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“Tens of thousands protest in London two years after Iraq invasion” – AFP via Yahoo! News – Sat Mar 19
“Thousands March Through London in Iraq War Protest” – Reuters via Yahoo! News – Sat Mar 19
“Scores protest in London two years after Iraq invasion” – AFP via Yahoo! News – Sat Mar 19

These were the headlines on “Yahoo” doing the search “London Protest”. Notice that with each headline the number of protesters sounds less and less. This is a far cry from the million that protested two years ago. Maybe it was a bit difficult to protest this year when you witnessed thousands of Iraqis risk their lives to go vote in January. The Mudville Gazette has a post of a meek Fayetteville protest.Ace of Spades has a look “Two Years After 9-11”. And, Major K. continues to put up “tough guy” posts day in and day out.

As for myself… Today there was a planned demonstration at Forest Park against the War in Iraq. I drove down at 4 PM to see how it was going… I didn’t see anyone! I drove back at six to see the little tombstones that the demonstrators were going to display… I didn’t see anything.

Maybe there was a St. Louis demonstration, but I saw no signs of one. However, I did take a few shots while at the park. The statue of St. Louis is a favorite of mine as it sits regally above Art Hill… A lovely day in the park!



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