McCain Seen Mouthing "Blame It On Bush" During Obama's Hyper-Partisan Attack Speech

This may go down as the worst State of the Union Address in history. The current administration tripled the national deficit, nearly doubled the unemployment from the average during the Bush years, and nearly bankrupt the country on a failed stimulus plan while focusing on nationalizing health care and energy, but blamed the previous adminstration for all of his woes. President Obama could not get himself to admit we won in Iraq and inappropriately attacked the Supreme Court all in one awful speech.

Now we find out it wasn’t just Justice Alito who was upset with his trash-talking. Senator John McCain was seen mouthing, “Blame it on Bush,” when Obama misrepresented the situation he inherited. Think Progress caught the president’s dishonest attack on Bush:

By the time I took office, we had a one year deficit of over $1 trillion and projected deficits of $8 trillion over the next decade. Most of this was the result of not paying for two wars, two tax cuts, and an expensive prescription drug program. On top of that, the effects of the recession put a $3 trillion hole in our budget. All this was before I walked in the door.

The camera then cut to Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), who leaned over to Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and appeared to whisper, “Blame it on Bush.” The two men then laughed. Watch it:

For the record the federal deficit was $459 billion in 2008 when Bush left office not $1 trillion.

The president would have done better if he would have stuck with the facts instead of blaming George W. Bush for the mess he’s made. It’s inaccurate and getting old.

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  • Chisum

    When I’m Calling Meeeee…

    Every president since Ronald Reagan has used the State of the Union as an opportunity to honor some distinguished Americans (and, occasionally, foreign friends of America). It’s become a tradition for the First Lady to share her guest box with a few mostly-ordinary people who’ve done something extraordinary.

    Reagan started it with a man who, upon seeing an airliner crash into a freezing river, dove in and pulled a passenger to safety. Other notable guests have included entrepeneurs, soldiers, foreign dignataries, and sports stars.

    Last night was no exception. Obama’s special guests were Officers Kimberly Munley and Mark Todd, the two heroic cops who stopped the Fort Hood shooter.

    We know this because that’s who was announced to be the guests, and viewers might have caught glimpses of police uniforms during the cutaways to the first lady for her reactions.

    Because President Obama didn’t bother to give them a “shout out” during the speech.

  • Militant Conservative

    While Chrissy did not see a Black Man for an hour. I still saw a socialist,arrogant, narcissist. The appluawe lines were like a line of coke to an addict. He came alive when he was adored. He still has not manned up and taken ownership of All the problems. He is the skipper of this very large boat and is not an effective leader nor does he have a grasp of the correct path due to his ideolgical bent. We are in grave danger America, stay the course and make this marxist irrelivant in the November elections. tho quote Uncle Jesse “lets cut his nuts off”. powder is dry

  • Shooter McGavin

    Looks like there’s an extra syllable or two at the end of what McCain said. Was it, “Blame it on Bush again”?

  • Agent 99

    I think they are laughing at “The One”!! Besides all that….The USA in not a Kingdom were (If Bush were a King….then Barry would be the Prince) Meaning that we are not a Monarchy whereby Barry “Inherited” anything from the Prior “king” {{..}} Just woke up …hope you get my meaning! Let’s just say The USA in not a Kingdom where the Crown in “inherited” Barry ASKED for this job! Man up you wussy.

  • Chisum
  • Hedgehog

    When Obama talks about the problems that he inherited it would be refreshing if he did what the Progies are always saying we must do, and that is to “Look at the root cause”. If he took a look at the results of the “Community Reinvestment Act” he would get to the root cause, but that wasn’t Bush’s fault.

  • Thumper

    Come on, stop it Barry. You’re killin’ us man. We can’t take it anymore. I’m dying laughing. You are a very funny guy and everyone thinks so.

  • Agent 99

    CHISUM!! Double thanks. The Statesman Fact Check…what caught my eye is Barry’s so-called Bi-Partisan Commission that Both Dems AND Reps voted on already and said “no” is that Barry issued an EXECUTIVE ORDER! Cuts many programs. And about the police officers from Ft Hood ….BHO always ”disses” the Police from Sgt. Crowley to Porta-Potties on Police Memorials. And btw..The Ft Hood Officers shot one of his “brethren” Explains a lot…huh?

  • Americaneocon

    American Power tracked-back with, ‘Worst SOTU?’.

  • Agent 99

    Militant Conservative @ # 2 …Grave Danger!!! Yes We Are! Imo very grave danger. The “One” would not allow Harry Reid to swear Scott brown in YET cuz BHO did not want Scott Brown “stealing the show” at his SOTU address. Think about it!! I mean really….Was Scott Brown there?? From before Barry’s speech to today….8 Billion (or more) for HIGH-SPEED Rail in Florida. The High Speed Bullett Trains do not use Regular Rails. So Now there will be a problem with Emminent Domain!! PLUS ”Any” Shovel-ready project of ‘over’ 25 Million MUST be a UNION Project.

