Socialist Professor Amy Bishop Who Killed 3 Profs Yesterday Shot & Killed Her Brother in 1986 …UPDATE: Dem Rep. Delahunt Made Call to Release Bishop in 1986

Amy Bishop shot and killed Gopi K. Podila, Maria Ragland Davis and Adriel Johnson, all professors in the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Alabama’s Huntsville campus, yesterday after a meeting on tenure. is now reporting that this socialist professor also shot and killed her 18 year-old brother during an argument in 1986.

A Massachusetts police chief is now saying that UAH shooting suspect Amy Bishop shot and killed her brother during an argument, and the case may have been mishandled by the police department more than two decades ago when the fatal shooting occurred.

The Boston Globe reported that Amy Bishop, a biology professor at UAH who is accused of shooting and killing three colleagues yesterday, accidentally shot her 18-year-old brother, Seth M. Bishop, in the abdomen with a 12-gauge shotgun in December 1986.

The report said Bishop was asking her mother, Judith, how to properly unload the gun when it when off and a shot struck Seth.

Braintree Police Chief Paul Frazier is now offering a different account of the shooting to The Globe: “Bishop had shot her brother during an argument and was being booked by police when the police chief at the time ordered the booking process stopped and Bishop released to her mother,” the paper reports on its Web site. Records from the case have been missing since 1987.

Bishop shot at her brother 3 times.

UPDATE: Police released Bishop in 1986 after they received a call from district attorney William Delahunt, now Rep. Delahunt.
The Boston Channel reported:

Braintree officers who remember the 1986 shooting said that former police Chief John Polio dismissed detectives from the case and ordered the department to release Amy Bishop after a telephone conversation with former district attorney William Delahunt.

Delahunt is currently a U.S. congressman from Massachusetts.

When contacted Saturday, Polio, now 86, said that there was no cover up in Seth Bishop’s death, though there were questions about whether the shooting was an accident.

Hat Tip Mrs. Davis

More… Bishop’s mother was in politics on the town Board of Personnel in 1986 at the time of the shooting.

Still More… It’s not the first time Rep. Delahunt has been linked to a murder.

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  • Mrs. Davis

    WCVB reports:

    Braintree officers who remember the 1986 shooting said that former police Chief John Polio dismissed detectives from the case and ordered the department to release Amy Bishop after a telephone conversation with former district attorney William Delahunt.

    Delahunt is currently a U.S. congressman from Massachusetts.

  • Mrs. Davis


    Braintree Police Chief Paul Frazier confirmed today at a news conference that Amy Bishop had shot her brother in 1986. But Frazier offered a different account of the shooting, saying Bishop had shot her brother during an argument and was being booked by police when the chief at the time ordered the booking process stopped and Bishop released to her mother.

    Frazier said he was basing his statements on the memories of one of his officers who was on the department at the time and had arrested Bishop. He said the records from the case have been missing since at least 1988.

    “I don’t want to use the word ‘coverup’ … but this does not look good,” he said.

  • Snake Eater

    LOL! One of Obama’s typical Marxist eggheads goes on a rampage and there is media silence.

  • BuryMeInAGeorgeOrwellTShirt


  • Erik

    Sounds like “cellblock tango”:
    “He ran into my knife. Eleven times.”

  • Marsh

    Now we know why the Left wants to ban guns. They realize most Liberals are mentally unstable and want someone to take their guns away before they flake out and randomly kill someone. It all makes sense now.

  • Nahanni

    Amy Bishop-Example #1548696745 of the truth of the old adage “Liberalism is a mental disorder”.

  • Peggy

    An earlier MSM article posted at did not indicate whether her brother had died from the shooting. Interesting…

  • DavidD

    Isn’t it a little bit of an exaggeration to say she shot her brother 3 times when the linked article says that “[s]he fired at least three shots, hitting her brother once and hitting her bedroom wall”?

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  • jim

    Time for the media to drag out all sorts of crackpot feminists with all sorts of crackpot theories, plus the testimonials of countless unbalanced young women telling the world that the prof was their ROLE MODEL. She taught them to reach for the stars while hating capitalism and the patriarchy.

    It’s right there in the media handbook. Template no. 14.

