Dem Mouthpiece Alan Grayson: "Get Rid of Republicans Entirely" (Video)

Obviously, the state-run media will ignore this liberal’s latest attacks…
Democratic Spokesperson Rep. Alan Grayson, the conscience of the Democratic movement in America, joined failed radio host and socialist Ed Schultz to discuss Republican hatred(?)
American Power posted the video:

Well, at least, he didn’t tell Cheney to STFU in this interview. And, he didn’t call any female officials whores… That’s good.

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  • Andreas K.

    I invite this “brave” man to live a few months as a commoner in North Korea. Or China.

    And then I invite him to live as a “lucky” capitalist “pig” in Germany, Austria or worse, Scandinavia. Then we’ll see how much he likes being taxed to death.

  • Chisum

    Grayson is the gift that keeps on giving.

    Let him spew.

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  • Audacity

    Just tell when the money bomb starts to defeat
    this vile cretin and I will be there with credit card ready to roll.

  • shibumi

    Of course Democrats want to get rid of any opposition. That’s the first step of tyranny, isn’t it? Establish yourself and/or your party as rulers for life.

    I wonder if most Democrats knew that ‘change’ meant a ‘change’ to ‘fascism.’

  • Chris Vehr

    Grayson is the “patron saint of evil”. I hope he enjoys his 15 minutes of fame as the fat/happy Dems bask in the limelight. Pound your girlish chest, Allan boy! Grayson stands for very bad things, things that are leading our great nation to its destruction.

    And he’s doing it with a devilish grin that denotes the same arrogance and cockiness that his narcissistic leader Barack Obama displays whenever there is a camera or teleprompter present.

  • Andreas K.

    Shibumi, they are as democratic as the German Democratic Republic (Eastern Germany.) Or the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea.)

    For them democracy only exists as long as it gets them what they want. Ultimately these people are fascists. Nothing else.

  • I was down at the Capitol the night of the vote. Grayson decided to hold a mini press conference in the middle of the protesters. He almost knocked me down. He just kept right on walking, like I was not even there. An arrogant ass.

  • NC Cop

    Dear Alan,

    Please come on down to NC and “get rid of us”. I’d love to see you try. I’ve got something for you.

    Come closer………

  • Nick

    Just chalk it up to “dumbass” It will help you sleep.

  • That retard congressman Greyson will definitely look like Hitler if he grows a mustache.

  • @Winston: He’s hiding his horns, tail and pitchfork.

    More people have just watched Ed Schultz than have watched HIM in the last week. And nobody…I mean NOBODY listens to “Dick” Grayson anymore.

  • newton

    Well guys, look at the bright side of this.

    At least they’re not hiding the fact that they’re evil anymore.

  • xiphos

    Grayson talking is the same as a perpetual bowel movement.

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  • Mike

    I listened to Sgt. Schultz the other day when Mark Davis was guesting on Rush(I cant stand that Rino Davis). Ed told a guy he was giving him 25 Minutes, to the top of the hour’ to explain his position. Schultz IMMEDIATELY talked over the guy, shouted him down and literally cut his mic off in 30 seconds. Honest to God. This was the 1st time I ever listened to his show live. This was after Schultz told the guy the diff between libs and conservatives was that libs were willing to listen to opposing positions in a civilized way, and conservatives were fascists. I was stunned that none of his follow up callers seemed to even pick up on the glaring paradox. Ed is a disgusting ass hat, fit only for Chavez’s Venezuela. Now that moron Sean Penn says we should imprison ant one that opposes Obama in print or on the air. Just like Chavez jailing his last political opponent today. Fascist pricks, all.

  • RebeccaH

    There are no words to adequately describe what a vile POS Alan Grayson is.

  • Mwalimu Daudi

    The Democrat Party should distance itself from Ed Schultz and Alan Grayson for attempting to incite violence.

  • jd

    He might as well enjoy his remaining 15 minutes of fame. Come November, the voters in central florida will be giving him an opportunity to spend more time with his family.

    I got a big laugh watching Jason Mattera poke fun at lard a$$ for not knowing what’s in the health care bill.

  • Beth

    “Get rid of the Republicans, entirely.”

    But yeah, we’re the haters.

    They’ve got Howard “I hate all Republicans” Dean and Michael “I hate all Republicans” Moore recording bits for them. Hypocrites.

