McCain Seen Mouthing "Blame It On Bush" During Obama's Hyper-Partisan Attack Speech

This may go down as the worst State of the Union Address in history. The current administration tripled the national deficit, nearly doubled the unemployment from the average during the Bush years, and nearly bankrupt the country on a failed stimulus plan while focusing on nationalizing health care and energy, but blamed the previous adminstration for all of his woes. President Obama could not get himself to admit we won in Iraq and inappropriately attacked the Supreme Court all in one awful speech.

Now we find out it wasn’t just Justice Alito who was upset with his trash-talking. Senator John McCain was seen mouthing, “Blame it on Bush,” when Obama misrepresented the situation he inherited. Think Progress caught the president’s dishonest attack on Bush:

By the time I took office, we had a one year deficit of over $1 trillion and projected deficits of $8 trillion over the next decade. Most of this was the result of not paying for two wars, two tax cuts, and an expensive prescription drug program. On top of that, the effects of the recession put a $3 trillion hole in our budget. All this was before I walked in the door.

The camera then cut to Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), who leaned over to Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and appeared to whisper, “Blame it on Bush.” The two men then laughed. Watch it:

For the record the federal deficit was $459 billion in 2008 when Bush left office not $1 trillion.

The president would have done better if he would have stuck with the facts instead of blaming George W. Bush for the mess he’s made. It’s inaccurate and getting old.

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  • Chisum

    When I’m Calling Meeeee…

    Every president since Ronald Reagan has used the State of the Union as an opportunity to honor some distinguished Americans (and, occasionally, foreign friends of America). It’s become a tradition for the First Lady to share her guest box with a few mostly-ordinary people who’ve done something extraordinary.

    Reagan started it with a man who, upon seeing an airliner crash into a freezing river, dove in and pulled a passenger to safety. Other notable guests have included entrepeneurs, soldiers, foreign dignataries, and sports stars.

    Last night was no exception. Obama’s special guests were Officers Kimberly Munley and Mark Todd, the two heroic cops who stopped the Fort Hood shooter.

    We know this because that’s who was announced to be the guests, and viewers might have caught glimpses of police uniforms during the cutaways to the first lady for her reactions.

    Because President Obama didn’t bother to give them a “shout out” during the speech.

  • Militant Conservative

    While Chrissy did not see a Black Man for an hour. I still saw a socialist,arrogant, narcissist. The appluawe lines were like a line of coke to an addict. He came alive when he was adored. He still has not manned up and taken ownership of All the problems. He is the skipper of this very large boat and is not an effective leader nor does he have a grasp of the correct path due to his ideolgical bent. We are in grave danger America, stay the course and make this marxist irrelivant in the November elections. tho quote Uncle Jesse “lets cut his nuts off”. powder is dry

  • Shooter McGavin

    Looks like there’s an extra syllable or two at the end of what McCain said. Was it, “Blame it on Bush again”?

  • Agent 99

    I think they are laughing at “The One”!! Besides all that….The USA in not a Kingdom were (If Bush were a King….then Barry would be the Prince) Meaning that we are not a Monarchy whereby Barry “Inherited” anything from the Prior “king” {{..}} Just woke up …hope you get my meaning! Let’s just say The USA in not a Kingdom where the Crown in “inherited” Barry ASKED for this job! Man up you wussy.

  • Chisum
  • Hedgehog

    When Obama talks about the problems that he inherited it would be refreshing if he did what the Progies are always saying we must do, and that is to “Look at the root cause”. If he took a look at the results of the “Community Reinvestment Act” he would get to the root cause, but that wasn’t Bush’s fault.

  • Thumper

    Come on, stop it Barry. You’re killin’ us man. We can’t take it anymore. I’m dying laughing. You are a very funny guy and everyone thinks so.

