together the smear campaign against Fox News as we speak.

  • What about Hurricane Ismarelda, that devasted Lincoln, NE?

  • logic101

    I think our special needs president meant to say that earthquakes in Hawaii would decrease by 3000%.

  • This just off the wire: Localized earth quake destroys birth records from 1958 through 1968 in Hawaii. Reporters on the ground say the are amazed that only these records were destroyed as all records were in the same place. Obama declares an emergency and sends FEMA, updates at eleven.

  • AuntieMadder

    Lisa T.
    March 17th, 2010 | 7:16 pm | #16
    Come on, give the pres a break…

    Hawaii – Hati what’s the diff???? They both start with that “H” letter don’t they??

    Omg, Lisa, you’re probably right. And being a “citizen of the world,” as well as a complete idiot, it probably doesn’t even cross his mind that Haiti isn’t one of the United States and/or that the taxes paid by US taxpayers aren’t global taxes collected to be used globally.

    If Lisa’s right, Obamao gave more away with that mistake than the slip that he’s no genius. He’s a citizen of the NWO.

  • Richard Romano

    This guy is just a disaster — that interview was so painful to watch.

    What’s truly unnerving is how many people still think this guy’s a genius — when he’s challenged and pressed, he’s reduced to another thin-skinned politician.

    Nice change and hope.

  • Lily

    He just MAKES STUFF UP.

    Bret just asked about procedure. But I wanted him to answer on substance. Obama sells his bill as if it is the ONLY SOLUTION to the problems with the current system. Bret did not challenge him on this. There are better ways to shore up the problems without a government takeover.

    About 85% of people are reasonably happy with their health care. And we have some of the highest cancer survial rates in the world. And we don’t have long wait times for treatment.

    We are reasonably afraid that overall costs will increase while care will decline. To dismiss these concerns as unreasonable fear is wrong.

  • auntie em

    I know what he was talking about. He just broke tradition and didn’t mention that he got a letter from a resident in HI just the other day, talking about the earthquake there, and how because of the earthquake, she felt a tingle up her leg.

    I don’t know if it is legit or not, but it was signed Christy Matthews.

    Special needs president is right. Why does he think that talking like a drunk, washed up comedian in a local bar at these staged town hall meetings makes him look like a leader??

    Seriously, I think what we are seeing is a man with a serious drinking problem.

  • Other than the fact that he was right, and President Bush declared it a ‘major disaster’ in October 2006, you are right, Mr. Hoft.

    Have you all heard of ‘the google’? It would help to make it look like you all are not just mindless lemmings. Key word being look, you are all mindless lemmings.

  • Slappy

    brooklyn, I think you hit the nail right on the head with your comments in #29.

    The irony is that the 52% that voted for this guy voted for supposed “change” and instead they (and the rest of us) got a POTUS who is an arrogant, immature, inexperienced jerk with no leadership ability and no previous experience of value, and who, on a daily basis, behaves much like the most corrupt politicians this country has ever seen. The guy’s law education is also lacking, as evidenced by his inability to understand Supreme Court decisions or to see the potential legal problems he and Pelosi are going to cause the country if they try to push through a health care bill that may be unconstitutional. You’d think that he would at least try to explain to the country why he thinks the entire bill and the “Slaughter Rule” are constitutional considering many Americans are concerned about these aspects of the bill and process, among many others.

    The man is a joke and really would be better suited as a backbencher in the Illinois state legislature, not POTUS. But many of our fellow Americans fell not only for the line of crap he was giving them during the 2008 campaign, but also wanted to be able to say that they voted for the first minority POTUS. I’m sad to say that this horrible decision by the 52% crowd is likely to cause this country long-lasting or even permanent damage.

  • How’s that for justifying the unjustifiable. Hurricane Katrina caused special health care, maybe for the homes, they were pretty sick after it went through.

    Remember all the doom and gloom predictions about all the toxic chemicals in the water?

    That turned out to be a wild exaggeration just like all the rapes in the Superdome, and on and on.

    I am so sick of being lied to for political gain….I can’t wait for November. It will be a good warm up for November of 2011, I just pray that the Republicans will give us a strong Conservative candidate.

    You know like McCain ;-).

  • Scott Jerome

    When I heard him say this, I thought he was referring to the Chileian tsunami that was projected to hit Hawaii. But that feared tsunami wave never hit Hawaii. It never happened.

    There was an earthquake in Chile, not Hawaii.

  • kansas

    Somewhere there are lawyers who sat in class and learned from this guy. When they meet a new client most of them say “You want fries with that?”

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  • Rosemary Woodhouse

    When is Ashton Kutscher going to announce, “America, you’ve been punked!” ?

  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2006_Hawaii_earthquake

    You are all retarded. (No worries, it is just satire).

  • Jo

    If the US did not offer all this ‘FREESTUFF’ the nation would not be inundated with people clamoring to get here and take advantage of these free things.

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  • Penny Dreadful

    The Bush Whitehouse issued a press release on October 17, 2006 declaring that a major disaster existed in Hawaii as a result of an earthquake on October 15, 2006.

    You people don’t even rise to the level of morons.

  • Rhonda

    Its just his way of letting us all know Hawii got a “deal”

  • down with dems

    Brett Baier should have stopped the interview right there and said to his face: “What the fcuk are you talking about?”

  • Kenneth

    Obama was thinking of Haiti… but he forgot it isn’t part of the US… then he remembered everything important is ultimately about Himself… and then he remembered he was from Hawaii… so the earthquake was in Hawaii!

    I swear to God, that’s what went through his head.

  • Penny Dreadful


    The earthquake was in Hawaii you knob.

    The google is your friend. Try using it before you open your piehole and prove to the world that you’re the idiot they already thought you were.

  • vargas

    Silly people….it was the earthquake recorded in November 1961 when the GREAT MESSIAH was born in Hawaii.

  • auntie em

    Anyone notice the obama trying to make himself look like Whitie for Fox News??

    ROFL…he couldn’t be more of a loser.

  • Beth

    Obama is a fraud. He’s not smart, he’s not post-partisan, he’s not a uniter. He is a fraud.