  • Paddy

    With Obama the real challenge is to identify those few instances when he is telling the truth. He is a serial liar. He is fearless and shameless about his lying because he knows that the MSM will provide him with cover and obfuscation.

    I believe that the most promising approach for dealing with Obama is to mock him and everything he says. Sooner or later his manic narcissism will cause him to blow up in public. There is nothing like a good tantrum or two to end public respect for a person and destroy his influence.

  • Joanne

    “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun,” Obama said in Philadelphia last night. “Because from what I understand, folks in Philly like a good brawl. I’ve seen Eagles fans.”

    Yah, well it seems this nutjob woman brought a gun to her fight…..just like it sounds like she did with her brother. I doubt the killing of her brother was an accident, if she shot
    at him three times. You’d think the woman would have killed herself afterwards.

  • Dell

    It will be more than interesting to find out what Mr. William Delahunt has to say. The fact that the case files are missing strongly suggests wrong-doing on someone’s part…and, if it’s true that she actually fired three shots – striking her brother with one of those shots – this isn’t consistent at all with what’s being reported by officials today. Somebody (maybe two or three somebodies) is NOT telling anywhere near the truth.

  • PJ

    Seems that Judy Bishop, the mother of the shooter, was in politics back then.

    More on Judy Bishop

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  • Paddy, that’s one of the best descriptions of Obama I have seen to date.

    Krauthammer said another, “Does the narcissism of this man know no bounds?”

    I’ve never seen such a lying politician, and it’s gotta nail him soon.

  • BarbaraS

    Let me get this straight. She was asking her mother how to unload a shotgun in her bedroom and “accidentally” shot her brother three times and killed him. Delahunt, the DA at that time but a US congressman now, told the police chief to release her? Release her??? And then the whole record of the incident dissapeared? In other words, she got away with murder.

    Now she has shot and killed three people and wounded three others. This woman likes the number three, doesn’t she? Let’s hope she doesn’t get away with murder again. She made a big mistake coming to Alabama. Unlike Massachusetts, Alabama has the death penalty. This woman would have been a prime candidate for an anger management class, but it is too late now. Too many witnesses to her crime. If she doesn’t get the death penalty, there is no justice in this world. To kill three people for not getting tenure is over the top.

  • jesme

    Oh, come on. So what if she’s a socialist? What on earth has that got to do with anything? It’s true that if she were, say, a Tea Partier, they’d probably lead all news accounts with that fact. But it’d be a dumb and unfair thing to do, and playing up her reputed left-wing politics is just as dumb and unfair. Especially since we don’t even know whether the claim is true.

  • This incident may explain Mr. Delahunt’s sudden consideration of retirement. Apparently he’ll ponder it into March, which is enough time to see whether the story has traction and how often his name is mentioned.

  • HeatherRadish

    So what if she’s a socialist? What on earth has that got to do with anything?

    It makes me wonder how the heck she was refused tenure.

  • mac

    Who is surprised by this socialist woman’s actions? She just actually did what all socialists want to do to those that reject them. Her only problem was that she didn’t wait until the police and media were under sufficient control. Of course, that’s another problem with socialists–impatience…

    Give her the spike. Quickly.

  • In 3 weeks she’ll be given a plush job in the White House.

  • RB

    If there were THREE shots…that hardly sounds like an accidental discharge. This is a 12-ga. shotgun, not a machine-gun. Unless it was a semi-automatic shotgun, the odds of THREE accidental firings are between slim and none.

  • Delahunt has always been as honest as Congressmen get. Not very.

    He’s also a “stolen valor” case who claimed to be a veteran for decades (in MA, vet status is noted on ballots), but doesn’t appear to actually have a military record and now says he was in the Coast Guard Auxiliary, but only for a couple of days or maybe a week, and was discharged for seasickness.

    Yes, he’s been treated at military hospitals, jumping the line before actual soldiers as all Congressbums do.

    And no, he didn’t support the Stolen Valor act, nor the attempted 2007 Roll of Valor extension. He was “concerned about veterans’ privacy.” Phony veterans, he meant. Like him.

  • Copper Quark

    The odds of three accidental shots from a properly functioning semi-auto shotgun are well below none.

  • ar05075

    Maybe the killing of her brother was considered a very late term abortion??

