WaPo Intentionally Omits Commie Plane Crasher's Marxist Rant to Paint Him as Tea Party Protester

Jonathan Capehart at the The Washington Post intentionally omitted the Austin commie plane crasher’s Marxist rant from his article today about the attack on the IRS Building. That way he could blame those violent “teabaggers.”

Ace of Spades discovered the omission.

Here’s the final lines from the commie plane crasher’s manifesto:

And, here’s how the WaPo presented it, via HotAir:

Hmm. Something important is missing.
What might that be?

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  • jjjjjjj

    liberal ethics: nowhere to be found.

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  • LimoLibsStink


    I sent Barney Frank with his irresistible super sized butt over to the Wapo with my talking points. It worked and the Wapo are now smearing the Tea Party people who are always looking for tax cuts. Now we can forget about my good friend Amy Bishop. I think it is safe to blame Bush!

    My limousine is running and I have a meeting with the NYT. I must look busy. Good day.

  • AuntieMadder

    It was more than the last lines of the letter that the writer left out. He even left out parts of the paragraphs he selected for the piece in order to paint Stack a Tea Partier. He spun the story so hard that I’m still dizzy from reading it.

  • Jason

    Liberal “journalism” (i.e. 95% of the mainstream) is well and truly finished. I think all we can do at this point is to sit back and enjoy their comical flailing as they circle the drain. What we are witnessing is the left’s final desperate attempt to save an ideology which they know is headed for the dustbins of American history once and for all. 12 months ago they convinced themselves, quite stupidly, that all of their childish lefty dreams were going to come true at last. Since then they’ve seen those dreams die a slow agonizing death as the true nature of America – freedom and liberty – has reasserted itself. They’ll do anything and everything to discredit the reemergence of the original American philosophy. They don’t even care about being exposed any more. Jonathan Capehart’s piece is one of the most godawful examples of liberal journalistic desperation I have read in a long while. He really ought to congratulate himself for such a brazen feat.

  • Andreas K.

    Liberal media is like the Bermuda Triangle. But instead of ships and planes disappearing, the Liberal Media Triangle makes facts and ethics disappear.

  • Gary

    Certainly silly to label the guy a “tea partier”, or anything but crazy really, but I think his last lines about communism and capitalism are being misinterpreted.

    I think he was simply decrying the current condition of capitalism having been abused and misused by all sorts, government and big business. Blown out of proportion by his personal misfortune, but that was his reality.

    Not that he had any love for communism.

  • I have heard so many excuses for opinion journalism but redacting parts of a suicide letter to make someone look like a “right wing” nutcase rather than a “left wing” nutcase, this is truly journalistic malpractice at it’s worst!

  • lyle


    The nutcase presented communism as a true believer would, and capitalism as an opponent would. I don’t think we’re misinterpreting anything.

    But the topic here is a lack of journalistic ethics by the Washington Post. Its reporter deliberately conceals and misrepresents in order to promote a political agenda. It’s the kind of behavior that has driven news consumers away from old media outlets in search of reliable information.

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  • All new media patriots should prepare for what the Left will be doing with this Stack crash… I expect the worst, especially online.

    I have noticed a few blog message sections had a 1st, prompt message pretending to be a conservative sympathizing with Stack’s motives somewhat… MoveOn/DNC trolls, imho

    Another blog bud had some guy come on there and rail against him for not showing enough sympathy for the victims, etc… when the accusation had no connection with reality at all, just lib spin and slander-

    Oh, to be a fly on the wall of David Plouffe’s office right now…

  • This just in: Johnathan Capehart’s expose on Unabomber Ted Kazinsky.
    “UnaBomber’s Manifesto Similar to Tea Party Movement”


  • TimDC

    Like 99% of his pathetic compatriots in the MSM today, Jonathan Capehart and his employer are nothing short of frauds hell bent on destroying the very fiber of this country.

    Too bad the Rights to Freedom of the Press and Speech have been so perverted in this country that they cannot be prosecuted for such obvious fraud and slander..

    God Bless the USA…right?!?

  • Militant Conservative

    WE Sre the solution the lame stream media is the problem. powder is dry.

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  • Auntie Em

    The media’s falsely labeling liberal socialist crazies as Tea Partiers is failing them miserably.

    Everyone seems to be on to them, yet they continue.

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  • Is it true he was wearing an Obama tee shirt?

