Shocking Video– Iranian Protesters Save Prisoners from Hanging in Sirjan & Attack Police Truck — Regime Thugs Shoot Down Protesters

Iranian protesters in Sirjan rescued two prisoners being hanged by the brutal regime. They rushed the Iranian officials smashed up their truck and cut the prisoners down.
Doug Ross posted photos of the prisoners being rescued.
The regime called in assistance and shot and killed a number of protesters.

This young man was shot in the groin by the killer regime and is bleeding profusely.
In this amazing video the protesters rescue the prisoners and then are shot at by the regime:

The Western media reported that the prisoners were rescued by relatives but it looks more like the whole town helped with the rescue. The Western media also said that the regime shot dead two “gunmen” but the only ones with guns in the video are the regime thugs.
NCR-Iran reported on the the prisoner rescue.

On Tuesday, December 22, the scene of a public hanging of two prisoners, Esmail Fathi-Zadeh and Mohammad Esfandiarpoor, in Sirjan turned into a confrontation between protesting people and the suppressive forces. Local residents and families of the two prisoners confronted the suppressive forces by hurling stones and chanting slogans.

During the clashes yesterday morning, people took advantage of the chaos and removed the prisoners from the scene set up for their hangings. According to earlier reports on Tuesday, one of the prisoners was thought to have been killed.

Having lost the control of the situation, the suppressive forces mobilized more of their agents across the city and re-captured the two prisoners and brought them back to the hanging ropes.

Local residents were angered by the regime’s henchmen and became more fierce in their protest against the hangings. In fear of the escalation of unrest, the suppressive forces opened fire on defenseless people killing at least five and dozens more were wounded. A number of the wounded were taken to hospitals in Kerman, the provincial capital. Some of the wounded are in critical state. A group of local residents and families of the two have been arrested. During the clashes, a number of vehicles belonging to the suppressive forces were set on fire.

A protester lays lifeless in the street after the regime shot him dead in Sirjan.
The Obama Administration was not available for comment.

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  • Winston

    NCR-Iran is a terrorist (Marxist-Islamic) group you’re quoting Jim. Btw, those two death-row inmates were later captured by the Mullahs’ regime security forces and killed.

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  • sybilll

    How quickly people forgot Neda. Shameful.

  • Franklin

    It’s too bad Obama will not support the protesting Iranians opposed to the corrupt sharia loving Iranian regime. Why won’t he?

    Because Obama supports the Iranian regime. Why?

    Because Obama wants to change America to the same type of regime. Eventually he will treat the Tea Party protesters the same way Iran treats their protesters.

  • Just_Saying

    Obummer is unavailable because he’s on vacation at our expense. Since when has a president been unavailable?

    (How many vacations does this guy get?)

  • Capital G

    Wow. That is sheer madness. I can’t even follow what is happening in that chaos.

    Not to cast doubt on the video (I do not question it’s authenticity) but it struck me there was a lack of blood on the shooting victims green shirt.

    When the shirt is lifted you see a gruesome wound – but where is the massive blood that would be present on the shirt or even on the pavement beneath? I can see the body being moved and the pavement not needing to be blood soaked….but the shirt?

    Just seems strange. Horrible scene being played out there regardless.

  • redc1c4

    if everyday residents are interfering with the government in it’s suppression, the government might as well pull a Taco Bell. they are toast.

  • One Way

    Krauthammer lamented the other day about how awful it is that this administration hasn’t responded more supportively to the uprising of Iranian citizens.

    A huge opportunity lost.

  • squeaky

    from yesterday – the idea that john kerry can go
    to tehran. he can always draw on his vast experience of negotiationing away peoples freedoms.

  • squeaky

    negotiationing = negotiating

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  • nadadhimmi

    John effing Kerry is going to Iran to study their methods of suppression. You know, what works best to terrorize a population. And finally, the best way to murder protesters in the streets. Obama has cast his lot with the dictator and the mullas. With some support from Obama, the protesters would gain momentum faster and overthrow the mullahs. Obama supports the mullas and they all know it. Expect a nuclear terrorist attack on the USA because of Obama’s treasonous policies. Uh, er, umm, it’s all Bushes fault though. Yeah, that’s it, Bushes fault.

  • Bruce

    Don’t have all the facts here, but seeing how this is a regime that hangs people for the “crime” of homosexuality, picking sides should be a no-brainer. Look for our “worldly” president to seek “compromise”. Like, maybe only hang half the gays.

  • Kenny Solomon

    Good job on getting this up, Jim.

    We’ll be seeing this extensively reported in the US media other than on Fox News in 5…… 4…… 3……

    Yeah….. right.

    As an aside, I can’t wait to see Pamela’s follow-up to this on Atlas. She’s got contacts over there.


    By the way, whatshisname over in Hawaii already responded…….. Really…….. Here…….. Watch the video.

    “We seek broader engagement based upon mutual interest and mutual respect. We will listen carefully, we will bridge misunderstanding, and we will seek common ground. We will be respectful even when we do not agree.”

    RESPECT IT !…… and remember, you must also stay in your seat the last hour of doing so, thus orders the CMOTUS*

    Kenny Solomon
    Senior Expediter
    The 72 Virgins Club Travel Agency
    Offices throughout the 57 states of America.

    * CMOTUS – Chief Muslim Of The United States.

  • syn

    Meanwhile, in order to escape the reality of the world surrounding them Americans show up to suck on evil blue smurfs created in Hollywood’s sewer who moralize the message that Anglo-Saxon specifically American Anglo-Saxon are the source of all problems around the globe.

  • No Man

    Amah-dinnah-jacket and the Mullahs is just doin’ what dey learned from de Bush adminstrashun.

    Yeah! dat’s it.

    Eff you, honkey! Stick ’em up. We in charge now. And we come to take what is ourz.

  • tjexcite

    One has to hate the regime but, what can come from the protests other than civil war and who is to say that the winner would be any better for the world than what is now.

  • Betty

    The protesters need guns of their own…

  • ar05075

    The ‘lil Bamster is on another vacation but when he does comment it will be that he does’nt want to impose.

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