  • expect holder too let this woman off the hook now

  • CoolCzech

    Clearly, this woman was merely attempting to demonstrate to her colleagues how to safely unload her weapon.

    Let’s call Congressman Delahunt and see if he can get her off the hook.

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  • Kent Ried

    So, if she were politically conservative, this crime would somehow be ok? What could possibly be the point of labeling a murderer anything else but a murderer? This kind of kneejerk accusation helps no-one.

  • So what if she’s a socialist? What on earth has that got to do with anything?

    It has everything to do with how the MSM is covering it. If she’d claimed to be a Republican or a conservative, that would taint every word of the reporting at ABCCBSCNNMSNBC.

    As it is, their silence on her politics is deafening.

  • czekmark

    That woman should have been doing life or in a mental institution for killing her brother. She is obviously unstable considering how she took action against the professors. I guess those shots were accidental too.

    I wonder what the relationship, if any, was between Amy and Delahunt. Maybe worth investigating.

  • Copper Quark

    So what if she’s a socialist? What on earth has that got to do with anything?

    Well, you know, I have to listen to the socialists on the faculty at my university go on and on about the angry white men with guns and how they’re a danger to us all.

    So yeah, the fact that she’s a socialist is relevant although it’s not germane when it comes to the crime itself.

  • CoolCzech

    If she was a Tea Partier…

    Holy SMOKES, but can you just IMAGINE how the entire Pasty White MSNBC Lineup would be reacting to this killing? Can you just imagine the liberal “narrative”?

    Rachel Maddow would have a cow, Chrissy Matthews would be peeing his pants, and Olbermann… well, he’d have to be kept zipped up in his straitjacket for a few more months.

    You just KNOW somehow blame would be attached to Sarah Palin.

  • Mike W

    But,but,but she was an intellectual superior working amongst pickup driving,bible carrying gun toting rednecks and was only protecting herself from non elitists.Holder needs to come to her defense and move her trial to France where the intellectual elite will surely give her a fair trial.

  • It took exactly three replies to a Daily Kos diary on the Amy Bishop case to find a reason to lay the blame on Bush:

  • Harry

    She did not get tenure because UAH is not a liberal nut house like most Universities. And she had a great chance to make real money (millions) as co-founder of Prodigy Biosystems, which would have made the financial security of tenure obsolete. She’s just crazy (not a defense) and I hope she gets to ride on ‘Ol’ Sparky’! Too bad she didn’t take the ‘heat’ for her first murder…

  • Fiaero

    Maybe it was the Moe haircut that pushed her over the edge.

  • jonyjoe101

    wow a liberal professor shoots 3 of her fellow liberal colleagues. I thought liberals hated guns?

    How do you accidently shoot someone with a shotgun? Who keeps there finger in the trigger while unloading a weapon?
    If you dropped the shotgun and it went off, then it might have been a accident. But 2 accidental rounds going off, that’s kind of strange.
    Most sane people treat there guns very gently indoors especially a loud shotgun.

    She does have that crazed look in her eyes that all obama supporters have, I’m surprise she wasn’t wearing an obama t-shirt.

  • tessa

    Jim, check out the Delahunt/Chavez connection, they are chummy.

  • Charlie Gibson

    She certainly looks troubled.

  • She did not shoot her brother 3 times.

  • davidr

    Jesme: So what if she’s a socialist?

    Such associations are the latest rage! For example, TPM has a headline: “TPM: “Man Charged With Stockpiling Weapons Was Tea Partier, Palin Fan.””

  • sliderblaze

    rockn the ben stiller hair from there’s something about mary. We’ll just call this, “theres something about socialists”

  • TennDon

    Paddy said: He is fearless and shameless about his lying because he knows that the MSM will provide him with cover and obfuscation.

    The fact that the MSM will not call out his lies is not the reason for his perpetual lying. He is a sociopath and, to paraphrase the old song, ‘the boy can’t help it’.

  • Rob Crawford

    “She did not shoot her brother 3 times.”

    Just once. She missed twice.

    As others have said — how do you accidentally discharge a shotgun three times?

  • Is this what we’re doing now, taking the word of some dork college kid at the ratemyprofessor site and running with it as fact?

    Isn’t this exactly the same type of thing we give the lefties hell over?

    Maybe she was, maybe she wasn’t a socialist, but how about getting some actual, you know, verification before making a headline out of it?