  • Stack = The first Communist Tea Partier. The MSM must be thrilled.

  • myna

    You know when the old media is irrelevant when they try to manipulate the news according to their agenda, but the cat is already out of the bag. Too late.

  • Ladue Pundit

    Last week it was Marxist Obama devotee and mass murderer DOCTOR Amy Bishop.

    This week it’s Bush-hating, commie mass murderer wanna-be Joe Stack “the man’s gotta go down.”

    It appears that the leftists have been most affected by Obama’s economy, some going down in flames–literally.

  • Callipygian1

    Steve Ugorowski
    February 19th, 2010 | 7:07 am | #18
    Is it true he was wearing an Obama tee shirt?

    Touche’, Bon mot!

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  • drjohn

    Stack is more like an Obama mentor than anything else.

    Ayers and his Weathermen bombed government buildings and tried to kill people.

    Bombing and killing is a left wing phenomenon, not a right wing one.

  • olm

    It’s too bad that no one wants to discuss Amy Bishop and Stack. Throw Obama in there too.
    The rules, they believe, should not apply to them and they flip out when they are pushed too far. Although, Obama hasn’t flipped yet so forget him.
    The tea party isn’t about the rules, it is about following the traditional rule of the country and not changing rules to fit an aganda.
    The Left fundamentally is incapable of understanding the Tea Party so anyone they don’t care to claim automatically is a Tea Partier.

  • Lance

    This goes beyond media bias. There’s a concerted effort by the state propaganda outlets to paint the Tea Party as an extremist movement (with some help from idiots like Bill O’Reilly).

    The only way they can define us is if we fear their labels and get timid. Just a suggestion. If the media approaches you at a rally refuse the interview. If they ask why just tell them if you say something intelligent they won’t broadcast it. If you say something stupid (or may be spun as extreme) they will exploit it for weeks across the airwaves.

  • free`

    How is that not fraud?

  • Nahanni

    The biggest problem that the MSM has is that it no longer is the gatekeeper of information.

    In this case people can read this guy’s homicide note and can look up his bio to find out that he was not some “reich whing teabagger” but just another mentally unstable leftist who didn’t have a big enough problem with the IRS to get an appointment to Obamao’s administration.

    You will note that in the days after I AM DR. AMY BISHOP!!!11!!!eleventy!!!! went on her killing spree they tried to spin her as some “reich whing teabagger” and that didn’t work. Then they fished around trying to stick all sorts of things on her to imply that she was some “reich whing teabagger” and that didn’t work, either. The last thing I saw them try to make her out to be was a “Dungeons and Dragons playing nutjob” and that failed. Now you don’t hear anything about her because the truth of who and what she is has gotten out and the truth is that she is just another run of the mill “progressive” whack job “academic” who is obsessed with her “messiah” Obamao.

  • Brian Payne

    How can you call this guy a “marxist” for hating the I.R.S. so much that he flew his plane into their office and then use the same term for taxing the rich to feed the poor or government run health care? He seems to be”extremely” anti big government to me.

    Also, how come is the media not calling him a “terrorist?” Is it because he is a white christian rather than a brown skinned muslim?

  • Brian Payne

    Dr. John, So, you are saying Timothy McVeigh and the people that kill your “fellow” doctors or bomb abortion clinics are all part of some strange”left wing phenomenon? Please! McVeigh had a definite “right wing” political agenda. Stack and Bishop were simply nuts.

  • olm

    Well Brian, he hated the Catholic Chirch, George Bush, the currrent healthcare system and Reagan. He was trying to cheat on his taxes for years and got caught, apparently more than once. You could say he was anti big government except for his healthcare rant.
    If they call him a terrosist they also have to call Amy Bishop a terrorist and it is obvious that they do not want any publicity remotely leading to Amy Bishop.
    He’s a toughie for Leftists but much closer to Bill Ayres than Joe the Plumberr.

  • Nahanni

    Joseph Stack: Another Media-Provoked Killer

    Joseph Stack, the anti-capitalist who killed two yesterday in a 9/11-style attack in Austin, published a “manifesto” online, which ends with the communist creed.

    What is most striking about this man’s ramblings is that they read, at times, very similarly to a Keith Olbermann (MSNBC host) monologue.

