Michele Bachmann Compares Obama-Pelosi Cabal to Marxist Hugo Chavez

Michele was going easy on them–

Rep. Michele Bachmann told the crowd that the radicals in Washington are acting like the Marxist leader Hugo Chavez. (Minnesota Independent)

Rep. Michele Bachmann spoke at the “Kill the Bill” rally Saturday in St. Paul. During her speech she compared the radicals in Washington DC to Marxist dictator Hugo Chavez from Venezuela.
The Minnesota Independent reported:

1,000 people gathered at the Minnesota State Capitol lawn Saturday to hear Rep. Michele Bachmann speak out against health care reform. Billed as the “Kill the Bill Rally,” Bachmann railed against a “government takeover” of all aspects of the economy and compared Barack Obama and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez.

“Some have called President Obama the first post-American president,” Bachmann said. “Certainly this health care bill would be our first postmodern legislation where words mean absolutely nothing.”….

“Obama’s idea is for Pelosi to pass a bill and have her members vote on something they never voted for. Sounds more like a Chavez tactic in Venezuela,” said Bachmann. “We have a duty to resist tyranny. This isn’t a joke. They can’t do this. The government is working against us. They are not working for us, and they got it all backwards. They work for us. We don’t work for them.”

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  • Militant Conservative

    Just calling a spade a spade. He’s a marxist/socialist.

  • Aitch748

    Oh, I’m sure the iPod generation in the U.S. will be perfectly happy with a Chavez clone telling them how to live their lives.


  • Major Kong

    I understand that Michelle is Pelosi’s biggest target this election cycle. She’ll certainly have my support in her re-election campaign. She gives me a sense of confidence for the future.

  • Just a thought

    But, but, but, Michelle, Sean Penn says that Hugo is a cool dude.

  • Joanne

    It isn’t a joke. Americans can see what is going on and a bunch of tyrannical psychopaths are trying to take over.

  • AuntieMadder

    Yep, Joanne’s right.

    Kudos to Bachman for saying it on record. Her cajones must be larger than those of the men of the GOP.

  • Scott

    I love that woman. She has a perfect 100 ACU score for her time in Congress. There’s no Congressman who hates big government and loves individual freedom more than her.

    I don’t know how someone with her ideology got elected in a state as leftist as MN, but I’m glad she did. I’ll be sending a few dollars her way to help in her re-election.

    BTW, the video of her speech is at Hot Air.

  • squeaky

    OT – free republic….since hurricane katrina is
    still a talking point.
    [Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-NY) has offered a second account of what happened to money he helped raise for Hurricane Katrina victims who apparently did not receive the aid. But this latest explanation — that it benefitted Katrina victims who came to New York City — is proving as flimsy as his original.]

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  • bitterclinger

    Michelle Bachmann is one of only a handful of congress critters worth anything in DC. She is a true patriot and I have great respect for her.

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  • This is what happens when people elect a smooth-talking con man as pResident.

    I hope those who crossed over to vote Dem as a hate-vote against Bush have learned something. Dems and Repubs are NOT interchangeable. No Rs are voting for this healthcare takeover. Rs need work, we need to elect more conservative ones, more fiscally responsible ones, but we MUST defeat these marxist Dems!

  • How can the state elect Michele Bachmann and Al Franken?

  • I love this woman….Not afraid to go head on with the dems…Smart and i believe trust-worthy…A patriot…Bachmann/palin/2012….They have my vote!!!

  • Old One

    Minnesota like many others states such as my state of California are an electoral war zone between leftist loons and the ordinary folks. The left’s idiots in Minnesota are from the state’s three large union university dominated cities where an alliance of welfare takers, Kennedy’s gifts of third world immigrant drones, labor union automatons, legacy grandpa voted democrat bots, clueless clergy and their do gooder followers reinforced by wackodemia and schoolhouse indoctrination , the criminal antics of Acorn, and Soros bucks managed to install Franken.
    Outside Minnesota’s three large cities are many small towns and rural areas such as the one from where Michelle Bachmann hails many Minnesotans still are grounded in reality and elect Republicans such as Pawlenty and Coleman

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  • Jo

    BOZO is a radical and his team of radicals are extremists. The Taliban and Al Quaeda take notes.

  • Aaron

    You hicks do get that the budget cuts for which you pray will result in your tar and gravel roads falling into such disrepair you’ll never get down to the Wal-Mart for your vittles and ammo, right?

  • myna

    Obama’s healthcare utopia where 10 bureaucrats assign to give you 1 tylenol.

  • AuntieMadder

    March 15th, 2010 | 5:02 pm | #18

    That’s all right, Aaron. I’ve got plenty of ammo, a straight shot, and loud-mouthed liberals make for some good eatin’ in hard times.

  • Kurt Montandon

    Perhaps she can explain to us how this bill was passed using the same tactics that FDR using to pass Smoot-Hawley, which cause the Great Depression.