    Horrible, ignorant men. Old guys who still act like they’re 14 years old. But very, very smug and confident because they know that their audience will nod their heads and say “yeah, man.”

  • Ginger

    Soooooo when are we going to BOY COT the media? In all states we can take down most of the Librael rags! We got two of them right in St. Louis….St. Louis Post Despatch and River Front Times.

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  • Lynn II

    They wouldn’t be running around talking and insulting if they weren’t afraid of losing elections. Time to laugh back and keep saying “November is one day nearer”. Why would Obama be out trying to sell this mess of a bill if they are so friggin’ popular?

  • Just Bob

    The dems are trying any means available to provoke violence from the right, including using violent rhetoric and violence itself. They know the lapdog media won’t report their provocations. But any response by the right will be blown out of proportion by the same media…and used by the dems to impose martial law, suspend civil rights, and cancel the next election.

    Something bad is going to happen between now and November. If we’re still enjoying our civil rights when the New Year arrives, I’ll be amazed.

    Steady as she goes, Tea Partiers. Don’t let the bastards get to you. We’re going to have to see this one through…for Old Glory.

  • SpideyTerry

    Good thing for Grayson he said this on a network nobody watches. *snark*

    Grayson is your typical bully – talks a tough game, but when actually faced with a challenge, folds faster than someone with a pair of twos.

  • Palinfan

    Beware of these words from Grayson, lest he be hinting at something more sinister here. Like a plan from the top down to eliminate all competition in the Liberal quest for total power.

    Meanwhile, who are we running against this fool?

  • OSweet

    Can’t believe that an elected representative won’t even make the smallest of efforts to understand that their opponents might have good intentions and motives, but instead rushes to assume the absolute worst about them, and heaps on more invective for good measure.

  • America, you have been infiltrated on all levels, the commies have their moles in the media, the Muslims are in the White House and pervert your foreign policy and the loons in Hollyweird hate America too much to even get the message.

    McCarty was right.

    America will never be the same. This will end badly!

  • Xavier

    Shouldn’t these two slobs be shagging one another in a dark bathroom stall somewhere?

  • ahem

    Get rid of Republicans entirely–that’s the very point of the healthcare legislation. Make no mistake about it.

  • Militant Conservative

    quite whinning about this terd and get into the fight. We’re not done nor defeated. this will turn on a dime in November. The left is scared to death of us and is telling you so. Remember the LSM is a filter. It takes out the truth and replaces it with “I wish”. WE ARE THE TRUTH AND THE FUTURE. powder is dry.

  • crypticguise

    Grayson will be defeated in November. Let us know who the Conservative Candidate is running against this imbecile. Get your heads together Conservatives in Florida. Someone step up and let’s DESTROY this a**hole. Where is the “money bomb” page so I can send a donation?

    As for Schulz…”oink oink, lardass”, no one is watching except to laugh at your inane nonsense.

  • setnaffa

    What does it say about America that we elect folks like Grayson as our leaders instead of putting them in mental hospitals or concentration camps, bricking them into dungeons, or crucifying them?

  • Slappy

    Here are few excerpts from Grayson:

    “All they got left is fear and hatred…they’ve got nothing else left.”

    Then in the very next breath Grayson spouts a litany of fear and hatred. Way to go, you dope. Why don’t you look up the word “projection” in the dictionary.

    “They stoke the fires of hatred and try to provoke a national nervous breakdown by instilling people with fear…and then they blame the Democrat Party for that.”

    Accepting this as true, what the hell do you think happened the previous eight years, Grayson? Your side tore down this country starting with the 2000 election and continuing through the ridiculous “Bush knew” crap about 9/11, “Bush lied” crap about Iraq, and “Bush didn’t care” rhetoric about Katrina. You tried to destroy Bush, his supporters, the presidency, and the country under Bush’s leadership with innuendo, conspiracies, half truths, and outright lies. Now you get upset that the opposition is adopting some of the tactics that you used (though nowhere near as cynically)? You made your bed, now lie in it, you hypocrites.