    We find many of the contradictory ideas to which today’s Left holds. To Mr. Stack, George Bush was a “puppet”, but yet he had “cronies”. To Mr. Stack, General Motors executives were reliant on their “overwhelming stupidity” for being “thugs” and “plunderers”. Mr Stack had also been convinced of the idea that “insurance companies are murdering tens of thousands of people a year” (Where did he get that idea? Olbermann: ObamaCare Opponents ‘Killing 45000 People/Year,’).

    It is clear this man derived much of his manifesto from leftist big media, which has become much more extreme in recent years.

    But how many times have we seen this?

    How about John Hinckley? The man who tried to kill President Reagan was brimming with media inspiration.

    Thankfully none of the many leftists who expressed a desire to kill President Bush ever had an opportunity to live out their media-inspired ideas. But there are many pictures available of them acting those ideas out, with fire and violence.

    And most recently one Mr. Jeremy Olson was arrested for throwing objects at Sarah Palin while she was holding her baby son. And what was the media response to this media-inspired event? They lamented the fact that the man missed his target.

    Big media has gone too far in their constant attacks of republicans and conservatives.

    Big media are creating people like Mr. Stack every day, ostensibly as a side-effect of their attempt to radicalize liberals into leftist ACORN-type activists.

    How many more media-provoked killers before we say that MSNBC cannot run 16 hours of Bush-hate every day?

    How many more media-provoked killers before we say that CBS cannot run 45 minutes of Palin-hate every evening?

  • olm

    McVeigh, do you really want to go there? McVeigh was a terrorist and aided by terrorists. Left or Right, McVeigh was an America hater who fit right into Jihad.

  • Brian Payne

    Yes I want to go there. Do you honestly think Stack or Bishop had a political agenda? Do you admit that McVeigh did? McVeigh was anti catholic too wasn’t he?

    Also, doesn’t this quote from McVeigh, “Taxes are a joke. Regardless of what a political candidate “promises,” they will increase. More taxes are always the answer to government mismanagement. They mess up. We suffer. Taxes are reaching cataclysmic levels, with no slowdown in sight… Is a Civil War Imminent? Do we have to shed blood to reform the current system?” sound just a little bit like TeaBag rhetoric? Didn’t Princess Palin call for a revolution at the convention? It also bears a little resemblance to Stack’s manifesto doesn’t it?

  • olm

    NO, Stack was mad because he had to pay taxes and Bishop was mad because she was denied the tenure due her.
    McVeigh was an anti American who met with jihadists. What’s your point?
    They’re all gay?
    Or is it that they all must be right because you don’t like them?

  • Brian Payne

    My original point was to point out to Dr. John that bombing and killing is not some kind of a left wing phenomenon. Do you agree or not?Also, I am merely pointing out that Stack and Bishop had “personal” agenda’s not political. I don’t believe that their politics had a damned thing to do with their attacks. However, I do believe they played a crucial role in McVeigh’s. Timothy McViegh was an anti American but he wrapped himself in the flag and liked to hide behind the constitution much like the Tea Baggers do.

    What does someone being gay or not have to do with this or anything else for that matter?

    I do not “like” anyone merely because of by their politics or religion. Can you say the same?

  • olm

    You’re the one using gay terms, why don’t you tell me?

    Look dude, you’re the one trying to equate anyone unsavory with “Tea baggers”, not me.

  • Brian Payne

    P.S. Nor do I dislike someone just because of their politics or religion. However, I do think that the Tea Bagger’s and the some of their Pundits use dangerous, inflammatory, anti American, rhetoric and I am afraid that may provoke already unbalanced people to violence in the future if it hasn’t already.

  • olm

    Brian, it is exactly the opposite.
    Do you also find the “Tea Baggers” racist?

  • Brian Payne

    You are the one that said and I quote “What’s your point? They’re all gay?” So fess up,I didn’t just pull that out of thin air did I? Furthermore, “Dude,” I am not trying to equate unsavory with the Tea Bagger’s. I am merely pointing out some obvious parallels between quotes made by McVeigh and those of Stack and the Tea Bagger’s as well.

  • olm

    Do you find “Tea baggers” racist?
    There is an obvious difference between Stack and The Tea Party movement but obviously you’re not interested.
    MCVeigh was a domestic terrorist connected to jihad. I do not get your point unless you are connecting “Tea Baggers” to jihad. Then, if that’s it, please connect the “Tea Baggers” to jihad, otherwise quit with the McVeigh stuff, he’s irrelevent.

