Too Funny. Far Left Finally Discovers Obama Is a Weak Leader

After a year of disastrous policies, skyrocketing unemployment numbers, and tripling of the national deficit, the Far Left has finally realized that President Pantywaist sucks as a leader.

The kooks at Fire Dog Lake were looking for some sort of Churchillian “progressive” but wound up with a 21st century Chamberlain instead.

The times call for a leader of Churchillian or Rooseveltian magnitude; what we have instead is a cautious risk-averse manager. Bold progressives must fill the leadership vacuum in order to restore and support a vibrant US middle class…

BHO’s decision to embrace modest stimulus enraged libertarians and conservatives who wanted to let the Free Market reign and disappointed progressive liberals who identified the need for a momentous government employment initiative that would restart and sustain the nation’s economic engine while preparing our infrastructure for the next generation in a changing energy environment.

BHO’s demonstrated personal need to achieve consensus during crisis and his failure to assert bold leadership on economic recovery and employment set the stage for the health care debate. In order to avoid alienating big campaign donors he allowed the playing field to shift to a focus on major health insurers and pharmaceutical companies (with their incestuous big bank brothers and sisters cheering from the sidelines). They were able, with the complicity of White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel, to exploit BHO’s self-imposed Christmas 2009 deadline and his apparently congenital aversion to conflict (expressed as the goal of a “bipartisan” bill, which he did not achieve anyway!).

It took a while but the far left has finally figured out that we’re stuck with a ditherer and waffler for president. Instead of a Roosevelt we get Jimmy Carter the sequel.
It’s going to be a long 3 years.

At least Obama still has the state-run media to fluff his pillows.

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  • JP

    I’m with Glenn Reynolds on this. . .at this point, Carteresque is a Best Case Scenario. I feel like he will make Carter happy by slam dunking Worst President Ever.

  • justpassingthrough

    They just figured out that that wasn’t the kind of sandwich they had in mind.

  • Eric

    Using an old axiom;

    There are old pilots,
    There are bold pilots, but,
    There are no old bold pilots –

    There are poor democrats,
    There are smart democrats, but,
    There are no poor smart democrats.

  • David/California

    They don’t call him “President Pantywaist” in London because of his granite determination and boundless courage. In fact, President Bows-A-Lot seems to have a spine of pure custard.

    Has anybody noticed if Nancy Pelosi lips are moving when he gives a speech? Something to look for at the State of the Union…

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  • Douglas

    At least Obama still has the state-run media to fluff his pillows.

    Is that what the kids are calling it these days? Only 11 years ago it was called “Not Sexual Relations.”

  • sandy

    Why its a Gol Dern miracle! The left and the right both agree that Obama sucks big time. Weak abroad and a dictator wannabe at home. When the Chi-Coms have to tell us the world can’t afford America’s debt and still he goes on spending…there’s a screw loose somewhere.

    Its nice to see Obama is going on a much needed vacation (insert sarcasm here) to stay in an 8.2 Million house in Hawaii which he hinted he might buy — while the Obamamedia tells us that there is no stigma attached to accepting Food Stamps. With so many Americans hurting — he never fails to rub salt on our wounds.

  • Boogy

    Gitmo not to close, Obummer said — thus breaking more campaign promises. It is quite possible he will not make good on these issues. Next to take 1/6 of the USA economy under Obummer’s control and wipe out the USA economy and start a major world-wide financial meltdown. During this time, Obummer will dither, wither, and take expensive vacations on tax payers’ monies and proclaim it is the evil republicans economy and all Bush’s fault. In fact, Obummer the Dummmer will proclaim that for the next 1,000 anything that happens negative will be blamed on Bush — it was and is always his fault. This is because Obummer announced he was the Massiah.

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  • Franklin

    “At least Obama still has the state-run media to fluff his pillows.”

    It’s time we removed that perk. I’m tired of complaining. I want to do something – and 2010 is too far away. What can we do now that won’t be ignored or marginalized?

    Email, call, fax or visit the media and their editors (TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, etc.). There seems to be a weakening of the Obama messiah worship in some, let’s exploit it.

    Hold pro-America, Conservative rallies at local TV stations.

    By MAIL cancel your subscription to your local MSM propaganda rag. Tell them why. Note who their advertisers are and send a few of the bigger ones a copy of your cancellation letter (be sure to cc these advertisers on your letter). Tell these advertisers you will not patronize them any longer because they are supporting political propaganda which you object to.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    It’s not just that Obie’s a rotten leader. Seems to me a lot of the population simply don’t like or agree with what he wants to do. Socializing medicine, expanding government control and spending, and groveling and kowtowing to evil regimes and religions is simply un-American, and most people know it.

  • jonyjoe101

    Will at least a great man (Churchill) is no longer in the whitehouse. Brave man should not be in the same house with cowards.

    No one will ever say that Obama was a brave man, he never served in the military but wants to be the commander in chief. He hides all his records, brave people have nothing to hide. He belittles his opponents, a sign of weakness.

    Need I go on and on.

  • vanzorge

    hey, don’t barry’s abs and pecs, and michele’s biceps count for anything?

  • Fred Beloit

    For the first time I am glad, a little, that Oboe is the POTUS. He’s driving the moonbats crazy because he isn’t moonbatty enough.

  • Richard L.

    Where does Ginsberg get the idea that a totally socialist remake of the American economy will prosper the middle class?

    He’s surprised that “progressive” advocates of total Federal power once given the reins of government use that power to secure their position and enrich themselves and their partners. Only the whole of human history provides evidence that this is Standard Operating Procedure. The country the broke the mold is the one he’s insisting has to be remade.

    These people or mentally ill.

  • Hedgehog

    Sure, the Obamunist has his fluffers in the media, but fewer people are listening, watching or reading thier tripe. The left are angry because the Obamunist might blow their perfect storm, and the “middle class” might survive their onslaught. Kill the nightmare helath care fraud, and Obama will find people jumping ship faster than he can do ten reps in the gym. Cap & Tax should be dead, and the immigration scam will meet with unbelievable opposition. He has made his play, and the gambit might just fail.

  • Suzi

    Thanks for the screenshot. Didn’t want to go there…

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  • bill-tb

    Once you saw Rev Wright and his brilliant sermons, what more did you need to know?