  • Militant Conservative

    Agent 99, thank you. Been a political junkie for over 20 years. I am highly plugged in just like most of the folks here. We all bring our favorite subjects and pet projects to the discussions. This is how we will defeat these socialists. They cannot stand against the wave that is the conservative grass roots. We surround them. powder is dry.

  • Dell

    I did the lip reading thing on Senator McCain and Justice Alito and it’s pretty much agreed as to what both said…and I mentioned it right out loud to the folks in the room. I thought McCain said “..blaming Bush again” and Alito said “..that’s not true”. I was surprised that both would get caught uttering anything.

    As for his “Executive Order” on the bi-partisan commission; both Republicans and Democrats (in a rare display of bipartisanship) voted that idea down rather handily. The President can create all the commissions he wants by Executive Order, but they will be totally powerless and – except for partisan political fodder – be ignored.

    Not a good night for the President. Worst speech he’s delivered yet. He dug in his heels, pandering to the left and trying to lure Independents to his side again, but this one goes in the book as a “D”.

  • archer52

    From my website:

    After last night it is now clear we are being led by a committed ideologue. His agenda is not the health or welfare of his citizens, their businesses, or their futures. His agenda is HIS agenda. From the head tilt and far away gaze, to his demand that all things STILL bend to his will, we are seeing a modern incarnation of Mussolini. He just dismissed the will of the people as though it were a gnat buzzing about his royal head.

    Here is the rub- what happens when the immovable object meets the irresistible force. His core supporters are probably less than twenty percent of the population- welfare recipients, race supporters, far left ideologues like himself, corrupt government officials and their support network and certain corporations which intend to ride the high speed Obama rail to European statism. The rest of the people are going to be split along two lines. Those who will go along because they fear the loss of security, jobs, financial security or healthcare. (For example, FOX just had a guy on who is out of a job and on COBRA. He laments that soon he will not be able to afford the fees as they continue to triple and wishes Obama success in his efforts so the man can be taken care of. He never lamented that it was Government’s fault his COBRA costs so much in the first place. This man has been turned, turned by fear, turned by dismay, his will is broken and he is now willing to believe whatever history the government feeds him as truth. This is how it is done people.)

    On the other hand, there will be a certain group of Americans who will refuse to submit willingly- those who know the truth, those who speak the truth. Obama must somehow deal with them, with us, in a manner that will neuter them until he can either turn or eliminate them. He cannot survive with a vibrant element inside the country criticizing his decisions. No tyrant can. Correcting this is what we see happening in Venezuela today. Luckily, our founding fathers foresaw the possibility of having a President so committed to seizing power that he became a threat to the nation. To combat this possible threat they designed three branches of government to act not only in mutual support but as a friction brake on each other. No court can demand what is not accepted by the other two branches, no President can rule with laws not supported by the courts or the legislature and so on. Unfortunately, the fathers did not anticipate parties and the rule of one party. They also did not foresee (or maybe they did in Jefferson’s warnings) that we would someday develop the theory of a “living document” which would undermine the Constitution. Regardless, as we say when things go bad in combat “we’re in the s(*t now.”

    For those of you out there with friends who say “How bad can he be?” or “We are just misreading his intentions.” I hope now we are past the “ah golly” stage of dealing with this man who I believe truly thinks he is the chosen one. Before I figured he was just sold on himself. Not anymore. He has left himself little wiggle room between what he wants and what we will not give him. So his only option left is to take it.

    So the question is still this- What happens when the irresistible force meets the immovable object?

    Mao knew, as did Mussolini, Stalin and all that came before them.

    Welcome to the war.

  • Michael

    *I was distracted by all the purple clothing. Is there some symbolism there, such as merging red and blue for cooperation?
    *The speech, like most campaign speeches, contained contradictory statements. You know, the uppity nose in the air makes him seem all the more arrogant.
    *We need to focus on job creation, but where did he say we will seek out and destroy the terrorists that we are at war against?

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  • Eden

    Obama was in the Senate and in on the spending during part of those 8 years. I rarely see this pointed out. The BOOOOOOSH thing is going the way of the RAAAAACIST thing anyway.

  • Chisum

    Agent 99,

    You are most welcome. We all do what we can to keep the public informed since the MSM won’t.

  • BigAlSouth

    Obama is correct about one thing: There was a huge deficit hole when he assumed office, for what ever reason. But he can’t blame Bush for bringing out the Progressive Shovel and tripling the size of the whole. This administration’s “purchase” of GM and Chrysler was a sop to the union whose members would have suffered in a Chapter 11 Reorganization. Porkulous was another sop to Democrat Activist Groups and pet causes that did nothing to stimulate jobs. The AIG bailout “stinks to high heavens” and was done under Barry’s watch.

    Barry, the “Blame Thang” ain’t workin.

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  • Corporal Vere

    Can’t use Boooooosh or Raaaaaaacist any more????

    Well, he’s still got Jooooooooos!!!!!