A summit of 9 South American economies announced this weekend that they want the “rich” nations to pay them for global warming junk science.
The BBC reported:

Nine nations in the Amazon region have called on rich countries to provide poorer nations with the funds to preserve forests.

The nations, meeting in Manaus, Brazil, also discussed supporting a 40% reduction in global emissions by 2020.

The meeting comes shortly before the key global summit on climate change in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The Amazon nations agreed on broad principles rather than concrete steps, correspondents said.

Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva chaired the meeting of delegates from Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Peru, Venezuela and Surinam, with French President Nicolas Sarkozy representing French Guiana.

Related… The Obama Administration will fund an offshore oil drilling project in Brazil but will not allow US companies to explore and drill at home.




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  1. Bow and a butt lick forth coming…..

  2. Tell ‘em to pound coca!
    Yet another attempt to cash in on the global warming fraud!

  3. Great video on ClimateGate: Adolf Hitler is furious !!!


    Amaury (a french conservative blogger)

  4. They can’t possibly be serious in the wake of Climategate, can they?

  5. It goes without saying (but I will anyway) that Obama is a moron! Money for everyone except US and WE have to pay for it!

    How about, we charge Brazil for every person coming to the US? Doesn’t everyone know that Barry is doing his best to get us off the list of RICH NATIONS? He’s doing a fine job so far.

  6. So it’s sympatico with Obama’s desire to spread around reparations by any other name.

    How covenient that AGW can be a one-stop shop for all Leftist ambitions.

  7. But if global warming is true, wouldn’t the rainforests be getting BIGGER? After all, don’t they like the warm weather? And don’t trees live off CO2 – the big cause of “global warming”? At least that’s what I learned in public school.

    On a side note, I’ve been to Belize and seen rainforest slash and burn so they could plant orange groves. Do we now need to pay them not to farm (and hence not cut down the rainforest) as well as our own farmers?

  8. Write your representatives and ask what they plan on saying about this scandal.

  9. So, now I understand why we can’t drill for oil here: that wouldn’t in any way help support global wealth redistribution.

  10. Like they said in South Park:

    Each year, the Rainforest is responsible for over three thousand deaths from accidents, attacks or illnesses. There are over seven hundred things in the Rainforest that cause cancer. Join the fight now and help stop the Rainforest before it’s too late.

  11. Follow the money…

    George Soros is a majority stockholder in Petrobras thus it is no surprise that his employees Obamao and Pelosi are helping him out by prohibiting drilling here whle funding Brazilian drilling.

  12. Brazil has oil, beaches,forests, cattle ranches, industrialized agriculture, water water water, tourism, mining, all sorts of ABUNDANT natural resources. If they aren’t managing their own wealth, it’s their fault, not the USA.

    Wonder what Columbia really thinks – the crowd they’re counted in isn’t exactly their buddies – “enemies” comes closer to their relationship.
    And, let’s just take a page from the communists’ playbook. With only a finite pie to share, with all those Latin American countries with HIGHER GNP per capita than ANY Sub-Saharan AFrican nation, seems that it’s only FAIR to redistribute to POORER countries than theirs.
    How can they justify demanding money which can go to Africans to bring African GNP up to Latin American levels?

  13. Obviously, considering our massive debt, we are no longer a rich country. Perhaps we will be getting monetary aid from the rich countries…

  14. We’re broke, buckos! We’ve already been looted into poverty!

    I know the world fantasizes that Americans will give them all the money for all their dreams but really….this is beyond reality.

  15. Ayn Rand couldn’t have written this story any better in Atlas Shrugged, oh wait she did.
    The peoples state of Brazil demands payment for NOT performing work from other peoples states FOR producing wealth. Their NEED must be met by those who are ABLE.

  16. Sooooo, I guess that, in the spirit of “fair is fair”, Brazill will be giving a massive discount on the price of their oil which they sell to the USA? Since we gifted them $5billion to get their field running, and all. Right? right?

    Or, are they planning on just paying that money back to the USA – with interest, of course – in a reasonable amount of time?


  17. Colombia sent a low level delegation to that commie forum.

  18. In celebration of the dead golden calf, the AGW theory, I will go full throttle with:

    — B-52 Stratofortress
    — B-2 Spirit
    — B-1 Lancer
    — F/A-18 Hornet
    — F-16 Fighting Falcon
    — F-22 Raptor
    — Space Shuttle Discovery
    — Harley-Davidson VRSCDX Night Rod Special
    — Chevrolet Camaro (first generation)


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