    Even worse, he is a mediocrity.

    He is a mediocre fraud.

  • auntie em

    As someone who experienced Katrina first hand, saw dead people stuck in the top of trees on the Mississippi Gulf coast several miles inland….I just had to pull the info on this Hawaii earthquake in 2006.

    Here is the headline from

    Hawaii governor issues disaster declaration
    Landslides, power outages but no reports of deaths

    Hmmm…..yeah….similar. Obama can kiss my a$$.

  • auntie em

    vargas #53


  • Kenneth

    Dear Penny… I did check. There are small tremors in Hawaii everyday. The last significant eathquake in Hawaii was in 2006.

    But you go ahead and open your pie hole, ok?

    What you’re saying is Obama justified his actions because that’s what Bush did? Ok, I’ll accept that. I guess it’s better than always blaming Bush which is his usual habit. After campaigning against Bush, he has now co-opted so many of Bush’s policies it’s hard to keep count.

  • Lily

    Colorado had a big freaking snowstorm a couple of years ago.

    Can we have a bunch of money from the other states too?

  • nathanj

    It’s BUSH’s fault!

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  • Alana

    He’s a loon.

  • Sojourner

    March 17, 2010
    Obama’s Capoeira (a poem)
    Peter Olsson
    He struts to the lecturn, lifts his chin skyward, points.

    The sparkling grin a politician’s wordless preamble.

    A nimble new dance of empathy and political power.

    Baritone voice claims cadence in America’s heartbeat.

    Haunting intonations of Martin, Franklin, and John.

    His smile foisting nobility upon scared collective souls.

    Audacity and Hope find morphing transparent forms,

    Acorns and green science are smarmy political disguises.

    The emperor and his czars wear dazzling new straw suits.

    His highness a genius at strawman crafting and creating,

    Seeming so in love with his endlessly ever-exposed TV image.

    Oh so defensive when his judgment is seriously questioned.

    Obama would best be mindful of an Eden’s shadow side,

    Symbolized in thirty inflated or deflated pieces of silver.

    The inevitable need and danger, for a Jesus to find a Judas.

    So sad, the anointed one confuses cogent critics with enemies,

    And forgets the important ritual of washing his disciples feet.

  • Slappy

    Honest St. Louisian
    March 17th, 2010 | 8:38 pm | #38

    Other than the fact that he was right, and President Bush declared it a ‘major disaster’ in October 2006, you are right, Mr. Hoft.

    Have you all heard of ‘the google’? It would help to make it look like you all are not just mindless lemmings. Key word being look, you are all mindless lemmings.

    So this earthquake in Hawaii in 2006 was a “major disaster” that “created a special health care emergency” that still exists 3-1/2 years later to the degree that it will receive money from the health care bill that’s currently being debated, after (if) it’s passed? And how much will other states like Hawaii receive compared to Mary Landrieu’s state of Louisiana anyway? Talk about intellectually dishonest.

    Obama at least could have mentioned those Kansas tornadoes that he said killed 10,000 people (actually 12 people) in 2007.


    I think everyone here can determine who’s the “mindless lemming” based on the fact that you are defending Obama’s transparent comment meant to justify the payoff to Landrieu’s state, which “ironically” didn’t exist in the Senate’s health care bill until they needed Landrieu’s support to break the GOP’s filibuster attempt in the Senate. This is the exact type of political payoff that Mr. Hope and Change claimed he was going to put a stop to, but instead he resorts to disingenuous excuses and explanations.

  • BHG

    Before Obamaniacs indulge in their natural habit of ad hominem attacks, let’s ask ourselves you read the entire Wiki reference.
    I couldn’t find any reports of Hawaii’s earthquake resulting any deaths or damage to hospitals.
    Excusing the Louisiana Purchase because of Katrina was Landrieu’s lame excuse to begin with, only offered after she accepted the bribe during her absurd, tearful meltdown on the floor of the Senate!
    It was not a smart move for Obama to have reminded us. In fact, it strikes me that the person y’all want to call stupid is Obama. Lemmings? You’re projecting – Congressman who vote yes are the ones who’ll be following Obama off the cliff.

  • Optimus

    Hope you guys like being played by both sides.

  • sharon

    give the guy a break – he just forgot to put in his teleprompter contact lenses.

  • KR

    The teleprompter is to keep him in touch with reality.

    With the current stress he is drifting in and out of his fantasy world.

    I believe Frank Marshall Davis messed him up as a young teen.


  • Slappy

    Penny Dreadful
    March 17th, 2010 | 8:50 pm | #48

    The Bush Whitehouse issued a press release on October 17, 2006 declaring that a major disaster existed in Hawaii as a result of an earthquake on October 15, 2006.

    You people don’t even rise to the level of morons.

    Rise to the level of morons, huh? Anyone who thinks that that Obama should have cited an earthquake 3-1/2 years ago that resulted in minor damage and no apparent loss of life while discussing Katrina is the real moron. He’s trying to (badly) justify to a skeptical public why Louisiana received a payoff so that Landrieu would vote for the health care bill. Think of all the money that has already been sent to Louisiana to rebuild and help people since Katrina occurred 4-1/2 years ago and will continue to be sent through already approved funding. But we have to continue to send hundreds of millions more as part of an already bloated health care bill? I guess it was just a coincidence that these monies were not allocated to Louisiana in the health care bill until Obama & Co. needed Landrieu’s vote.

  • He needed his teleprompter, clearly.

  • frofreak

    Guys, I grew up on the Big Island of Hawaii, and let me tell ya, there are dozens of earthquakes everyday. So technically, he’s right! Problem is, they are so small you only actually feel one every few years, and the ones that actually cause you to flee your house happen only once every 10 years or so. Even then, most structures on the big island are made of wood and are quite resilient to earthquakes. Which leads to minimal damage. Certainly not to the point where we need a Fed. Gov bailout.

    If we was smart, he would have stuck to a more realistic but equally relevent example: Hurricanes. Historically, they have caused billions of dollars more than any earthquake there. And required aid from the feds. Even then, the last major hit was in 1992.

