Only 1 out of 5?… No big deal.
John Brennan, assistant to the president for homeland security and counterterrorism, told an audience yesterday that 20% recidivism rate for Gitmo detainees is not that bad. Heck, most US prisoners have a 50% recidivism rate. Well yeah, but most US prisoners aren’t blowing themselves up in malls and on planes.

The comments have opened up this loon to criticism.
ABC reported:

On Fox News Sunday, Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., said Brennan’s assessment of 20 percent recidivism being not “that bad” was “mindboggling and unnerving.”

“He has lost my confidence,”
Graham said of Brennan, “and it’s the best evidence yet how disconnected this administration has come from the fact that we’re at war. … I don’t see how most Americans can feel safe when the head of counterterrorism tries to tell us you can get all the information you need within 50 minutes of an interview of a guy right off the airplane who tried to blow it up, and tries to tell us that the process did finally work, and say that a 20 percent recidivism rate’s OK in the war on terror.”

Graham said, “I think it’d be better to have a new person in that job.”



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  1. As one of ‘em on Fox News this morning said, and logic101 alluded to, 1 in 5 shoplifters will shoplift again. 1 in 5 released after serving time for forging checks with forge checks again. 1 in 5 credit card thieves will steal credit cards again. Even though that’s too many, I can live with that, without feeling insecure about or fearful of them. But I can’t live knowing that 1 in every 5 bomber or attempted bomber is on the loose again, not without fear and insecurity.

  2. I’ll do it. I’ll totally do it.

  3. The leftist soft on crime policies have been exported to our War on Terror and after decades of brainwashing have infected both the right and the military.

  4. ++

    re: bg #20

    re: [“I’m Too Afraid to Criticize Islam”]

    Obama’s UN Resolution to Stifle Free Speech on Islam

    [On October 1, 2009, the Obama administration in conjunction with the Egyptian government, introduced an anti-free speech measure to the United Nation’s Human Rights Council (HRC). It was adopted the
    next day without a vote.

    Earlier this year, when the United States sought a seat on the HRC, it was a controversial decision. Many who found the HRC neither credible nor useful, opposed the move. Yet, others were more optimistic that America could change the HRC from within. Perhaps the U.S. could spur debate stemming from its opposition to China, Sudan, Libya, Cuba, and Saudi Arabia on critical human rights votes.

    Little evidence suggests that Americans on either side of the aisle contemplated the US entering the ring and supporting the opposition’s anti-freedom measures. Yet now, the current administration has done worse: it’s leading the charge.]


  5. “John Brennan, assistant to the president for homeland security and counterterrorism, told an audience yesterday that 20% recidivism rate for Gitmo detainees is not that bad”

    Tell that to the relatives of the people who were killed by those detainees who returned as suicide bombers.
    His problem is the pre-9/11 mentality. These are not criminals. They are terrorists.

  6. This guy strikes me as yet another one of Obama’s many homosexual inner circle oppointments. I think Brennan’s only concern as Homeland Security Counterterrorism Chief is to pressure the military into ending Don’t Ask Don’t tell and transform the policy into a method of terror noninterrogation .

  7. Why is Obama-mao having such a hard time selling the idea of providing civilian justice for terrorists? Maybe, its because large segments of our society are rife with crime. Many areas of our cities resemble combat zones. Mayby because criminals walk the streets hours, days, weeks, after incarceration and copping plea deals. And, most of these criminals will be repeat offenders who go on to terrorize our people…Americans are fully aware of the revolving door justice in our society…Americans know that the strict rules of evidence used in our courts are meant to protect our citizens, not foreign combatants…Americans know these things, and they know that Obama, Napolitano, and Brennan are not committed to protecting us. They are only committed to protecting their political hides…

  8. #18

    Concur with your thoughts…As a Marine, I served under Jones…He has joined a pack of liars and thieves this time…He always struck me as not much of a Marine, just another careerist who would say anything to get to the next higher grade…He reached the top in the Marine Corps…I guess that wasn’t enough for his ego. In my estimation, he is selling his soul for a spot on the National scene…He’s working for a committed marxist…I can’t forgive that…

  9. In the hype and change department, you’ve got to hand it to the Blowhard and his team. But when it comes to fulfilling the duties of the presidency, words like “amateurish” and “clueless” come to mind.

  10. One wonders why the Bush administration released so many of these people who went on to commit terrorist attacks against American troops.

    George W Bush = weak on terror since 2000.

  11. Apples and oranges.

    Sure, a 20% recidivist rate would be the envy of any prison system in America. But that is because most systems have mandatory “good time” (or, “time off for good behavior,” automatic sentence reductions for not causing trouble inside), parole systems, and other early release programs which are not effective in discouraging recidivism.

    The terrorists are held as illegal enemy combatants. There is no mandatory release at all! Just keep the rotters in lockup, and the recidivism rate is 0%!

    Brennan’s a political hack, his resume notwithstanding. Give him the axe, or let one of his parolees do it.

  12. #33

    Haha pretty funny Chris…Don’t even mention President Bush in a conversation about Obama-mao and his incompetent DNI…President Bush is history’s greatest terrorist killer. Obama-mao is in charge now. Don’t you feel safe about that? Now pull your pants up and get off to school or that job selling coffee and sweeping floors at Starbucks…

  13. Chris you ignorant putz. BUSH wanted to keep these terds locked up. Your “Islam is a peacefull religion” group got some of them released by whining and crying. I have wiped more interesting things off the bottom of my shoe.

  14. ++

    chris @ 12:51 am #33

    juts a sample:

    Did Obama Overrule Military in Gitmo Terrorist Release?

    [When I visited Guantanamo earlier this month, I spoke with Brigadier General Timothy Lake, who took over as Deputy Commander for Joint Task Force Guantanamo in October. Lake reiterated several times that he and his staff have “zero input” and “zero influence” over the Obama administration’s transfer decisions. Instead, Lake said, they “provide information to the legal system” — meaning the Department of Justice and the State Department.

    In other words, the DOJ and Foggy Bottom control transfer decisions, not the military officials who have been responsible for detaining, interrogating, and analyzing the intelligence collected on each Gitmo detainee. That is not surprising. Lake’s comments reinforce what we’ve known for some months. The DOJ, in particular, plays a leading role in President Obama’s interagency review board, which in turn makes transfer decisions.


    We do not know the answers to these basic questions because there is absolutely no transparency when it comes to the Obama administration’s transfer decisions.]

    yes he can, yes he did, he won, right chris??


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