  • Agent 99

    CHISUM!! Double thanks. The Statesman Fact Check…what caught my eye is Barry’s so-called Bi-Partisan Commission that Both Dems AND Reps voted on already and said “no” is that Barry issued an EXECUTIVE ORDER! Cuts many programs. And about the police officers from Ft Hood ….BHO always ”disses” the Police from Sgt. Crowley to Porta-Potties on Police Memorials. And btw..The Ft Hood Officers shot one of his “brethren” Explains a lot…huh?

  • American Power tracked-back with, ‘Worst SOTU?’.

  • Agent 99

    Militant Conservative @ # 2 …Grave Danger!!! Yes We Are! Imo very grave danger. The “One” would not allow Harry Reid to swear Scott brown in YET cuz BHO did not want Scott Brown “stealing the show” at his SOTU address. Think about it!! I mean really….Was Scott Brown there?? From before Barry’s speech to today….8 Billion (or more) for HIGH-SPEED Rail in Florida. The High Speed Bullett Trains do not use Regular Rails. So Now there will be a problem with Emminent Domain!! PLUS ”Any” Shovel-ready project of ‘over’ 25 Million MUST be a UNION Project.

  • Militant Conservative

    Agent 99, thank you. Been a political junkie for over 20 years. I am highly plugged in just like most of the folks here. We all bring our favorite subjects and pet projects to the discussions. This is how we will defeat these socialists. They cannot stand against the wave that is the conservative grass roots. We surround them. powder is dry.

  • Dell

    I did the lip reading thing on Senator McCain and Justice Alito and it’s pretty much agreed as to what both said…and I mentioned it right out loud to the folks in the room. I thought McCain said “..blaming Bush again” and Alito said “..that’s not true”. I was surprised that both would get caught uttering anything.

    As for his “Executive Order” on the bi-partisan commission; both Republicans and Democrats (in a rare display of bipartisanship) voted that idea down rather handily. The President can create all the commissions he wants by Executive Order, but they will be totally powerless and – except for partisan political fodder – be ignored.

    Not a good night for the President. Worst speech he’s delivered yet. He dug in his heels, pandering to the left and trying to lure Independents to his side again, but this one goes in the book as a “D”.

  • From my website:

    After last night it is now clear we are being led by a committed ideologue. His agenda is not the health or welfare of his citizens, their businesses, or their futures. His agenda is HIS agenda. From the head tilt and far away gaze, to his demand that all things STILL bend to his will, we are seeing a modern incarnation of Mussolini. He just dismissed the will of the people as though it were a gnat buzzing about his royal head.

    Here is the rub- what happens when the immovable object meets the irresistible force. His core supporters are probably less than twenty percent of the population- welfare recipients, race supporters, far left ideologues like himself, corrupt government officials and their support network and certain corporations which intend to ride the high speed Obama rail to European statism. The rest of the people are going to be split along two lines. Those who will go along because they fear the loss of security, jobs, financial security or healthcare. (For example, FOX just had a guy on who is out of a job and on COBRA. He laments that soon he will not be able to afford the fees as they continue to triple and wishes Obama success in his efforts so the man can be taken care of. He never lamented that it was Government’s fault his COBRA costs so much in the first place. This man has been turned, turned by fear, turned by dismay, his will is broken and he is now willing to believe whatever history the government feeds him as truth. This is how it is done people.)

    On the other hand, there will be a certain group of Americans who will refuse to submit willingly- those who know the truth, those who speak the truth. Obama must somehow deal with them, with us, in a manner that will neuter them until he can either turn or eliminate them. He cannot survive with a vibrant element inside the country criticizing his decisions. No tyrant can. Correcting this is what we see happening in Venezuela today. Luckily, our founding fathers foresaw the possibility of having a President so committed to seizing power that he became a threat to the nation. To combat this possible threat they designed three branches of government to act not only in mutual support but as a friction brake on each other. No court can demand what is not accepted by the other two branches, no President can rule with laws not supported by the courts or the legislature and so on. Unfortunately, the fathers did not anticipate parties and the rule of one party. They also did not foresee (or maybe they did in Jefferson’s warnings) that we would someday develop the theory of a “living document” which would undermine the Constitution. Regardless, as we say when things go bad in combat “we’re in the s(*t now.”