    This was just a bizarre choice of example. I think he was just trying to underline his “hawaiian” street cred, or something. Maybe overcompensation for what he knows that we don’t…about his BC. Lol.

  • Chippy

    Baier got the interview. Oreilly did not. That must be humiliating to lil Billy. Lil Billy spent 14 months taking lil Barry’s side in every aurgument hoping to get the big interview. HAHAHAHAHAHA. LOL! “Hey Billy, your a red face jerk tonight”.

  • Slappy

    March 17th, 2010 | 9:28 pm | #65

    Excusing the Louisiana Purchase because of Katrina was Landrieu’s lame excuse to begin with, only offered after she accepted the bribe during her absurd, tearful meltdown on the floor of the Senate!

    Exactly. Obama is trying to cover up for this fact and is doing it poorly. Oh, Obama & Co. may have rewritten the bill so that other states can get funding for any “major disaster” that “create(s) a special health care emergency”. This way, it doesn’t look like a payoff and they can keep it in the bill, but we all know the whole reason it was originally added to the bill.

  • Slappy #29

    What 52%? I keep seeing this percentage.

    69,000,000 voted for BHO out of approx
    300,000,000 American citizens

    this is only around 22%

    I say: lets keep rallying the other 78%! 🙂
    (& give ’em all pitchforks)

  • The real truth of the matter is that you all are mostly angry because its a black family in the White House…Lets get pass the foolishness and the racist, give the man a chance you all voted for Clown Bush twice or did he steal it two times. No one said anything to Bush when 911 was going on hitting N.Y. Towers while his sorry ass sat in a class room reading books to kids. bush stopped all air flights and your 911 bombers family was the only one in the air making it back to their homeland

  • jomojava

    What he meant to say was that “All 57 states will have a 3,000% increase in the number of corpsemen”.

  • lame attempt, jake… go tell mom you need a pizza

  • reginaldL

    Jake #75 – is your post supposed to be satire?

  • Slappy

    I just saw the update at the top of the page from ABC. Apparently us quibbling about the relevance or severity of the 2006 Hawaii earthquake was a complete waste of time anyway since the relevant section in the Senate bill that increases federal Medicaid subsidies for “certain states recovering from a major disaster” only references Louisiana. Surprise, surprise.

  • Slappy

    LisaGinNZ, you are correct. It’s pretty sad when we see the overall percentage of Americans (not voters) that actually elect the POTUS, isn’t it?

  • that was #39 with the 52% figure…. still find it curious… nowhere NEAR the ‘majority’ of people voted this montrosity in… would it all be better under McCain… maybe not, but the march to communism is quite obvious now isn’t it….

    Watching American politics this year is like waving to a bus full of people heading off the cliff – they wave back thinking you’re being nice.

  • Lily

    That’s right Jake – we’d love this socialist stuff if some old white guy was dishing it out to us.

    Yum Yum.

  • The real truth of the matter is that you all are mostly angry because its a black family in the White House…Lets get pass the foolishness and the racist,give the man a chance. You all voted for Clown Bush twice or did he steal it two times. No one said anything to Bush when the 911 planes where hitting our N.Y. Towers. Bush with his sorry ass sat in a class room reading books to kids. Bush stopped all air flights and your 911 bombers family was the only one in the air making it back to their homeland. By the way, while President Obama is speaking on New Orleans, I didn’t hear none of you all speak on what Bush was doing around that time… I’ll tell you, Bush said he was busy on his vacations and in so many words he’ll deal with it when he returned.

  • damn numbers, eh Slappy?

    eh… process, shmocess


  • [ note to wee wittle Jake-y: pssssst

    Bush isn’t president any more ]

    BED time for you, mister!

  • You’re good, Lily…

    yum yum cocoa-choco-social-o cake?

  • bg


    oh brother, he certainly has Hawaii on the mind,
    i hear it’s pretty expensive to rent a safe there..


  • Bush wasn’t suppose to be president neither time he stole both of them at least Obama won it fair and square… By the way I’m grown little boy so we go to bed around here when we’re ready.

  • Jo

    Drugs are powerful things!

  • Slappy

    Posts #75 and #89 can not be real. It reads like the ranting of an uneducated moron. But if it is, I would like to tell Jake to come back when he grows up, learns proper grammar and syntax, and can post something of value that’s not taken from Fahrenheit 9/11.

    BTW, conservatives are all racist because we don’t support liberal Obama? So, you’re saying that if it were a white guy trying to pass Left-wing policies, we’d support it? I don’t remember that happening when white Bill Clinton attempted to have the government take over health care in 1993. But you keep sticking with those idiotic talking points, junior.

    Jake, if your goal was to put Obama supporters in a bad light, you’ve definitely succeeded with your performance in this thread. You come across like an angry child trying to dish out tired insults that were relevant back in 2006.

  • auntie em

    Jake, you’re right!!!!!!

    I’m mad that a white man calling himself a black man is in the white house still lying.

    If he was all white or all black, I’d still be pissed at his lying and destroying the country.

    So take your irrelevant racist pigsheet and leave. The racehorse is dead.

  • jomojava

    “The real truth of the matter is that you all are mostly angry because its a black family in the White House…”

    That dog won’t hunt any longer, jerk, I mean jake.

    I’m very angry with what Madame Pelosi and Prince Harry are doing to us in Congress. Unless there has been a radical revelation, neither of those two are black. Does that still make me a racist, though?

  • I’m not trying to sound angry or nothing like that. I just feel like we all are in this world together. I haven’t heard or saw anybody say or post, lets pray for our world and our president. I just want whats fair to all of us. I don’t care of the skin color especially being all of our blood is red. Just uplift our nation and our president. He has big shoes to fill. We don’t have to sit here and bash him or our nation ever chance we get…Good night and I truly apologize if I came off wrong or offended anyone.

  • Chippy

    We have a middle aged, bi-racial, guest lecturer, no business experience, Chicago union thug politician in the whitehouse. End of story.

  • Lily

    Jake, I have actually been praying for our President and our Country. I have been praying that God opens his eyes and he sees the truth – and moves away from these ruinous ideas.

