International Planned Parenthood Wants Mandatory Sex Ed Taught to 10 Year-Olds (Video)

Monica Crowley And Megyn Kelly discussed Planned Parenthood’s mandatory program to teach sex education to 10 year-olds. The emphasis of the international program is “the pleasures of sex.”
Story Balloon reported:

Maybe Obama’s Safe Schools Czar will lead the program after he leaves office? It sounds like the perfect fit.

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  • opaobie

    Have you seen what most of the “Planned Barrenhood” hags look like? How would they know anything about the subject? Are they going to teach the kids about the horrors of abortion, the STDs they will be exposed to, the unwanted pregnancies….ah HA!!!!!!!

  • Finncrisp

    This is the sickest type of brainwashing of children imaginable. To take the sacrament of marriage and dispatch it in the search of self discovery is wrong on so many levels – the attack on the family, the sanctity of life, the normal function of sex, etc. etc. This type of stuff is what destroys an entire society.

  • Valerie

    I had sex ed in sixth grade, I think. It was in biology class. The mechanics of sex were not discussed. They did discuss pregnancy and its prevention, and the meaning of the effectiveness rates. That is, a 95% effectiveness rates means, of 100 couples, 5 would have babies one year, 5 would have babies the next, …..

    All I’m saying is that you can teach children what they need to know without teaching either promiscuity or abstinence. The facts themselves are plenty.

  • jim

    The Section 8 parasites in my neighborhood seem to be doing a good job of producing bastards on their own.

  • Daniel

    To repeat a statement from a town hall meeting:


  • myna

    One Billion dollars revenue probably not enough for Planned Parenthood for those babies killed every year. Did they want to lower age bracket to find more revenues?

  • Teddy\’s SEARCH+RESCUE

    This means we progressing and evolving. It’s all FOR THE CHILDREN.

    OUR FOUNDER cared –

  • pontoon

    My the progressives wish to indoctrinate/ remove the innocence of the young. How typical, in a march to thier utopia many casualties will be on the side of the road. Valerie, this is how this crap is spread. it seems fair but it is just a step to the next perversion.

  • newton

    Yet another reason to private or home-school your child…

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  • Harry Schell

    It’s a good idea to sell the “joy of sex” to young kids, is my modest proposal.

    I suspect sex may be about the only fulfilling pursuit, besides alcoholism, that awaits our young people once the greens have reduced the economy and education is centered around the “life of Obama, Che and other visionaries”.

    Alternate choices, such as running a manufacturing company, will be so de classe.

  • wanumba

    The Progresive agenda is to bust up families, to insinuate themselves between children and their parents.
    The media today constantly portrays adult parents as morons, their kids street smart and savvy, annoyed with their parents and especially their fathers’ incompetencies. The UN has the “Rights of the Child” as if “child” is some different species. But it’s deliberate. “Child” comes always with “mother and father” but the Left wants parents out of the picture.
    The schools want longer days to warehouse kids under the influence of Progressives. They want to introduce kids to harmful lifestyles, then introduce the concept of lying to parents to cover up these activities. They want to tell kids about sex when the kids want to read comic books and watch Cinderella, then when the pregnancy comes along or the STD, surreptitiously provide abortions and hide things like AIDS infections.

    The word “evil” comes to mind more and more when considering the failures and human wreckage produced by “progressive” ideaology.

  • Sojourner

    3 days after taking office (aka the day that will live in infamy), BHO reversed GW’s conservative policy on use of American taxpayer dollars for funding of international organizations that either offer abortions or provide information or counseling about abortions:
    he changed the rule.. allowing millions in US tax dollars to flow thru US agencies into international organizations like IPPF..’a global provider and leading advocate of sexual and reproductive health and Rights for All.”

    More marxist slime.. re-education in the joys of statist sex bought on our dime (of course), coming to a school near you… courtesy of ‘my name is Barack and I’m here to help.’.. ugh… stay away from our kids!

  • chewydog

    C’mon, Megyn Kelly and Monica Crowley together, you’re killin me.
    Trying to concentrate on words…

  • bg
  • Jo

    Progressive sex ED means that when the crib-years are accomplished in mandatory sex Ed classes, the next progressive move is to have them while the mother is in her third trimester.

  • AuntieMadder

    The one world government, or New World Order, is another goal of the progressives. Knowing that, I can’t decide which is more ominous: the age and subject matter or that it’s being pushed by International Planned Parenthood.

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  • Sojourner

    More goodies for adolescents brought to you by our sisters and brothers at IPPF.. where your body’s their body for the good of the State.