    I enjoy your posts, Jim, but credibility is something that should not be taken for granted.


  • Rocks

    How trustworthy is that comment on Ratemyprofessors that she is socialist? The same guy also said she was hot.

  • Robert

    From the New York Times:

    Chief Frazier said in his statement that Officer Solimini “remembers that Ms. Bishop fired a round from a pump-action shotgun into the wall of her bedroom. She had a fight with her brother and shot him, which caused his death. She fired a third round from the shotgun into the ceiling as she exited the home. She fled down the street with the shotgun in her hand. At one point she allegedly pointed the shotgun at a motor vehicle in an attempt to get the driver to stop.”

    Another officer, Timothy Murphy, seized the shotgun, and Ms. Bishop was handcuffed and transported to the police station under arrest, Chief Frazier said.

    He said that he had spoken with the person who had been the booking officer at the time, who recalled getting a phone call “he believes was from then Police Chief John Polio or possibly from a captain on Chief Polio’s behalf” to stop the booking process. Ms. Bishop was released into the custody of her mother, and the two left the police station via a rear exit, Chief Frazier said.

    If that account is true, then there is no way she should have been released. The described actions are those of a psychotic nutcase. Something is not adding up here, political cronyism cannot be that bad up there. Along with the disappearance of the case records, this would be criminal malfeasance of the highest order, including possibly a complicit media cover-up.

  • James

    When you shoot a guy three times with a shotgun, that ain’t no accident.

  • Robert

    So, after a domestic crime, somebody was running down the street waving a shotgun around, arrested, the booking process interrupted, then released, no charges filed, records disappeared, and not even a news report?

    Ya’ll sure she’s not a Kennedy?

  • squeaky
  • squeaky

    kennedy calling it quits – delahunt considering
    not to run for another term – and diane watson
    76 year old dem congresscritter retiring………
    remember this

  • ck

    So, who is running aginst Delahunt?

  • Robert

    Delahunt’s bank records for 1986-1987 need
    to be investigated along with Judy Bishop’s.

  • squeaky

    [A poll commissioned by likely GOP congressional challenger Joseph D. Malone shows he’s neck and neck with U.S. Rep. William Delahunt as Scott Brown fever continues to grip Bay State voters.] i suppose this can encourage delahunt to consider retirement…….

  • PersonhoodCO

    What are they teaching at Harvard? Between this Socialist & the Kennedys, Harvard is racking up some serious body count

  • Militant Conservative

    Hear are the questions you need to ask.
    IF the campus was not a gun free zone (victim rich).
    Then the good guys could have defended themselves.
    A shotgun??? Hell I can shoot you way before I become a target of interest. I carry every day just like I use a seat belt or a fire extinguisher. I hope to never need them but the seat belts have saved me twice already. Never had to draw on anyone in ten years but I don’t know when a burgler , rapist, mugger, home invasion will happen. If I did I would not go there. Your second amendment right is ment to be exercised, like muscles they atrophe if not used.
    This was sooooooo avoidable.

  • jb

    This is off topic way off topic. But I have to share it anyhow. Watching a rerun of the Beck show and oddly enough the capitalism haters NBC ran an ad on his show –LOL

  • Open Mind

    This is interesting and I would want to know if there was a cover-up, but some of you conservatives can really stretch the truth—to blame Pres. Obama and people with a different political view for anything!!. You are truly just as frightening as any murderer. She had a gun and has changed or destroyed the lives of the people she shot, regardless of whatever you may like her politics to be.

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  • Steve

    Delahunt is a socialist too. He is a real Hugo Chavez lover.

  • Karen

    How do we know she is a socialist?

  • czekmark

    Does anyone know what kind of firearm she used to kill the professors?

  • Militant Conservative

    Open Mind
    February 13th, 2010 | 8:27 pm | #63
    This is interesting and I would want to know if there was a cover-up, but some of you conservatives can really stretch the truth—to blame Pres. Obama and people with a different political view for anything!!. You are truly just as frightening as any murderer. She had a gun and has changed or destroyed the lives of the people she shot, regardless of whatever you may like her politics to be.