    For those of you out there with friends who say “How bad can he be?” or “We are just misreading his intentions.” I hope now we are past the “ah golly” stage of dealing with this man who I believe truly thinks he is the chosen one. Before I figured he was just sold on himself. Not anymore. He has left himself little wiggle room between what he wants and what we will not give him. So his only option left is to take it.

    So the question is still this- What happens when the irresistible force meets the immovable object?

    Mao knew, as did Mussolini, Stalin and all that came before them.

    Welcome to the war.

  • Michael

    *I was distracted by all the purple clothing. Is there some symbolism there, such as merging red and blue for cooperation?
    *The speech, like most campaign speeches, contained contradictory statements. You know, the uppity nose in the air makes him seem all the more arrogant.
    *We need to focus on job creation, but where did he say we will seek out and destroy the terrorists that we are at war against?

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  • Eden

    Obama was in the Senate and in on the spending during part of those 8 years. I rarely see this pointed out. The BOOOOOOSH thing is going the way of the RAAAAACIST thing anyway.

  • Chisum

    Agent 99,

    You are most welcome. We all do what we can to keep the public informed since the MSM won’t.

  • Obama is correct about one thing: There was a huge deficit hole when he assumed office, for what ever reason. But he can’t blame Bush for bringing out the Progressive Shovel and tripling the size of the whole. This administration’s “purchase” of GM and Chrysler was a sop to the union whose members would have suffered in a Chapter 11 Reorganization. Porkulous was another sop to Democrat Activist Groups and pet causes that did nothing to stimulate jobs. The AIG bailout “stinks to high heavens” and was done under Barry’s watch.

    Barry, the “Blame Thang” ain’t workin.

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  • Corporal Vere

    Can’t use Boooooosh or Raaaaaaacist any more????

    Well, he’s still got Jooooooooos!!!!!

  • Chisum

    Obama’s State of the Union found a confident Republican minority, and a discontented Democratic majority

  • Agent 99

    Chisum and especially Archer52 @ # 13. I too saw the guy on Fox and Friends this a.m. There were 3 Florida Residents to (supposedly discuss the Bullet Train) One was a College Student who LUVS BHO as his Tuition will be “paid” via the new Student Loan Venture lauded by BHO. (Work for the Gov’t after College Graduation and Barry will “forgive” the Loan) I say BHO/Barry cuz that is How it Translates as in “Obama Money” So the College Kid gave BHO an A on the speech. The COBRA guy gave BHO a B. The BUSINESS man gave BHO a grade of TWO. One for delivery and one for Content. The BUSINESS MAN was NOT really impressed with BHO. {{…}} Swithcing Gears here!! Consider, when one looks into the Near Future, that the College Kid (and others) just might NOT ‘cash in’ as the USA is very Vulernable to a WMD attack at any time!! AnAAny

  • Betsy Ross

    Was there any face scratching with the middle finger? … or any other insulting gesture that he is soooo good at.

  • LimoLibsStink


    Let me be clear, before I walked in the door unemployment was stable and there was a small war deficit of $4.54 billion and if you round that up it becomes a trillion – just like my SOTU speech. That is the type of math I learned at Harvard.

    Then, I just borrowed 3 times as much and the economy tanked. I don’t understand economics. Unemployment skyrocketed to 9.8% – even after I hired 301 advisers and 42 Czars. So, you could say I was the engineer that caused the train wreck. So, what?

    We now have huge fungus called ACORN, a bloated bureaucracy the size of Barney Franks swollen rear-end and Fannie Mae bleeding from abuse. I am not an accountant I am a swindler. It’s above my pay grade. And, as you can guess, I blame Bush!