  • Brian Payne

    Unlike the “Birther’s,” I do not find Tea Bagger’s racist per se. However, I do wonder what they mean when they say they “want their country back.” Back from whom the Native American Indian? I also do believe that most Tea Bagger’s fear Latino’s immigration and the fact that within 25 years or so white’s will be the minority in this country.

  • Solaratov

    Brian Payne
    February 19th, 2010 | 12:12 pm | #30

    Also, how come is the media not calling him a “terrorist?” Is it because he is a white christian rather than a brown skinned muslim?

    Are you implying that all people with brown skin are terrorists? Or that only brown-skinned people are terrorists?
    That sounds blatantly racist to me. Perhaps you’d benefit from attending multiculturism and racial sensitivity classes for a while.
    Then, perhaps, you’d get over your racism.

    btw; Stack seemed to *really* hate all organized religion; and the Catholic Church in particular. Sort of like the majority of leftists/democRATS.

    Thanks for playing, kid. Try again when you’re out of high school.

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  • Solaratov

    Brian Payne
    February 19th, 2010 | 1:40 pm | #37
    I do not “like” anyone merely because of by their politics or religion. Can you say the same?

    I believe that you meant to say “dislike”; to which I say:
    No. But then, I’m not a namby-pamby, limpwristed, politically correct multiculturist.
    I’m able to see evil in the world and identify its manifestation. I know the difference between right and wrong – and choose right.
    It’s not the easy way. It’s not the safe or politically correct way. But it is the right way.

  • olm

    The birthers are racist? How so? Actually, I’m curious about the birters, Brian. What makes a person a birther? Or anyone else for that matter, what is a Birther?
    I know what a Truther is but how do you qualify as a Birther?

  • Brian Payne

    McVeigh was relevant in pointing out to Dr. John that bombing and killing was not a leftwing phenomenon. Also, the jury is still out on McVeigh meeting with jihadist’s. Right now its merely a theory lacking any concrete proof isn’t it? I am not saying he didn’t but nor am I certain as you are that he did.

    I am also not implying or inferring that the Tea Bagger’s are jihadist’s. I just want to point out that anyone can wrap themselves in the flag and call themself a patriot be it a Tea Bagger, a Democrat, a Republican, an Independent, or a domestic terrorist.

    Lets agree to disagree and work together rather than secede or ostracize one another. The Constitution reads “We the people…” and that means you and me, all of us.

  • Brian Payne

    No, it is not a racist statement and that is obvious. It implies or infers that many people and the news itself can make that appear to be the case is all. As to the ” like” and “dislike” matter of semantics see my P.S. comment and you will see I clarified this issue. Forgive me my lack of eloquence as I will forgive yours.

    Regarding the rest of your comments let’s agree to disagree. I never could stand reading Ann Rand either.

  • Solaratov

    btw, Brian, you seem to relish the use of the term “tea bagger”. Are you, perhaps, of the homosexual persuasion yourself? I find it hard to believe that anyone who isn’t would bandy the term about quite like you do. It’s as though you are relishing (as in tasting the mouthful) as you use it.
    Just saying.

    Also, you do realize, I hope, that anyone who uses that term – knowing full-well its meaning – is nothing more than an ill-mannered lout; not fit for polite company. Its usage identifies you as someone who is deliberately trying to be offensive (or is possibly still a child, giggling at getting away with saying a “bad word”).
    Either way, your parents failed miserably at raising a person fit to associate with normal people.

    And, anyone who uses that term can – no matter what they try to say – be completely ignored and their opinions discounted as worthless; for they have shown themselves to be nothing more than a parrot spouting leftist talking points and insults and not possessed of an actual thinking mind, capable of discerning reality or truth.

  • Brian Payne

    “The Birther’s” are those people that still believe Obama was not born in the U.S.A. and think his presidency is illegitimate. I believe they wouldn’t dare make such a wild accusation (in spite of evidence to the contrary) had Obama been a white european rather than an african american. Unfortunately, I do believe their are many people that still have an irrational fear of a black planet. But then again this is just my opinion you are free to disagree.

    I’ve places to go and people to see. But I appreciate our political discourse and wish you goodnight.

  • olm

    Try reading “The Third Terrorist” by Jayna Davis before using McVeigh. Just read it or do not use McVeigh. It won’t kill you to do a little research.

    You’re still using a gay slur however and it really prevents me from “agreeing to disagree”. It makes you seem uneducated and uninformed except for the obvious liberal media or public education slant.

