1 of 5 Men Abused at Home in Arab Gulf

And, 1 in 3 women are abused in their homes in the Arab Gulf!

New study finds an epidemic of violence against women and men at home in the Arab Gulf States.

From the Gulf Times:

Doha: At least 30 per cent of married women in the Gulf are victims of domestic violence, according to regional non-governmental organisations rescuing victims of abuse.

Human rights activists and volunteers, who gathered here recently for a forum on domestic violence, also said that domestic violence against men was on the rise.

Speaking to Gulf News, Banna said most women delayed reporting the abuse because they believed they could “educate their husbands.”

“But they get pregnant, have babies and remain trapped within the family while the violence gets worse.”

Speaking to Gulf News Ameenah Al Hail, a Qatari sociologist and professor at Qatar University, said the number of victims could be much higher than the estimates.

“The majority of women suffer the torture in silence. The problem is our social mindset and traditions where daughters are taught by mothers that they should obey their husbands and never complain.”

Banna said some women were tortured.

“A victim lost an eye after being beaten by her spouse. Another, who was pregnant, was stabbed in her lung and lost the baby. Her husband only got a six-month jail term.”

However, they added that abuse against men was also increasing.

Two out of ten victims are men. They are mostly verbally and psychologically abused in families where the wife has a very strong personality and rules the house,” Banna said.

Hat Tip The Emirates Economist



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