    Hey, I heard that McCain! Your mocking me. Your going to pay! The buck stops here… at Axelrod’s Swiss bank account.

    I an not a loose cannon on the deck. I don’t go blaming every Tom, Dick and Harry Reid. I blame Bush. Yeh, I know it is getting old but, I still like to patriot that party line.

    Sure, the economy is in ruins. Just look at Detroit. Heck, they even have a tour of the ruins of Detroit. My economic plans are working. There are few jobs created right there.

    You Typical White People should fly to Detroit for a vacation. You will like the mosques, the blaring call to prayers and CAIR’s Head Quarters. And, it will help the economy.

    You can see looted banks and gutted buildings for yourself. It’s not entirely my fault. It’s really the corporate fat cats and crooked bankers. I am just the wrecking ball of debt.

    With any luck I can bring this type of change to your city. Don’t blame me. I am just a Tax and Spend liberal. America sucks. Blame Bush!

    My limousine is running and I have another meeting with the Barney Frank and Fannie Mae. I blame Bush. Good day.

    See: Ruins of Detroit

  • Agent 99

    OOops! Laptop Froze up. O.K. “…Vulernable to a WMD attack anytime..anywhere..” Or the other possibility is that the Cloward-Piven Stratedgy may work F-A-S-T-E-R that expected. As for me….I feel the best/immediate Solution is to FIGHT for State’s Rights ASAP! Virginia has Gov McDonnell. TX with Perry. Even Chris Christie (R) in NJ! Which leads me to YESTERDAY on FNC wherein a “Town Hall Gone Bad Again” in NJ the Union Carpenter quoted excerpts of the Constituition and when asked by Fox interviewer “What would you like to hear from the Prez Tonight?” The Union Carpenter forcibly stated “I want to hear “”I RESIGN”…. btw Archer25….still reading your Book!! It’s Great! Thanks!!

  • I felt like I was watching the British PM before Parliament with all the laughing in the room. You know it’s bad when even Pelosi laughs at one of your bald-faced lies.

  • non_dhimmie

    Feb. 2, Let’s turn Illinois Red….Let’s Brown Illinois, send five, ten, twenty……whatever you can….

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  • Agent 99

    LimoLibsStink @ # 24!! Pleez write a book!! And I DID look at the RUINS OF DETROIT!! I’ve seen some Ruins on Youtube but the slideshow lets one see and zoom on the RUINS!! Thanks. That’s what Unions will do…always. I think everyone should SEE the Ruins and point out to the General Public just what high taxes and unions can and will do to a City or a State. ((Anyone see the Commercials by Jeff Daniels **Dumb and Dumber** dude)) where he states Michigan is wonderful for the Business Climate?? Not being critical of Jeff Daniels but GOSH!! How can that be true???

  • This POTUS is not changing his stripes.
    Neither is Slow Joe and Fleecer of the House.

    It is now entirely up to us to put them all in striped pajamas, send them out in the yard to bust up some rocks.

  • retire05

    When you watched last night’s disaster of a STOU, and you want to compare Obama to Bush, one thing became clear: with Bush, you got a real state of the union speech from a man who is, even in Dem circles, a gentlman. Last night we got a STOU from a Chicago thug who is so impressed with himself that he thinks no matter what he says, it will be taken as gosple.

    Obama was angry, blaming, demanding and was the farthest thing from presidential as I have ever seen. And never, NEVER, have I even heard a president call out the Supreme Court in such a public venue. It just isn’t done, and hasn’t been done since the days of FDR when FDR tried to stack the court to pass his socialist agendas.

    The speech last night was NOT presidential.

    Obama’s main problem is not the lack of partisanship in D.C.; his main problem is that Americans are becoming more informed about their own government and they don’t like what they see; the out of control spending, the refusal to acknowledge that we are at war with radical Islam, the granting citizen rights to terrorists, the ever encroaching government into our daily lives, the redistribution of wealth by those whose own weath is not at risk and a nation that becomes weaker and weaker everyday in it’s own defense.