    Maybe some of the rhetoric from the Right has been over the top since Obama took office, but the complaints about the health care plan were spot on. For a second, put aside the loss of freedom and liberty for all Americans under the plan, which will only worsen if you ended up getting a single-payer plan implemented in the future. Just look at the unintended consequences that are already starting, which many of us with qualified backgrounds in business and economics warned would happen (e.g., all the company write-downs due to various provisions in the health care plan, hiring freezes, etc.) at a horrible economic time for the country. The only “national nervous breakdown” that is going to happen is going to be after more of this plan is implemented and people see that the vast majority of complaints about the plan by those of us on the Right were completely correct. When the economic continues to stagger and unemployment stays (or even rises above) 10% over the next 12 months, a majority of the country will see why that is occurring — the policies of the POTUS and his comrades in the Democrat Party. Unfunded mandates, tax increases, uncontrolled spending, taxpayer money being used for rewarding political allies, etc. Grayson, your party owns all of this, which is probably why you’re striking out at Republicans like a freakin’ child. The best defense is a good offense, right Grayson?

    “We have to put an end to that whole style of politics and that means getting rid of the Republicans entirely.”

    Yeah, that sounds like the language of someone who believes in Democracy, you freakin’ fascist fool. Sounds like something Saddam used to say about the various opposition groups in Iraq, doesn’t it? Or something like that German guy with the tiny mustache was saying back in the 1930s. Yeah, why don’t we just round up the opposition groups and put them on trains to their assigned camps, right Grayson? BTW, Grayson, this “whole style of politics” is being used and mastered by Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and YOU, so you know where you can stuff your idiotic outrage.

  • Slappy

    I don’t know whether to be angry or sad that such a complete dolt like Grayson could become a U.S. Congressman. The guy is a cliche-slinging moron. He’s also completely oblivious to the fact that his comments about Republicans are exactly the type of rhetoric that he’s accusing the Republicans of using. I genuinely wonder if this guy is sane…seriously. Who in their right mind would say these things and actually mean them? The man is a cartoon character.

    Listen, both Republicans and Democrats play hard ball when it comes to trying to advance legislation and convince the country to support them. They have throughout the history of the country and will continue to do so in the future. But, like adolescents who can’t always get their way, Democrats can’t seem to accept that there is an opposition to them. Just look at this complete unhinged mental midget Grayson acting sanctimonious while accusing Republicans of being haters but then in the next breath using this kind of hateful rhetoric. Grayson has the mind and self control of a child. Does he even have the mental faculties to see the contradictions in his statements? I can’t imagine walking around with not only such hatred in my heart and stupidity in my head, like Grayson, but also such ignorance that I actually think what I’m saying is appropriate and accurate.

    God bless this country but with people like Grayson in power antagonizing those of us that simply want the government to live up to our principles outlined in the Constitution and not to bankrupt the country, we’re in an uphill battle. We all see what may be on the horizon for this country due to the extreme disagreements that are taking place right now and the lack of self control being exhibited by the Democrats in power. I hope I’m wrong, but I fear that it’s going to get much more unpleasant over the coming months and years.

  • ray

    It clarifies the mind to see the face of evil. Alan Grayson suits the purpose admirably. The leering, sneering, contemptous face of a fiend in human form fantasizing the rout of his betters.

    Our freedom rests on four boxes: the soap box, the ballot box, the jury box, and the cartridge box. The Democrat party has shown that there is no “loyal” opposition for the soap box. We must use that soap box now only for the people. The Democrats must be destroyed utterly.

  • Sojourner

    Even mad men speak truth.. facists like Grayson have ways of blurting out tactics buried just beneath the surface of their ‘crazy speak’..I’d take heed of this idiot’s words.. especially in light of events since last Sunday.. this dope may be marking the trail for tactics to come from the tinpot poser in the WH.

  • bigfingo

    “failed radio host and socialist Ed Schultz” + MSNBC = nobody is watching I’m reminded of the age old question “If a tree falls in the forest….?”. The Libs need to watch out about this violence thing, most of the good old boys down here are much better shots than they are.

  • Lazarus Long

    Scratch a reactionary leftist, find the fascist gibbering underneath.

  • jackspratt1

    Its not the Republicans you have to worry about son, it’s the CONSERVATIVES – the REAL AMERICANS of all parties and WE ARE COMING!!! Prepare Americans to deal these wackos a blow

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  • JB

    I can’t wait to see this fetus get his abortion.’s for Democrats.

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