    Government controlling all aspects of our lives, both large and small, will not make our world fairer – it will lead to tyranny. People will lose their freedom and liberty.

    So, yes, I pray about this. A lot.

  • KR
  • There’s a very fine book “At Any Cost” written by Bill Sammon on the 2000 election. Jake you aught to read it and then tell me who tried to steal the election, or weren’t you old enough back then to read.

  • M Malone

    Well, there was a 4.4 just 20 miles west northwest of Hilo last week. Was he saying that just about anything counts?

  • bg


    you can’t go wrong noting an “earthquake” re: Hawaii..

    hmmm, not that these have anything to do with the LP either.. wonder why
    he didn’t mention any of the other much more devastating earthquakes ie: California.. or the Storm of the Century for that matter..

    but what do any of them have to do with the Louisiana Purchase??

    hmmm hmmm hmmm


  • Slappy

    Man, are you exhausting, Jake. Talk about a split personality.

    First of all, lose your assumptions, insults, and Bush bashing that was tedious while he was in office and is especially meaningless in the year 2010. It also didn’t exactly ingratiate yourself to many of us here to start out by calling us racist. That tactic is not only old but completely false considering that you don’t even know how many of us are minorities and/or have significant others that are minorities.

    Second, regarding your comments about “pray(ing) for our world and our president,” it would be nice if said president listened to the American people, didn’t govern against our will, and actually governed like he implied he would during the 2008 campaign (i.e., as a moderate). He’s done none of that and has instead insulted the intelligence of many voters, especially Republicans and Independents, with his far Left policies and his “politics as usual” garbage (i.e., backroom deals, payoffs, etc.). He has only himself to blame for this approach, though if he had dropped the ego and arrogance for a second several years ago, he might have known that he wasn’t up to the challenge of serving as POTUS before he even decided to run. Too many people that surround the guy haven’t been honest and told him that he simply doesn’t have the skill set or experience to serve as POTUS (Chippy’s comments in post #95 described the current POTUS perfectly). It was obvious to me and many others during the 2008 campaign that this was true, while others that voted for him are starting to see this for themselves now.

    Overall, many of us truly believe that “giving him a chance” will devastate the country for generations. It will certainly weaken this country and turn it into one that we will no longer recognize. Millions of us don’t want to live in a European-like state and economy that is primarily focused on the collective and not individual freedom and liberty, which has made this the greatest country in the history of mankind. If we go down this path toward some version of socialism that Obama, Pelosi, and Reid are pushing us, the country that has been the envy of the world will cease to exist. That’s a heck of a lot to give up in order to “give Obama a chance.”

  • Absolutely nothing bg. Just an ignorant man spouting ignorant things.

  • bg
  • I didn’t notice, did any of that happen? Maybe I was sleeping when all that took place.

  • bg


    Jake @ 9:59 pm #83

    re: [The real truth of the matter is that you all are mostly
    angry because its a black family in the White House…]



  • M Malone

    Maybe the President was having a flashback to 1975.

  • Verily, there were Hawaian earthquakes during the Obama interview. Hawaii has had 37 quakes in the last 17 days. The largest was 4.5 which is a barely felt by folks familiar with quakes.

  • AJ

    Jake, I couldn’t care less if the president was purple with pink polka dots and for you to call people racists with no basis in fact is ludricrous.

    Whether or not Bush said that he would get to the Katrina disaster in NO until after his vacation, I happen to doubt very much. The mess in Katrina happened because they did not ask for federal aid and the federal government, by law, cannot go in until asked by the state. In Florida we also had Katrina in addition to other hurricanes and we were ready because our Governor asked the federal govt. for assistance. The year before we had four hurricanes hit Florida and during one of them we actually had Pres. Bush handing out water to people that had gone topick up water that was available. It came out in the news and the people in their car were surprised to see the President handing out water.

    So, I would suggest that you educate yourself and before calling others “morons” look in the mirror.

  • bg


    jainphx @ 11:00 pm #104

    sarc on/

    oh yeah, through Obama’s looking glass..

    /sarc off


  • BigJ

    An earthquake in Hawaii, eh? George Bush must’ve caused it.

  • Betsy Ross

    What the h*ll is barry talking about…an earthquake in Hawaii? What the…..? Any-who, good job Bret @ Fox News, we need to hear more from
    Mr. Unicorn…

  • Forget Obama, Biden is back baby! It sure didn’t take him long to fire off a new “Bidenism”:


    Nathan R. Jessup

  • StrangernFiction

    Who is this guy?

  • bg


    Nathan R. Jessup @ 11:37 pm #112

    the village idiot


  • bg


    Chippy @ 10:26 pm #95

    and he’s not a muslim, no, no, no..

    Slappy #101 & AJ #108

    thank you & thumbsup..


  • Slappy

    Leftists are all over the Internet blasting conservatives for supposedly being wrong about questioning this “earthquake in Hawaii” remark by Obama because of the 2006 earthquake towards which some of the “Louisiana Purchase” money will supposedly be allocated. Well, by doing this they only highlight the stupidity of the Democrats including a provision in the health care bill in which natural disasters going back up to 7 years will receive money. Also, just to be clear, the death toll from the 2006 earthquake in Hawaii was zero, so to mention it in the same breath as Katrina is asinine.

    As I and others mentioned earlier in this thread, this provision was only added after the uproar over the original payoff to Mary Landrieu. Thus, this attempt to make it appear like it wasn’t a payoff is transparent. So, in a 2010 health care bill we’re going to cover the cost of injuries and and other health issues from a relatively minor earthquake (in terms of human injuries) four years prior? What health care costs related to that earthquake still need to be covered anyway? How much will really find its way from Louisiana to Hawaii for this purpose anyway? Nonetheless, is that supposed to make us all feel better about the $1 trillion in new spending in this bill? Unbelievable.