    Now, Obama wants to control the state boards of education, mandating what those states can, and cannot, teach, removing, once again powers that are “reserved to the State respectively, or to the people.” Governor Rick Perry of Texas is especially in the cross hairs since he has refused to accept federal control over the education of Texas children being of the opinion that our state school board, teachers and parents know best how to educate our children, not some bureaucratic agency in Washington, D.C.

    Obama does understand one thing; he is losing control as his approval rate diminishes. Those Democrats who are running for office this November will find themselves putting great distance between him and them, as they try to hold on to their seats, but if you caught the part of the speech to those Democrats last night, he was pretty clear “Back me even though it means you lose”. Not a pretty sight.

    Now we are seeing even Democrats calling for investigations into Timothy Geithner, calling for the resignations of Rahm Emanuel and Janet Napolitano and his kingdom is crumbling down around his clay feet.

    Arrogance will not serve him well.

  • It is all YOUR fault. Don’t you know that? What is wrong with you people? Clearly, Obama is doing great! All is well! Close your eyes and enjoy the ride!

  • Agent 99

    Reparations?? Still Partying at the WH on our Dime? Yep! Michelle Obama To Host Civil Rights Music Night(s) …. This will be all Month Long. A Series of Music Music. From Chicago Sun Times

  • olm

    There really is nothing else to say about this speech except that it had to be the worst in history.
    Obama’s arrogance on full display. He rules as a dictator and it was on full display. At some point, even his admirers are going to have a tough time protecting this arrogant jerk.

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  • Agent 99

    JIM HOFT!! Lovely!! You will be SOooo Excited!! The NEW Bullet Train system just announced it will Start In Chicago and END in ST. Louis, Missouri!! Wow!! Just think Blago and other Chi-Town Thugs can come whizzing into Missouri from Chicago!! With Union Thugs working on the Rails. Plus Emminent Domain.,high-speed-rail-federal-funds-012810.article

  • Melvin Winter

    Obama Blames Bush for Saddling Him with “Massive Gum Litter Problem”

  • EllieLight

    In his speech last night, O said “I” 96 times, “my” 25 times, and “me” 8 times.

  • Agent 99

    A Comment RE: Bullet Trains!! {..} Sorry I couldn’t have said it better.. HERE: Here’s how it will work. BO is shoveling out $8 billion to 21 states. We all know this is just the start. They will get a number of projects started and they will have to go back to the well for more money before BO leaves office in 2012. What will be the total cost to the taxpayer? Q: Why so many projects? A: this is a boondoggle project that can go on forever and expand union employment.

    This isn’t even high speed rail its higher speed rail. They want to get up to speeds of 110 mph. Euro trains average 175 miles and hour. Higher speed rail will never pay it’s own way. Trains in Europe are heavily subsidized.

    Instead of building one or two demonstration projects to get public support BO has embraced over a dozen projects. What studies were conducted to forecast ridership? The Central planning committee doesn’t really care. This is all about make work for the unions disguised as a public good. The way they are doing it will guarantee that the taxpayers will continue to pay for this boondoggle for decades to come. How many of these higher speed rails lines will end up being bridges to nowhere?

  • TaSS

    How Obama lies, let me count the ways.
    He lies everytime he opens his mouth to blame his current mess on his predecessor.
    He lies by telling you more regulations and more stimulus will help the unemployed.
    He lies when he tells you he is concerned with the US economy while trying to pass regulations which in fact will hurt it for years to come.
    He lies by telling you more taxes on banks or corporations is a good idea.
    If the progressive agenda is to destroy the US economy, they are doing a bang up job.
    Do not listen to what he says, instead watch what he does.
    Yes Senator McCain and Judge Alito, he lies.

