Brave Iranian Woman Swing-Kicks a Regime Thug (Video)

Brave Iranian Woman Takes on the Basiji
Now, this is courage!
A brave Iranian woman swing kicks a regime thug– then gets beaten with night sticks:

Iranian blogger Azarmehr adds– “Blessed is our motherland Iran, for having such daughters.”

Bless the Iranian woman.


Iranian blogger Winston has much more on the protests.

Michael Totten— Insurrection: Day 2

The foreign media says the regime is blocking their coverage of the protests.
Hat Tip Banafsheh Zand Bonazzi

A bloodied Iranian woman is lifted to safety. (Iran Press News)

More… Protesters shout “Deatht to dictators!” at massive night time rally:

Hat Tip American Freedom

The opposition is planning a protest on Monday–
Winston reported: German news agency reports that Mousavi has called for a mass rally from Enghelab Sq to Azadi Sq. tomorrow (Monday June 15th) in Tehran at 4pm. That’ll be an interesting development. My sources also confirm this story. Stay tuned

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