    As I have said I carried a gun for ten years, legally.
    no one got offended, hurt or threatened. Your not an open mind your a narrow minded little twit that does not see the real world as it is. Murderers, rapists, thugs, car jackers, smash and grab. You just have not been a target of crime yet and are not willing to take care of your self. You are willing to be a victim and hope someone else will save you when the time comes. The police have no SCOTUS incentive to save you, they are just there to fill out the reports. I will not save you as my life is more important than yours in a deadly situation. You’ll have a phone, I’ll have a phone a gun and a spare mag. Good luck to you, I have and open mind you’ll do well.

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  • czekmark

    The gun used in the killings was a 9mm pistol. Apparently Amy has learned a lot about guns since the brother killing.

    For those interested, Drudge report has a lot on this subject.

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  • Rosemary Woodhouse

    She looks mentally ill. Many Marxists do.

  • avery

    Amy Bishop,new Gun Czar.

  • pjean

    I heard that she was angry about losing her tenure. That’s pretty hard thing to do. What did she do to put herself in such a position?

  • wanumba

    Just creepy, but she was plenty sane enough to know what she wanted to do if she got the wrong answer, and hide her preparations for it. That she didn’t get life for killing her brother (absent the death penalty) left her free to apply the Alinsky Rule: identify your target, personalize it, destroy it. Pre-meditated murder.

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  • Dell

    With each passing hour, and with some excellent news gathering skills being displayed in Massachusetts, we’re learning a LOT more about this case.

    Mr. Delahunt – who is trying to decide if he wants to run for re-election to the House – probably just had that decision made for him. Once a connection has been made between Delahunt and the shooter, the man will have a LOT of questions to answer.

    Mrs. Pelosi, how’s that vote count in the House looking now???

  • To Karen:

    We don’t know that Amy Bishop was a socialist. The headline to this article is the height of irresponsibility.


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  • Kristina

    How you could take a tragedy like this, and spin it anywhere neat a political realm is ridiculous. For starts your entitled to your own opinions, however you are NOT entitled to your own facts. You do not know that she is a socialist, that even one of her caliber (no pun) would even identify as such. Just because she is a PHD in biology and that just so happens to be a field for stem cell research does not make her a socialist, any more than you being an ignorant to this fallacy and mistake automatically makes you a conservative moron. I think you might like to know this is a slippery slope argument your making, as a result of cognitive bias.

  • Glenn B.

    Did Glenn write the title about this alleged “socialist” professor, or is “socialist” the new word on the blog with tea drinkers these days to make news more worthy of reading for them?

  • wanumba

    The socialist tag was reportly coming from “rate your professor” sites.

    Given the history of this woman, one wonders if she planted favorable reviews of herself.

  • Jaibones

    Oh, my! The clown on RateMyProfessors who says she’s a socialist (whatever) also thinks “she’s hot”. Maybe it was a chick, cause any guy who thinks this dork is “hot” is seriously ill.

  • wanumba

    Jim Hoft spends quite a bit of his good time putting in links for speed readers to ignore :

    “is now reporting that this socialist professor also shot and killed her 18 year-old brother during an argument in 1986.”

    Go back up to that sentence under the photo and click on the red “socialist.” Off to Instapundit and then off to the professor rating site.

    That comment about being sexy seems very odd for an actual student to say, which is why one wonders if the woman wrote it herself.

  • Ok, let me see if I understand this:
    Killed her brother, with one, two, or three shots of a shotgun, while cleaning it, yea right.
    Got away with this accident. Ummmmm
    What’s a gun-free school zone:
    a. a place to get a “Free” gun?
    b. a school where only good pleople have no guns, and if it were possible they wouldn’t be “Free”!
    c. If I brought a Gun to a “Gun free zone”, does it cost more, or is your tuition raised/lowered depending on your income?
    d. I had to pay for mine, should have gone to school, darn.
    e. Seems to me alot of good people get killed by guns in this so called “Gun Free School Zone” thingy!!
    f. And finally, don’t yea just love all this SWAT stuff, were they wait till everyone possible is dead before they – charge in to save the day, yea, sure don’t like my odds at a school when those nutjobs get them “Free Guns”.

  • mark

    Typical left-wing socialist.

    Delusional and irrational.

    In communist countries, socialists never fail to kill those they don’t like.

  • If they knew about it for 20 years why did they wait until now to do something about it?