  • Obama is obviously familiar with Homer Simpson’s Three Sentences:

    “I want to share something with you – three sentences that will get you through life:
    Number one, ‘Cover for me.’
    Number two, ‘Oh, good idea, boss.’
    Number three, ‘It was like that when I got here.'”

    Number One: Gibbs and the Legacy Media
    Number Two: Constant and directed to the “man in the mirror”
    Number Three: Blame it on Bush.

  • Rich

    what got me was at the end when he was trying to give prase to our trops it seamed to me that he chocked on it bigtime like he rilley didnt wont to even say it

  • jim from cleveland

    The Blowhard is delusional and dangerous in his arrogance and stupidity. He is the absolute embodiment of the Big Liberal Lie.

    He’s also proof of the fraud of affirmative action.

  • Agent99:

    I think Chicago is already whizzing into Missouri. And lots of other places. And not just whizzing.

  • Patriotic American

    Zoo animals have million dollar habitats; the best food, the best medical care and keepers who watch over them making sure their every needs are met. Ever looked into the eyes of an animal in a cage? They are dull and lifeless. The animals in zoos sleep, eat and pace their cages. Ever look into the eyes of an animal in the wild? They are clear and full of life. Because they are free. They are free to make choices. Choices about their habitat, food and well being. Obama and his administration want to be the American People’s zookeepers. They want to regulate our habitats, our medical care, our food and the government wants to spend trillions to attend our every need. I don’t know about the rest of America, but I don’t want to live in a cage, I want to be free. FREE to make CHOICES about my habitat, medical care, food and well-being. This November I’m breaking out of my cage.

  • Joanne

    So why doesn’t Obama tell everyone how to really create a huge deficit in record time – only one year.

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  • retire05

    Chicago thugs jumping the Mississippi is nothing new as the Chicago mafia often jumped the water to hide out in St. Louis, especially at a country club in South County.

    Now they will have a high speed rail facilitating their flight.

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  • AuntieMadder

    Patriotic American
    January 28th, 2010 | 9:12 am | #46

    Hear! Hear!

  • bg


    archer52 @ 7:08 am #13

    for all intent & purpose..

    Islamists bottom line: “convert or die”..

    Obama’s bottom line: “convert or die”..

    Islamists want to take US back to the 7th century, Marxists want to take US through the looking glass.. they could not have formed a more perfect union than in our IslaMarxist President..

    GWB, for all his merits & demerits, was
    the “Last American President” to date..


  • MMX FLEX targeted a list of “50 MUST GO” congresspersons. Spotlights are already on Spratt, Etheridge, Carney, Boucher, and Boccieri. Check it out at

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  • bg


    “Blame It On Bush”

    and that’s precisely what Obama did..

    it’s also what just about every one of US either posts or thinks
    about what Obama or the Dems have to say almost every day..


  • bg


    Eden @ 7:17 am #16

    re: [Obama was in the Senate and in on
    the spending during part of those 8 years.]

    excellent point..

    Congress (Dems in general & a few specific
    Reps) is the culprit.. GWB, not so much..

    BHO is our “present” President..

    GWB was our “last American” President..


  • Pyscho! Insane!

    Horrible! Horrible! Lie after lie..and talk about civil rights–did he do anything about the Black Panthers asault on Penn VOTERS? or the BLACK man who was attacked by SEIU??? Nothing! He spoke hardly about our brave soldiers–not one word to the officer sitting in front. And, I couldn’t believe how he attacked our Supreme court Justices and bascially told them–I will change your opinion..what a JERK! I say impeach him..NOW!! geez..he is such an embarrassment for our country!!!! And IRAN? He did nothing for them when they begged and begged for a reponse! And another stimulus BILL–he is the greatest actor I have ever seen–he is really INSANE!! What OPENNESS? Lobbyists? He has lobbyists all over his office!!! I can’t beleive those demo-rats clapped for him!! They know the lies, lies and lies!!!!!! He talks a good talk does not implement anything he says…he jsut reads a speech that was written for him..and off he goes playing golf again!! Geez…

  • bg


    Patriotic American @ 9:12 am #46


    now that is one profound analysis,

    thank you for sharing it..


