Netanyahu Gives Time to US Bloggers Visiting Israel (Video)

While in Tel Aviv last Tuesday… Our small group of US bloggers were honored to meet with Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. I was able to capture Mr. Netanyahu discussing the “cult of Radical Islam” that is threatening the West and Israel, in particular.

Back in 1979 and 1984, Benjamin Netanyahu organized two different major international conferences that emphasized the need to fight terrorist organizations and regimes that provide them support . Truly, Benjamin Netanyahu is an international expert in understanding this cult of death that is out to destroy all Western society.

I am reposting this important video with a photo that was just sent to me from America’s Voices and Voices for Israel organizations:

Later in the discussion Benjamin Netanyahu explained how economic sanctions are an effective way of working against the regime in Iran- a regime that is determined to obtain nuclear weapons.

There is a serious crisis facing all of the West and Netanyahu is not afraid to admit that the military option may be necessary to squash the horrible threat facing the West and the region. Benjamin Netanyahu is currently the leader of the Likud Party in Israel.

Here is a photo that I just received from our afternoon visit with Benjamin Netanyahu:

Seated: Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Scott Johnson from Powerline in the background. Standing (l-r) Andrew Breitbart- and The Drudge Report, Andrew’s great friend Laurence Solov, Jeff Emanuel from RedState and myself.
It was an honor to spend some time with the Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

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