    The Leftists are too blinded by their need to attack conservatives with their “conservatives are stupid” insults that they’re inadvertently highlighting another ridiculous detail of the health care bill. See, Leftists, the reason many are incredulous about the inclusion of the 2006 earthquake in the health care bill is: (1) it wasn’t a memorable or devastating incident (which is why it wasn’t remembered by most, unlike a significant natural disaster like Hurricane Katrina); (2) it has no business being in this health care bill; and (3) we can see through the true motivation of why Obama mentioned it (i.e., obscure the true intent of the “Louisiana Purchase”). The federal government already finances assistance for natural disasters so including extra funding in the 2010 health care bill primarily for Louisiana in order to convince Mary Landrieu to support the bill is ludicrous and highlights the corrupt behavior of the congressional Democrats.

  • You think this is bad? Look at Drudge report’s headline. Two Dems in California are trading “yes” votes for more water in the Central Valley. The same water the fed are denying the farmers.
    Here’s my post.


    Guys, where is the tipping point? I don’t know, but I do know it is a lot closer than it was thirty days ago.

  • Solaratov

    Honest St. Louisian
    March 17th, 2010 | 8:48 pm | #45

    Have you got a bug in your ass or something?

    Yes. There was an earthquake.
    No. There were no deaths and not many injuries.

    What does it have to do with the Louisianna Purchase in the “healthcare reform” bill?
    The “emergency” money will only go to La., now and forever – according to the bill.

    Hawai’i’s reps should have thought of that when the bribes were being handed out. It’s too late now.

  • Solaratov

    Penny Dreadful
    March 17th, 2010 | 8:50 pm | #48

    Go pound sand up your butt, troll.

  • bg


    don’t forget the take-over of student loans tied to the health care bills hip.. 🙁

    Americans are still reacting like deer caught in
    the headlight of an oncoming bullet train, gah!!


  • wanumba

    I think he truly meant Haiti. Which raises all sorts of questions about what funding stream is he thinking of? He acted like there was no government in Haiti when he backed the national tractor trailer up to Port au Prince and offloaded too much too fast.

    Obama thinks “etadnini” is Creole when it’s a mistranscription of the French “Etats Unis.”

    Never heard such a clunk with languages, ESPECIALLY from a guy who lived overseas. He’s got an incredible tin ear for foreign accents. His elite high school and university education not require he study ANYTHING in languages?
    Guess there’s no way to know since we aren’t going to see his transcripts. Must be worse GPA than Al Gore’s, which is a defination of mediocre.
    But he sure can deliver a lie as gravely convincing as 1/2 man 1/2 bear 1/2 pig.

  • Solaratov

    March 17th, 2010 | 9:52 pm | #75

    Oooh. And I’ll bet lil jake’s a “truther, aren’t you, cupcake?

    And, jakey, I don’t dislike d’ohbama’s black 6% a bit more than I dislike his white 50% – but a good bit less than I dislike his arab 44%.
    I don’t like anything about the clown. And it doesn’t matter if he’s black, white or striped. He’s a communist and an idiot (or is that redundant?) – and he’s bad for America. Especially so, since he seems to be dead set on the destruction of America.

    Now, why don’t you haul your racist ass back to dkos and cry on your fellow leftists’ shoulders? You’d be so much more at home in that cesspool.

    .The only good communist is a dead communist.

  • Solaratov

    March 17th, 2010 | 9:59 pm | #83

    You were “socially promoted” all through school, weren’t you?

    What is a nasty little racist like you doing in a nice place like this. You’d be more at home on dkos with the other racists.

    .The only good communist is a dead communist.

  • AuntieMadder

    March 17th, 2010 | 9:52 pm | #75

    2009 called. They want their talking points back.

    Ask for the updated list of talking points. You’ve got one of the early revisions.

  • AuntieMadder

    March 18th, 2010 | 12:20 am | #116
    Leftists are all over the Internet blasting conservatives for supposedly being wrong about questioning this “earthquake in Hawaii” remark by Obama because of the 2006 earthquake towards which some of the “Louisiana Purchase” money will supposedly be allocated. Well, by doing this they only highlight the stupidity of the Democrats including a provision in the health care bill in which natural disasters going back up to 7 years will receive money.

    Their timing and numbers also highlight the fact that they’re not just individual Obamao supporters wanting their “free” healthcare. They’re Obamao’s flying monkeys, swooping in on command, leaving their droppings behind. And they’re most likely on his payroll, too.

  • AuntieMadder

    March 18th, 2010 | 12:47 am | #121
    I think he truly meant Haiti. Which raises all sorts of questions about what funding stream is he thinking of? He acted like there was no government in Haiti when he backed the national tractor trailer up to Port au Prince and offloaded too much too fast.

    I think you’re right.

  • HannahBanana

    i’m pretty sure he just got the Chili earthquake and the scare of a tsunami in Hawai’i all mixed up, because for one second there, i thought there was an earthquake in hawai’i and i thought i was going crazy until i remembered chili.

  • Kevin

    Don’t look now the Obama bootlickers are saying he wasn’t lying about earthquake in Hawaii.
    Problem is Wikipedia has great article on 2006 earthquake in Hawaii in which their were no fatalities.

    Last but not least the lapdogs at Soros-funded Media Matters:

  • helloworld

    In 2006 President Bush “declared a major disaster exists in the State of Hawaii and ordered Federal aid to supplement State and local recovery efforts in the area struck by an earthquake that occurred on October 15, 2006, and related aftershocks.”

    Source: http://georgewbush-whitehouse.archives.gov/news/releases/2006/10/20061017-6.html

    Note the declaration of a “major disaster.”

    Now, reading over the relevant section of page 432 I couldn’t tell you whether or not it actually applies to Hawaii or not. If it doesn’t, then Obama made an inaccurate statement – either knowingly, in which case yes, he lied; or unknowingly, in which case he was mistaken.

    So far I haven’t seen any proof that the statement he made is inaccurate.

    Point of fact: there was an earthquake in Hawaii in 2006.
    Point of fact: President Bush declared it a “major disaster.”

    It’s senseless to argue those points – they are facts. Instead, try to make the case that page 432 of the Reid bill doesn’t apply to the Hawaii quake. If it doesn’t, you have a valid criticism. If it does, then I would expect a correction to any false claims you’ve made (i.e., that Obama lied about it). Until you can prove that Obama lied, it’s an unbacked statement and should hold no weight with anyone.