  • Remember the video that shows numerous Democrats defending Fannie and Freddie? It is the Democrats who are to blame for our financial crisis not President Bush.

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  • formergop

    I know it’s cliche to blame the economy and wars on Bush, but it is true, and everyone knows it.

  • – And on a certain day, Herod sat on his throne, dressed in royal clothing, and made a speech to them.

    – And the people gave a shout, [saying, It is] the voice of a god and not of a man!

    – And immediately the angel of [the] Lord struck him, because he did not give God the glory. And he was eaten by worms and gave up the spirit.
    – Acts 12:21-2

    Not wishing anything bad on Obama, but I must say that I cannot recall such raw arrogance in an American leader, ever. I’m sure it’s been around, but not so much at the very top.

    Watching this past year has been frustrating and painful, because the toll on the nation has been very real, and one senses that however the script unwinds it will not be good. Either Obama and his administration self-destruct, or America goes down first. It’s exceedingly ugly, and unless there is repentance, there is no other possibility.

    But repentance does open up a third way. It will have to take place in individuals first, and then take on national proportions. Then ideally it would overtake the current leadership as well.

    We already see it in operation to some extent. It is the people who are leading this nation, waiting for the leaders to catch up. And as a lot of people wake up to the fraud that is Obama, they will question how they could have been so deceived. Hopefully that will lead to heart change. But the powers-that-be seem only to be listening to the extent that their hides are on the line.

    Just a warning, that pride still goes before destruction. That goes for nations as well as individuals. And just ask king Herod, or king Nebuchadnezzar (Dan 4): the bigger they are, the harder they fall. The Lord is not a respecter of persons.

    To the godly I say, take heart, I believe God has not abandoned this nation.

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  • CattusMagnus

    I’m not a fan of McCain, but that was great!

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  • bg


    formergop @ 12:32 pm #64

    ape Obama much??


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  • bg


    EllieLight @ 8:48 am #39

    (ht Rush)

    and it took him an exhausting 70
    minutes.. hmmm hmmm hmmm

    that averages out to 1+? a minute.. 😀


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  • bg


    clarification re: bg @ 6:55 pm #72

    for the “I” count alone.. 😀


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  • Tom

    On the subject of blaming your predecessor, is it different when a Republican does it?

    “To understand the State of the Union, we must look not only at where we are and where we’re going but where we’ve been. The situation at this time last year was truly ominous. […] First, we must understand what’s happening at the moment to the economy. Our current problems are not the product of the recovery program that’s only just now getting under way, as some would have you believe; they are the inheritance of decades of tax and tax, and spend and spend. […] The only alternative being offered to this economic program is a return to the policies that gave us a trillion-dollar debt, runaway inflation, runaway interest rates and unemployment,”

    – Ronald Reagan, in his first SOTU address.

  • bg


    Tom @ 9:46 pm #76

    there’s a huge difference in stating facts and
    arrogantly assigning blame, think about it..

    Obama is a modern day Pontius Pilate

    [Pilate is a type of the worldly man, knowing the right and anxious to do it so far as it can be done without personal sacrifice of any kind, but yielding easily to pressure from those whose interest it is that he should act otherwise. ]

    if it’s not America’s fault, then it’s Bush’s fault, if not Bush’s fault, then
    it’s the Reps fault, if not the Reps fault, it’s “we the people’s” fault..

    he needs to take that finger he pointedly so gives to everyone,
    stick it where the sun don’t shine, and think about it as well..


  • bg


    Tom @ 9:46 pm #76

    btw.. whoever the next president is (if we still have elections by then), they’ll probably have no choice but to state the obvious & much worse..

    gotta cut Reagan, who followed Carter,
    & whoever follows Obama some slack..


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