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  • Turns out she shot her brother in MA twenty-some years ago fatally with three bullets, but the [then] DA [now] Dem Congresscritter Delahunt didn’t think that was worthy of a trial & the case was DROPPED. I guess he recognized another socialist libtard in Amy’s mom. When he let her go free to get her PhD in bioethics/neuroscience & kill three more people—this will be ignored by the MSM, and she will be protected from excessive investigation by the Dem criminal racket squads—Delahunt participated in a cover-up which ended the lives of three people in Alabama

    Socialists are often victims of borderline personality disorders, and about 50 Dem congresscritters fit into a seriously deranged category of mental defectives. Delahunt is obviously a borderline criminal.

  • Pasco

    Amy’s mother said she was in the kitchen when Amy discharged the shotgun in her bedroom upstairs. Amy’s mother claimed not to have heard the 12 gauge shotgun blast upstairs in Amy’s bedroom. She said that was because the house is pretty soundproof. Yeah right! I can’t believe that the cops actually bought this story.

    I don’t care how soundproof Amy’s mother claimed the house is. If I had been a police investigator investigating this case, I would have conducted a simple test to easily prove that Amy’s mother was not telling the truth. In my test, I would have 12 people of normal hearing ability stand in the kitchen. I would take a 12 gauge shotgun exactly like the one Amy shot her brother with and load it with one regular load 12 gauge dummy shotgun shell. I would then hand the shotgun to an assistant while instructing them to take the shotgun up to Amy’s room, close the door firmly behind themselves, and then discharge the shotgun. BOOM! I guarantee everyone person standing in the kitchen would have clearly heard that shotgun discharge. I expect some would have jumped or flinched upon hearing the shotgun blast.

    I suppose there could be a plausible explanation why Amy’s mother did not hear Amy discharge a shotgun upstairs in her bedroom. Perhaps Amy’s mother was running a very loud dishwasher, a Mixmaster mixer, had water running in the sink, vacuuming the kitchen floor, and listening to the William Tell Overture at the time Amy blasted the hell out of her room with a 12 gauge shotgun.

    Amy’s mom just lost a son, she did not want to lose a daughter too! She covered for Amy. Wait and see!

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  • Pasco

    Oh, there is something else that bothered me a great deal concerning the mysterious soundproofing of the Bishop house. Amy’s mother allegedly could not hear the shotgun blast coming from Amy’s room upstairs. However, soon after Amy had discharged the shotgun when attempting to remove the shells, she hears her brother come into house downstairs, and then goes down stairs to ask for her brother’s help in removing the shells. This is a strange house indeed. Sound travels upstairs, but not downstairs.

  • WestWright

    My, my, what an example of how the new media has changed the world and exposed alot of Leftist mud. Being very busy late last week, I had mostly missed this AL University Prof shooting and probably would have never noticed if it had been up to the MSM, the Moron-Socialist Media. Finally on the afternoon of 2/13 I have an opportunity of revisiting this shooting via the new media and wonder of wonders, after a couple of days the New Media has dug through the real history and this story tracks right back to the Socialist in Ma**Hole…and the reverb may just get a Socialist Rep out of office! Wow, if it is going to be tough for the Professional Politician to get away with these little criminal perks…I wonder if these offices will become less attractive to pigs like Delahunt, Deval, and 500 other dc Criminals?

  • Andreas K.

    She reminds me of my old biology teacher. Similar haircut, similar looks.

    German and Austrian media are both very silent about this. But I’m sure, if the killer would be a “gun clinging” white American conservative… they’d be all over this screaming the usual bull**it about how everyone in the US can get a gun without problems and how guns are evil.

    Because, when the killer is to be found somewhere on the right wing, they always do that. Always. It’s like a Swiss clockwork. 100% precise.

  • DRH

    … also, shouldn’t she be a white male?

  • Pasco

    One last comment about Amy Bishop. I would expect for someone whom had accidentally killed a family member with a gun to have a gut wrenching fear that one of their children might just repeat the terrible thing they had done, by getting curious about a gun they had allowed into their house, and then accidentally shoot a family member. Yet, Amy and her husband had a gun in the house …and, obviously she knew full well how to use it this time around.