    I actually think this is all beside the point though; this *does* seem to be an attempt to buy support, and that’s a legitimate criticism. But then again, that’s just how politics works in this country. All politicians are guilty of it at some point or another. The ugly truth is you can’t succeed in politics if you don’t play the game.

  • Andreas K.

    You know, the more I hear this guy talk, the more I think he’s on drugs or drunk.

    As for the earth quake, well Bush wasn’t really the smartest cookie in the box either, but jeez, compared to Obama he comes across as a bloody Einstein by now.

    Such little tremors, you know how they’re handled in Japan? Seen it myself. Suddenly it rumbles. People stop, wait, watch, listen… then nothing more, life goes on. The media reports how strong it was and if there was any damage, etc, but that’s it. Nobody calls out a national emergency over a little rumble.

  • Redwine

    I will bet absolutely that, eventually, we will find out the truth about this fraud imposed on the American people by those who desperately hate this country and want to see it die, like a pyromaniac setting a forest fire just to watch it burn.

    And the scenario will be very close to this:
    It’s pretty obvious by now that Barry Hussein is a shell who was schooled in a single-minded, subversive ideology. His mixed-race and connections via his family and family friends – and his rich Pakistani roommate at Occidental – made him very attractive. These connections placed him in the hands of a small group of mainly Chicago-based activist subversives (Bill Ayers, Rashid Khalidi,among others). His rampant narcissism attracted them. They took him from Occidental, where he spent most of his time as a stoner and used bribes and false documentation to “enroll” him at Columbia U. He never studied or got a degree. His time spent all of his time “in training”.

    With the help of other well-heeled radicals – some of it from Saudis who already made major inroads into influencing leftist academia with huge endowments to Harvard, they seized an opportunity for great “dawa” by promoting a closet Muslim with radical credentials. Hussein was barely able to make a class at Harvard, but continued his training. His election to president of the Harvard Law Review was a fraud. The previous president objected to the promotion of Hussein, but was very quickly shut up. (His objection was posted very briefly on some blogs during the primaries, but was whisked away down the rabbit hole.)

    In the meantime, Soros took notice of this easily-manipulated shell and had him move back into Chicago political circles. He was never a “professor”, but played at being an “instructor”, which was basically a radical agitator as “community organizer”, but could be used on his resume to prove that he was trustworthy and centrist.

    Enter “Adolf” Axelrod and Rambo the Vicious Ballerina, and Hussein was ready to play big-time politics. The first book – really a hagiography – was prepared by Bill Ayers for his senate race, which was duly stolen for Hussein. Then came the second hagiography, again penned by Ayers, for the mighty splash for the presidency. And the rest, we know.

    Barry Hussein knows virtually nothing, no history, no economics, not every basic math, and he’s one of the worst speakers of all time, but the bought state-controlled media will never say anything. He has protectors and handlers everywhere. But the mask is slipping and the American people are noticing. We live in very dangerous times.

  • CS in Miami

    The man is a waste of skin.

  • Kathy


    Hate to give anything he says any credibility but there was a more recent earthquake in Hawaii in Oct. 2006. I did not recall hearing about it either.

  • Kevin

    I’m sure these leftist bloggers whining about Hawaii earthquake, when going on and running with the non-story “Sarah Palin went to Canada for medical care” mentioned that she went there until she was 5 or 1969 and Canada’s national health care system was not implemented until 1972.

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  • TaSS

    Sure there was an earthquake in Hawaii in 2006 but even twice after that Hawaii was cleared for federal funds (declared diasters) due to severe storms.
    2010 17 declared diasters in the US
    2009 59 declared
    2008 75 declared
    2007 63 declared
    2006 52 declared
    So Obama missed all those other declared diasters to focus in on that all important earthquake in Hawaii.
    And they march blindly on.

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  • Redwine

    My God! Hussein continues to bumble like the ignorant fool he is. And now his sidekick, Plugs Biden, continues his bumbling ways. Gaffetastic Joe just blessed the Irish PM’s mother who is still alive! I kid you not – Biden mistakenly blesses Irish leader’s mother: http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5hFNcC7dde6DREm6fdWhjfr3cqCDwD9EGNS980

    We simply can’t wait 2 3/4 years to get rid of these insane, ignorant trash parading as “leaders”. The damage they are doing to the nation and its citizens is unconscionable!

  • wow

    RedwineNo Gravatar
    March 18th, 2010 | 2:59 am | #131

    Excellent summation — hence the sealing of all records.

  • tadchem

    Cut the guy some slack. I’m sure he was thinking of East Hawaii (formerly known as Haiti, and our 52nd state). Surely he couldn’t get confused about his ‘home state’ – I know I’ve never gotten confused about my home state of Texas. He is just *so* progressive that he has already locked into his mind the 7 new states he intends in his hidden agenda to add before he ends his fourth or fifth term: Haiti, Kenya, North Korea, Cuba, and a few others where he expects to find several million more non-productive welfare state ‘constituents’ for the Democrat party.

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  • April

    Hawaii had an earthquake in 2006 when i was there but it really wasnt a big deal the power went out for a couple hours and some tvs and books fell off the walls not anything like what happened in Haiti or like hurricane katrina. I am not a fan of Obama at all. i think he is just trying to get additional funds to his “home state” if indeed he was born there. (i dont think he was though)

  • wanumba

    March 18th, 2010 | 2:59 am | #131
    I will bet absolutely that, eventually, we will find out the truth about this fraud imposed on the American people

    There’s SOMETHING peculiar, that’s for sure. I keep looking for traces of a comprehensive education and cannot find them, despite ostensibly 4 years of undergrad plus Harvard Law.
    Accepted it at face value, but there’s no “there” there of anything in his rhetoric, his performance, his grasp of commonalities.

    So empty that after over a year of observation, one has to go back and say “WHAT did he DO in university? ‘Cause WE ain’t SEEING, or HEARING it.”