  • olm

    Oh, so birthers are racist because they are afraid of a black man as president and will try to come up with any old reason that might make the presidency illigitimate?

    I wonder if they are tea baggers too? Good night (where are you?), it was fun and amusing.

  • Brian Payne


    Not that it is any of your business and as I’m certain you support the military’s don’t ask don’t tell policy, in answer to your personal question I am happily married to an african american woman. So, you can call me a racist homosexual all you want but it’s you that is resorting to schoolyard insults and personal attacks in a political discussion, not me. However, as I asked Olm earthier when he brought it up, what does someone being gay or not have to do with this or anything else for that matter? You guys seem to be obsessed with it perhaps you were hoping I was as you find me sexy. Sorry,my friend, but I’m taken.

    Although, I am quite sure you consider yourself to be a master debater I find you to be nothing but a loutish boar. I’ve neither the time or inclination to debate you further. Goodnight.

  • truthandgrammarpolice

    Plenty of evidence about McVeigh. Read The Third Jihadist, by Jayna Davis. And please don’t call it “just theory,” until you’ve read all her evidence. It’s truly eye-opening.

    And what are you talking about with “black planet”? All those Indians and Chinese don’t count?

    One more tiny thing. Plurals do not take appostrophes.

  • Brian Payne

    I tried to be decent but you resort to cheap unfounded insults and though those are clearly fighting words I’m still proud to call you friend. Goodnight.

    Oh, again it’s kinda’ personal but I currently live in a New Mexican border town.

  • olm

    Brian, teabagging is a gay sex thing so calling Tea Partiers “Tea baggers” is an insult that the left thinks is cute to demean the group.
    Either you know what it means and are insulting or you didn’t and are now informed.
    I think you should get the “Third Terrorist” and then let me know what you think. Go to a book store if you can afford it or put it on hold at the library like I did after someone mentioined it on a blog.

  • Brian Payne

    Truth and Grammer Police Force,

    Well, excuse me, I am sorry that my anti semantic statements offended you so. My apologies kind sir but as Olm was so kind to point out I only had a public education. America best education system in the world along with everything else. These colors don’t run.

    Yes, I consider the third jihadist to be just a theory much like the man on the grassy knoll in Dallas and the alien crash in Roswell. There are several books on these subjects too.

  • olm

    Great, I tried. I had hope for you too. No desire to learn, just yeah, grassy knoll.

    Oh well. Will you still use “Tea Bagger”?

    I’ll bet the answer is yes.

  • Brian Payne

    I was snarky with the “Police” because I found them to be first. I actually do plan to research this further and have actually read quite a bit about it already. I’m well aware of the Philippine college visit for instance. so, you have not wasted your time.

    As to Tea Bagger vs Tea Partier, The
    Tea Party started the whole teabag thing in the first place, and only took issue with it once they realized what it meant. And it is not an exclusively homosexual thing. It’s possible to teabag a woman. However, their seems to be an almost homophobic fear of a simple word among the Party. So, to avoid any discomfort of their delicate sensibilities I shall try to refrain from using the term “Tea Bagger” in the future.

    However, once someone starts hurling cheap insults my way when discussing politics I may find my tongue (no pun intended) using it again just as I occasionally take the Lord’s name in vain in heated arguments as well. Peace!

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  • Toaster802

    Who let the troll out? Is this what my tax dollars being used for, funding Americorps interns to run syops for ObotOne?

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  • Mark

    How many of you read the whole note? This man was vehemently anti-government. There is no indication anywhere in the note that he was a communist or socialist; instead he criticizes the government and the society around him.

    He may nor may not be a Tea party person, but the anti-government feeling certainly rings in that direction.

    In context (not taking one sentence standing alone–as many of you have done), it is evident to me that he quoted the communist creed because he wanted to write his capitalist creed. It’s a stylistic thing; using one phrase to echo and underline the other. His true point was to criticize what he saw as a corrupt capitalist system.

    This letter does not in the least indicate this man was a socialist/communist. If he where, he would have expressed those ideas elsewhere in his suicide note. However, not a word to that effect. Communism shows up nowhere else except in the phrase you cherry-picked.

    You may feel upset, but the angry Tea Party videos from the various town hall meetings, marches on Washington, criticism of the IRS, etc is very much in line with what this man writes.

    I’m not saying he’s a Tea Party person. But he’s a heck of a lot closer to the Tea Party than anyone else.

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