    Before I get jumped on by you pro gun people …I am one of you …pro gun. I am just saying, I would expect this to be a natural reaction in this situation. Especially for a woman, given the natural instinct for women is to be greatly more protective of their children than men ordinary.

  • The media silence is deafening.

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    Another sweet little titbit…Bill Delahunt is related to lawyer Robert Delahunt who managed to a get Andrew Sullivan out of a court appearance after a drug bust, much to the annoyance of the judge
    If you have a brush with the law then Massachusetts seems a great place to be…..for certain people. I wonder, however, if the same would apply if your name was Palin…..

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  • D. Ch.

    The way Amy Bishop seems to have gotten away with murder in Braintree is just one more indication of how corrupt the Massachusett’s establishment is. Consider what the Kennedy clan got away with before, during, and after Chappaquidick, and that for years mobster Whitey Bulger had his brother (!) Billy Bulger as head of the state legislature. While Billy Bulger was in office you could read article after article about state politics in the Boston Globe and not have a clue about the connection between him and Whitey Bulger, or even know that Whitey Bulger existed. What are the chances that whenever there was a close vote on an important bill, somehow the other state legislators would find out that Bulger’s **entire** family felt strongly about the issue. Whitey Bulger always seemed to know about what the Mass. police and local FBI office were up to, and when it came time for him to retire Whitey won the Mass. lottery (!) and then disappeared. The national media, when they noticed this at all, tended to play it as “local color”, maybe because doing anything else would tend to remind people about liberal “lion” Ted Kennedy’s equally colorful character…

  • Um, she “accidentally” shot at him THREE times? Are you kidding me? I live in MA, and guns are NOT the norm here, so what was she doing with one in the first place? Nothing to hunt in Braintree, anyway. It’s an urban area. This stinks to high heaven.

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  • marie

    I work for a university dean. Promotion/tenure decisions are being made at this time of the year. At my university, 18 months are granted for the candidate to find another position if tenure is not granted. It’s not: two weeks and you are out the door. This is a real concern or should be on every college campus. There are no metal detectors in any of our classroom buildings. I’m the person between the dean and anyone else. Am I concerned? Yes.

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  • James S

    Execute the muderous #$#%$.

  • I wonder if there are any Muslim connections….

  • BertoGem

    You sillies:

    Dr. Amy Bishop of Alabama-Huntsville killed to protect intellectual property

    Read more:

    It is irrelevant that she was Harvard trained, a socialist, killed her brother in 1986, and brought a gun to a faculty meeting. This irrational behavior was brought about her trouble adjusting to the racist south. See, it was George Bush’s fault, after all!

  • JoeBiz

    What the heck is U. of Alabama doing hiring known socialists as instructors? Shame on y’all, U.A. administrators.

    Further, a Mass. Yankee socialist commits multiple murders over denial of tenure, and who murdered her sibling some years before. Why am I NOT surprised. Just more evidence that liberals/progressives/soclialists are mentally unbalanced, IMO.

  • Steve

    Where I live there is a major university. One day a sign appeared near one of the university gates declaring the area to be a “weapons free zone”. I sure that signs like this that appear around campuses all over the country work as a great deterrent to protect students, faculty and all others on these campuses from law abiding citizens like Amy Bishop and the Virginia Tech shooter. Other than making the liberal intelligentsia feel all warm and fuzzy, don’t these signs, in reality, only serve to inform unstable killers that they’ve got an unobstructed shooting gallery available to them?

  • Jan

    Another note of interest: 4 of Bishop’s 6 victims were minorities. What would be the reaction in the press if a prof w/a degree from Liberty University (if they gave Ph.D’s…) shot up six colleagues, the majority of whom were Indian, African American or Hispanic?

  • Greg

    Actually,,, she did not violate any Federal migratory game bird regulations when she shot three times at her brother. Gamebird regulations require that the gun be limited to 3 shot. Something the gamewardens check regularly in the field……..

  • savage24

    Another example of justice denied by the bleeding heart liberals. I expect Alabama authorities will decide that she had bad childhood experiences and let go so she can kill again. This is an on going story. If they put all these criminals in prison, where would Obama get his White House staff?

