"Harry Potter and the Pakistani Bomb Blast" Averted (Updated)

(Updated Below- An Al Qaeda/Taliban muggle infiltration??)
Harry Potter fans lined up to buy latest book in Karachi as a car bomb sat outside.

Pakistani security officials after defusing a bomb outside a shopping centre in Karachi. Pakistani police said they had defused a bomb outside a packed shopping centre where the latest Harry Potter book was scheduled to be launched.(AFP/Asif Hassan)

Terrorist has change of heart and warns Karachi police of the massive car bomb parked outside the book store where hundreds of children were lined up to buy the latest Potter book.
AFP and ROP reported:

KARACHI (AFP) – Pakistani police said they had defused a bomb outside a packed shopping centre where the latest Harry Potter book was scheduled to be launched.

The man behind what police called an “immature” bomb plot phoned police after having an apparent change of heart because of the many children at the site, said Karachi police investigation chief Manzoor Mughal.

“Police have foiled an attempt to blow up a car bomb by remote control outside the Pak Towers and defused 10 kilogrammes of explosives in a stolen car,” he said. “Had it exploded it would have caused a huge loss of lives.”

“There were several hundred people inside Pak Towers at the time we received the call from an unknown person that a bomb was about to explode,” Mughal said.

The warning prompted the cancellation of the official launch of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” at the Liberty Books shop in the shopping centre in Pakistan’s largest city.

Security officials examine explosive material they recovered from an abandoned car in Karachi July 20, 2007. Pakistani police defused a car bomb outside a shopping mall in Karachi overnight, forcing a bookshop to cancel a live telecast from London of the launch of the latest Harry Potter book, police said on Saturday. Picture taken July 20, 2007. (REUTERS/Athar Hussain)

UPDATE: Could this be the Harry Potter connection??

Omar Zaheer (on right) was arrested in Great Britain for inciting violence during a radical Islamic protest against the Mohammad cartoons. Rubeus Hagrid from Harry Potter fame is on the left… Is this an uncanny resemblance or proof of a muggle infiltration of Al Qaeda?
You be the judge.



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