WaPo Intentionally Omits Commie Plane Crasher's Marxist Rant to Paint Him as Tea Party Protester

Jonathan Capehart at the The Washington Post intentionally omitted the Austin commie plane crasher’s Marxist rant from his article today about the attack on the IRS Building. That way he could blame those violent “teabaggers.”

Ace of Spades discovered the omission.

Here’s the final lines from the commie plane crasher’s manifesto:

And, here’s how the WaPo presented it, via HotAir:

Hmm. Something important is missing.
What might that be?

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  • jjjjjjj

    liberal ethics: nowhere to be found.

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  • LimoLibsStink


    I sent Barney Frank with his irresistible super sized butt over to the Wapo with my talking points. It worked and the Wapo are now smearing the Tea Party people who are always looking for tax cuts. Now we can forget about my good friend Amy Bishop. I think it is safe to blame Bush!

    My limousine is running and I have a meeting with the NYT. I must look busy. Good day.

  • AuntieMadder

    It was more than the last lines of the letter that the writer left out. He even left out parts of the paragraphs he selected for the piece in order to paint Stack a Tea Partier. He spun the story so hard that I’m still dizzy from reading it.

  • Jason

    Liberal “journalism” (i.e. 95% of the mainstream) is well and truly finished. I think all we can do at this point is to sit back and enjoy their comical flailing as they circle the drain. What we are witnessing is the left’s final desperate attempt to save an ideology which they know is headed for the dustbins of American history once and for all. 12 months ago they convinced themselves, quite stupidly, that all of their childish lefty dreams were going to come true at last. Since then they’ve seen those dreams die a slow agonizing death as the true nature of America – freedom and liberty – has reasserted itself. They’ll do anything and everything to discredit the reemergence of the original American philosophy. They don’t even care about being exposed any more. Jonathan Capehart’s piece is one of the most godawful examples of liberal journalistic desperation I have read in a long while. He really ought to congratulate himself for such a brazen feat.

  • Andreas K.

    Liberal media is like the Bermuda Triangle. But instead of ships and planes disappearing, the Liberal Media Triangle makes facts and ethics disappear.

  • Gary

    Certainly silly to label the guy a “tea partier”, or anything but crazy really, but I think his last lines about communism and capitalism are being misinterpreted.

    I think he was simply decrying the current condition of capitalism having been abused and misused by all sorts, government and big business. Blown out of proportion by his personal misfortune, but that was his reality.

    Not that he had any love for communism.

  • http://www.edmartinforcongress.com Tom63010

    I have heard so many excuses for opinion journalism but redacting parts of a suicide letter to make someone look like a “right wing” nutcase rather than a “left wing” nutcase, this is truly journalistic malpractice at it’s worst!

  • lyle


    The nutcase presented communism as a true believer would, and capitalism as an opponent would. I don’t think we’re misinterpreting anything.

    But the topic here is a lack of journalistic ethics by the Washington Post. Its reporter deliberately conceals and misrepresents in order to promote a political agenda. It’s the kind of behavior that has driven news consumers away from old media outlets in search of reliable information.

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  • http://reaganiterepublicanresistance.blogspot.com Reaganite Republican

    All new media patriots should prepare for what the Left will be doing with this Stack crash… I expect the worst, especially online.

    I have noticed a few blog message sections had a 1st, prompt message pretending to be a conservative sympathizing with Stack’s motives somewhat… MoveOn/DNC trolls, imho

    Another blog bud had some guy come on there and rail against him for not showing enough sympathy for the victims, etc… when the accusation had no connection with reality at all, just lib spin and slander-

    Oh, to be a fly on the wall of David Plouffe’s office right now…

  • http://itsaboutfreedom.proboards.com/index.cgi#general BigAlSouth

    This just in: Johnathan Capehart’s expose on Unabomber Ted Kazinsky.
    “UnaBomber’s Manifesto Similar to Tea Party Movement”


  • TimDC

    Like 99% of his pathetic compatriots in the MSM today, Jonathan Capehart and his employer are nothing short of frauds hell bent on destroying the very fiber of this country.

    Too bad the Rights to Freedom of the Press and Speech have been so perverted in this country that they cannot be prosecuted for such obvious fraud and slander..

    God Bless the USA…right?!?

  • Militant Conservative

    WE Sre the solution the lame stream media is the problem. powder is dry.

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  • Auntie Em

    The media’s falsely labeling liberal socialist crazies as Tea Partiers is failing them miserably.

    Everyone seems to be on to them, yet they continue.

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  • http://Gatewaypundit Steve Ugorowski

    Is it true he was wearing an Obama tee shirt?

  • http://mainfo.blogspot.com/ Opus #6

    Stack = The first Communist Tea Partier. The MSM must be thrilled.

  • myna

    You know when the old media is irrelevant when they try to manipulate the news according to their agenda, but the cat is already out of the bag. Too late.