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  • Elmo Q

    I live in Alabama and let me be the first to tell you that the FBI,ABI and many agencies are involved.The Governor has offered to put ALL resources needed to investigate .
    NO info coming from the press conferences .NO one can tell you the make and model of the handgun or how many shots were fired ?
    When the truth comes out I bet that faculty members had expressed concerns she was a danger to HERSELF and OTHERS . Huge lawsuits will erupt. Eyewitness’ inside the crime scene and they are withholding info of every aspect about this tragedy . UAH spokesman DID NOT know if a mental evaluation was part of the back ground check and pre employment screening ?
    Come on is he such an idiot that he didnt see that question coming at the press conference ?Are the lawyers so stupid they did not anticipate the question ? How about where the gun was purchased ? ATF is on site and it takes mere minutes to track the gun from MFG to distributor to the FFL holder .Chances are the Distributor is ” BANGERS USA a huge regional distributor in B’ham and only 85 miles form the crime scene .To bad for the liberal anti gun forces as this one is going to be pinned on a liberal while the ” good ole boys ” down here in Dixie cling to their guns and use them to only go hunting and use their weapons to protect their family . When the truth comes out we will find out that this woman had given the warning signs and others reported them and the University did nothing .
    As far as intellectual property goes she most likely signed those rights away in her employment contract LONG BEFORE she invented the device

  • Robert

    In addition to the probability of a local cover-up, we also have at the least an example of gross ineptitude by the Massachusetts State Police. They filed a report (viewable here) that has several inconsistencies which should have been further investigated.

    We have her father stating that he argued with her, and the current Police Chief Frazier stating that she argued with her brother.

    Her mother stated that she came to her to get help unloading the gun, while Amy stated that she asked her brother for help. If the officers at the time knew that she argued with her brother, then they should have questioned why, in the report, she would ask him to help her unload the gun.

    We have the curiosity that the gun went off upstairs without the mother hearing it.

    The description in the report of the actual shooting is very vague, and should have led at least to a suspicion of implausibility.

  • donh

    This man hating lesbian has devolved into a depraved misanthropist while learning how to be a better shot. Police should have taken her down on the scene so we all don’t have to worry about the charges being dropped . Bishop has a good chance of being promoted to Janet Nopalitano’s personal security detail.

  • AuntieMadder

    This woman killed three people – or, should I say that she killed three more people – in cold blood and all the libtards swarm in here to deny that she’s a socialist. So, are they defending Bishop or are they defending socialists?

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  • Robert
  • NewsBusters — Name That Congressman: AP Coverage of Ala. Prof’s Prior Killing Ignores Rep. Delahunt’s Involvement in Her Release

  • Pingback: Madness: Professor Amy Bishop Shoots & Kills 3 Colleagues at University of Alabama… She’s Killed Before « Frugal Café Blog Zone()

  • Chisum

    Amy Bishop Was a Suspect in 1993 Unsolved Bombing Attempt

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  • Pingback: Political News Highlights and Controversy» Bishop Preys Again()

  • Pingback: Political News Highlights and Controversy» Bishop Preys Again()

  • Pingback: Political News Highlights and Controversy» Bishop Preys Again()

  • Pingback: Political News Highlights and Controversy» Bishop Preys Again()

  • Pingback: Political News Highlights and Controversy» Bishop Preys Again()

  • Pingback: Bill Delahunt Amy Bishop: Delahunt Releases Bishop? Bishop Points Gun at Passing Car? « Daily News()

  • pm

    Chisum’s got the link to more about our sweet Amy. Here’s another:

    Under suspicion when a bomb was sent to a professor who was about to give her a negative evaluation…

    And for those troubled by the “socialist” moniker, you might follow the links to find GP is handing the Leftie m.o. right back at ya.

  • John E. Smith

    The pipe bomb story is also very troubling involving her tenure committee chairman Rosenberg receiving a pipe bomb but he and his wife dodged it. Biship and husband were investigated. Seems like a lot of smoke and possibly some fire. Firing at will at tenure committee, that is.

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  • Paul

    have any of you right wing pro gun fanatics ever wondered why gun crime is normal in the US ? Ownership/possession of a firearm in the UK will get you a minimum of 5 years and that is why gun crime is rare here and commonplace in the US. But of course this is much too complicated for the average US gunster to understand or else firearms would have been banned by now in the US, wouldn’t they ?

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  • Esteban Cafe, World

    All of this angst aside, why are our Lib gals so damned ugly?