    And frankly, if he hung with a Pakistani, he was in the “circuit” – too many swish through educationally by cheat coaching, exam copying, transcript padding and other dodges. It’s so bad, it’s literally a major service sector in Pakistan and India. (warning: especially in medical exams)
    The opportunity and access to that was there.

  • wanumba

    Local Mumbai gangsta mobilizes his street gang to fraud his way into medical school:

    Munna Bhai MBBS –
    Munna gets his okay into med school:
    M bole to !


    MBBS (“S” for “sly character”)

  • Patriot

    “The One” has spoken and it is advised that all kneel down and praise him.

    The rath of “The One” will be harsh and directed at those who do not see the Light.

    Praise Be to “The One”, for he will lead us to feeling good about ourselves.

    Mmm Mmm Mmm Obama.
    Mmm Mmm Mmm Obama.

    Aren’t back room dealings wonderous.

    Anyone who votes for this thing needs to be shot as a traitor to the American way of Life,
    something “The One” knows nothing about.

  • LibsAreCommies

    Barry Hussein Obama has been lying so long he just makes up crazy stuff now. He is sooo ghetto and un-presidential. We sooo need a military coup to remove him from office NOW. As the Libs like to say, “By ANY means necessary”.

  • Obama’s Brown Shirts are out in force, calling us “lemmings” and less than “morons.”

    And why? Because we failed to understand that Barry was talking about the “huge” earthquake (6.7 = 1,000X less powerful than the recent one in Chile) in Hawaii in 2006. We are so stupid because we didn’t know about that one.

    But wait…didn’t they let on that they had to go to Google to find it? And they happened to find one in 2006, that was even called “a disaster,” despite the fact that no deaths were reported.

    But nowhere in his point does Barry tell us which quake he is talking about. So, while it could be the 2006 quake, we have no way of knowing for sure. The Libs are just making assumptions.

    Judging from the responses here and among my co-workers, most people don’t know what earthquake Barry was talking about. It’s just not in the public consciousness. The fact that the liberals had to look it up says that they didn’t know what he was talking about, either (I suspect that’s true regardless of Ideology). But Liberals have to appear informed and superior, so they condemn Conservatives for being just like everyone else…normal.

    What small, petty people they are.

  • Lost in MASS

    And they used to call Pres Bush stupid, this guy w/o the prompter makes Bush look like an “A” student. But, you won’t see a word in the main stream press propaganda machine – 2-3/5 years left and counting. I hope we make it. There will be a lot of undoing to do.

  • Dave in Reno

    The Bush declaration did not cover Kalawao County on Molokai, therefore, the declaration did not cover every county in the state, which means that the earthquake in Hawaii would not be covered under the Senate bill:

    “(2) In this subsection, the term ‘disaster-recovery FMAP adjustment State’ means a State that is one of the 50 States or the District of Columbia, for which, at any time during the preceding 7 fiscal years, the President has declared a major disaster under section 401 of the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act and determined as a result of such disaster that every county or parish in the State warrant individual and public assistance or public assistance from the Federal Government under such Act and for which–”


    That section of the bill was meant to cover Louisiana after Katrina, and only Louisiana.

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  • Theocracy


    I’m not sure how the President was able to get this newspaper article backdated, but I think it pretty clearly proves that his birth announcements in the papers in Hawaii way back when were fraudulent as well. Let’s have a rally! Everyone who shows up counts as 100 people!


    You tools.

    Not only was there an earthquake in 2006, you rely on the “leftist” media to tell you what you want to hear: namely that Louisiana is the only state to which this bill applies to.

    Alas, I know independent thinking is a bit much to ask of you, but please try it sometime. Hey, try even reading the bill and maybe you’ll see


  • Hawaii lover

    Hi, It wasnt the level of Katrina, no, but it was significant enough that our then President bush signed a major disaster declaration. If you people feel that Hawaii shouldn’t have been declared a major disaster then, how come you didn’t protest President Bush then?


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  • Tobath

    Wow, that response sounded like an answer from the Miss Teen USA pageant.

  • lamchops

    He probably just meant to say Haiti instead of Hawaii. It’s an honest mistake since they are both islands in the middle of one of those big oceans, they both begin with the letter “H”, and they are both inhabited by a bunch of darkies. He most likely thinks Haiti is the 57th or 58th state.

  • AuntieMadder

    March 18th, 2010 | 2:59 am | #131

    Everything you wrote sounds plausible to me.

  • AuntieMadder

    March 18th, 2010 | 12:41 pm | #154

    Go f@#$ yourself.

  • Mark Rosenthal

    There WAS an earthquake in Hawaii in 206. It was a major earthquake. Even Bush declared it a major disaster. Obama was right. The pundits here are wrong. Maybe you guys should google stuff before you post lies.

  • Research Helps

    The 2006 Hawaii earthquake was an offshore earthquake occurring 10 km (6 miles) southwest from Puakō, Hawai’i, United States, on Sunday October 15, 2006 at 7:07:49 AM local time (17:07:49 (UTC))

  • bg


    there was an Earthquake in 2006, SO WHAT??


  • buck turgidson

    You know, it is simply amazing what an echo chamber does. The first 37 idiots just nod their heads in agreement because they are too stupid to check the facts. At #38 someone says, Hey, wait a minute! Here’s a press release from the *BUSH* White House in 2006 that tells of a *major* earthquake in Hawaii. What happens? The rest of the idiots continue to make up their own reality.

    Yeah, right, Obama’s lying about everything. In fact, he probably caused the Hawaii earthquake to destroy his invalid birth records.

    Here’s prime example of conservative logic.

    At #154 GOOGLELIES posted
    Not only was there an earthquake in 2006, you rely on the “leftist” media to tell you what you want to hear: namely that Louisiana is the only state to which this bill applies to.

    About 4 hours later #160 AuntieMadder (who has at least six other equally informative posts on this thread) replies:
    March 18th, 2010 | 12:41 pm | #154

    Go f@#$ yourself.

    Nice! And he killed his grandma too!

    And then you wonder why there is a liberal bias in academia and the press… Facts are a stubborn thing–you can’t just throw them out like “Go f@#$ yourself.”

  • Solaratov

    buck turgidson
    March 18th, 2010 | 6:24 pm | #164

    Well then, buck, why don’t you haul your turgid little self back to the echo chamber of dkos or huffpo? You’d probably be much more at home there – echoing the gibberish of your fellow leftoid drones.

    Go away troll. Play with your own kind.

    .The only good communist is a dead communist.

  • lamchops

    Yo buck turgidson,

    Here’s what Bammy said:

    “…that provision, which I think should remain in, said that if a state has been affected by a natural catastrophe, that has created a special health care emergency in that state, they should get help…. It also affects Hawaii, which went through an earthquake.”

    So was Bammy claiming that the 2006 earthquake in Hawaii created a “natural health care emergency”?

    Back in the mid 80’s I slept through an earthquake in Manhattan. Would that qualify too?

    I think he looks less stupid if he just pretends he meant Haiti, and that he thought it was the 57th state.

    Oh yeah buck, one other thing while I’m on the line here with a world class Obama fluffer, can you direct me to where I can get one of those 3000% insurance premium reductions Bammy promised?

  • bg


    buck turgidson @ 6:24 pm #164

    It also affects Hawaii, which went through an earthquake. ~ BHO

    exactly where did Obama specifically mention
    Bush or the 2006 Earthquake?? he didn’t..

    btw, this is 2010, and there’s been many more
    recent Earthquakes, including in Hawaii, hello??

    it’s also evidently, you don’t know what an “echo chamber” is, because i know you didn’t read all the posts or you’d have been informed vs jumping on the idiotic ‘label them all in one fell swoop’ wagon, that’ll do the trick..

    yep right, that’s the ticket..

    that and this from your genius with Ummah on the brain..


  • bg


    5.3 magnitude earthquake rocks Hawaii hours before expected hurricane

    [The Hawaii National Guard has been activated under the command of Governor Linda Lingle, who signed an emergency disaster proclamation ahead of the storm. Mayor Harry Kim also declared a state of emergency on Monday.]

    Hurricane Flossie Sideswipes Hawaii’s Big Island

    neither mentions the 2006 hurricane, go figure..

    of course Earthquakes will be covered
    in the US, in Hawaii or wherever, duh!!

    The $100 Million Health Care Vote?

    [On page 432 of the Reid bill, there is a section increasing federal Medicaid subsidies for “certain states recovering from a major disaster.”

    The section spends two pages defining which “states” would qualify, saying, among other things, that it would be states that “during the preceding 7 fiscal years” have been declared a “major disaster area.”

    I am told the section applies to exactly one state: Louisiana, the home of moderate Democrat Mary Landrieu, who has been playing hard to get on the health care bill.

    In other words, the bill spends two pages describing would could be written with a single world: Louisiana. (This may also help explain why the bill is long.)

    Senator Harry Reid, who drafted the bill, CANNOT PASS IT



  • bg


    oh btw..

    are they still “waiting to be covered”
    for the 2006 Earthquake in Hawaii??



  • bg


    “you can lead a liberal to knowledge,
    but you can’t make a liberal think!!”

    ~ bg


  • bg


    poor Hawaii, if LANDRIEU doesn’t sign it, they
    won’t get coverage for the 2006 Earthquake!!

    still ROTFLMBO @ how well Obama communicates
    with liberal “thinkers”.. bwahahahahahahahahah!!

    btw, i thought it was $300 million??

    wonder what happened with that??

    guess Hawaii won’t be getting much coverage after all these years..

    oh wait, 30 + million for Obama 2 week vaca’s, plus Pelosi’s entourage, that’ll more than make up for it, not to mention US footing the bill either way..

    Hurricane Daniel (2006)

    Initial predictions suggested that the cyclone would pass through the Hawaiian Islands as a tropical storm; however, Daniel’s remnants dissipated southeast of Hawaii. The storm brought light to moderate precipitation to the islands of Hawaii and Maui, causing minor flooding, although no major damage or fatalities were reported.

    he sure knOws how to pick em huh?? 😀


  • bg


    2006 Hawaii earthquake

    [The earthquake caused property damage, injuries, landslides, power outages, and airport delays and closures.[4] Governor Linda Lingle issued a disaster declaration for the entire state.


    The most severe damage caused by the earthquake was focused on the north and western sides of the island of Hawaii. Damage was also quite heavy on the eastern side of Maui, and minor damage spread all the way out to western Oahu, 170 miles (270 km) away from the earthquake’s epicenter. On the Big Island, many houses had large cracks and broken windows, and at least 61 buildings were destroyed and red-tagged by officials. Almost all houses in west Hawaii reported extensive internal damage but most avoided significant structural damage, the reason being that most of the buildings in the area around the epicenter of the earthquake have been built in the last few decades and are well constructed. Even so, over $200 million in damage occurred.[8]

    The largest and most luxurious hotels on the Island of Hawaii also happened to be clustered within ten miles (16 km) of the earthquake’s epicenter along the Kohala coast. The famous Mauna Kea Beach Hotel had its entire south end collapse, and the hotel’s top floor was considered “destroyed.” The hotel closed December 1 after a month-long inspection revealed that the building was unsafe and in danger of collapse. After a $150 million renovation, the hotel reopened in December, 2008.[9] [10] The Hapuna Prince Hotel was temporarily evacuated after the earthquake due to structural damage, broken glass and flooding caused by broken waterpipes.]

    still don’t see what it has to do with “Something
    that was called a special deal was for Louisiana.”


  • Aftershock

    “I blew a few smoke rings, remembering those years. Pot had helped, and booze; maybe a little blow when you could afford it.” – Barack Hussein Obama, Dreams of My Father

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  • asdf

    Yeah, it would have taken a few minutes to verify if there were any big earth quakes in Hawaii. And what’s that? There was, in 06 that was in fact a catastrophe. Big surprise there. You dumb right-wing imbeciles are lying again.

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    asdf @ 6:45 pm #175

    you obviously still don’t get it..

    the 2006 earthquake (or any of the
    many others) is totally irrelevant..

    it has absolutely zero to do with
    the special deal for Louisiana..


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